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  1. I'm thinking Donkey Punch
  2. Where'd this number come from? Here's a better question: Has Hasbro or Paramount refuted this? The production costs quoted are $175 Million, and its not unreasonable to assume a advertising budget of $150 million. Actually I've read tonite that ad costs were in the $100+ range--which is close enough to fit. Frankly, it was the most heavily advertised film of the summer, from what I saw. At two weeks before the premiere of the film, I counted 32 ads over 6 different channels in the space of about 6-7 hours, from feeds that came from about 4 different markets. That sounds like what a $150 million would get you on TV. And then there was the signage everywhere, on buses, posters etc. This movie was HYPED. Edit: One thing I just read was that the movie was marketed differently than in the past. Emphasis was made towards specific marketing rather than towards general awareness. Industry folks called Paramount's approach to this somewhat daring, because it used social networking a great deal to spread the word about the movie. The upshot of this is that they use opinions like what you find here in these forums to gauge/predict how much money the movie will make on its opening weekend. The "track", as it is called, predicted a box-office of more than $50 million, and the actual listed take was around $54 million. Hasbro hasn't refuted that it cost $325 million but that statement makes about as much sense as they haven't refuted it cost One Billion Trillion dollars. What is to refute? A poster on a Toy Board? I am sure you have stung them considerably (as you say "mate"). I am in agreement with Arrow on this that for it's costs, whatever they may be (advertising + $175 million production, assuming that is all production and ZERO advertising built in) the film was pretty quickly green-lit for the Sequel. As for those deeming GI Joe a failure that is like telling a C student he failed. Underperformed....more than likely. Failed...I think not. The fact is that the movie will have grossed $300 million by the end of the coming weekend guaranteed (it is $600K off and made $91K on Monday alone and $600K on the last weekend). A $300 million dollare film is failure if it cost $400 million to make I suppose. But if the film studio was taking such a loss they wouldn't make sequel. From what I have read the studio gets a cut of all that GI Joe merchandise on the shelves and I mean the movie figures, posters, books, Slurpee Cups, Skateboards, etc. on top of that a movie typically gets 12% of it's gross as payment for television rights, which would be roughly $36 million. If the DVD goes on to sell in excess of $30 million dollars would be no surprise and there are rental fees as well the studio profits from. The odds this film's $300 Million Take, perhaps $75 million in sale/rental/television fees and who knows how much on the merchandise my guess is the venture was profitable. Assume a lower budget next time around and a higher take (which is the norm in these franchise flicks) and the sequel looks even better on paper. My guess is even if the film is a break even it makes sense to continue. Part II should build up the coffers. This isn't rocket science.
  3. Painted a MU Extremis Iron Mane Black and Silver and added a Roadblock backpack, lots of GI Joe bullets with BTR Gatling Guns on either arm (one single, one double) and the double Gatling on the top is from a GI Joe one-man VsV Helicopter (that really sucks btw). With Flash On: Imageshack - img2317ck Imageshack - img2318np Imageshack - img2319l Imageshack - img2320t Imageshack - img2321k Imageshack - img2322mr Without Flash On: Imageshack - img2323k Imageshack - img2324je Imageshack - img2325z Imageshack - img2326al Imageshack - img2327v Imageshack - img2328nm
  4. My version doesn't stray from most of the folks doing this guy: Destro ROC Body Tri-Gate Head Imageshack - img2314w Imageshack - img2311iy Imageshack - img2316b
