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    New Batsuit!

    Hi Azrael, a bit off topic here, but can you tell me which Star Wars Dark Horse title and issue that image in your signature is from? Thanks!
  2. Batman looks like he's wearing the Batmobile from the 1960s Batman TV series. Looks pretty cool. Alex Ross is a big fan of Adam West and Burt Ward.
  3. Reviewed here. Don't fancy it as much as the comic 13" figure. Hi Shaun, enjoyed your review, but from the pics I've seen, I rather like the sculpt and definitely see a resemblance to Brandon Routh. I've ordered one but I'm still waiting. From the pics, I like the DC Direct version better than the RAH or Hot Toys versions as I prefer the beefier body on Supes. We'll see!
  4. So what are the opinions on the Superman Returns 13-Inch Figure? How does it compare, based on the pics, to the Deluxe Superman? Does anyone know if it uses the same body? The costume's colors appear a lot more muted, but overall, I do like it a lot. I was never crazy about the huge S on the Deluxe figure but I do like the vibrant color of that suit. Is anyone excited about the Movie figure?
  5. The source material might be classic, but the Batman sculpt doesn't translate at all -- it's Homer Simpson wearing a cowl for crying out loud! And the trunks do look pretty lame in my humble opinion.
  6. But they just released the 12" Fantastic Four movie version of Dr. Doom, or was that not an official Marvel Studios figure?
  7. But they just released the 12" Fantastic Four movie version of Dr. Doom, or was that not an official Marvel Studios figure?
  8. Does anyone know if Marvel Studios will ever release more of its 12-inch line? They had announced that a 12-inch Ultimate Captain America would be coming out, but as far as I know, it never has. Has this line been officially shelved?
  9. Here are a couple of very negative review of the Batman Begins figure -- from Michael Crawford: http://www.mwctoys.com/REVIEW_061305a.htm and from another collectors site: http://www.superherotimes.com/forums/showt...hread.php?t=867 I was pretty excited about both the Batman and Superman figures, but I don't know at this point. I won't get the Batman and this Superman looks too intense and a bit old in the face and I'm not crazy about the giant S-shield. I think I might rather hold out for a possible Superman Returns 12-inch movie version, although it might have to be a Medicom version -- check out their Batman Begins figure: http://www.superherotimes.com/newsarchive/000629.php
  10. I always thought it was the lightening that Mace reflected back at him the caused the change. I guess it was advantagous in the long run... It was. I noticed with that,it kinda reminded me of ROTJ. Except Palpatine was in Luke's place. That's always been the big question which I've debated endlessly with friends: Was Palpatine getting his butt handed to him by Mace, who had no problem deflecting the force lightning with his light saber, or was Palpatine simply pretending to be weaker than he actually was to win over Anakin? I was always of the opinion that Palpatine, had he really wanted, could have easily beaten Mace but chose not to in order to get Anakin involved. But if that were the case, why choose to disfigure himself? Or, as I have read elsewhere, did the great use of the force simply show Palpatine how he truly was? Was the "normal" appearance of Palpatine just an illusion to hide his real, hiddeous appearance? I hear channeling the Dark Force in great quantities wrinkles your skin, blackens finger nails and makes your eyes glow yellow. "There is no civility, only politics." -- Senator Palpatine
  11. I enjoyed seeing Vader's back story. I think Episode III did a lot more to tell the story than Episodes I and II, which in the end didn't really say a lot. I've heard a lot of people say that Anakin killing the young Jedi kids was too extreme. I thought it was in character. He crossed a line, and when you cross that line, you don't care anymore. In Episode 1V, Vader oversees the destruction of an entire planet -- Alderaan. But no one even batted an eye at that because we didn't see billions of people get engulfed in flame and die a horrible death as the planet cracked and exploded. For Vader, that was just something that needed to be done. And in Episode III, so was wiping out the jedi -- all of them. The one thing that left me puzzled about Episode III was Palpatine's battle with Mace Windu, and why Palpatine chose to electrocute and disfigure himself. I guess it was to convince Anakin to do something, but it would have been better, IMO, if Anakin had simply offed Windu in order to defend Palpatine and have Palpatine disfigured by Yoda in their final battle.
  12. Does anyone know if Majestic has the license for 12-inch figures based on the new Galactica series? Or if Joyride will produce ships based on the new show? I've been scanning the Net for news but have not found anything. Any info would be much appreciated.
  13. I think the Star Trek universe is rich enough and big enough to explore non-Star Fleet stories, and that doesn't necessarily mean you're copying Star Wars, it simply means switching the point of view of the spefic story -- tell the story of a Klingon ship and its crew, or a science team working on the far reaches of the galaxy, or a Star Fleet military unit, or civilian stories based in San Francisco or other Earth cities set in that era. I think it would be great to see other aspects of the Star Trek world. Who says it can only be seen from the bridge of a ship called Enterprise?
  14. What I think was missing from Trek since the end of TOS was good stuntmen who knew how to fight. Action, brawls, that great battle music that always accompanied Kirk while he was duking it out with some Klingon or alien gladiator . . . All that was missing from TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. The guys who staged those fights on TOS were old pros, veterans of the old westerns from the 50s and 60s. They knew how to throw a punch and take a fall. You just don't see that juvenile fun anymore. And yes, it was juvenile fun and maybe not what Gene Roddenberry would have wanted (with all due respect, I think Gene's true view of the future was a tad too civilized) but TOS was what it was, a Wagon Trail in space, and what's a western without a few saloon brawls? Not to mention the sexiness of the old series, which also got sterilized in the later versions.
  15. I don't think Luke and Leia are 35 years old in A New Hope? @hmmm@ At the most...I think it's 20 years maybe? I'm not up on the exact time frames, but I'm pretty sure it's not 35 years. Anakin looks like he's 60 at the end of ROTJ, but with Lucas having him still SO YOUNG in ROTS, he would only be about 20-something when Luke and Leia are born? I think the timeframe issue is all screwed up on this. Lucas should of had Anakin MUCH older, and portrayed by a much more sophisticated actor, equal to that of McGregor at least. Bratty teen driven by hate, jealousy and anger was the wrong approach for Lucas to take in showing Anakins turn to the darkside. A strong, hulking man, with Jedi power and an exceptional grasp of "the force" getting a little to power hungry and aggressive with it, while being influenced falsely, by Palpatine, to act in certain ways...would have been more believable...for me! I agree somewhat but think Christensen was OK as was the premise that Palpatine seduced a "younger" Jedi. I think that Lucas should have used Christensen in all three movies and instead of finding Anakin when he was 10, they could have found him when he was around 15-16. In Ep. II he would have been 26 and in Ep III close to 30. I'm sure Christensen could have played a bit older, as McGregor played an older Obi-Wan in III. One aspect they also could have emphasized is the psychological toll the War had on Anakin, perhaps making him more prone to violence. Also, the fact that he would not have had enough time to fully train mentally as a Jedi also would have made him more vulnerable to Palpatine's machinations. I think such a take would have been stronger overall and more convincing and having one actor throughout as Anakin would have made the trilogy stronger -- like having Mark Hamill in the role of Luke in all three films and seeing him grow and age. In Ep IV we can assume Luke and Leia are in their early 20s, and, considering Alec Guiness' age in IV, Obi-Wan must have been close to 40 in Ep III.
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