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  1. Thanks! The Narnia castle works really well with them, and they are fantastic figures!
  2. Some pictures up of the figures with the Telmarine Castle from the Narnia line. It's pretty awesome for a backdrop! There are more pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31045631@N00/
  3. Really love the 3.75'' line. The 6'' line still hasn't really gotten here. I have a Gandalf on order. Some pics with the Schleich Oracle:
  4. This is the deluxe edition. Not sure what the difference between the Captain's and Ship's edition is though... although this says the tokens are metal...
  5. I should say I found these at Wal-Mart. They had a BIG display of them. About 15 pegs of the 3.75'' figures and 6 pegs or so of the 6'' line (which I was SO tempted to get but I need to limit my spending) and then a few facings of the Enterprise. I'm guessing they're still waiting for the roleplay and Bridge and Transporter to arrive. It was so nice to see such a big presence for them. If you're picky about paint slop you might want to do some digging though as some of them are better than others.
  6. Okay... this is one cool ship. Now not everything's PERFECT for a collector. If you go in realizing that it's a toy first and don't try comparing it to DST's stuff I think most will be happy. The bad news first: There's no alternate battery cover so you can fly a ship around without a big hole in the bottom. And the hole is quite large in proportion to the toy. The paint apps are fairly limited (probably what you expected) but on mine they were very neat and well done. However, there is a TON of legal copy on this toy. More then I've ever seen on a toy EVER. It's on the main hull as well as all around the light on the bottom surrounding the central light in a circle. You have an on and off switch on the bottom too. So how much this stuff annoys you will probably color your view of it. I think there's definitely room for DST to produce something more collector-friendly some day. But for right now... It's really cool. This ship is so much fun. I like the dialogue, actually. Its clear and well done and the voices are recognizable. The lights are amazingly bright and cool. The strobing red-alert lights in particular is neat. I think this is a ton of fun. I hope tons of kids buy this thing. I can't wait for the Narada to come out to do battle with it. Also, the size is nice and seems comparable to the DST Enterprises. Eyeballing it I'd say it's 7.5'' x 13.5'' or so. Thar be mouseprint legalise here cap'n! Who needs a night club?
  7. Thought it might be nice to have a thread for everyone to share they're thoughts. I'll start the ball rolling.... Okay, I officially love the 3.75'' figures. They are SO much fun. And you really get a lot of value with all the accessories. I'm amazed at how much articulation these guys have and how well they are worked into the figure. The one iffy part are the hip articulation. They do look a little weird because they have to fall below the longer shirt which makes the figures look fine while standing but when they're sitting the torso looks weirdly extended. But that's just a compromise you'd have to make in order for the uniforms to look accurate. I am a little sad there's no way Uhura is ever sitting down but they did try to make the skirt of soft matterial. So she could kind of lean. Her legs are well articulated. But anyway... They're so much fun! They are VERY poseable. I love how they painted the communicator onto the utility belt. I actually thought it might be removable at first. LOL. I also think they did a GREAT job of the likenesses. Especially for this scale. It's funny how much they managed to catch the actors. The only one that's semi-iffy to me is the Captain Kirk but even that's not bad. There are ton of interesting little touches - the gray in Captain Pike's hair and Uhura's nail polish. The detailing is very nice too - the pants and boots look especially nice. As far as accessories, they all get a phaser and holster except Nero who gets his staff and disruptor. Only poor Spock is left with just his alternate hand. I can understand him not having much in the way of accessories, I guess. The bonus bridge/transporter pieces are cool. I find the transporter pieces a wee bit funny as they really look like something that should be included in the Transporter toy box! But oh well. The Bridge will be fun to collect and put together. We've got a ways to go though since we only get 7 pieces with this wave! I guess is Wave 2 is 10 figures we'll be nearly there. I do see the Bridge being hard to maintain though. Kids are going to be knocking these stations over like crazy during play. I do wish the pieces that formed 1 section A.) snapped together like the Transporter pieces and B.) had stickers that lined up better at the edge. All in all though, I'm really liking this line. I'm sorely tempted by the 6'' line now... but I really do have to limit myself. I have more pics and discuss the Enterprise in the Enterprise pic thread btw. The poses you can put them are great. Love they come with stands. I actually was annoyed by the tab on the back as they didn't sit flat... until I realized the tab was removable! Spock ready for action! Chekov, Scotty and Pike are some of my favorite likenesses in the line. The troika A crossover with some of my old (and rather battered) childhood friends
  8. Yeah, this has been on the official playmates site Startrek.playmatestoys.com for a few days now. It's a fun commercial, although it makes the Bridge look like it has walls. Or lights. Or sounds. The transporter does look neat. I liked the TNG Transporter as a kid but this certainly has more playability to it while still incorporating the same effect.
  9. Wow, these always look cool. But I'm in the same boat. I haven't seen ANY waves on the shelves here since Wave 1 about half a year ago. As a casual buyer, I don't want to buy over the net and only want a few characters here and there. We have a TRU, Target, 3 Wal-Marts and 2 Meijers and none of the latter waves have ever made it here. I just don't understand it.
  10. I look at those who believe in supreme being like those who believe in the tooth fairy. When they are young, they don't know any better because that's what their parents told them. However, if I met an adult who believed in the tooth fairy I'd feel mildly embarrassed for them. But, if that belief in the tooth fairy led to the stunting of life saving advances in medicine out of ignorance (stem cell research,) the death by cancer of women (the stopping of the spread of the HPV vaccine,) the systematic repression of a minority (homosexuals are only the latest in a long line,) the degradation of females (Christianity more in the past, and Islam very much in the present,) and the loss of countless lives (in far too many situations to list, sadly) then I'd have a problem with it. Just as I do with the belief in God. I understand that for some it's a cherished belief. Well people sure used to love having slaves too (oh, and God was fine with that one by the way.) If the belief in god/allah/higher power of choice was something that was only personal then that would be one thing. But it's not because right now it's a force for evil in the world. Anyway, about the actual toys. I think it's kind of nice that they include them for authenticities sake.
