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  1. As long as they stick to the formula that made the turtles great, the movie should be good. I personally loved the fox kids version, wow what a story. The CGI movie version kind of flew under the publics' radar and it was outstanding, the CGI was before its time. Seeing it by todays' standards, it still looks great. As long as they stay away from the inappropriate humor, the movie should do well in my opinion.
  2. Haha, too funny! Neelix is the Jar Jar Binks of StarTrek! Voyager was horrible, borderline pathetic. How I would love to watch a great StarTrek show again. I purchased CBS all access with the intention of watching Picard, Discovery, Big bang theory. To my surprise Big bang was not there, Picard fell flat, and you know how I feel about Discovery. I cancelled the service not even a month in.
  3. This franchise needs someone in charge that has a love and knowledge of StarTrek, similar to Kevin Fiege in the MCU and the opposite of what Kathleen Kennedy has done for Star Wars.
  4. I have to agree with Atlantis, TNG was great along side with DS9. Voyager and Enterprise are not even worth mentioning, my problem with the CBS all access revival of this franchise is they are focusing on all the wrong things! They are not following the template left by Roddenberry, these new shows are all about gimmicks and effects with complete disregard for story telling which is the core of StarTrek. Voyager Discovery...... excuse me Star Trek Discovery is the equivalent of eating a meal with no seasoning, bland and boring. I really tried to enjoy Picard, but when you remove the gimmicks of cameo appearances from the TNG crew and of course 7 of 9, this show fell short of its mark for me. I was uninterested by the final two part finale and could care less to watch season 2.
  5. Where did you get the props, like the arcade game and Coke machine? They look great! The GI Joe figures look awesome, I really hope this line does well.
  6. I hope this line does well, I'm a big MOTU fan. I own the original set, 200X, and classics line. Not sure if I have reached my max on MOTU but these figures are not impressive to me. They look very 80's, while that formula worked for that time frame I'm not sure how they will stand up in a 2020 market. I hope Mattel is successful and I'm looking forward to the Netflix cartoon.
  7. Thanks at Neocryptica, now that 3D printers are affordable my inner wanna-be sculptor wants to come out. What program do you use to scan models incase you want to modify a piece?
  8. While Obi Wan might be one of the best Jedis that we have seen with an excellent portrayal by Ewan McGregor, I am interested and concerned for this new show. With the exception of Mandalorian, the show that people wait for on a weekly basis similar to Game Of Thrones! Disney has shown me that they do not respect the intelligence nor the time that we fans take to watch these new properties. Parts seven through nine were lackluster to say the least. We know Obi Wan's story from beginning to end, how is a new show based on a man living on a dessert planet going to be interesting? I hope they can pull this off, Disney might be making money off this franchise but they need to start respecting their cliental, or they might have the next Transformer movie franchise on their hands.
  9. The last two films were entertaining to say the least, I believe they can pull it off. They just need to learn from their mistakes, hasbro also needs to step it up with their details for their figures. There is NO REASON why Hasbro can't bring us McFarlane style detailed G.I.Joe 6 inch figures for the same price of the StarWars black series. Get in the game Hasbro, lets look alive!
  10. Hello everyone, just wondering if anybody is into 3D printing. I love collecting and sometimes alter my figures but unfortunately I'm not very talented. Wondering if anybody out there does their own stuff and how did it go for them. Along with what printer they find to be worth it, I've been looking into the TEVO tornado it looks affordable and has good prints for a private collection.
  11. Let me start off by saying I love all of Fansprojects toys thus far! I dont want anyone to get the wrong idea by my post but i will not be purchasing Any of the retro figures. The picture that i have seen so far looks like a huge Downgrade from the products we have seen in the past. Maybe with more pictures I might change my mind, time will tell. What do you guys think? These toys look like the quality Of the transformers when they started failing as a brand and got cancelled.
