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  1. 1. What prison was Cobra Commander freed from by Zartan, Baroness and the Dreadnoks? 2. How was the Python Patrol created? 3. What was the name of the town discovered by Clutch and Rock N Roll, that Zarana used as a front for Cobra refugees? 4. Shipwreck and Snake Eyes were helped by which singer in Enterprise city? 5. Dodger belongs to what special G.I.JOE team? 6. Roadblock’s aunt and uncle own the name of what restaurant chain? 7. Nicky Lee is the real name of which New York City JOE? 8. Candy’s father was the member of which Cobra faction? 9. Wild Bill flew which secret sniper to Cobra Island for a special mission? 10. The Baroness first met Destro in which country? 11. Which member became a Dreadnok first? Gnawgahyde or Torch? 12. Major Barrage and which Steel Brigade member, have rivaling personalities? 13. What member of the JOEs was an ex-Cobra Viper? 14. Baroness underwent plastic surgery by which doctor? 15. According to Hasbro, Venomous Maximus is the result of which JOE member’s DNA? Good luck!
  2. I know I'll be getting this one. But I'm more anxious for the unreleased Firefly. There were likely to be some "changes" to Wave 4, so I wonder if any "improvements" would be made to Firefly if it's ever released. I wish they would give us a release date for Wave 4.
  3. I'll admit it sucks, but I have to say that I'd probably buy both without a sweat too. If it's something I'm looking for... forget it. And it was only 2 packs. Had it been like 6, then that's a bit different. I were approached by a nice kid or something, I'd likely share. I ran into another "famous" collector in my area a couple of years back at TRU. The greenshirt 6 pack just dropped and he was nice enough to offer one of the few he had in his hand. That's good sportsmanship. Hmm... not even Khyron? Wow, 7 huh? I wouldn't mind having one. I'll take a number if you ever change your mind.
  4. All of that stuff is your's D? Man, you've got some killer stuff!
  5. Final thoughts (hopefully)... There have been few comments to compare the height/ scale to ARAH figure. Just to be clear, I personally was not using this example. Meaning, I only size up the 25th figures to previous "new sculpt" figures. The ARAH line is unique and I admit that mostly even the previous new sculpt figures are larger. So I was comparing the 25th to previous "new scuplt" figures. As for muscle tone, I agree. I noticed this at first glimpse. They are trimmer. Conversely, Buzzer's thighs are a bit heavy, but no biggie for me. Their overall slenderness isn't as big of an issue as the height/scale.
  6. The right thing to do is return it to them ASAP. Honesty is the best policy. @loll@ Great score!
  7. Hey, wasn't this thread for those who have issues with them. It's obvious most don't dislike this line right? @smilepunch@ Gil @firedevil@
  8. Maybe true about the "null and void" status if the future figures are redone slightly smaller. This leads to my next question. If Hasbro DID redo them all (first 3 waves included) but slightly smaller, would you (plural) forfeit what you've already bought and start over? If the 25th figures were smaller, I'd be all over them. Especially the Trooper. They look freaking magnificent, but they're just too big for me and I think to myself "what a waste." It's not just them "fitting" in the vehicles but take a glance at kingmoredred's signature. They're awesome pics and LJ looks pretty hot, but she's a bit gigantic on the hood. I compared my Trooper with a Stinger a few nights and found the same issue. Granted the Terrordrome and most other classic stuff isn't proportioned either but jeeps, bikes, and tanks are essential I think. The articulation issue is there, but not as bad as many may think. Over time, they do loosen. Take the Baroness. Out of the box she totally has hunch back. After a day of wobbling, her head does look up straight ahead. The same goes with Duke/ Flints' arms and legs. I'm not trying to blow the high for those loving them (godspeed), but I'm pretty disappointed with these because after all this time they finally shoot in the right direction and they're too big. An issue as simple as this could have been considered pre-production.
