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  1. Well...after the next 12 months (or so) of seeing this, and the Ninja Cycle, hog shelf space at Target and TRU stores, you'll likely get your wish. Hey, at least you get g.i.joes on the shelf. Canada gets forgotten about, as usual.
  2. Someone already beat you to this news. :-) http://adctalk.com/index.php?showtopic=2001775
  3. Very cool. If the final product turns out to be any good i'll be grabbing the whole Atlantis line. Sal
  4. Nacho flavoured Doritos Twinkies Banana flavoured ice-cream ....and my all-time favorite....Big-Feet candy...red gummi candy shaped like a foot. mmmm-mmmm
  5. I recently spoke to a local shop owner who told me he's been asking the hasbro canada reps the same question and the response that they've been giving him is that the figures won't sell up in canada. To top it off the rep is older than either of my parents. Hasbro needs some young blood in their rep teams. Sal
  6. I have this figure from the Bravestarr line. I don't recall his name, but he did come with a cowboy hat i believe.
  7. As far as i'm concerned, it was the funniest comedy series that was ever created. Broke many boundries in the industry and was "THE" launching pad for Fox tvs' success. As for the DVDs', they appear to be releasing a new set every 6 months or so, and i'm assuming that the next set will almost coincide with the release of the new married with children figures. WOAH BUNDY!!! Sal
  8. The likeness of marcy and jefferson in their jogging suits from the episode in the supermarket "You Better Shop Around" is dead on. Sal
  9. Is'nt the second item on the left Rambos knife?
  10. I recently introduced my girlfriend to the world of collectible figures. She has since become addicted to "The Muppets" line and to the superhero "Barbies." The following are pictures of her small but growing collection. The last pic has some of my most recent purchases. Scarface, Batmobile and a Snake-Eyes. All of my older collection is back at my parents place.
  11. Here are some recent pics of the series i found.
  12. Holy sweet mother of god. That is an absolutely awesome collection. I don't recognize either of those cobra bases....are they custom? Sal
  13. Ok, time for yet another wal-mart rant....this time though, it's a good rant. I just came back from my local mart in etobicoke and i gotta say.....did the toy department get a new boss. Wow, what a change. It's not a mindboggling change mind you, but the entire action figure isle has been extended and actually filled up with a decent selection of figures. All the non-action figure stuff was moved over into another isle and the figs were all well spread out. I know that the changes are nominal because for the first time there was a spot for a playset....and the playset was in stock. :-O There was a TMNT sewer lair playset in plain view, easily accessible and well stocked. My faith in wal-mart has been restored....temporarily. :-) Sal
  14. Holy sweet mother of god. That is an awesome collection. Your display cases are all top notch and very proffessional. Kudos. Sal
  15. FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! I want one. How much do you charge per hour. lol.
  16. ...i remember every birthday recieving at least one, if not dozens of joes. i was recently looking through old photos and found these. They're somewhere in the mid-eighties. I figured this might make a cool thread if anyone else had some old pics lying around of their childhood toys, especially joes. Ah, the memories. Cobra Fang Airborne Cool Cobra Vs GIJOE game....have'nt seen this online anywhere? Sal
  17. Well, it's been almost 2 months since i made this origonal post about wal-mart....and today i paid my local one a visit and lo and behold, the exact same stuff that was there june 15th. Except for a few more variations of the TMNT, which are not selling for whatever reason, is there really any reason to keep any staff in that department? I'm a wal-mart junkie, just like the rest of society, but this is what happens when they mass produce junk. IT WILL NOT SELL!!!! ARGHHH!!! Sal
  18. Honestly I had no problems with getting in last year, I waited an hour at the most. I was very pleased with everything, I didn't even attempt to eat there, I just walked a few blocks to the Swiss chalet for lunch. Actually, the best place to get food after the con is "Armadillos" across the street from the convention centre. Sky high nachos are the best. Anyhow, i've been attending yearly since the first one, and i think this is number 7 or 8. It started out great, but as the attendance increased over the years, the organizers never compensated with more room. I think this year they may be expanding spacewise, so i hope that clears up any "cramping" problems. Sal
  19. I'm going, but i'm not expecting much. The previous years the organizational aspect of this con has been getting worse and worse. Line-ups are usually about 2 hours long just to buy tickets to get in. Once your in the isles are extremely narrow and they charge a small fortune for any drinks or food. Plus this year they're adding a gaming expo to their already crammed comic, sci-fi, horror and whatever else lineup. Since i've been going i've focused my purchases to my comic collecting, but this year i'm taking a huge stab at their toy areas. They have a decent selection of merchants, i'll give them that much. Sal
  20. I don't have kids yet myself, but why would anyone need to give up collecting because of an unruly child? That's what a sturdy display case and a huge freakin padlock are for. :-)
  21. Holy Cr@p....I am so getting the entire line. WOOOOOOOOOOOAH BUNDY!!!
  22. Ok....where do i begin. Firstly.... you say he took half the store with him this past weekend to the trek con and thats why its a little bare.......check my original post. JUNE 18....not JULY 18.....so unless he spent a month packing up 50 figures, your statement has nothing to do with the condition of the store a month ago. I have not been back since. Secondly....i applaud your friend for "attempting" to build an older toy section. However, he can't honestly sit there and say that his site wasn't misleading in the least. The website is really well done in my opinion, it does however need to be correct. He may be an excellent businessman and toy expert,which i'm sure he is, but that doesn't neccesarily make the store itself well run or well organized. I would hope that he takes a step back and sees how much better the store could be if he's willing to take some advice. Lastly....i'm not interested in starting an arguement here with you. We're both collectors, from toronto no less. I made my points, and you made yours. Let's drop this subject and get on with enjoying this website. Sal
  23. I'm sorry, but i still have to disagree. The selection in the store is very limited, mostly star trek associated merchandise. The rest i'm sorry to say, just doesn't cut it for a "specialty toy store". The guy who was working there that day may know quite a bit about toys, but he should have been dusting his shelves and sweeping the floors instead of burying his nose in a novel. The size of the store is a HUGE drawback....but....there is massive possibilty in the store if anyone had the slightest clue about putting in proper shelving, display cases or lighting. The store could be made to look twice as big and still hold twice the amount of current inventory. The "treasure" bin is to say the least, grossly misleading. All of the loose figures above and behind the guy is exactly what i was referring to. The selection was non-existant. Now, on to your point about cleanliness in the back room. The condition of a stock room or whatever you want to call it, has a massive affect on the way someone percieves the cleanliness of a store, ESPECIALLY if the curtain or door is left open. For all i know there was food and garbage from what i saw on the floor...that leads to mold, dust and pests. To sum it up, i was not only shocked but confused as to how a store that spent obvious time and money to design a quite decent webpage, but whos store was in total chaos and dissaray. The best thing you could do for the owner of this store is stop going there. Maybe then he'll take a second look at his store and make it into a proffesional establishment.
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