  12. The best part of Ironman 3 was the superman preview at the beginning!!
  13. This movie was complete trash, if Avengers 2 is going to be anything like that, please marvel stop making movies! One should not ask so many questions after seeing a movie. Why did the mark 42 armor seem to break apart into 52 pieces almost in every scene? Then to top it off was always out of power? Tony challenges the most wanted criminal in the world, and his armor that has not even been tested yet? Really? When they come and attack the house in helicopters this is when Tony finds out that the weapons system does not work? The iron patriots software now apparently runs on AIM software, so why could AIM not open the armor? Why did the main bad guy have to heat up his abdomen like he was about to cook a barbecue? I'm not even going to get into the Mandarin story that was just a colossal cluster #$##! And the Final when there was 50 armors flying around it was almost like Michael Bay directed this movie! Right when I was looking at my watch saying, how long is this movie? The 50 Armors started flying around and I said to myself the only way this can get any worse is if Tony starts jumping from Armor to armor. People say that it's just a movie, however Marvel needs to respect the fact that people that watch this movies are smart educated people from all over the world and do not just like seeing explosions, after all this is not Transformers! Sorry for the poor spelling, I'm using Siri to dictate my response. Oh and my last question, why did Jarvis fly tony to tenessee, knowing that he would run out of power, shouldn't a AI like Jarvis have the brain power that the writers of this movie lacked and fly tony to one of his many residents around the world, like the New York skyscraper from avengers and pick up a new armor? One that wouldn't run out of power multiple times throughout the movie.
  14. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anybody has been ordering the voltron set from MattyCollector? I must say that these toys have been a huge expensive disappointment for me. Other then the gimic of being able to place the pilots inside the individual Lions, these toys are big hunks of plastic with minimal detail. I was really expecting the four horsemen to step up to the plate with this project, but it looks like they dropped the ball. There is no shadowing detail with black paint, no silver parts for the legs, every square inch of the lions looks like cheap plastic! Please don't mention cost, with shipping these lions are costing close to $75.00 a pop. For that price, these things should be extremely high detailed with Led Lights and compare/rival the pics I posted. Please let me know if I am the only one that feels this way.
  15. Hi everyone, I want everyone to know that I am a huge Transformer fan like everyone here. I wanted a few opinions, I just read the set of Transformers comics from the 80's and was very surprised. I had always heard the comics were well done and the continuity of the comics is the true continuity compared to show. However I was disappointed reading the entire series. I found it to be boring and not much character development as I thought I was going to find. Keep in mind I read them with an open mind knowing they were written in the 80's and that it has been 30 years. But Megatron never got a time to shine as the bad ass leader that he was in the cartoons, it was mostly about shockwave and Optimus being cut into pieces while being displayed as a head in countless issues. I read the GI Joe story from the 80's and enjoyed it alot more then transformers. Can you guys let me know what you enjoyed from the Transformers comics so I can re-read them with a different mentality, because right now I just don't see it.
  16. First things first, Happy Holidays everyone! I wanted to start this post with something positive and to let everyone know that I'm always open to criticism. I have not seen every episode of Terra Nova but from the few that I have seen I can tell you that this is a poor excuse for a Sci-Fi show. There are certain questions that a viewer should not have to ask themselves during the course of a season. For example if the future had to be abandoned due to the Human way of life of destroying things, why go to the past with all the technology that caused the problem in the first place? Not once do they say that they are going to restart and "go green". They brought all their weapons, tablets, gas gussler trucks,etc. The settlers are just going to mess up the time line even worse then it already was. Now that the humans will start polluting in a earlier year the human race will probably not survive to the year 2149 and pretty much destroying the time line. Does that mean your children will become your ancestors?WHAT?REALLY? The next ridiculous topic is the son of the general who's weak drive throughout the show is that he lost his mother, and would not shut up about it like a six year old child does not make for a good evil villain. Hello anyone!!! The executive producers should stop cashing checks and actually pay attention to this weak story line. I can see the pitch to this show now, it's a stargate meets Jurassic park. Executive Producers salivating and no one paying attention to the part that really matters, the story. I expect nothing less from Brannan (king of lazy)Bragga, this man was one of the best writers on StarTrek. Once he obtained the Executive Producer slot, he just took a back seat and fans himself on his projects. Example (Voyager,Enterprise, TerraNova). I did expect more from Stephen Spielberg, I cant say what really happened but to boil it down, there are too many big brains on this project for this show to be so bad! Get your hands out of the cookie jar and attend a writers meeting!!!!!! Back to my point, the general's cry baby son apparently figures out how to make the portal (wanna be Stargate) work both backwards and forward by solving a complex equation. OKAY so humanity is using technology to evacuate the future, yet you don't know how it works? Bad writing anyone? Then the cry baby in the season finale captures the settlement yet leaves everyone alive? Why? They never explained that the phoenix group needed the original colonists for any reason, so why keep them alive? Something that should have been addressed by the writers due to the settlers eventually reclaiming the camp. Yes you do need mystery in a show, in comparison Stargate. The question within the pilot episode was not "How do you make this gate work, I don't know but lets jump through it anyway". It was "I wonder who built the stargates, lets see what is on the other side of the address we just dialed because WE DIALED IT" and we have a fundamental understanding about the basis of the show we are watching. I hope season two gets a new team of writers please, right now sci fi fans are going though withdrawal with no Stargate, StarTrek, or BattleStar. Don't give a starving man a piece of sh_t just because he's hungry, give him a meal worth eating.
