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  1. Having a Zords Liger that Transforms into either a car or Robot would be super cool. Takara+Hasbro could call it "Ligertron."
  2. A animal-lion or wild cat that transforms into a alternator car would be a super/fantastic idea. Instead of a robot mode it transforms into a animal mode. Similar to the 4 Beastmachine Mutants & BM Savage-Noble/Beast changer. FIRST OFF: This will look like a metal lion & not a organic lion. the lion mode might look like a Transmetal 1 TF toy or maybe a Trans-tech lion. Somwhere along the lines of TFCR Gigatron & BW2ND Galvatron. EXAMPLE: A Cadillac car that transforms into a lion or panther or tiger or other wild cat. The Cadillac car would transforms into a lion as follows: (1)lift up the cadillac hood & on top is a car engine. the underneath of the car engine would be a lions head. half would be the engine,the other half would be the lion head. (2)the hood could either transform into the lion mane or just split in half towards the sides.(3) the 2 cadillac car fenders would transform into the 2 front lion feet/legs. the front car wheels could form the lions claws. either that or the front bumper could split in half to form the 2 lions claws.(4) the back/middle half of the cadillac car could rotate all around on a 180 degree.to reveal metal lion back deatils.(5) the back sides of the cadillac car or seats could form the lions back feet/legs.(6) the back tires or back bumper could form the lions claws.(7) the 2 car tail pipes or muffler could combine & form a huge lion tail. I know everyone's gonna say this idea sucks & makes no sense. You know you'd buy the Lion Alternator/BT car by the dozen if Hasbro+Takara made such a toy. From a design stand point it seems like a cool,unique & different idea compared to the 15+ generic Alernator/BT car we've got thus far. From a story point of view the Animal/lion car alernator could goes as follows: racing the streets & chasing enemies. when the guy needs to climb mountains or hunt through rough forest/rocky/ water terrains it transforms into lion animal mode. the lion car alternator could be a autobot or decepticon. I guess you could have flying eagle/bird alertnator cars too. I'd prefer a wild cat or bear of sorts. The 2nd variation/re-tool could have a different animal head than the lion. like another wild cat head. the claws can be different. the wheels can be different. there couuld be a car wing that transforms into a wild cat animal part. there could be different tail pipes/mufflers too. give the toy a different color,different liscense plate. lastly different faction allegiance symbol. I'd like to see the following transformers names used on this lion or wild cat/animal car alternator/BT toy: Razorclaw,Leobreaker,Tigertron,Ravage,Steeljaw,Victoryleo,etc... I'd like the first version to be a white or black lion that transforms into a Cadillac car. the second version could be another wild cat like a tiger,panther,lynx,etc.. If the first version is white then color the 2nd version black or vice versa. If the 2nd version is a panther perhaps dark charcoal grey colors. Will you buy this toy is Hasbro+Takara Make & Release it in world wide stores & chains??
  3. Geez,This just has to be the lowest anyone can go/sink. How can anyone go to SDCC get a freebie & then turn around & scalp it on the EBAY/secondary market???? This is just another fine example of a Scalper scum bag at it's best. Geez,One guy one ebay has 10+ SDCC Skywarp auctions. another scalper has 3 & so forth. What makes matters worse is as follows: There were limited supplies of SDCC Skywarp given away for free by Hasbro to the SDCC Attendees. Geez take only 1 & leave the rest for the other paying SDCC attendees. Taking 10+ free SDCC Skywarps means that the limited supply ran out quicker. Those who went to SDCC the last few days got no SDCC Skywarp because of the greedy scalpers who took 10+ instead of only 1. I do realize some might actually like/prefer this scalper surface. If the scalpers really want the non-TF fan attendees to get SDCC Skywarp. the proper thing is to give the free item away for FREE. NOT to charge for it. Geez,Don't these scalpers have jobs?? or any dignity/self respect. I wonder how Hasbro reacts/responds to this sort of thing. Hasbro does read the internet & ebay. It's one thing to scalp a toy that was paid for but to scalp a freebie is just horrid/crossing the line. Geez,I wonder how the late SDCC attendees react to not getting a SKywarp because some greedy jerk. needed to grab 10+ to scalp them on Ebay/secondary market. At any rate Someone should make Hasbro aware of the Scalper SDCC Ebay auctions. So Hasbro can shut them down. Similar to how Hasbro shut down those stolen proto types auction a few weeks/months ago
