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  1. I didn't see a topic started on it here, so forgive me if it has been mentioned. http://toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=23&itemid=14715 This is more what I want to see from Marvel select. I have been passing up most of their toys because of the lack of villians and truely unique characters deserving a more complex sculpt or design. While I am aware of the popularity of the main characters, how many different versions of Wolvie, Spidy, and Hulky are we really going to need? We did get one fairly good Abomination figure from ToyBiz, which was really lacking in a lot of ways because it was only a $10.00 item after all, but it is also obveous we are not getting much in the way of ML sized items from Hasbro any more, even granted a few 2 packs, the figures will not be big, hulky characters, and less than average detailing in sculpt or paint. Anything like Ulik the Troll, an in scale Bi-Beast, Or an obscure character like Watcher from Hasbro? No. Those are the things I want to see as large, detailed toys, not G.I.Joe/StarWars formatted slot fitters. This new Abomination shows what we could be getting if MS would spend a little more time on obscure, unusual looking Marvel characters that we will no longer get from Hasbro or ToyBiz. I want to see a new Man Thing in MS, or Sauron, or any number of weird looking marvel characters Marvel is famous for. In the mean time I gotta wait for another wave of Wolverines and Spiderman figures to spend time warming the pegs before I can even get this awesome Abomination figure. Which, might prevent a lot of vendors from ordering it if there is no new shelf space. If MS wants to move their products, they might try making something new and fresh like that more often.
  2. Or maybe even more notably the extra $4.00 - $5.00 per item. People aren't exactly making more money these days on the average, and paying even more for an action figure is not on most parents priorities.
  3. Yeah, that was my whole point about ordering online, most of the online stores don't even recognize that the assortment has been changed yet. It was originally said to be 2 - 4 figure waves or sets, but that's obveously not the "case". (pun intended.) @loll@ BBTS put up the other case of 3 figure to match the first case of 5. So now the case assortments are 1st case: 2x Wendigo 2x Skaar, Son of HULK 2x End HULK 1x King HULK 1x She HULK 2nd case assortment is: 2x Absorbing Man 2x Doc Samson 2x Grey HULK, "also known as Dale Keown HULK" 1x King HULK 1x Wendigo This boils down to She-HULK being short packed and 1 extra Wendigo figure, so if I were to buy both cases, it would give me nearly 2 complete Fing Fang Foom sets, minus the She-HULK & parts. Price wise, it makes them about $15.00 a piece by the case, but if I were to only order them by the sets, it would cost $20.00 a pop. That means if I were to only get single figures of them online, it would cost me $160.00 + for just 1 FFF set! I have 0 chance of finding the whole set at mass market retail, so this is nearly my only option. @hmmm@
  4. After seeing the improoved prototypes and accessories like the Isz set, I decided to order their whole set with Mr. Gone, which I wouldn't have done based on the first prototypes shown at the Toy Fair. I think a lot of people need to drop the Shocker hate thing and move on.
  5. I don't know about the 3.75" line or TOYS 'R' US, but I got my Wink figure at Hot Topic about a week ago. Wink is an awesome item, one of the best values for this year! At 9 1/2" he was really crammed in the clam-shell, couldn't even pack him with his head up! Although I still like Sammael better, Wink has some great features, especially the ball & Chain fist weapon, which can be interchanged with the open hand. He's also solid plastic, not rotocast like some of Mezco's bigger items, so he's really heavy! Since the head design isn't accurate to the way he looks in the movie, Mezco gave us the option of getting the right head with a mail in form and the UPC bar code!
  6. This whole release has been weird, because I've been having a heck of a time trying to find a good place to pre-order these online, and most online retailers haven't been able to offer any solid listings. ToyRocket has had them up as "Back order" for an age, and some of the other out fits offer a kinda "We don't know what we're getting for sure or when we're getting them, but you can place an order anyway." tactic. The BigBadToyStore just listed a case of 8 up for pre-order at $119.99, and the case only has 2x Wendego, 2x End HULK, 2x Scarr, 1x She HULK, 1x King HULK. So they still don't even have the other figures to offer while the whole set seems to be popping up at retail. @grumpy@
  7. They look pretty good to me! I want this line more than any other out this year! Glad to see Hasbro is finally getting better sculpts on their Marvel Legends, even if they still have problems with the paint apps.