  17. Interesting, I can't wait to get my hands on a set!
  18. DUDE, U Nailed IT! Thanks!! I'm going to try and find a place to download or buy. You have no idea how at ease you made me!!!
  19. No, its not gobots nor transformers. This show was even more short lived then the gobots. Yet as a kid, I really enjoyed it.
  20. Hey Everyone, It's been awhile since I posted, I've had a dilemma that's been bothering me for weeks now and wanted to know if someone could help me out. As a child I used to watch a cartoon in the 80's that wasn't popular and I think was cancelled rather quickly. I've been trying to remember the name of the cartoon for some time and I can't. Plot The story started off with a group of humans that either land or crash land on another planet, while there the humans have a falling out and one group goes their separate ways. While on the planet they find these robots that they are able to pilot. I don't remember if it is necessary for the humans to pilot them or not but I believe the robots performed better with the humans as pilots. As usual there are bad robots and good robots. After the bad robots get beaten by the good robots and their new found friends, the evil robots make an alliance with the humans that originally left the group to go their separate ways. The other thing i remember is that one of the good humans had a son that was to young to fight, so they never let him have has own robot. Later in the series the young son somehow finds or makes friends with one the largest robots on the planet. Please let me know if anyone remembers this cartoon, like i said an 80's cartoon and I don't think it ran for a long time. I wouldn't be surprised if it was made to compete against the transformers market.
  21. Unfortunately if American companies are not making more than a 200% profit now a days its considered a loss. Lets think about it for one second, The average Chinese person makes lets say two dollars an hour. Which is probably to high but for arguments sake we'll leave it at that. How many units can one person make an hour? Definitely more then one, but again lets say one. The plastic to make these pieces is peanuts, probably cents per figure. Shipping in bulk to the US does not cost $20.00 per figure. Everyone loves to blame others such as China for rising prices, yet no one looks at the real greedy pigs behind it all. In this case its Hasbro,Mattel,etc..... You want to look at the real reason why prices are going up on a figure that took less than $2.00 to make. Look right here at our faithful toy companies that are playing the victim in all this. Sure they'll water it down with creative accounting and explain how in the end they are paying roughly $22.00 after shipping half way across the world per figure and how they are losing money hence the price hike. Yet just remember they moved their factories half way across the world for the cheap/slave labor, not out of the goodness of their hearts. I'll leave the rest up to you guys, this whole economy thing sickens me and how corporate greed has consumed America! Toys is just a small fraction of what is going on the world, just look at your local Walmart and how the majority of items are stamped "Made in China". Chinese shopping American, give me a break. Maybe in the twilight zone, not reality (almost all our products are made by them). Why should China shop American, when china makes America?!?