  11. I saw them today at the local TRU. They look to be about 3 1/2 - 4'' scale. The figures look really good for the scale. Overall, their likenesses are pretty decent. You can tell who is supposed to be who. They're not perfect by any means, but really good for this scale. The paint apps on most of the figures were quite good, though some were better than others so you might want to find the best version of each character. At $5.99/figure and $9.99/battle bear they're pretty reasonably priced too. I got: Serafina - This is a neat figure. They integrate real cloth elements very well into the figure, and she can hold her bow and arrow well. The only bad part is that her hair restricts her head movement to prevent a really great arrow-shooting pose. Unlike the other figures, she has a hard time standing up on her own. Ms. Coulter - It's a Nicole Kidman action figure! She looks a good amount like her. The outfit isn't the most glamorous (everyone seems ready for the winter cold in this set) but it looks good. However, her leg articulation is very limited by her dress. She comes with her Daemon, who, like all the daemon's, have the added touch of paint apps which is appreciated. Lyra - Lyra is a good figure. She's well articulated, and her outfit allows good leg movement. She has interchangeable hands (which you don't see in the store as they are hidden in the packaging) so that she can have mittened hands or regular hands. This is handy so you can have her TINY little alethiometer. I may glue this to one of the hands, as I lost it when the figure fell over 1 minute after putting her up. Iorek - A polar bear in battle armor! This is a very cool figure. He comes with a removeable helmet and a stand so you can pose him half standing up. The problem is he has some sort of action feature. it's not really explained on the box, but I'm guessing you move the arms and he's supposed to swipe at enemies with his paws. But, it's articulated in such a way that you'll never be able to get him in a "walking" on all fours stance, which is a bit unfortunate. There were quite a few other characters available, though their weren't a ton at TRU of the figures in general. I think they may have gotten 1 or 2 cases tops. There were characters I'll probably pass on like John Faa. However, there were no Scoresby's or Lord Asriels which I really want. I may get Scoresby with his airship (he come included) because the ship looks very cool. Edited to add pics and say: Hmmm... maybe Asriel and Scoresby aren't shipping yet. They had an endcap of toys (and my TRU never gets anything new first) so I'm betting they might have put them out early. It looked like they only had one case-worth of figures on display. There were 2XLyras 2XCoulters 1XSerafina, 1xTony Costa, 1X John Faa and 1xTartar Guard. So that might be a case there. According to the package there are two Tartar Guards - there's a variant. I can't tell the difference from the back of the box. There were about 8 or so of Scorseby's ship, and a whole shelf of Ioreks and Ragnars. Anyway, here are some pics. Here's a group shot that highlights Ms. Coulter. The smaller scale is nice because it really let's Iorek be huge. Here's Lyra. Unfortunately she probably has the most grievous paint error of the bunch. It's around her hairline. I tried to fix it a bit, but I'm not very good at that sort of thing. THis was the best of the two TRU had, but I'll probably see If I can find another. This shows her normal hand with the Alethiometer (which I glued in place because I lost it three times in one night. It's like half the size of an M&M.) I really like Sarafina. I think the likeness turned out well, the paint is great (love the green on the bow) and her robes look great. Here's Iorek and Lyra. You can actually get Iorek down quite a bit to almost four legged position. His neck is hinged to adjust to both positions. He also has a hinged jaw, which is cool. The right paw on mine has a tendency to pop off. Unlike the other figures, Lyra's legs are articulated to go to the side as well us forward and back. Which makes me think it's so she can sort of ride Iorek... but it doesn't work that well for display. But it'd be enough for kids.
  12. Some of these questions are hilarious. Could you tell us why you suck? Could you tell us why your products are crap? Etc. ANYWAY... my questions... 1. I just wondered why the Invisible Woman's hand is permanently sculpted upward. It seems there are other ways the force bubble could have been attached that wouldn't have resulted in the figure looking a bit odd without her accesory. It's literally the only thing I dislike about the figure, as I think the likeness is good and really like the color change feature. 2. Along with that... is there a possibility for waves beyond number 3? Maybe with an IW that doesn't have her hand like that forever? 3. Is there a possibility of any playsets with this line, like the Baxter Building, or is that pretty much a pipe dream as no one seems to do playsets very much and this line seems pretty small-scale?
  13. There's a rough idea of what the TARDIS playset will look like here: http://www.whoblackpool.com/acatalog/Dr_Who.html They seem to be pretty articulated - with neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee joints on most of the figures.
  14. Yeah, forbidden planet will. I pre-ordered all the figures and the TARDIS playset from them. Be careful of exchange rates and shipping though! Also, it's a good bet that a place like www.whona.com will carry them eventually. They're a great source for Who stuff in the states.
  15. http://www.forbiddenplanet.co.uk is taking pre-orders for a range of Doctor Who figures. They'll include the 10th Doctor, Rose w/K9, Sycorax, Slitheen, Moxx of Balhoon, Cassandra, RC K9, RC Dalek, and a huge TARDIS consoler room playset! I'm really excited and have already pre-ordered mine. You can find pics of the new toys here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/doctorwho/598065.html
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