  8. I know there isn't a lot of fans of Attack of the Living Dead figures, but this is a heads up for any that might be here. The GLOW-IN-THE-DARK versions have finally arrived, and they are limited to only 100 sets! hey are also available to the genral public, so you don't have to join the club or be a member to get them, but the price is not for the meek or faint of heart, $60.00 + S/H. Here's some links to the best pics I could find, because I can't take that good a pics of things like this. http://board.mezco.net/showthread.php?t=13130 http://board.spawn.com/forums/showthread.p...ght=Radioactive
  9. From what I've heard, Wal-Mart won't be carring the first set until thay see how the sales do for the line at other retailers. That probably knocks out about 1/4 of the sales for this set right off the bat, so people better buy them where they can to improove vendor support.
  10. I've been pretty much staying out of any Marvel topic since Hasbro took over the line, because it's pretty pointless for me to even attempt to describe the level of dissapointment and agravation I feel about these toys, especailly to people who can't seem to see anything wrong with them. Wether it's because of the blinding devotion to Marvel related characters, the lack of basic awareness of what toy makers are actually capable of producing, or the possible fact that these opinions belong to kids who are just too young to know any better, they don't see what I see. I've been collecting action figures for over 20 years, and I've got everything from high end collectable figures from Japan that cost me over $100.00 a pop, to super cheap & junky things like TMNT items, and I can honestly say these look horrible. HULK is probably my favorite Marvel character, and while I have bought a lot of dissapointing HULK figures from ToyBiz, they actually look pretty good compaired to this. The only good thing I can say about them is the character selection covers some of my most wanted HULK related characters, kind of like the new Fantastic Four ML set, but also like the FF set, these will look like total junk when the actual products hit the pegs, because Hasbro will ruin what few, if any, good qualities these pics show off. As has already been pointed out, those are hand painted prototypes, so the non glossy paint looks more like real skin, which we know will not be the case on the actual figures unless something pretty drastic motovates Hasbro to change their tactics. Hasbro will produce some heavily photo-shopped pictures that people will go ga-ga over some time next year, and then they'll show off some more doctored-up figs at Toy Fair, or some such show, that will be "well recieved", so when the actual products come out we'll have more cheap looking kiddy toys to show for it. @grumpy@ Yeah the sculpters who do these probably also sculpt the products for Marvel Toys, and both Hasbro and Marvel Toys are working for Marvel, so they even share the same molds for a lot of figures, like the recent Ann O'brian has the exact same hands as She-HULK, but the Devil is in the detail. Hasbro ML loose the detail in the translation from the original sculpt, and may even deliberately downgrade to make the molding process easier, so the Hasbro figures look like slightly melted candle wax! Remember what the original Blob prototype looked like? Now imagine that kind of a detail downgrade on these already pretty bland looking HULK figures. So now people just expect the final product to never look as good as the prototype, which I think is a more realistic point of view, but the idea of HULK figs that actually look worse than these cartoony looking jokes is not a good selling point to me. In the mean time Marvel Toys managed to deliver a PITT that was so near as good as the prototype, that the only thing I could even find they missed on the actual product was the paint apps on his nails/claws and the snap on his vest! People keep complaining about how bad the Witchblade figure was, well now try making that comparison with the new Ann o'brian from the second set! Ann has the She-HULK beat on all articulation for range of movement, count, and design. (Not to mention looks!) This Valkerie figure looks like the kind of female figures we got ten years ago. @loll@ As a HULK enthusiest I have to say, buying these would be a worse insult to the character than the worst ToyBiz items were, and that's pretty darn bad. As for the people who actually like them, I think they would buy snow cones if they lived in the North Pole! @smilepunch@
  11. Sold out already. Man, I hope I don't have problems finding them later, or I'm gonna kick my self for not ordering Clayface yesterday. @grumpy@ I'm really not crazy about paying $30.00+ for a $10.00 toy just to find it on a peg later on, but then Doomsday was the only one I never found on the peg.