  22. Hello Everyone, this was a few years ago! I saved this picture and thought it was great. Does anyone remember who did this custom figure. I have everything down but the head. Those of you good at sculpting, I'm willing to pay for a carbon copy of the head on this Jitsu figure. Let me know for those of you out there willing to take on this task. please pm me or email me Thanks Jeff
  23. Hello everyone, times are tough and I'm selling my comic collection, make me an offer and has to be local pick up. Will not ship all these books sorry. I live in Miami, Fl. Let me know if anyone has any questions. Amazing Spider-Man original series (very good to good condition) 41 One Amazing Spider-Man (first Black Suit) 252 One Amazing Spider-Man 361 3 Amazing Spider-Man 362 2 Amazing Spider-Man 363 3 Daredevil Original series (very good to good condition) 17 Infinity Gauntlet (Mini-Series) 1-6 1 One Infinity Gauntlet (Mini-Series) 1-6 2 One Infinity Gauntlet (Mini-Series) 1-6 3 One Infinity Gauntlet (Mini-Series) 1-6 4 One Infinity Gauntlet (Mini-Series) 1-6 5 One Infinity Gauntlet (Mini-Series) 1-6 6 One Marvel Collector's intem Classics 6 New Mutants 94 One New Mutants 95 One New Mutants 96 One New Mutants 97 One New Mutants 99 1 New Mutants 100 2 Ghost Rider 1 One Punisher 1 One Punisher 2 One Punisher 3 One Punisher 4 One Punisher 5 One Punisher 6 One Punisher 7 One Punisher War Journal 1 One Punisher War Journal 2 One Punisher War Journal 3 One Punisher War Journal 4 One Punisher War Journal 5 One Punisher War Journal 6 One Punisher War Journal 7 One Punisher War Journal 8 One Punisher War Journal 9 One Punisher War Journal 10 One Punisher War Journal 11 One Punisher War Journal 12 One Punisher War Journal 13 One Punisher War Journal 14 One Punisher War Journal 15 One Punisher War Journal 16 One Punisher War Journal 17 One Punisher War Journal 18 One Punisher (Mini Series) 1-5 1 Two Punisher (Mini Series) 1-5 2 One Punisher (Mini Series) 1-5 3 One Punisher (Mini Series) 1-5 4 One Punisher (Mini Series) 1-5 5 One Secret Wars 1 One Secret Wars 2 One Secret Wars 3 One Secret Wars 4 One Secret Wars 5 One Secret Wars 6 One Secret Wars 7 One Secret Wars Origin of Black Suit Spider-Man 8 Secret Wars 9 One Secret Wars 10 One Secret Wars 11 One Secret Wars 12 One Spider-Man 2099 1 One Venom 1 One X-men #1 Gatefold Cover Jim Lee X-Factor 15 One X-Factor 17 One X-Factor 23 One X-Factor 60 One X-Factor 61 One X-Factor 62 One X-Factor 63 One X-Factor 64 One X-Factor 65 One X-Factor 66 One X-Factor 67 One X-Factor 68 One X-Factor 69 One X-Force (Every Card) 1 One X-Force 2 One X-Force 3 One X-Force 4 One X-Force 5 One X-Force 6 One X-Force 7 One X-Force 8 One X-Force 9 One X-Force 10 One jla vs avengers 1--4 One Ultimate Spiderman wizard Half Ultimate Spiderman 9--10 Ultimate Spiderman 14--32 Ultimate Spiderman 35--79 Ultimate Spiderman 81--86 Ultimate X-Men 5 Ultimate X-Men 7--62 Ultimate X-Men 64--65 Ultimate X-Men Ultimate X-Men Ultimate X-Men Origins (original Wolverine Story) 1--6 One secret war 1-5 ultimate six 1-6 ultimate fantistic four 1-13 Ultimates 1-13 Ultimates II 1-13 Ultimates III 1-5 Ultimate War 1-4 Uncanny X-Men 142 One Uncanny X-Men 256 One Gi Joe America's Elite 1-8 Gi Joe America's Elite 10-12 Ultimatum 1 Wizard 1 One Toyfare 1 voltron 1-5 Gi Joe VS Transformers (image) 1-6 gi joe image 1--21 transformers 1--6 dw variable covers Spawn 1 One Spawn 2 One Spawn 3 One Spawn 4 One Spawn 5 One Batman 609-611 613-619 Batman 497 One Batman and Superman 1-13 13-Jan Sinestro Corps 1 Greenlantern 46 DoomsDay Original Appearance Superman Man of Steel 18 Justice League of America 69 Superman 74 Adventures of Superman 497 Superman (Black Bag) 75 kingdom come 1--4 One Green Lantern 48 One Green Lantern 50 One Green Lantern 51 One Green Lantern (recent) 1 Green Lantern (recent) 11-18 Green Lantern (recent) 20-21 Green Lantern (recent) 30-35 Green Lantern (Emerald Dawn) 1 One Green Lantern (Emerald Dawn) 2 One Green Lantern (Emerald Dawn) 3 One Green Lantern (Emerald Dawn) 4 One Green Lantern (Emerald Dawn) 5 One Green Lantern (Emerald Dawn) 6 One
  24. Thanks guys I just wanted to know, I have never seen one before. Thanks for the quick reply.
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