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  1. Though I knew Hasbro had stated these would be straight re-packs with no upgrades whatsoever, I still had some hope. Now, I must say I am dissapointed. Not because they were not upgraded (which should be reason enough), but because of a new low reached by Hasbro. More precisely, Duke's backpack. I can stand the fact that it is Gung Ho's backpack, but I can't believe they didn't have the courtesy of painting it tan. That's just so LOW and CHEAP. I'll tell you this: I'd rather have Duke WITHOUT his backpack than this atrocity. Hopefully, Destro's hand will be able to hold the briefcase this time... right? And mind you: I have been very supportive of the line (and still are). But there are limits. Maybe these pics are early samples and something else will show up in the stores... but that's VERY unlikely
  2. Does ARAH Beachead look bigger or is it just me? I was thinking 25th Beachead was going to be taller, but now that I see these pics... And mind you, I'm glad he isn't that much taller! And, #$@#, yes... the pics look great! Dying to get one.
  3. I was gonna say "the 5 pack is the way to go", but I'm wondering: If Hasbro will only have one "token black guy" (please don't take this as an offense), I'd replace Roadblock with Stalker. It's a more sophisticated character, methinks? I guess the "machine gunner" aspect of the team could be covered by Gung-Ho (i know he ain't).- Duke Snake Eyes Scarlett Gung-Ho Roadblock/Stalker Hawk will be in charge of the team, but he stays home. And as supporting characters: Flint & Lady Jaye And "cameos" by: Stalker (if he isn't one of the main 5) Beachead Shipwreck Doc (because someone will surely get hurt) No "Hi-Tech" (was that the name?) or "Heavy Duty" BS. And absolutely NO ACTION MAN BS. And BTW, don't fakk this up with an overload of comic relief like in Transformers. Boy, that flick sure had a lot of potential until Turturro is undressed and tied up. Geez.
  4. BTW, is Doc's helmet removable? Haven't seen any pics suggesting this.
  5. Great stuff. Great. Only thing that's worrying me is that Torch's torch (duh) has that molded-on plastic cable, just like the vintage figure. I hope they go with a bendable black cable, just like Ripper has. Same worry applies to Flash. Any info on this?
  6. Gentleman

    "Masks Off"

    This time, I'll let it speak for itself. Let's see what you folks make out of it! With the new IG Destro in mind, it's a good time to be a chromehead enthusiast indeed
  7. You beat me to it! If they re-release Duke on a single card, I'm pretty sure we can expect his wrist joints to be fixed as well.
  8. For IG Destro, I get the feeling the designers were heavily influenced by the following art: http://www.myuselessknowledge.com/joe/irong.gif Mainly because of those 3 "pikes" on his right shoulder. As you know, the original action figure didn't sport them "this" pronounced. they were more "round-shaped". Now, they are more like "spikes", just like in that piece of art from the comic. I also noticed that JayC added a new pic of IG Destro where you can see him in all his soft goods glory: http://i.toynewsi.com/g/generated/07_Joe_C..._scaled_600.jpg
  9. Agreed 100% And yes, a BIG thanks to JayC for the coverage! Mind you, I hail from the distant land of Argentina... So, "Toy News International" indeed!
  10. For a Destro follower like me, seeing an update like THAT to his IG incarnation... my god... that figure is a dream. A DREAM! Give him the cape and we're all set to go! Removable sword for IG Destro... how fakking cool is that? How many times did you wish, as a kid, that IG Destro's sword was removable? Everything's looking great and I'm glad we can all start to feel optimistic about the movie. It's the first time I see so much emphasis from Hasbro about "listening to the fans" Now here's a question for those of you in-the-know (as in: those who are attending the con!)... What exactly did they mean when they said they'll be fixing the crotches? Does this mean the single-pack re-releases of the 5pack figs will come with fixed crotches, for instance? Or does this also include single-carded wave 1, 2 and 3 figures? Are they re-releasing everything with fixed crotches n' stuff or what? I can see some updates like giving Destro a crhome head and making his left hand "usable", but if they are also fixing the crotches on these things? (Still, Destro is one of the few who can actually sit. Was just giving an example).
  11. Thanks again #US1# Here's what I was talking about earlier on...
  12. Beautiful. Just beautiful. How I love them siegies! And what great pose! You don't get more dynamic than that. Bravo!
  13. Thanks! Just Photoshop I didn't have Corel installed, so there are a few other tricks I didn't get to use, but well.
  14. Thanks again for the comments #US1# HA! It's not exactly the 12'' HOF costume, but I did include one "exclusive" element from it: the patch on his arm that says "ABSOLUTE POWER" I think you and I exchanged some words in another topic. Yeah, a 25th anniversary topic, where we talked about CC's costumes, precisely. What you see here is my own take of it, based on different versions we've seen. I like Cobra "as a whole" to be realistic, so I usually look at 3rd Reich pics for reference. Looks like we share the same obsession: CC's costume! BTW.. you should see how kickass that very same costume looks in WHITE (top), black (pants and boots) and red (stripes, sigils, etc). I should make a variation just to show you. I guess it looks like a "dress uniform" or "ceremonial outfit". HAIL COBRA!