  9. O.K. I see some valid points on both ends, so I'm gonna take a crack at it.. First: As a VvV/DTC collector, I support Pit Viper's stance and agree wholly with what he's said. JvC sucked ass to me though. I'll also admit that some of the character representation was lost for a lofty percentage of the characters released. Hasbro obviously declined to invest on making more new molds, and the frankensteining just got ridiculously tired. BUT the sculpts, articulation, and scale were right on point to me. Especially towards the end. Had they continued and really stepped on the gas to integrate the classic look into them, they would have some really awesome figures. DTC was on the right track for "modern" renditions of the classic line, which I like AS WELL as the "classic" styles. This is why I suggest they do both themes! Second: I care because I'd like to own classic versions of my guys in an updated sculpt that are compatible with my other JOES. I agree that the figures haven't been consistent over the years and that is precisely the problem. Even if the construction and or sculpt is slightly different (i said "slightly" hasbro, so don't get any funny ideas!), they should at least be the same scale. That's paramount. I like these 25th guys, but if they dwarf my vehicles, and probably won't even be made long enough for us to get all of the first 4 years of characters, what's the point. I'm not rich enough to use them as wallpaper. I buy figures to play with. #US1#
  10. I'll tell you what they will do. They will redo all of those characters listed in the same construction style, but this time shrink them so there aren't like Zentraedi with vehicles. @smilepunch@ On the other hand, if they do come down in size, they'll probably reduce them too much knowing Hasbro. Construction issues aside, I don't see why they can't do 2 themes: - continue the 25th classic line and - a modern comic line They would be awesome!
  11. TM, you're not alone. I don't hate them but... pretty much sums it up for me too. Reinventing the wheel every 3 years or so, sucks. They are awesome looking figures though, just not for me. Too big. Still waiting for a new sculpt Bazooka that's not 4.5 "
  12. Sweet! JayC, Maybe suggest the unreleased Firefly too! I'd rather have that one than the 25th.
  13. I admit this does suck to a degree. But I'm grateful they will even be produced/ available. I'm not a member but hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on them.
  14. Crankcase for the AWE is definitely a nice touch. They didn't have to include him. Pretty cool. According to the article... he might not fit though. I'm gassed on DTC wave 4 availability too. I wonder if it will sell as a case or as singles. I want many Officers!
  15. @ohyeah@ Good god! Those look amazing. Flash looks awesome. They even used the old-skool Hasbro icon for his belt buckle. I can't wait. Doc, Snow Job, Destro!!! various packs for fodder, vehicles...the Red Ninja pack I'm buyin - (I'm so glad I waited.)! The Trooper pack looks siiiick! Camo'd. Thanks Hasbro! Thanks JayC Thanks to everyone else throwin' up pics. #US1# It's unfortunately like Hasbro has a vaccum cleaner pipe to my wallet.
  16. I just noticed the height detail. If they are revamping Duke and others, WHY 4.0"? It should be 3.75" fellas. 4 inches towers the older vehicles and figs. Edit: Now that I think about this more, I suspect that they aren't revising the existing figures (Duke/CC). Those boards are up as models of discussion for completely new JOES in the future. Hmmm.
  17. If they are actually doing polls and considering pre-design input from us....I can't believe it. Congratulations. This should have been done years ago. Thank you Hasbro! Thank you. You are on the right path! Snow Job looks bellissimo.
  18. I only have 3 Targets in the immediate area that serve San Francisco and surrounding burbs within 15 miles. ALL are madhouses. I don't expect to find anything because they are so busy. There are always people in the toy isles and it looks like Katrina swept through a few times to boot. If I wish to waste more gas and head further out to K-Mart, TRU and the nicer Target in Foster City, my chances are a little better. I scored the only JOE 5 pack they had at K-Mart in Redwood city. AND by sheer miracle I found Flint at the Target. It wasn't even in the proper peg. I found it as I was sadly exiting in another isle! Wallys isn't really an option for me. It's on the other side of the bridge, and I'm not big on supporting them. I've only ordered 2 figs loose (Destro and Storm Shadow v1) online and will continue to resist. I hear ya man! I can't say that the lack of availability is solely due to the scalper element, but lack of product at retail sucks anyway you shoot it. I'll crease any card of figure I leave. @firedevil@
  19. Cobra Command, Have a great one! Let's see some more customs.
  20. (Official) - Happy Birthday! #US1#
  21. I can't make a solid judgement of opinion cuz they aren't out yet!!! @grumpy@ However I am pretty skeptic, and the figure(s) I'm mostly looking forward to is Flint and Scarlett. The rest I won't break water for. I was completely satisfied with the last VvV/ DTC sculpts like Torch. (I've said this too many times over). Slit forearms, chopped torsos, diaper waists, double jointed knee caps, bolted ankles, cartoon faces, skinny frames, and jigsaw-like asthetics from most views except the anterior, are not my cup of JOE for 3.75 action figures. Most may argure that the VvV Joes are misproportioned, but I like them best and think they look the most realistic. I will still buy 2 of these 5 packs and if they live up to all the fluff, well..
  22. I'm not...because they STILL aren't out yet! @loll@ I'll prob pick up a couple of each.
  23. Yeah, a few of those spots could have been for much better choices. Bring on ZARTAN BUZZER FIREFLY LJ BEACH HEAD STALKER HECTOR and Polly
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