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  1. She's from various Indy video games and comic books. Her most well-known roles being in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis & Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophia_Hapgood#Sophia_Hapgood Didn't Hasbro say that they're looking into possibly releasing IJ: Expanded Universe stuff? But yeah, I'd rather see them release stuff for the movies first before we get to that.
  2. I'd love to see Sophia Hapgood. (I mean, she was in quite a bit of the EU stuff.) Preferably in her Fate of Atlantis-leather jacket attire.
  3. Well, I got a new camera awhile back and decided to take some snapshots of my Indy collection along with some "action" shots. I'd love to see you guys whip up some action shots as well! My collection (Minus both KotCS Indy's as they're on my desk): And the action shots: Also got the LC lego set behind the Cairo Swordsman.
  4. Man, I love these things. I got quite the haul today: Raiders of the Lost Ark: Cairo Indy Marion Monkey Man Cairo Swordsman Belloq Sallah German Soldier (2) Cargo Truck Troop Car Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Indy with jacket Mutt with jacket I immediately grabbed the truck and car when I saw them at K-Mart, along with the Raiders figures. Picked up some of the others at a Super Wal-Mart. Kinda wish Target would put them out so I can use my discount...sigh, I'll have to wait till June to pick up anymore anyway. ($90 at K-Mart really hurt my monthly funds.) So now I have an Indy display ontop of one of my cabinets now. The truck and car come with these cool cardboard dioramas. Very nice for a background display. I have Marion driving the truck with Mutt screaming like a girl at a soldier pointing a gun at him as he hangs from the window. Idol Indy is on top of the truck and is about to get punched by the other soldier. These things are so friggin' awesome. I just wish Sallah's clothes were bendable enough to let him sit down though. I need someone to drive the jeep. My least favorite figure of the ones I have is either Cairo Indy or Cairo Swordsman. Both have lame articulation...though the Swordsman doesn't really need articulation, as his only purpose is to get shot. @loll@ All in all, I'm totally on board for this. I can't wait to finish getting the Crystal Skull figures.
  5. I bought the TOTCS Indy (with bazooka) and ROTL Idol Indy, hoping to switch the heads and like fubarwomp, Idol Indy's head wouldn't fit TOTCS Indy's body. I'll have to pick up Cairo Indy when I go out today.
  6. ...Oh. ...I didn't realize there were actual relics in those little boxes. I thought those were for show. Thanks for pointing that out!
  7. Um...so I'm looking through the packaging of the 3 3/4 figures I got today for the relic stickers for the mail-away figure. I can't seem to find them. Anyone know where they are on the packaging? (I feel like an idiot for asking this. )
  8. When they cut thirty episodes worth of content out (One Piece), then you can properly say they,"cut so much out". Of course, I won't touch the Dattebayo/Believe it fiasco. But seriously, Naruto is getting top treatment here. I'd kill for One Piece to get the same treatment but alas, anything that 4Kids touches is doomed. If you don't like the english version, there's the uncut thirteen-episode boxset coming out this July for $45. I know I'll be picking it up.
  9. Actually, Naruto went downhill after the Chuunin Exam arc for me. It became stale, boring and focused entirely too much on a whiny rival and a boring main character. Except for some minor character development for the worthwhile characters (Lee, Kakashi), it's just...bleh. Don't get me started on characters dying then living, either. If only all the arcs had the same emotional impact of the first arc...
  10. ...You did check the other figures, right?
  11. Sorry to hijack the topic again but; Do any of you guys know where I can get the single Cloud pack? I found a site but it says it ain't shipping 'till May. http://store.comicfusion.net/feb063913.html If that's true then THANK GOD. I can get him and Squall.
  12. Green Goblin for sure. He look's amazing.
  13. New figures coming out: http://photos.figures.com/photo/1/showgall...iece&perpage=15 No Usopp, no Nami...Arlong doesn't look the greatest and Ace (...Trace.) looks...meh. There's so much potential that's being wasted here.
  14. Okay. I think something is going on here. One Piece gets a crappy dub and horrible figures yet Naruto gets a good dub and decent figures. ARGH. Oh well. Check 'em out, they're pretty good: http://photos.figures.com/photo/1/showgall...ruto&perpage=15 We get Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke, Iruka, Rock Lee, Neiji, Gaara, Orichimaru, Haku and Zabuza. Interchangable heads, actual decent articulation and sculpting too. I wonder if they'll ever make a Sakura figure...it'd be nice to have the whole squad.
  15. Holy crap these are beyond awesome! I guess I'll be picking all of them up. Awesome that we get two different kinds of Batman too! Though I can't say I like the Batmobile. I guess I can always build my own though. Has anyone ever managed to make the Batmobile from the Burton films? (Or the Tumbler from Begins?)
  16. For that specific genre, I'd agree with you. I read Ranma 1/2, then I could never get into Love Hina or Tenchi after that.
  17. It reminds me of Stripe and the other Mogwai playing Donkey Kong in Gremlins.
  18. Awesome. I'll be picking up Squall, my original Squall figure's gunblade is bent to hell. Do you think the single Cloud and Sephiroth figures will still be availible in April?
  19. They're releasing Cloud by himself?! Bah, won't matter since I won't be able to pick any of them up by April.
  20. Here's some pics: http://toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=6&itemid=8607 And I've been searching around to see if any other figures were made before Mattel and suprise, suprise, Bandai did. These ones have articulation, multiple heads and limbs (Example: Zoro has two heads: One without his bandana and one with it on and his mouth is open so you can put a sword in it and Luffy has an extended arm.) and there's more of the main cast like Usopp and Buggy. Why Mattel didn't simply release these figures is beyond my comprehension. I would've bought all of them. Check it out: Unfortunately, it seems that Bandai stopped producing the figures a few years ago.
  21. How much did you end up paying for it? I want to get Cloud so bad but $70 is a little too much out of my price range.
  22. I enjoyed it. It's about on-par with the first X-Men film i.e. same problems: Establishment of main characters takes awhile and has a weak climax. Though I must admit, movie Doom was a little...lame.
  23. Yeah, I'm not particularly looking forward to Mattel's Naruto line. Too bad either series didn't get a line like Irwin DBZ. That would've kicked ass.
  24. I've spotted the US One Piece figures at my local K-Mart. Here's what I found: Luffy no. 1: This thing looked absolutely ##$%$#ed. It has gigantic forearms that'd put Franky to shame. Pass. Luffy no. 2: Pretty decent, I must say. Articulation seems to be restricted to four points and he apparently has a stretchy arm and removable strawhat. I might get it. Sanji: He looked kinda cool and poseable but the action feature looks stupid. Might get this as well. Kuro: ....what the? Horrible looking figure, he looks like he's wearing goggles. Deluxe Pirate King Luffy: Didn't care much for it. Came with a DVD. Deluxe Alabasta Zoro: Undecided. Came with a DVD. Didn't see Kreig or Three-sword Zoro or Regular Zoro. (Regular Zoro looks pretty neat on the back of the box of other figures, I must say.) And for the one I was looking forward to: Deluxe 12-inch "Stretch-Arm Strong" Luffy: I saw this and went to try to stretch his head only to have the living crap scared out of me: This thing was loud and very annoying. I might still get it and remove the batteries. So yeah, there are some decent US figures but most of them are pretty crappy and dissapointing.
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