  12. While a lot of people don't see any purpose in bashing one company and supporting another, because it get so personal, you might consider the idea that taking a stand might actually improove the quality of the products made by all companies. You can say what you want about some of these looking bad, but some of the stuff Hasbro is making looks just as bad or worse, and people still buy them because they are addicted to Marvel related characters. What kind of statement does that make to Hasbro? Here's how I read it. "As long as I get Iron-Man, HULK, THOR, Spiderman, Wolverine, ect, I will buy whatever they make." Which is exactly what a big license mongering company like Hasbro wants to hear, and exactly why they got the Marvel license. If Marvel Toys can make even a moderate success out of this line, with all it obscure, less-than-Marvel-popular characters to work with, and cuts into Hasbro's over-all profits even 1/5 or a quarter, it just might force Hasbro to either take notice and do a better job, or at least drop the figure license as unprofitable for some one else to give it a try, but either way the product might evolve and/or benifit from such actions. This isn't just about one line from one company, it's about the industry as a whole, and you need to start looking at the bigger picture if you want to get better toys of your favorite characters. This is why I say that even if you are not familliar with the character, if you are even the least bit impressed with the way a figure looks, put your dang money down on it and make a statment for toy quality and not just for company propaganda.
  13. Maybe they don't want her doing things like this; There are some draw backs to having articulated fingers, like having freedom of expression! @smilepunch@ #US1#
  14. Have I seen 'em? Na, not really. Neither has Overtkill, but I think he's about to see one! @hmmm@ @loll@
  15. Hmm, let's see, on one hand we have Hasbro ML which have less articulation, paint apps, and sucky little BAFs that they pack in 8 figure sets that cost $90.00 to collect, and on the other hand we have DCSH from MATTEL, which often look better, but are less articulated and are plagued with tons of repaints and rehashes of the same characters over and over, with maybe some future BAFs that will be regular sized figures. @loll@ Yeah, them LCBH are just horrible! I know who I'm going to Hang out with! @firedevil@
  16. For thos of you who are not aware of it, a small release of series one hit select Wal-Marts in Denver Colorado last week, so there has been some pretty neat pics up of them. Here are some links to other forums & websites that have some nice pics! http://lcbh.marvellegends.net/ At the bottom of this Forum page is a pic of the BAF PITT character side by side with a ML Icons 12" HULK to show off his sheer size! Remember, it only takes 6 figures to put him together, instead of the 8 for Hasbro Blob. @loll@ http://www.fwooshnet.com/forum/viewtopic.p...c&start=120 There's some nice packaged pics of the rest of the set at this forum; http://www.fantasticexclusive.com/fforum/t...amp;whichpage=3 They have a few odd issues that could be better, like Wichblade's mid-section is too tiny, and Dredd's paint apps came out more orang/yellow than gold, but the PITT has two joints in each finger, removable chains, and both a black and red paint wash to show off his viens detail! Take that Hasbro! @smilepunch@ @firedevil@
  17. I haven't gotten the chance to vote, but as a collector of good action figures for over 20 years, I can honestly say I would rather see the Marvel property license fall in just about any other toy companies hands, except maybe Sizzle. @loll@ Anyone familliar with McFarlane Toys? Quite simply put, they got started because Hasbro was so bad at paint apps, sculpt detail, and at that time articulation placement, that Todd McFarlane chose to start his own toy company rather than to let them bucher his comic characters. While the artist spirit may have left Mcfarlane Toys now, it was primarilly responsable for making figure collecting comunity we have now, made up of people who were able to recognize the difference between a good, quality action figure collectable, and a generic kids toy for the mass market. So what happened to those people who knew and recognized the difference? Simple, they quit buying the stuff that got bad and moved on, which is what I'm going to do now. The question is, who the heck are you people and why do you have such low standards in you collecting habbits? Why are waxxy, shiny, poorly painted, figures with blurry sculpt definition from baddly translated molds acceptable? Do you hate Marvel characters? Do you like showing