  5. NEW PICS!!! Without Flash! http://img43.imageshack.us/i/img2298ez.jpg/ http://img85.imageshack.us/i/img2299p.jpg/ http://img36.imageshack.us/i/img2301t.jpg/ http://img188.imageshack.us/i/img2302t.jpg/ http://img43.imageshack.us/i/img2303wb.jpg/ http://img85.imageshack.us/i/img2304k.jpg/ http://img59.imageshack.us/i/img2305t.jpg/ http://img97.imageshack.us/i/img2307.jpg/ http://img4.imageshack.us/i/img2309pw.jpg/ http://img97.imageshack.us/i/img2310.jpg/ The last set on my Blackberry sucked so I busted out my camera finally: http://img19.imageshack.us/i/img2292k.jpg/ http://img18.imageshack.us/i/img2290l.jpg/ http://img8.imageshack.us/i/img2291ck.jpg/ http://img8.imageshack.us/i/img2293c.jpg/ http://img18.imageshack.us/i/img2294c.jpg/ http://img8.imageshack.us/i/img2295d.jpg/ http://img19.imageshack.us/i/img2296w.jpg/ Parts list: 1) SHS Iron Man painted black and silver (gloss, not flat which I usually never do, but it looks better on IM) 2) Duke Jet Pack 3) Two "Blasts" from MU Iron Man (cut down and glued to the jet pack) 4) Wings from Power Rangers "Bat" Ranger (my kids out grew their obsession so I figured I would use the wings, they came out great, I might have to buy a few more off of Ebay). 5) Stickers from various GI Joe vehicles (Stars, #s, etc) 6) Two "Canons" from BTR vehicles
  6. Not to discredit your story, but on an opposite side. I took my four year-old son to see G.I. Joe and he loved it. Every bit of it. And those have been the toys recently that he wants me to buy him. He was on a huge Star Wars kick, but now G.I. Joe is the way to go. Yeah, my six y.o. is kind of a wuss...lol. But my4 y.o. usually can see most things and go unphased and even he was generally not happy with the death scenes. Not as much as the 6 y.o. mind you but the movie just didn't seem to "do it" for him. I can't wait until they are older so I can show them Resolute (and all my favorite action/horro/sci-fi movies for that matter).
  7. I definitely think the movie tanked the toy line in a number of ways. I'll start with the following disclaimer: I kind of liked the movie, it was a mindlessly numb action film similar in the scope to a Transformers. Not my GI Joe but still amusing. Now on to the issues as I personally saw them in the toy line: 1) My kids were into GI Joe before the movie. The costumes, the figures (particularly the larger scale stuff), even the Sigma Six cartoon. Then I took them to the movie and it all went to hell. One, the movie at PG-13 was too graphic and intense for my 6 and 4 year old. They didn't like that Storm Shadow dies for example and the other deaths didn't sit well. What sucks is that I took a load of crap from my wife telling me this was going to happen before that and paid the price b/c, well, it turns out she was right. Now my kids don't even want the toys so getting them new one's is out of the question. 2) We all know that Hasbro/Paramount could have gone the smaller team/smaller scale Mission Impossible/Bourne/heck...Rambo 4 method and kept the budget reigned in while making a great movie aimed at it's true audience or gone all out and made Resolute. Either way had they leveraged the existing characters the way they have been presented in the last 25+ years or so they would have pulled all of us in and probably pulled the kids in too. Even if I hadn't taken my kids to see the movie the mre acurate figures I would have bought would easily have rolled down to the kids. 3) The price point is easily the worst point of contention with the line. They jacked up the prices and released 60+ figures and the vehicles. As was stated earlier there is more competition at this scale AND a recession to deal with so upping the cost and amount of product is like trying to sell a BLT during Passover. Even the folks who don't keep Kosher are probabling doing so for the holiday. 4) I have to agree with Clam on the ROC designs sucking. All dark figures with the same general design vs. Marvel Universe's mold reuse but very different figures (example the Daredevil mold is also the Moon Knight, Magneto, Union Jack, Bullseye, Yellow DD, Hydra Trooper, Shield Trooper, etc.) making the average buyer none the wiser while getting what seems to be vastly different figures. The reuse on the ROC side is generally the same color, different head with the exception of the Vipers which are the exact same mold with different colors. That is a big mistake. They don't have to be neon green and orange but they have to be different. 5) Apparently the 25th line did spectacularly in sales according to the Hasbro reps in the past. So the old adage of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" seems to have been forgotten. If they looked at the 25th line as a success then the thought should have been perhaps the movie and the new toy line should mimic this. Even Resolute managed to update the line without forgetting the classic look. They just improved on it. Anyway as usual, opinions are like...well you know, so take mine with a grain of salt.
