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    Comics - Silver Age J.L.A.<br>Toys <br>"Married with children" tv show<br>"The Godfather" trilogy<br>Nuff' said

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  1. Paul, just out of curiosity, what do you collect? G.I.Joe, Transformers, He-man ??? Also, are you a loose figure collector or a MOC collector? A toy club sounds cool, all you need are a dozen more people and we're good to go. Sal
  2. Dude, that's an awesome setup. Very clean and organized, especially given that everything is loose. Admit it though, that's gotta be a #$## to dust. @loll@ Sal
  3. No luck here synch. I was considering it, but after watching the guy open up a fresh box of kirks and start pulling out mangled and bent cards i refused to spend a dime on them. This is a con for collectors run by supposed proffesionals, wouldn't you think they of all people would try and keep a limited edition collectors item like that from getting ruined? I'm waiting for the skyway show in a month or two, now that's a true toycon. Sal
  4. Well, between me and my brother we didn't get a thing that we actually went for. He's trying to polish off a marvel comics gijoe run with no luck, and the comics i was looking for to finish my silver age jla run were all there....but i refuse to pay double or triple guide value for fair to good comics. He ended up with a few robin comics and a few other miscelaneous books. As for me, i almost bought the gijoe Rhino vehicle but siver snail had it overpriced too. I ended buying some foreign porn from a dealer @firedevil@ , and i got my girlfriend a PILLOW FIGHT LEAGUE t-shirt...those girls were hot man. lol. What did you guys end up getting? Sal
  5. Went to the show today. Major dissapointment. It was in a new, bigger hall yet it felt way more crowded than in the past. Took a ten minute walk through the maze that is the toronto convention centre, 2 hours in line to buy tickets, and 45 minutes in line to get in, comic book area, 2 isles, toys and assorted stuff about 1-2 isles, manga 3 isles, horror con about a third of the freakin hall, video game areas scattered everywhere, one entire room the size of a movie theatre dedicated solely to those freakin card games kids play, famous people all along the outside perimeter of the hall, lines for autographs for these people twisted all throughout the isle, which were tight enough to begin with, just utter chaos. Most of the dealers were selling overpriced garbage. To top it off i had to go back through the ten minute maze just to have a quick smoke, then i was told that i had to re-lineup for another 45 minutes to get back in the hall even though they were handstamping everyone. What a waste.......and it only cost me a $20 admission. ARGHHHH!!!!!
  6. I'm going, but i'm not expecting a great showing of toys. This con has diversified itself so much that toys are the last thing people are selling. You'de have more luck finding a bootlegged copy of some 80s' tv series than you would any vintage toys. @grumpy@
  7. Great series. I'm definitely picking it up.
  8. No prob hawk. It's about time a COPS site popped up. Any idea about how much the average figure goes for, and which, if any are rare or hard to come by? Sal
  9. Great site hawk. Trust me when i say this toyline is not forgotten. Me and my brother are both eagerly awaiting the DVD release and we've both been frantically searching for figures for the past few years. I've been looking for any MOC figures with no luck, do you have any extra MOC your willing to part with? Sal
  10. Does anyone have a phone number for this place or a link to a store website?
  11. It's ok, I don't find any of it offensive, you as a person, I find offensive. As for the US, hey there's some good and there's lots of bad. Do I give two bits of monkey crap how you feel about us to the north or the rest of the world, nope, cause we know how we feel towards "MOST" of the attitude of the US. You write it's a good thing the french are rioting and burning their cities and all that, well sheesh guess what, it was a good thing Al Queda smashed a plane into the WTC in my eyes. Does that offend you??? Southern states were hit hard by multiple hurricanes, people were forced out of their homes, the world wants to help, what was your attitude to it?? We don't need their help. You VH are the reason, attitude from Americans like you are the reason the world hates you guys. I have fought the urge to write rants "american bashing" cause yeah there are good folks down there, sure seems to be like finding a needle in a haystack at times, but there are. And just like i'm the true Alberta Redneck, you live up to the arrogant American VH. That's my opinion and if you don't like it, too bad princess. @can@ awwww poor baby! Don't mock or speak ill of the poor French, Wandye will get upset, because they're such a loving, truthful, full of integrity nationality of peoples. And of course your such a decent individual yourself, but will use my treachery and arrogance as an American, to excuse your pissy little attitude about Americans, which you hold ANYWAY and REGARDLESS..but hey, flame away with your sorryass attitude as well, cuz I couldn't care anymore LESS about you, than you do me. It was here at this very site, that I first learned of the hate Canadians foster towards Americans, and it was right after 9/11 when a young Canadian wrote how he thought the towers collasping was "funny". (I guess now..you'd agree?) Of course this individual appears to have a VERY compassionate and sensitive nature to him, and speaks up for the weak and helpless and cares about social issues that affect the underprivileged in society....YET, such a harsh and awful thing to throw out about Americans after an attack. Bad Americans...bad bad bad! @pow@ The French have always been pricks and anti-American, going behind the backs of everyone to help themselves (food for oil) and denied the US on every opportunity to assist in dealing with terrorist. Sorry if you're offended by my lack of compassion for their current crisis. I feel justified in blowing out of proportion anything THEY do right now, as much as what you types do to us. By your reaction, it appears you have a thin skin yourself? Hypocrit! The French suck and so do you Canadians! You've made that opinion concrete! Don't just use us around here, and then stab us in the back when the moment is convenient for you. I hate two-faced pricks like you all are anyway. A tleast everybody here knows EXACTLY how I feel, and too bad about that "princess"! Man, you are one arrogant person.
  12. If you mean the knowing-how-to-spell chain, then you would not be mistaken. #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# He's Swedish...alright? "ya" as in yeah! Umm....ya wasn't the only wrong word. It's "they're" not "there". lol
  13. When i was a kid i had a pet rabbit, George, in a cage in the backyard. I'd pet him and talk to him. Then one day i came home from school and George was gone. My dad told me he had escaped and ran away. Well, the following weekend we went to my grandparents for dinner, and wouldn't you know it, we were having rabbit for dinner. At the time i was like 10 or 11 so i thought nothing of it. I didn't learn that it was George until i was in my early twenties i believe. My mom had let it slip out in some conversation she was having with an uncle. The worst part of it all is that to this day i cannot get the image of my grandfather biting into Georges' eyeball out of my mind. #yuk@# Sal
  14. Mmmm mmmmm mmmmm....rabbit tastes delicious. @popcorn@
  15. ..can't wait. Anyone remember how many episodes there were? http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4468
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