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  1. Spraying a nonstick pan won't effect its lifespan. What wears down the nonstick coating is wear and tear. If you stack your pans up when not in use, the top pan can accidently scratch the surface and coating of the bottom one. Using metal utensils can damage it as well. A common misconception is that oils are just used for non stick purposes. Oils raise the temperature of foods so you can sear or break out volitale oils. For example, cooking onions in a dry pan, cooking them with a bit of stock, or cooking them in a lightly oiled pan, makes them taste completely different (if you have a good sense of taste and smell). Anyway, if you want your pan to last a long time, just be careful not to scratch it or place other pots or pans on top of it. Oh, an if you accidently leave a pan on high heat for a long time with nothing in it, that can damage it too.
  2. ? Digging through 50,000 EA sports titles? I'm SURE I left some out, but I did a really quick search for all of the threads about EA sports titles, and found one (when Skywarp asked about NHL06 vs NHL2k60). I guess you won't find any EA sports titles in the RPG section, but that section was always there, and I think Deathblade's post was about the new system divisions. Not specifically here, but at most gaming boards I go to, they're not categorized by genre. So when Deathblade asked what our opinion is concerning the board split here at TNI, you responded in regard to the other boards you visit? It's a little confusing to mention a bunch of EA sports threads in other forums, when the forum of topic is clearly TNI. Anyway, it's not even really a genre split as it is a new system split here (the RPG board was always around). The only genre given its own board are RPGs, and even then, there's lots of non-RPG threads there. But I should hush up before someone gets the idea of genre AND system splitting here... For the record, I don't think it's a big deal to split up the boards in such a way, but I do find it kind of funny. I also find it funny that GNI has no divisions in its systems, yet the forums do.
  3. ? Digging through 50,000 EA sports titles? I'm SURE I left some out, but I did a really quick search for all of the threads about EA sports titles, and found one (when Skywarp asked about NHL06 vs NHL2k60). I guess you won't find any EA sports titles in the RPG section, but that section was always there, and I think Deathblade's post was about the new system divisions.
  4. I understand the desire for it, but I think it's kind of weird given the limited traffic. Since the launch of GNI, I guess they assumed more people would be visiting the games forum. I know GNI is still really young, but I fail to see how it offers anything that IGN, Gamespot, Gamespy, etc etc, doesn't (and those sites are huge in terms of content). I do wish it the best of luck though. For me, I usually just check the general and XB360 boards. I can't be bothered to see PS2, Gamecube, Handhelds, etc.
  5. Seems fitting. I blame Michael Jackson for my problems.
  6. I'll be voting NDP again. If someone twists my arm really hard I might push for the Liberals. Harper and his tories aren't even on my radar. @grumpy@
  7. I'm not sure if this has been confirmed yet. An initial Rev design had the GC ports, then word spread that the real one won't. I think that at this point, it's not official if there's going to be GC controller ports, a GC controller attachment, or something else altogether. Either way, it will play GC games, so they'll have to think of something.
  8. No no...we're just discussing the issue. I don't think you're getting "defensive" in an angry way, or anything like that, and didn't mean to imply as much. Just thought you were definitely putting up a "defense" of the Muslim religion, which I used as an example in my post, to show the difference between how people will react to "crazy" assertions against christians, and how they'll even go on to bash Christianity, in defense of what they perceive to be an attack on another religion, even if they themselves have no faith at all. They'll jump on the bandwagon against the Christian thing, but defend all other religions for having rights above and beyond what they offer out to Christians. I guess, to me, they just want to be indifferent towards christianity is all and whatever cost. If I'm not mistaken, your girlfriend is of Muslim faith? Citing an example of how I think people might overlook a slight on Christians, but jump up and down if same is done on another faith (I used the Muslim faith) was only that, used as an example. Anything else I might go into about it, would lead us down a shakey path, even more verboten than the one we're skating down now, as it would bring in politics, but other than that, I'm not critical of Muslims as a whole, just the extremists, like those that are citing problems with Christian extremists. I hope you don't think we're arguing or anything like that, as I'm not angered or heated whatsoever, and find it pretty interesting to read everybody's views. I agree though, the "contempt" thing, wasn't the best choice of words, to describe what I'm thinking is maybe something of an indifference towards Christians you MAY possess?. I have no ill feelings towards Christianity. I grew up as an altar boy, I have been to Asia on retreat missions, I contributed to a Christian organization in Cambodia which had me overseas where I helped build houses for poor people. I'm no saint of course! But it does mean a lot to me. I have a good friend who once in a while pisses me off and says sweeping generalizations towards Christianity and I always jump in shake my fist at him. No one gets off the hook. What I do have ill feelings towards are extremist on any ends of any religion (and sweeping generalizations; if my travelling has taught me anything, it's that we have a lot more in common with everyone else in the world than we may think). I'm tolerant to those who don't believe what I do, which includes other Christians, and I always expect the same. I believe good Muslims and good Christians have a lot in common, and I feel that common ground is really awesome. My girlfriend is from the middle east, but she personally is Christian too. I gotta go watch Gremlins with my GF. She loves that movie. Me, not so much. Go figure. Have a good one man.
