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  1. I'm a 9/11 baby too. It's weird, because people always feel sorry for me, and I'm like... I didn't die in those towers, don't feel sorry for me. But at the same time, it does sorta suck. Every time some bouncer or bank clerk looks at my id, they want to talk about it. So you don't just get to talk about 9/11 on your birthday - you end up talking about it with strangers all the time. They want to tell me where they were on that day, and then I talk about it, and then we shed a few tears, and hug it out, and it's a special moment, and I'd really rather just skip it.

  2. Yeah, sad but true about principal Rooney (actor Jeffrey Jones, who was seen more recently in Deadwood). He got some 14 year old boy to pose for sexy photos. Not the worst sex crime ever committed, but still, pretty high on the gross meter.


    As far as the Beetlejuice guy... sad. I hope he wasn't scared or in pain for his last moments in life. At least we know he got to do some cool stuff while he was alive, so he was luckier than some people.

  3. And synch, speaking of Weyoun, aka Jeffrey Combs, did you know that:


    His largest science-fiction role to date has been his multi-episode, multi-season appearances on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as the Vorta clone Weyoun. On the same series, he had a recurring role as the Ferengi Brunt. During the DS9 episode "The Dogs of War", Combs appeared as both Weyoun and Brunt, making Trek history as the first guest actor to play two unrelated recurring roles in the same episode.


    I did not know that until I looked at his wikipedia article! He's one of those guys that works a lot, but most people don't know his name.

  4. I still remember how happy I was when my family got our first VCR. Our first movie? Star Wars, of course! I had seen it 2 or 3 times in the theater, but then didn't get to see it again until 83 or so. Wild.


    As far as cell phones, there's one thing I really don't miss about the old days. Remember when you agreed to meet someone someplace at some time, and they just plain didn't show? You were just left sitting there like a nincompoop. Nowadays, you call the person up, and they tell you what the heck happened. You adjust plans on the fly constantly. Back then... you were just in the wilderness.


    And the caller ID... oh man. Now I can tell if it's call I don't want to take.


    But, I do worry about the kids these days who grow up with a total lack of freedom. Their parents know where they are and what they are doing at all times. I used to just take the heck off at 10 AM on a summer morn, and my parents could expect to see me sometime before dark. It was sweet.


    It was also a lot cheaper to live. No cell phone means no cell phone bill. Same with cable TV. And medical expenses were a lot lower. You didn't go get some fancy MRI... there was no such thing. Now, there's just a lot more fancy and expensive stuff that I don't get to use.


    All in all, I'll take today. But "the day" did have some advantages, for sure...

  5. Oh man... this brings back some memories. I pretty much was those kids from about 1985-87. In those days, I did not have a great opinion of law enforcement.


    But a couple of years later, by the time high school was over, I realized that most cops were good people, who were doing their best in one of the world's most unforgiving jobs.


    I think that the proliferation of video cameras has been a good thing. It makes it a lot easier to expose the few bad apples.


    Fascinating that the cop brings up the kid's father so fast. I always suspected that the cops who seem to get off on pushing people around must have had an overly authoritarian father-figure... they learned that behavior somewhere. Too bad this officer couldn't work out his daddy issues on his own time.

  6. Yeah, I've been able to resist ebay on Thor because I knew they would make it again and again. They're pretty good about that with Star Wars stuff too. If it's going for 40 bucks on ebay, that definitely means that there is unmet demand.


    I hope that the AIM agents get made in a troop builder box set. How about Modok in 4" scale, with about 4 AIM guys? I don't even have one yet, but I would like to have about 10, especially if I had a nice Modok to go with them.

  7. Ugh . I just hate how Marvel Universe is so rare in my area !

    Check your local Target's. All of them in my area just finished their reset and have had an abundance of the newer figures. I have found all of the Havok/Archangel wave plus the variants several times over. I have also seen the Thor/Black Widow wave at several of these Target's as well. HasbroToyShop is also an excellent source for MU figures and often offer the newest figures weeks before they make it to retail.


    In my area, Target is the worst place for MU. I shop there all the time, but they never have new toys. It's really TRU or nothing in these parts.


    I have ended up finding most of what I want, eventually. I was looking for Dr. Doom/ Absorbing Man for the longest time, but finally stumbled on one.


    They said at SDCC that they knew that the last couple of waves had been hard to find, and that they hoped to address that. So don't give up yet. If I don't get a modern Thor soon, I might have to head back to evil-bay!

  8. I just hope that Hasbro learns from their past mistakes and makes some great product. Don't really care about BAF's right now, or even movie figs, but if they gives us villains, BRING IT ON!!!

    Can''t wait to get that Frost Giant!!!


    I second that. I can't think of many heroes that are high on my want list besides FA Storm, but villains, I could list them all day.