  8. I'd say Resolute Troops/Officers, maybe in Jungle Green, Original flava, or Black.
  9. BoomBatty


    I second the VsV/Spy Troops n the 25th style! The VsV Iron Grenadiers were simply amazing. Add to that the ST Snake Eyes (the tall one that was released in Black, Gray, then Blue and as a Desert Camo Walmart Duke headed version), the VsV Night Creeper (Black would be cool, them being ninjas and all), the VsV General Hawk, a true rendition of the VsV Vipers and Neo-Vipers (unlike their ROC name only cousins) and an updated Grim Skull/Guillotine (from the Plague).
  10. Cover Girl with Zartan's sword sticking out of her chest
  11. I have to admit I am a big fan of what is going on with the line (and I realize here that puts me squarely in the minority). Although the line is more movie focused Hasbro this year has given me a feel similar to the DCUC and Marvel Legends lines in that you can get figures from multiple eras (and technically "Universes") in one line. We have the amazing 7 packs take on the old RAH line. We also get the new mixed pack with old vs. new ARAH Snow Job coming and the ROC figures "rebranded" as "movie figures" (City Strike SE and Gung-Ho among others) on their way. On top of that we get brand new figures in the way of the new movie Vipers/Neo-Vipers/Commandos and Eels, etc. I am going broke keeping up with this and the Marvel Universe figures but I am far from pissed off. I am loving every minute of it. Now I can see the endless repaints and reuse of molds infuriating a few fans but in all honesty any Joe fan by now has to be used to this already as it has been going on for 25 years now (I dislike it more in the Marvel U line as the damn Daredevil body has been reused at least 7 times already). What the constant mix gives us is a chance to pick and choose what we want and not go broke unless you are a completist (then you are royally screwed as there is soooooo much product). I myself open each and every figure/vehicle I buy, stick it on a stand and display it. As such the packaging can say ARAH, ROC, Resolute or Frank's House of Wank, doesn't make a difference in the land fill. My wife and Mother-In-Law are still going to rag on me for buying toys regardless of the package and at this point I have so many spare weapons/backpacks/etc. that the goofy missile turd launchers cab go in the chum bucket until the day I can figure a neat custom to use them for (which, for the record I have yet to figure out in all the years I have been collecting these things). On that note, just to further gut this fish, I took my kids to the movie on Sunday when it rained. My 6 year old was freaked out by all the killing (my wife is a wee bit pissed at me), my 4 year old was bored (maybe if Spongebob was in it ) but I actually suspended my disbelief for 2 hours and enjoyed it. It was a goofy, fun popcorn movie that I will buy on DVD and pull out once every other year or so to watch on a rainy weekend along with Mortal Kombat, Starship Troopers and Flash Gordon. And now you know...
  12. I realize I am in the minority here but my dealings with Small Joes ranged from good to horribly bad. Good in terms of shipping, etc. Bad, as in really bad attitude when they made a mistake. My bad experience led me to swear them off many years ago. But YMMV, good luck.
  13. This poll is for Sh**s and Giggles only...
  14. Would you be excited to see a GI JOE vs Transformers movie?
  15. All I have to say is: Coming July 2011.... GI Joe vs. Transformers! I mean, the way GI Joe looks all Sigma 6 with the Battle Suits I am thinking the kick @ss synergy would be the blockbuster of all block busters.