  9. Oh and are you saying that I have a personal contempt for Christianity?
  10. I'm not getting defensive, I'm just stating my opinion. I'm not sure just because someone doesn't agree with you, you can say they're getting defensive. If someone here said "Man, that Christian woman is crazy: typical Christian!", I would feel the exact same way. I'm not harping on Christianity for something like what happened in WW2. In fact, I clearly said that the Nazi's, despite claiming that they were Christians, were truly not. And I was comparing this to how Muslims who commit acts of terrorism are clearly not true Muslims either.
  11. Shame, anger and disgust. Imagine you and your family taking the heat for the horrible actions of people who have taken your religion and turned it into a weapon. It might be good not to generalize by saying "Muslims hold nothing back". I have personally meet way more Christians who held nothing back, that said I was living in sin because I lived with my girlfriend amoungst other things. And many Muslims also want the freedoms that we enjoy. "Christians" have killed gay people, black people, abortion doctors. These are not true Christians in the same way a true Muslim would not commit an act of terrorism. I said sensitive, not "overly sensitive", and I meant it in a positive way. I mean you're aware of it, it's more closer to you than hinduism or islam. I'm also closer to my Christianity and when someone says "Christians are all gay haters" or some other sweeping remark, I'm sensitive towards that remark too. Sensitivity is good. But it was Christians who killed millions of Jews in WW2, no? I know, not REAL Christians, I agree. But not REAL Muslims are knocking down skyscrappers either. Christians and Muslims both deal with the acts of insane people using their religion as an excuse to kill, murder, and achieve their ends.
  12. To be honest here man, for you to say this I certainly hope you have been through libraries, book stores, universities, etc etc, looking and reading every bit of information on this, several times a year, looking for new data, in different languages, before you come to this conclusion. I doubt you have. I find it incredibly hard to believe that soul research somehow magically ended in the 70's. And even if what you're saying is true. Let's just say there has been, around the world, ZERO research done since the 70's on the matter, I offer up: so what who cares? It's not about lab results, it's about faith. I can understand people wanting substantial evidence of some kind of course. But well...it is what it is.
  13. In all fairness, I think you see it more because you're more sensitive to it. It hits home. You see it's not the way it really is. I think a Muslim would feel the same way towards many things on television as well. Well, we disagree, but that's cool. You don't buy it. I certainly do. I see the idiots on Springer and you can tell they're acting, but I look at her and I don't see a woman hamming it up for the camera, I see, as I think MaceWinduP said, a scared brainwashed woman. And I've met people like this myself. Would they go on TV? Some of them wouldn't, but some of them would I reckon. After all, if you're loose enough in the head to think in such an irrational manner, then I totally believe that same twisted mind could justify being on TV. Maybe she went into it thinking she could teach the Gospel to whatever family she was being sent to. Maybe the family needed the money and she felt this was a monetary oppertunity sent by God. Crazy thinking? Sure. But crazy people do crazy things.
  14. I agree with this to a certain extent. But I also think that Christianity isn't the only religion under attack. I'm a little confused by your example. Anyway, there are cases where so called Christians have picketed gay funerals, shot abortion doctors, etc etc. The difference I think is that you blame the media for showing it, whereas I blame the people for tainting a religion with their disgusting actions. EDIT: Also, by no means am I implying that a great number of Christians are picketers or XYZ. I'm just saying that there are nutjobs out there. And one of them is the woman on the show that sparked the thread.
  15. It's very possible that the first person you spoke to at Dell made an honest mistake and quoted you the wrong price.
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