  9. And the new Deadpool looks cool also , because Hasbro improved the sculpting .


    He looks very good, and I'm going to buy him for sure, but he's usually a bit taller and more buff in the comics. I don't see why they didn't use the Punisher/Fury body for him. But that's nit picking really, it seems to be a very well done figure that's coming. I hate how the TB one doesn't hold his gear, because of the dumb hand hinge.


    I do think the new one should come with a swappable head, but again, not a huge deal.

  10. I want my DP to say his jokes in a less silly way. Does that make any sense?



    deadpool's favorite word is chimichanga. just sayin'


    Hehe, yeah, I hear ya. I guess I just think chimichanga is funny enough without saying it in a voice like Barney the Dinosaur, you know? That voice from the Hulk vs cartoon bugged me a bit. But we will just have to see I guess.

  11. Yeah, I'm a little frustrated by the hunt for IM2 stuff as well. I've never seen a whiplash, or a Hulkbuster. I paid 12 bucks for a HB on ebay. I hardly ever resort to the bay, but I just did not want to miss that figure. I'm betting that Iron Monger is going to be tough to come by as well. It seems like these things flew off the shelves at first, but once the collectors got their fill (in the first 2 weeks), things really slowed down. IM2 was maybe not really geared towards kids.


    But the Sam Jackson 4 pack did show up at my local TRU. I passed for now, but I'm sure I'll grab one at some point.


    And don't get me started on the Walmart 6" stuff! Ugh! Great figures, impossible to find.

  12. I wish that it had been Nathan Fillion as GL, and Reynolds as DP. But, I'll reserve judgement on how good Reynolds is as GL until I see the pic.


    I liked how he played DP in the Wolvie movie... he delivered the jokes in more of a deadpan. I'm not sure if that's how he'd do it once he actually became the DP we know and love or not, but that's how I prefer it. The voice of DP in Hulk vs Wolverine was ok, but too silly for me. I want my DP to say his jokes in a less silly way. Does that make any sense?


    But it doesn't matter too much who plays him. Lots of guys could do a great job. What matters is that they stick closer to the comics! DP was not supposed to be Mimic, a guy with the powers of all the X-men.

  13. Well, on a whim I stopped by a Target on the way home this afternoon, and I found POC Snake-Eyes, Duke, and Storm Shadow...but I was broke so I didn't get them. *sob* Guys, in my opinion, these things are works of art. I was so impressed and wanted them so very badly. Oh well, payday's Friday. I hope I can still find them by then...


    I agree, this latest generation is another step up for Hasbro. They are some well done toys indeed. The one that I'm dying to get my hands on is the Snake Eyes with the swappable head that's coming out in a month or two. I'm spending my money on Star Wars these days, or else I'd have hopped all over these POC guys.

  14. Who said he had to play Kirk? What if he plays Kirks grandfather...Tiberius?


    Oh I like that! No one came up with that solution yet. That is pretty darned good.


    The other one that made sense to me is to have him appear as Jim Kirk, but in a recorded message from years ago. That way, him being dead is no problem. The idea as I heard it was that old Spock would play a hologram recording of old Kirk wishing him a happy 150th (or whatever it was) birthday. That made perfect sense to me. JJ was just being an anti-shatite!


    Give the man his cameo already! It doesn't have to be big. He won't be with us much longer, and JJ will be sorry when a certain portly ghost is haunting him. Shat holds a grudge!

  15. Yeah, I loved those at the time. The scale is a bit of an issue, but then again, it's also something I'm able to ignore. The detail is not bad at all for the price. Mostly, I like how you can have a whole Trek collection in one shoebox. Or mic box!

  16. Oh and is a 1-in-1000 chance a GOOD chance of us getting hit?? There is currently has a 1 in 250,000 chance of striking Earth in 2036. Watch... it'll come through the atmosphere and turn to a golf ball size asteroid.

    The odds are conjecture, because they have to account for, amongst other things the Yarkovsky effect. The object is so far away, and the projected impact deadline is so far in the future that its IMPOSSIBLE to predict either way whether it will hit or miss. Cosmologically speaking, its a tiny, tiny object, that is subject to all kinds of variables, headed in the general direction of our small planet, where we have all kinds of time to prepare some kind of response. Don't forget, we have gone from the invention of airplanes to a permanent space station in about 100 years, with most of the advancements taking place in the last 50. Given the exponential curve of advancement...........pfft, someone will come up with something suitable.


    True enough about the exponential curve of advancement, but the thing about technological advancement is that it's unpredictable. We don't have energy that's "too cheap to meter", as the scientist of the 50's predicted. Since Lewis Strauss uttered that phrase in 1954, we have made amazing advances in medical science, communications, and computers, but haven't cracked the energy problem yet.