off to your friends how many cheap looking kids toys you own? Do you have no sense of shame? Do you enjoy insulting your self and your favorite comic characters by buying these sad looking things? Realistic skin texture, glossy paint for eyes and things that need it, flat paint or plastic for everything that doesn't. More than five colors per figure. Articulation that exceeds expectations. Accessories appropreately designed for the character. Sculpted detail that you could spend hours oogling over, and a dark paint wash to bring it out. These were all features that collectors expected from thier toys in surplus, and I thought they were part of what put ML on the map in the first place, because ToyBiz was trying to achieve that level, even if they did falter a lot. Hasbro isn't even interested in trying to get that far, because all those things cost more money per figure unit than they want to spend. They just want to make money, they don't want to put more money into the figures! Even if they kill the line, it wouldn't be much of a loss to a company who has StarWars, Transformers, and G.I.Joe in thier pocket, and yeah, wether they make ML figures or not, the Marvel license is also in their pocket now to sit on and make sure no one else can use. It was the simple elimination of competition. As for the So-Called "improovements" over ToyBiz, depending on wether you want to count their last 4 ML sets, I have yet to see much of any of them materialize yet. I guess that depends on where you live, because I've only seen the Ultimate Ironman once, for all the peg warming, dust collecting figures from series 1 at 3 Targets, 2 Wal-Marts, 2 TOYS 'R' US, and 1 comic shop, I got only 1 chance to build the BAF. Character selection? I enjoyed a lot larger range of character when ToyBiz was doing them than whats coming out now, it's like left-overs to me, and we're still getting the same "main" characters redone in every wave. I own nearly every figure from ML series 4 on up, not to mention tons of figures from before ML even got started, and in all these years only my Ultimate Lizard had a leg break off. On the other hand, just since I started getting Hasbro Marvel items last year, I've had 3 figures break! My Ultimate Ironman fell over on the table and chipped off a big hunk of his shiny armor, my Vengeance figure from the GR line had a floppy elbow joint from the moment I took it out of the package, which broke off before I had moved it 3 times, and my Iron Spiderman had one of his claw things pop off as soon as it was out of the package and I tried to move it. ToyBiz plastics were only soft toward the end of their run with the last 3 or 4 ML sets, and not all of them at that. Even so, I fail to see how Hard, Brittle plastic that cracks and breaks is superior to softer plastic that may tear if it gets stuck. True, Hard plastic is better than soft if you want a figure that is going to hold a pose for very long, and the construction of some of the ToyBiz items was not the best at times, which lead to breakage for a lot of people, but the superior plastic quality is just a selling slogan that Hasbro likes to spout off to increase sales, with no more backing than it's mere claim. The only real claim that Hasbro can actually back is that their safety standards meet more requirments than the old ToyBiz stuff, but in this case it mostly means the paint and material isn't toxic, so unless you plan to do a lot of sticking them in your mouth, that shouldn't matter much. Strictly a matter of opinion, because while don't have many MOC or MIP items in my collection, the old clamshells were more collector & storage friendly, not as vaulnerable to water damage, not as big a waste of paper, and not so bloody lop sided! Articulation doesn't cause breakage. Poor construction causes breakage, which is exactly what caused all the breakage on my Hasbro items. For the record, the very first toy I ever had that broke was a Hasbro G.I.Joe, the thumb holding the gun broke off. We're moving up on the third set, so it's not "early" anymore, we're past early and aproaching late afternoon! Why would they improove the paint apps? What would they gain at this point in the game? That would cost more money. Do you really think they would want to spend more money on them as long as people are willing to buy them the way they are now? And that question applies to all the other features as well. Hasbro is not out to do you some kind of a favor, they are not concerned with what you think about the toys, they are only concerned with wether they can sell them the way they want to make them or not, and if not, they'll just call it a loss and move on. That's how big business works.