  15. Thanks folks! And yes, I like the black n' white version better myself. But, y'know, what are the siegies without their trademark "crimson"? There had to be a color version
  16. It IS definitely a mirror. I just didn't realize from the get-go. I said to myself: "is that a window?", but it was too "plain". Finally, I understood This sort of thing often happens: we draw knowing the "story" behind, but the observers, ignoring our intentions, may see something else (and sometimes, they see things even WE hadn't thought of). Here's a link to that piece I was talking about earlier on: http://forums.toynewsi.com/index.php?showtopic=2043145
  17. It's actually an old drawing from 2005. Never finished it, but I realized there was enough in it for the purpose I had in mind in the first place, so I just added a couple last details, scanned it, and then... shazam! (?) Here's an exclusive "behind the scenes" look: Hopefully, it won't be 2 years till I make a new one
  18. Shite YES! Love your realistic, "worn out" (?) style. I really dig the "40 yrs old" Cobra trooper! His "stance" and gesture say loads of things about the dude. One thing though: where's his sigil? I'm sure you didn't include it on purpose, but I'm here wondering how it'd look with a Cobra sigil somewhere. Doesn't even need to be the chest. Maybe on the arm or helmet? At first, I didn't get the last one. That's supposed to be a mirror, right? Maybe you shoulda included Flint's foot kicking the door! Heh. Still a great one. And we're all looking forward to the HISS one. Oh yep. Looking amazing so far. You got me so motivated with your topic that I went back to and old and unfinished Gijoe-themed drawing myself. I guess I'm another one of them "artistes" in the forum. I'll be posting the "thing" on a thread of its own in a couple mins (I wouldn't want to invade yours!)... Keep up the excellent work! - JL
  19. Priceless, indeed. toonces, here's the topic I was talking about: http://forums.toynewsi.com/index.php?showt...=misconceptions Maybe the mods should merge yours into that one?
  20. Deja vu? I remember posting in a thread like this. I think it had "misconceptions" in the title. Did I dream it? (with all due respect, mind you! not trying to sound like an ass)
  21. Actually, it's the reflection of his arm on the inner blister. IMO, anyways!
  22. Whoever is painting the camo on these figs is a #$###. First, it was Storm Shadow V2's tetris camo. It shoulda been a darker gray. Something similar happened with Flint's pants. Now it's only getting worse. Look at that Stalker for God's sake. That one's going to warm the pegs so, SO hard. Give us some real camo, darn it.
  23. wow... they sure did #$## some of these up. Stalker and Serpentor are... well, a disgrace. Beachead and Firefly are kickass but they would look better in darker colors, as someone else pointed out. I was ready to give all of my love to Buzzer but something happened. Look at the buttons on the lower half of the shirt. WTF? We know these figures aren't articulated on the waist... so why the #$## are his buttons NOT "centered"? I'll tell you why. Because Hasbro's thinking is: collectors will pose this figure holding his chainsaw and then, the buttons won't look aligned. So... let's un-center them! So what do we get? A figure that looks wrong when posed in a neutral stance. #$## that. #$## you very much, Hasbro. I actually dig Zartan and Shipwreck a lot. Red Ninja's what he's supposed to be. No more, no less. The Cobra trooper's still a dissapointment because of his silver sigil. They sure are going the "Star Wars" route with this line (you are always waiting for the "definitive" version of characters). This is both good and bad. But Hasbro should know that GIJOE isn't as popular as SW. They are playing with fire.
  24. As far as artic outfits go, and including those seen in the movie, I'd die for a Destro in that kickass long coat he wore.
  25. Great news. And yeah, I agree about Destro: It will be a straight repack with just a couple changes / fixes: 1) chromed head, and 2) a hand that can actually hold the suitcase. Who knows, maybe Hasbro throws in something else into the mix... As for Snake Eyes... Hmmm. like you've said, I can't see how they can make him different from the 5 pack, when they're already releasing this mold in the comic colors. Tell ya what? Maybe they don't make any changes to it at all. After all, what collectors want is to have every figure single-carded. I mean... would anyone have complained if the upcoming Cobra trooper looked exactly the same as the 5-pack one? Nope.. in fact, that's what we all wanted. Yet, Hasbro gave him a silver emblem, which is "interesting" as a curiosity (viper pilot) but not what should have been. Oh and yes... can't wait for the Crimson Guard. One of my favorite figures and concepts in the Joe-verse. Hopefully his helmet will be removable (and without being huge).
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