    And did you notice that the scientists said that any mission to divert the body would have to leave 100 years before it would hit? So yes, the odds of doom are small, but considering how bad the possible outcome is (extermination of nearly all life on Earth), I don't think it hurts to have a few grad students keeping an eye on the sky.


    How crazy would that be if all life on Earth ended because we didn't develop nuclear energy fast enough? I mean, maybe a nuclear powered spacecraft with nuclear weapons is the only way to stop something like this.


    Ask a T-Rex how he feels about asteroid impacts...

  17. You know waht really grinds my gears. . . Reality TV. Not there is anything remotely real about these shows. The Hills, Jersey Shore, The Bad Girls Club, and the list goes on. If you have absolutely no redeeming social or moral value, sign up and we have twenty cameras to follow you around and make you a celebrity. Kate plus 8, how about a little less Dancing with the Stars and a little more watching your children! Have a Sex tape? Congatulations, the E! network wants to film your life. Want to sleep with the trash of the world? Congatulations, VH1 wants to cast you in their next Rock of Flavor of Chance of I love/caught something from New York. These are just disgusting people getting paid to be disgusting and America is making them into celebrities. Last time I checked, Celebrities actually had to do something to get famous other than a leaked sex tape.


    I actually used to like the first season of The Real World. That was back when I was at that "real world" age myself, just venturing out of mom and dad's house and on my own for the first time. Back then, it was sorta fresh, you know? A show starring real people!


    But it morphed into something awful in a hurry, if it was ever worthwhile at all. I haven't seen Jersey Shore, and I don't need to! Maybe the fact that I'm pushing 40 has a little something to do with that, although all of the women I went to high school with seem to be addicted to "reality" shows, so who knows. I'm into Mad Men myself. While fiction, it's far more honest about the human condition that this "reality".


    As for the sex tapes... I think people need to start shooting those in high def! I think that human sexuality is literally the most natural thing in the world, so I'm not offended by it, but at the same time, these young people don't really realize the long term ramifications of life as a porn star. Do you really want to be known as the "sex tape chick" for the rest of your life? Wouldn't you rather be taken seriously as something other than a sex object? Do you want everyone's first impression of you to be that you're a prostitute? Young people do dumb stuff, that's a simple fact of life, but nowadays, a youthful indiscretion can follow you for-freakin-ever.

  18. I love it, we're all on the same side for once!


    What I just have to laugh at is when people have an inappropriately personal phone conversation in far too loud of a voice in a public place. I wanna say, Excuse me, ma'am? This is Target, not your living room, so I really don't need to hear about your husband's wandering eye and the embarrassing doctor visits you had to have as a result... especially when I'm not even in the same department as you! Do people just not realize how loud they are talking?


    Wiseman, I definitely agree about people who don't let someone in when they are signaling. It's not Talledaga, be a human being already! But you know what's just as bad to me? When someone wants in, but they don't signal. What's up with that? They're trying to make it a nice surprise for me? Or when someone wants in front of me, even though there isn't room, and there's tons of room behind me. Ease off the gas for an instant, Kyle Petty!


    I actually got rear-ended on my way to work a couple of weeks ago. The guy was trying to get into the carpool lane, so he sped up, but forgot to look where he was going, and plowed right into me. So I guess you could say that my pet peeve these days is people who just don't pay adequate attention, regardless of whether it's a cell phone, or a passenger, or whatever. Eyes on the road, dillweed!

  19. This looks reallly nice, I'm still not crazy about most of the costumes but overall the film good and the guy looks like Thor, however I have a few concerns while the Asgard portion looks great the Earth part looks like a chick flick with the whole Jane Foster, romance and her best friend pining over Thor, second where's Balder??? My other gripe SHIELD looks like it's slated to play a big part in this movie why can't they have the uniforms, at least a variation of them, but these are minor gripes that don't take away the fact that the trailer looked great.


    They have the same uniforms as those did in in ironman ... They are the MIB! Oh wait I mean shield! ($% how dare someone else come up with the same joke as me! @grumpy@ @hmmm@ @loll@


    I really prefer an MIB look. Even in the New Avengers toon, when i saw Fury in the traditional shield outfit it looked silly. They should at least be mibs or millitary looking. Who wears spandex suits in an office or in public?


    Even Fury himself didn't, back in the Kirby days. Back then, he typically wore a suit and tie in public. It wasn't until the Sterenko days that he started to wear a wetsuit everywhere he went. Jasper Sitwell and Dum Dum also wore suits on duty most of the time in the 60's. So you could say that they've gone back to the original SHIELD uniform.


    But still, I loved the Sterenko art! It was trippy and crazy. I would just love to see a Nick Fury movie someday that took visual cues from those wild and innovative old books.

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