  18. Sorry, but I don't follow you at all. I disagree that Toybiz is the most innovative toymaker, I think other manufacturers can lay claim to that title. Marvel Legends was just ONE brand of several they had, and I think in terms of innovation, compnaies like Hasbro and Mattel actually hedge them out by quite a bit. All of the characters in the LCBH line are pre-existing, in that none of them were created solely for this line. A few have even been toys before, and some have a history that goes back several decades. There's nothing about this line that is a "in-house" brand--all the characters come from an external source. A few of these characters come from what are technically "failed" properties, in that they are not being published in comicbook form, and haven't been for a while. Toybiz has produced some very good product, and this new line looks very good too, but they are not the be-all and end-all some folks like to think they are. Well this part of the thread is all a little off topic since we were discussing the concept of Marvel Toys making an "In-House" line not supported by some other media form, (which nobody was claiming the LCBH to be,) and if anyone would support it as such, so I guess ditko is getting a bit worried about wether we are still going to support the LCBH line or not. Although this is rare, I do have to agree with ditko on a few points here, and that being that ToyBiz was actually pretty inovative, even if the licenses they got famous for overshadowed that a bit. Why was ToyBiz inovative? Because through trial and error, they managed to figure out what combinations of product elements collectors actually wanted. That's a pretty big step when you consider McFarlane Toys won't give us any usefull articulation and companies like Hasbro won't give us anything but kids stuff. Even though the BAF idea isn't new by any stretch of the imagination, most other companies didn't do it becuase they saw it as an unnecesary effort and a possibly unproffitable venture. ToyBiz made some pretty junky looking items over the years, but they also made some jewls that have yet to be rivaled by even some of the best toy makers in the industry. Dragonman may be way out of scale with any 6" line, but he boasts every bit as much sculpted detail as the new Elephant Swordsman figure now being shown by the Four Horsemen, who are renown for their attention to detail, while Dragonman was a $7.99 mass-market item! Some of the LotR items ToyBiz did when they had the license had better facial likenesses than some of the products coming from both McFarlane and NECA at that piont in time! (Plus, they were actually "toys".) What other toy maker was willing to give us collector friendly clam-shell packaging, a full-sized actuall comic book, accessories, BAF part, and a fairly comic accurate figure of even obscure characters with 30+ POA, all for only $8.99 at any point in time? Some of that may have been thier own undoing, but it still stands as a high water mark in the industry, one that I doubt if we'll see broken any time soon. The problem is that these feats were combined with a super hot license property, which makes it impossible to determine just how much of the lines success was due to the product or the propertie's popularity. There are a large number of people who will buy anything 'MARVEL', no matter what kind of garbage it may be, and that obscures their efforts a great deal. LCBH will be a testing ground to find out just how much stock people really put in the quality of the products, and how much of a lines success depends on the license, because these properties are mostly inactive and purely driven by a minority group. For those who are not chained to the corporate money making machine, LCBH line just might be one of the last great ventures into the closest thing we can get to "originality", because all the other toy companies have pretty much fallen into line with the flow of the money making formula, which is "Get the HOTTEST LICENSE NOW!". The Four Horsemen are the only toy makers that I can think of that are making one whole good action figure a year from a totaly "In-House" concept, ( aside from McFarlane's Dragons line that is, in which the term "action" figure is somewhat questionable.) Oh Yeah, and there's Bionicles! Some of the LCBH characters are so obscure that even companies who made a reputation for them selves by catering to less popular properties, refused to even try them, so this may be the first and possibly last time we will ever get a PITT, Monkeyman & O'brian, or even BodyBags characters as such super cool action figures. If that isn't an end all/be all subject, what is? Back on topic, an "In-House" line would hardly be any more obscure than the LCBH line, depending on how it's marketed, so if LCBH