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  1. "You" turned out pretty well. I like Zarana's medallion. Cast toro? I've gotta get that Scarlett head.
  2. Nice work X. The Barrage legs work well for RB. I use them too.
  3. Aw that kills. They couldn't dare to stoop so low.
  4. Which exactly leads to my next point. Why is up to us to add on a simple detail like gloves which were on the figures to begin with. The consumer is left with the responsibility of completing the product. BS. It's like we're buying fixer-upers and it shouldn't have to be that way. I have to "sculpt" gloves on? Forget it. (I probably will anyway @loll@ , but am sick of having to work on these guys when we shouldn't have to) I may be reaching here but I'm sure TF don't have to be modded as much to get them to resemble or have the traditional aspects which they should. Kitbashes are optional. I've seen Prime and I'd be satisfied. Or Star Wars? It just seems absurd that it's this hard to get these figures together. I'm grateful that Hasbro hasn't thrown in the towl with JOE yet, but gotta understand.
  5. Totally. I'm still going to buy it just because it looks better than the JvC Flint. This is probably our last shot at these guys. If they're 4" though, forget about it.
  6. Kewl. BTW what happened to JOEARMIES.com? I think that was Ras ONEs right? That sight rocked.
  7. Robot Rebellion Cobra Commander I'm starting to dislike it more as time passes but there's a little bug buzzing for me to acquire it. I had a chance when it was auctioned and blew it.
  8. I'll add my TROLL comment . FLINT MUST HAVE GLOVES!!!
  9. This IS probably my favorite peice you've done. Fantastic job!
  10. 100% It seems these figures don't have injection shoulder joints. Notice the tiny pin?
  11. A - List: 1. Snake Eyes 2. Roadblock 3. Duke 4. Storm Shadow 5. Trooper B - List 1. Gung Ho 2. Scarlett C - List 1. Destro 2. Cobra Commander 3. Baroness My 3 top favorites are Snakes, Roadblock, and Duke... but it's a tuff pull between GH and Scarlett. I absolutely love that Snake Eyes. I crossed my fingers it was going to be v1, and he came out swweeeeet. We already have a bangin' v2 from Wave 7. I'm happy. Roadblock is equally well done. I know not too many like Duke but I dig him. Perfect representation and I think they did a super job. He will replace the green "S6" version from Wave 7. I can't wait for Flint. If they foul him up, I will be really FURIOUS!! No joke.
  12. So far so good. Someone asked in an earlier thread why the need for the O-ring. One of my responses were for doing customs. I should have added though that yes while it is fun, most of us wouldn't have to bother if the figure was close to what most everyone wants and appreciates. Of course no figure will be perfect in everyone's eyes, but if a median was finally established in which most did appreciate the look, the figure wouldn't have to made in such a way that they could be disassembled. It would be great, but not absolute. Sure some hobby tweaks will continue but not on a proportion like before, me thinks. There's no need. Everyone know's I love the past 2 year's figures, but I must admit that THESE ARE the new sculpts! In fact, I and probably many were just buying PARTS to build the figures we wanted. Most of my figure collection (non army builders of course) isn't original. Just my opinion. We still gotta reserve judgement until we see some organic photos or better yet, on our desk next to the other dudes. Meanwhile...I'm feelin' them. They look hot!
  13. Buckwheat826


    Hooray for the Man of Action! I don't have any complaints about this one. He is virtually perfect. And for some reason, this particular figure sample satisfies the arguments I had with Stormie. There's no "weathered" look to it, and the gaps for articulation are not that visible. Perfect! The only thing that I could nickpick about is that face isn't exactly Duke like JayC mentioned. It's pretty close though. I will live with it, no question. Finally...this is the one!
  14. Well...... Maybe I'll come around. @firedevil@
  15. I have mixed feelings. They look definitely worth my dollar BUT these are my positions: 1. They look incredible. Excellent sculpting and detail. The costume designs are old school homeage as expected for a 25th Anniversary tribute. AND that is exactly what these are. They will look fantastic on the shelf! At least 2 sets here. 2. The articulation is tastefully done. The points aren't as obvious as I anticipated. Which is a very good thing. I agree, I'm not too thrilled with this either. These are the ML customs you guys have done in 3.75. While they are VERY impressive, it's just not for me. I still want the fine balance of awesome sculpts, some realistic detail without "weathering" (ie not too many colors, and bionic joints every where) while still looking like a mass produced action figure toy. These are ART. It's just too much. I'm sure a handful will find a slot in my main collection like Flint and hopefully Zartan, and Scarlett. If the line continued in this format, they would be really awesome for someone just starting out. I simply can't after investing so much thus far. As is, these are again probably the experimental sets for the newbs and really rich folk to start an entirely new collection. Hats off to the Hasbro team for these. I know you really put forth a lot of love into these guys. So far they look really impressive. I said it before and will say until my last days that purely NEW molds done for mid/late 2004-06 are the ticket. Torch rules! Yeah, these are touched. Look at the ROCC images on HTS.
