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  1. Decepticharge, for being a new character Wheeljack, for at least looking more like Energon Downshift in the face, and being able to break away from the old design and have something new. Skids...just think it looks nice. Hate the Scion, but the robot mode has a cool look to it. Like a deluxe Galaxy Force toy, but a bit bigger...
  2. If they do any new repaints, I want Prowl painted like Micron Legend Rampage, and named that as well...that would be awesome...Or a gold and red Mazda RX-8 Shockblast repaint as Six Shot. Dodge Optimus Prime as Nemesis Prime...Swindle in tan and maroon as Demolishor. A guy kitbashed the mustang into Armada Red Alert, which looked really awesome...
  3. I was trying to make a joke to lighten this place up, but seriously... Sins are a relative concept. Without sin, we wouldn't even exist...Who the Hell has sex without lust or at least being aroused? OMG! SIN! Nah, it's called human nature, and instinct...things like evolution.
  4. I'm fairly sure anyone who posts on these forums has already seen both versions several times, and knows exactly how and where to purchase them...that aside, I still think the BT looks nicer....I just dont like the delecate die-cast...
  5. This first one is a style tryout for a comic I'm working on. It's an angel. A Josh Perez "Human Bumblebee" I colored on the fly a couple days ago: Album art I did for a band...Just to clarify, I did base the city on NYC's appearance, it's actually a fictional city called Ember's Fall. This other one, I was just paint-testing over some scratch lineart I ran across online:
  6. Why does that even matter!?! This is NOT 1984... There is no such thing as "G1 accuracy" or "proper" colors unless you're referring to G1 toys within the G1 line, neither of which these two Sunstreakers belong. Why does it matter???? Why does it matter to you so much? This is a TF forum and this is a BT/Alt thread. The BT line is a continuation of the G1 line. If you have been following the Binaltech story translation you would know this. While it is unknown if the BTA line will have any part in the BT story, BT/Alt Sunstreaker is an obivous ungrade of the G1 character. So why is it so horrible if fans are looking to see which Sunstreaker is more G1ish in terms of colors? I prefer the BT colors. Sometimes less is better. Because G1 does NOT mean it's automatically better. The toy can stand on it's own merits just fine, it doesn't need a constant criticism from guys who are stuck living in the past.
  7. I think you missed that huge enlightenment period in 2003 where Hasbro informed us that we're a very small negligable margin compared to the younger age demographic who purchase these items. Hence why you see maybe four Alternators at TRU and about 85 Cybertron Toys. It's not because Alts are selling out, it's because TRU doesn't wanna order anymore, and Hasbro doesn't care to fill those orders. TRU already said no to the G1 reissue line*, putting the nail in it's coffin. It wouldn't hurt you guys to just accept that in life, toys are toys, and you either have fun and buy them, or you pass them up on shelf and move on...it's not going to impact your life, because you're not 8 anymore. *Before anyone chimes in and claims my complaint stupidity about the cancellation of the G1 reissue line because of the surfacing of white Astrotrain, please note that Hasbro informed us that this item was not recently manufactured, but was a leftover stocked item before the line was cancelled. Any that they have, which is a limited stock, will be sold online through their personal collector store. That is all, thank you.
  8. Not really a knockoff, just...unfinished.
  9. No kidding. These comparisons are getting old and tiresome. Aw, come on dude dont you know that GEEWUN!!!oneoneone rulz!! iz the only reeeel Transofmrs!!!! LOL1111oneoneoneone! While I prefer the BT, it has nothing to do with what it looks like compard to that skinny hollow toy from 1984...It's the fact that it looks more tight and completed. Hasbro shoved red onto Sunstreaker for the sake of G1 accuracy, and it seriously looks like a work in progress kitbash, where the yellow has been sprayed but the Deadend and Side Swipe parts are still unpainted..
  10. They assumed the item was just deleted and entered it as general merchandise... The other board member who found it first and passed on it is an idiot...that's an awesome find and you gotta be freaking stupid to not buy it. Then again, it has character, articulation, and overall play value...he probably thought it was too "playschool" for him.
  11. My age is irrelevant, but I assure you I'm not 12. It's also quite stupid to be insulting someone for their age when you're on a godamned toy forum. TOYS. TOYS ARE FOR KIDS. This CRAP isn't for you! And Alternators are no more geared towards you than any other Transformers toy. Hasbro doesn't make action figures for adults, they just like for you to think the Alts are for you. It's marketing. Aaron Archer once called the mass of you a "nuisance to Hasbro" back in 2003...That's how Hasbro sees the adult collector.
  12. Why does that even matter!?! This is NOT 1984... There is no such thing as "G1 accuracy" or "proper" colors unless you're referring to G1 toys within the G1 line, neither of which these two Sunstreakers belong.
  13. The articulation below the knees is there to assist in the alt mode...it bends to line up with the cockpit. The heads aren't loose, they're just ball joint swivels...
  14. The BT is all-around nicer and more "tight" in it's paint job. The Hasbro toy looks like an unfinished kitbash, made from parts of Deadend and Side Swipe. I would take the plastic parts from the Alt and put them on the BT, on the otherhand, because Die-cast is teh suck.
  15. Transforming as the gimmick is boring. Kids pass up Alternators constantly because they're BORING. I only buy the stupid things when there's nothing else new on shelf. You can't have NEW product when you are constantly retreading the same old junk. You at least need a new quirk to make the product seem new or interesting. This is how toylines like the Ninja Turtles worked for so long. Instead of turtles, you had them in various outfits and with various action features. It may look stupid to us now, but that is what kept it alive. What action figures are sums up to hard plastic Barbie dolls with macho adventures. This can be said of any toyline, like Batman, which has basically held strong ever since the first Tim Burton movie was released. It's called VARIETY. Now to hit the hypocrites. G1 was full of gimmicks. It created gimmicks. Might I add that it created the WORST gimmicks of the entire franchise, which undoubtedly sent G1 into cancellation. TFG1 was doing pretty well, then one or two pretenders or action masters later, and Galvatron is left floating in space, arguing with a green alien. What keeps a franchise alive aren't Botcons or 25 year old fat guys who rip open stock boxes at TRU to pull out that one "chase" figure. No, you guys kill a franchise. What keeps it alive are children, the real fans, who this stuff is intended for.
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