  16. All 98 vehicles below are complete (with the exception one one noted). This list is mostly complete as I know I have other stuff stored in boxes that I will keep looking for including Mechs and a few other but for now use below. NOTE: No drivers included! NOTE: Please read the first post, I am not looking to even attempt to ship this, you want something you must come pick it up, sorry. If I was willing to do all that work I would eBay them. 1 Desert Humvee (VsV) 1 Sky Sweeper 2 Ice Saber 6 Sting Raider (VsV) 6 Battle Hornet (VsV) 2 Ram (25th) 2 Flight Pod (25th) 1 Power Fighter (Techno Viper version) 1 Night Landing S.E.A.L. raft 1 Mantis sub 1 Man'O'War 3 Rage (Blue) 1 Rage (Tan) 3 Firebats (25th) 1 Crimson HISS (Operation Crimson Sabotage) 1 Crimson ASP (Operation Crimson Sabotage) 1 Sharc Tooth 1 Wave Crusher (Cobra Sharc) 2 APC Transport 3 Red Night Adder (one is incomplete - 85%) 3 Blue Night Adder 1 Tiger Hawk 1 Sting Raider (25th 1 Armadillo 5 HISS (25th '001' version) 1 Vamp (25th) 1 Skyhawk (25th) 1 Night Ops Humvee 4 CAT II (Crimson Tank) 1 Piranha 3 VsV HISS (Goofy Blue Venom HISS) 4 Rock Slide (VsV) 3 Conquest X-30 (Python 25th) 1 Neutralizer 4 Venom Striker 2 Crimson HISS (Ultimate Battle Pack) 2 MOBAT (Ultimate Battle Pack) 2 Blue Flight Pod (Ultimate Battle Pack) 2 Fang (25th) 2 DTC HISS 1 unknown, looks like a red/black Rage, but it isn't 1 GI Joe Desert Dune Buggy 1 BTR Rising Tide 6 BTR Night Prowler 7 BRT Sandsnake 1 BTR Raging Typhoon (Huge) 1 BTR Armadillo 1 CORPS Humvee
  17. So over the years I have managed to build up quite a nice collection of figures. Many of these purchases forced me to buy vehicles I have no room to display nor wish to display. As such I have a storage room on my basement FULL of vehicles. Well now I am thinking of taking advantage of the craptacular market and upgrading the home to a McMansion since, well, they have gotten quite a bit cheaper. As such the houses I am looking at have a ton f storage space but I decided it might be time to dump the crap I don't feel like moving. So here is the predicament: 1) I have probably somewhere between 50-100 vehicles including variations of the HISS tanks, a few Rage tanks, Conquest jets, I think I have a rattler, Tanks of all types, Joe/Cobra Jeeps, have one of those Powersuits that came with the Techno Viper (not the Gears one), a few Mechs, other jets, vehicles, etc. etc. etc. the stuff ranges from small to large. 2) I have a company to run that requires most of my time plus I am on site at clients as well leaving me no time, wish or desire to eBay or CL the crap, let alone box it, ship it, etc. 3) I am open to trades/purchase but based on the shipping thing I only want someone to come pick it up themselves (which would require a trip to south of Philly, north of Wilmington, DE). 4) I anyone has any real interest, PM me and we can talk. I can go through the storage area this weekend and make a list and/or pics if needed (btw, ALL of the stuff is still in it's box, with the figure cut-out or removed meaning the vehicle is typically mint/complete but the box is not. This isn't intended to be a "hey, look at all my eBay stuff" post but is really a "fellow collectors/fan, I don't want this stuff, maybe you do" thread. Honestly, I am not looking to haggle or even profit on this and truley would rather some cool trade (I like figures) more than anything, but I am not picky. So if this sounds reasonable feel free to shoot the PM my way or if it is a basic question you can post it if you'd like. ---- Most of my stuff is Y2K and up. I would have to look exactly at what I have but here is from pure memory at the moment (I am traveling until Thursday night and can start going through it all): 3 Python Conquests (the new 25th one that just came out) 1 Powersuit (the Techno Viper RAH one) 2 (maybe more) DTC HISS tanks 2 25th Battles Packs (each has a Red HISS and Joe Tank) 1 Rage (mybe more) RAH original version 4-6 Battle Hornets (the one that came w/ the Yellow Neo-Viper 3 VAMP Jeeps (25th version 1 GhostHawk (25th) 1 Sting Raider (25th) 2-3 Armadillo Tank w/ Air Chariots (25th) 2-3 Ram Cycle/flight Pods (25th) 2 Fangs (I have the Claws too but want to keep those) 3 FireBats (25th) 2-3 HISS tanks (25th that came with Rip-it) 2-3 Awe Stikers (Tan-25th) 2-3 Sharc/Sharc Tooths (Teeth?-LOL) A bunch of VvsV era vehilcles (the Venom Jets, both blue and red, Venom Tanks, all the ugly stuff) A bunch of Ice Sabers (VvsV) Operation Avalance stuff Ninja Battles kits Ring Necks, Tread fires, etc. I feel like I am only scratching the surface here. -BB