  16. I agree. I doubt all of the original 13 will make the list.
  17. For me it's mainly poseability, the ability to customize, and their appearance. I dred they may not blend with the previous figures, but I don't think that will be the issue though. I'm assuming Hasbro has considered at least this.
  18. Carver, I think your direction was that the new sculpt fans want to progress in figure design, but I think there's definitely a standoff here. We, or maybe I, do want a sophisticated action figure but not too much that it's off the bounds of what the figures were typically. The changes you described with the ARAH figures were subtle. These sound quite different. A pretty big leap of change if you will, and as you know most people by nature fear change for various reasons. We must of course reserve judgement until we actually see them. I'm sure they will be awesome. Much care and preparation seems to have been vested in these. Cool post BTW. I agree. We are difficult to say the least. I started collecting in 2004, long after my youth years in '82-86, and have witnessed many a tug-o-war with these figures and taste preferences. I can't blame some arguments nonetheless. The t-crotch waves were total crap. I know some liked JvC but definitely not me. If I had the JOE bug back in 2002-03, there's NO WAY I'd collect them. I'm sure Hasbro has gotten to know this community pretty well as far moods go. They're probably well used to it. One thing I've noticed is that most will complain (myself included) before seeing product, and then come around after we see and get them in hand. I bashed the design for these so far but don't think I'll be dissapointed. We shall see.
  19. These are going to be released in waves of singles like before? I didn't know that. I thought they would all to be grouped together by year or one entire set. If they're singles, man it's gonna be a frenzy trying to get them all. BUT that's good for the army builders (Troopers and Officers) if they turn out nice. HTS?
  20. As for the O-ring...bummer, but if they're done right I guess I can deal as long as they aren't proprtioned like Star Wars figs. I assume it's cheaper not use the O-ring, given the materials, etc. I'm not a SW collector and have pretty much nil experience with those figures but have seen a few of them. Can you take them apart without breaking them? I couldn't agree more. The design base is what makes each toy line unique. Yes new sculpts differ from ARAH but have still have a very similar design structure (ie O-ring, screws, joint functions). Change that and it's a different toy. Barrage is the plateau they should ride. No further than that and no lower than Torch! I'm with you and want the same, but I'm sure Hasbro has very similar motives to that of S6. They just had the wrong product to please everyone. They want as many wallets in on this as possible, especially new collectors, because they know how biased we are. They have an opportunity to make a little from us to buy them as souvenirs if we find them to different from the previous line, whilst hopefully attracting many other newbs at the same time. If it sells REALLY well, it's a homerun. Otherwise, they at least tried and I'm sure that's the end of 3.75 PICS NOW!!! @loll@
  21. Is this rumor or real intel? If so, great news. If these figures are hot, my wallet is in big trouble for those Blueshirts.
  22. From previous rumors, I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't O-Ring. I am dissapointed if this is true but won't write them off until I see them. As for the articulation. Again, not too excited. Never was a fan of the swivel wrists and despise the moveable ankles, boots, etc. The Night Creeper was an exception. I think that figure is pretty awesome but wouldn't want to see all the characters in this way. I like the direction the figures have been heading since Valor Venom-DTC. If they just kept that platform and invested in new molds like Barrage, Cover Girl, Torch etc, I'd be very happy. I don't think we will see much more of them though.They have already released most of the characters from 2003 to date. Unfortunately the design base hasn't been consistant and there's no way they will re-release the muff ups. This set doubles as an experiement as well as a tribute to the 3.75 line and GIJOE, NOT intended to assimilate with the main run of previous figures. This is a different animal. Brilliant business strategy if you think about it. We get new product, and the others who don't collect will be tempted to buy. Once in retail stores like Target or Wally's, the customers who haven't thought about JOE since childhood will browse and pick it up for nostalgia sake, and a new crop of kids will be taken in. They (Hasbro) probably hope the revenue will be serve as capital to respark the line in this new form. If the set is received well by us all, they can continue with other characters in this new design platform. But knowing the old school collectors, I doubt they will want to again invest in an entirely new figure to collect in huge proportions, myself included. But if it works, they will have both the new and old collectors, as stated in their ad. Though I don't sound enthusastic...I AM! @firedevil@ I'm really curious what these guys look like. They would have to almost be poor quality that of the 2.5" S6 crap, for me not to buy at least one set.
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