  4. Sadly TaKARA has yet to release art sketches or proto types of the last 4th quarter Galaxy Force TF toys. "SPECULATION ON PRIMUS GALAXY FORCE TOY" We still have yet to see any Primus Galaxy Force TF art sketches,proto types or test shots. My guess is as follows for GF Primus toy. Primus "MIGHT" use the BWNEO Unicron toy mold. with a few re-tooled parts ofcause. perhaps a re-sculpted robot head to look like rodimus prime. Simon Furman's Ultimate TF guide book gave Primus the BWNEO unicron mold with a rodimus prime head. "SPECULATION ON GALAXY FORCE GIANT PLANET TOYS" According to a few internet TF fans here's the following names: Giant planet has 3 Transformers/names which are: (1) MegaloConvoy/US Name Metroplex. (2)Onslaught (3)Menasar. "SPECULATION ON WHY GALAXY FORCE PRIME & MEGATRON HAVE VARIOUS COMBINER PLUG IN PORTS" I highly doubt Takara/Hasbro Designed these plug in combiner ports,then got bored with them & AXED the idea. LigerJack can't be the only TF toy that plugs into those combiner ports on Megatron & Prime. If that's the case,damn that's kinda lame-o & a waste of sorts. I noticed that Sonic Bomber can hook up to Prime back connector port. I have GF Megatron & I think Megatron has a back connector port too. How about the fact that GF prime has those leg connector ports for his trailer to make his super mode. Why exactly was GF Master Megatron's toy given those super huge clown like flat feet??? Were those big feet made for combiner limb connector purposes???? I really think "Planet Giant's" 3 Transformer toys & Primus will become combiner limbs arms+legs+back packs for both Megatron & Prime. I really hope this is the case. I'd hate to see only LigerJack used as a arm limb for prime or megatron. If that's the case you'd have to buy 2 or 4 Ligerjack toys for megatron & prime to have a complete set/pair of arms. HA,If that's the case recolor ligerjack another color. similar to the SL/Energon Combiner 5-in-1 basic combiner limbs. Each energon 5-in-1 combiner basic got 2 colors because of lacks of new molds on Hasbro's/Takara's new mold spending budget. I guessed the following info based on the following: (1) In Armada,Optimus Prime Combined with Jetfire & Overload. Three transformers merged to form 1 gigantic TF toy. (2)Armada Megatron had a weird merge combination with Tidalwave. (3)In Energon Optimus Prime Combined with various Energon toys in different ways. like The deluxe Prime combined with deluxe rodimus. $40 Prime Combined with Wingsabre. $40 Prime combined with Omega Supreme. (3) as you can see above we've got the TF leaders combining with Mega,Ultra & Supreme sized toys. Rumor has it Galaxy force Primus's toy is a Omega Sized toy. Rumor has it that the 3 toys on "Giant planet are as follows: MegaloConvoy/metroplex is a super sized toy. While it's not clear what size levels Menasar & onslaught are. I'd guess & say there POSSIBLY Mega or ultra sized toys. WHAT about Soundwave the art sketches didn't reveal much info on the actual toy. will Galaxy Force Soundwave be able merge with prime or megatron in any way. whether that be a limb or something else. What do you guys think??? Am I just getting carried away or acting crazy. Or do some of my "SPECULATIONS/IDEAS" Make sense????
  5. Does anyone know why Transformer Korean TF toys are so cheap on the Secondary market/Ebay/fan conventions?? Compared to the USA,Japan & UK Transformers. Before anyone says that's because the seller is from Korea/Hong Kong. I'm talking about USA based sellers selling Korean/Hong Kong TF Takara liscensed toys from USA addresses. I also talking about the USA Based Ebay sellers selling Japanese,UK & USA Transformers from USA American based addresses. I gather the Korean Transformer toys are Liscensed & made by Takara. I'm talking about the Real liscensed Takara TF Korean/hong kong Versions. I'm not talking about all the KO/Bootlegs & Fake TF toys on those super cheap huge card boad boxes/blister cards. Does anyone have a clue why the 1997-2004 real Liscensed. TF/BW Takara patent Korean/Hong Kong TF toys never went up in value. why are these toys still selling at regular non-scalper/secondary prices??? While the 1997-2004 Hasbro USA & UK & the 1997-2004 Japan Takara TF toys have doubled+trippled in price. Is there something wrong with those Korean Takara liscensed TF toys from 1997-2004. are the toys missing toy catalogs or instructions or weapons???? IMO,It appears there's nothing wrong/missing with Korean/Hong Kong Takara Liscensed TF toys from 1997-2004. About the only instance I've heard of is as follows: The Korean/Hong Kong BW2ND God Neptune was missing his combiner accessories. It just strikes me as odd why a Korean/Hong Kong Takara Liscensed Gigastorm/trypticon is selling for only $40 on the secondary market ebay. while the Takara Japanese BW2ND Gigastorm is selling for $100+ on ebay.
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