tanks, I would say there is even less of a chance that a original line could survive in today's figure market. Action figures are not the only media type to suffer from no support for new & original material. I was just reading an article about Okami which is one of my all time favorite video games, which despite over the top reviews and acclaim by those who did get it, had such poor sales that the producer, (CLOVER Studios) was totaly dropped by CAPCOM. In a nutshell, the game was better and far more inovative than 98% of the stuff that gets shouved out every year, but that didn't count for squat, because the vast majority of gamers would rather buy a sequal or property related game they are already familiar with, than to take a chance on something that's a little different and unknown. This is pretty much the exact reaction I see from most MARVEL and DC fans about the LCBH line, so you can imagine how they would react to a line that didn't even have a tie-in property. @grumpy@
  19. It'd be cool if they alternated waves. Main chracters one wave, monsters next. Wash, rinse, repeat. I sure think it would be cool, because this way I don't have to waste my time buying generic looking humans to get all the monsters I want! @firedevil@ For the record, I passed up the whole first set of 10th ann. figures, because I have no use for those generic looking human characters, and I already have an army of zombie figures. On the other hand, I will buy two full sets of series 2! More importantly, it will give us all a more equal opportunity to get what we do want, without getting stuck with what we don't. For those who want everything RE, there shouldn't be a problem, and for those who only want the "main" characters, you'll get your turn just like I'll get mine. Back when Palisades was making the line they had a Hunter Two-Pack planned for the second wave, with two totally different versions of the critters, and I was so up set & dissapointed because they put it out with one of the Hunters replaced by Albert Wesker, so the other Hunter never even got made! @grumpy@ I had to buy that stupid blond dude just to get one Hunter! I would never have even bought Albert W. if it hadn't been for that, so I would say CAPCOM made the right call on this issue. I know the two-packs were often considered the bane of the prior lines, and it was said that was also dictated by CAPCOM, so maybe now they're trying a different tactic. I can't wait to see what the NECA version of the Hunter looks like, and it'll be awesome to get a Licker that isn't just an accessory for some other human! I read that the Hunter will be in a "Hunter Two-Pack", so I wonder if NECA will correct the blunder Palisades made. Even if both Hunters are the same figure, I'll be happy, but it would be nice to get an alternate version like Palisades had originally planned. Now if CAPCOM would just get around to making a RE game where I could play as some freakish creature like a main character, I would be in heaven!
  20. The only Steel figure I've even seen in person is the one I bought, and it's crome.
  21. Wow, that was a very in-depth look at the issue ARROW, thank you for the extra insight! I was pretty blissfull to the whole media influance bit until I started getting on the net, and then I started running into limitations on toy concepts like they were brick walls, so it's taken me this long just to quit trying to break them down. I read an article about the power of addvertising a while back, and was totally blown away by how many people will go out and buy almost everything they see on TV! It's scary. @hmmm@ I don't even own a cell-phone. When I was a kid I could imagine a pair of toe-nial-clippers as a one eyed monster with a moveable horn and a sword for a tail, so media influance on me was not so good to begin with. @loll@ I grew up in the age of StarWars and comic books like a lot of other people, but always made up my own stories, so when people can't go beyond the story that was given to them on a silver platter, I have a real hard time relating. Japanese & foreign toys are some of my favorite products, even though I have to activly seek them out. Lets face it the whole BAF concept was pioneered by things from Japan, and US colectors act like it's something new. Anyway, yeah, unique, original, inovative, and unsupported toy lines don't tend to stand a snowball's chance in hell in the media saturated modern toy market, no matter how much we would like to see a renaissance level of creativity & skill that could be used for such. For all the advances of the modern age, we seem to be dumber than ever.
  22. Even though Man-Bat & Clayface are shown on the back of the card, they are not listed in any pre-order set yet. @grumpy@ I'm not gonna order any until they are in the set.