  18. Kevin (and really everyone here), Although this is waaaaayyy off the topic I introduced to begin with... Regardless of whether or not I remembered or actually read that fact (it must have been assumed by some that I read every piece of news TNI has ever published therefore my question was folly) it was how the response was given that brought out the wolves. Better to kill with kindness I suppose. As for the fact that this thread languished on, you have to admit it is kind of funny (as Ares put it) that it has probably survived due to a lack of worthy news being published. As for insulting you b/c you didn't forget, aw come on, you can't really believe that the reason people got up in arms was b/c "he that should not be named" got really insulting over said fact. I didn't realize it was purely a test shot and while I may or may not have read that fact I don't see why me asking the question was such a big deal. You would think I punched someone's mom in the nose with the negativity. I do have a point here believe it or not: 1) People shouldn't assume everyone knows every nit picking detail of every story here on TNI (mods included...cough...cough) 2) Most folks here aren't looking to pick a fight (in fact my question was a legitimate question, not an attempt to inflame those in the know, in fact the better response from those in the know would be to inform, not to insult, but to each his own) but to get info and exchange ideas. 3) If a jerkie response is the only response you as a poster think is warranted, maybe it is time to take a step back, breathe, count to ten (or type to ten since you are on your computer anyways). No, not all "and now you know" posts are jerkie, but they become jerkie when a certain attitude is conveyed (and "yes" you can convey an attitude with typing only, inflection free). 4) For better or for worse, expect that everyone and their brother will jump on the bandwagon. Case in point, this rolling thread that simply wont die. I have received my answer and yet so much more Having said all of this I have also violated points 1), 2), 3) and 4) so I am no angel either. I just think that eventually you get the kid that doesn't have the thick skin who joins, lurks, finally posts, gets shot down and goes away for good. That is the worst thing that can happen to the longevity of the board here. I will now step off of my soapbox and go back to being my rude self. You iz all dumb b*tches
  19. That's completely Socialist! I kid. I kid. @firedevil@
  20. You're the villain b/c you responded like a grade A douche when people were having a pleasant discussion. Fortunately intellect has nothing to do with that.
  21. i agree with you on this one. Both SE and SS are cut up. SE with the stab to his hand, and SS with the cuts to his forearms and they kept going like it was nothing. But hey, i guess thats why snake eyes is a joe right? lol Well, it's not like SE can scream? Maybe he was crying like a little schoolgirl under his mask...we may never know.
  22. Ahhh, that requires way to much research just trying to find the old item. It is much easier to simply post the question...or not apparently.
  23. That is pretty funny IMHO. But might as well get back to the topic as I can see the JayC a'comin a mile away. As I stated much much earlier I do so all of the additional content makes it on to the eventual DVD. A lot of these type of DVDs get rushed out of the door and it is the one's that I want to see extra content that never seem to have any. As opposed to the hundred "making of" docs on most of the dreck I buy to watch and rewatch the movie but could care less otherwise.
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