  23. Yeah, most people seem to enjoy being lead around by the nose now days. Go see Spiderman III, then go buy all toys, video games, replicas, movie based books, cerial promotions, and under wear! I mean it's one thing when some cool products get made off some media property, but when people buy junk they would never have touched if they hadn't seen the sorce material or fallen into the totally fabricated media wirlwind, it doesn't say much about the minds of the average person who makes such purchases. I think the great irony is that they insult their favorite properties by buying bad products based on them. I know a guy who has bought every HULK figure ever made, and he's not happy with 99% of them, because they don't do the character "justice" in his own opinion. Because he was willing to buy so many poorly designed figures of the character, he's contributing to his own problem. He sends a message to the companies that "Hey, I'll buy ANYTHING HULK, no matter how bad or inaccurate it is!" Needless to say, there's no reason for them to make "better" products if they can sell junk to people who consider them selves "True Fans". If he, and people like him, were to put their foot down and NOT buy any HULK figures until they found one they were really happy with, it would put an end to the manufacturers trying to pass off any old hunk of junk as a HULK action figure, and thus, improove the overall quality of the products. Every time someone lets their love for specific media property and desire to own a piece of it in some other product form overide their own recognition of the products quality & accuracy, they may as well be taking a stab at their own favorite characters. I evaluate all my purchases based on wether I like the product or not, and the sorce material is purely trivial. I choose the subject of my figures based on theme elements. For example, I'm not big on Millitary & soldier or cartoony looking material, so I stick with Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi based themes.(if it's not human, I'll probably check it out.) Then I try to get things that fit within the 6"-7" scale. Finally, I'm open to a wide range of articulation options, but I draw the line at McFarlane statue type items and excessivly bad looking Marvel Legends such as Emma Frost. More than half the time I wind up checking out the source material AFTER I've bought an action figure, which is not the normal process for most people. I bought the 300 figures and haven't even seen the movie yet. I love StarWars movies, but I refuse to buy the Hasbro junk made for them. I respect you guys who have posted on this thread, because you've shown me that you opinions wern't just given to you by someone else. As for the other collectors out there, maybe it's not my place to tell people how they should or shouldn't pick their action figures, but they sure are willing to let the big companies tell them what to buy, so why not let me do it instead?. @loll@ @firedevil@
  24. Yeah, I don't like that weird painted on body hair. I didn't like it on Wolverine's arms, but having it all over the body is even worse IMO. It should have been in the sculpt. Aside from that, I'm in love with the whole line, and plan to buy two full sets of both groups! After seeing the second set of ML from Hasbro, I can't imagine why anyone would waste their money on Marvel junk when these will be coming out. Monkeyman has got to be the coolest ape figure ever made! PITT is gonna rule my collection!
  25. Wow, this is a topic that really hits on a nerve for me, because for more than a decade I've been trying to support some excellent toy lines that were "in-house" properties, not based on any specific media property, just to break the chain of dependancy the whole industry is founded on, all to no avail. I grow exasperated, anoyed, and just plain angry at the so called collectors comunity, because they are so limited in what they can grasp & appreciate as action figure material, that there is no profitability in doing some thing original, creative, and unique. As a result, all toy manufacturers are stuck with only making what ever the next popular media property is, if they can get the rights, while truely imaginitive and talented toy designers are forced to produce endless rehash of what has already been done, instead of exploring their full potential and giving us things that would blow most media based products out of the water. I have seen many great toy makers fall off the map because of the simple lack of recognition for the products they produced, regardless of how good they were! This is also a topic I always wind up insulting everyone with, because collectors don't like to be called unimaginitive, stupid, and unable to change, but that is the simple core of the vast majority of action figure collectors. #US1# @smilepunch@ @firedevil@ This is why I am an action figure collector FIRST, and a pop culture conasuer second. I would love to see lots of different toy companies make all kinds of their own original products like Xevos, Stan Winston Creatures, Total Chaos, Attack of the Living Dead, Silent Screamers, McFarlane's Dragons, just to name a few, but they never get the support they need to keep going simply because they don't have some media based tie-in property. @grumpy@ If Marvel Toys made their own in-house line, I would buy it like there was the last toy line on Earth, but I'm only one collector, and that's not enough to make a line worth trying.
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