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  1. John McClaine from Die Hard

    T-800 from T2

    Bubba-Ho-Tep from Bubb-Ho-Tep

    Fly Boy Zombie from the original Dawn of the Dead


    I'm not too interested in the last one, but I like the John McClaine and Bubba-Ho-Tep figures.  The T-800 is an unusual choice but if it's done better than the McFarlane version I'm happy.  Does anyone know when these are due?

    Hehe, I love the ground that they are breaking, but the constant re-emergence of stuff that McFarlene did really drives home the fact that any toy that McFarlene has made (including the Sin City toys, the crow, freddy, jason, leatherface, etc) can be made more awesome and better by NECA. For christsake, these people are making a new deathrow marv! That is insane. Also, WOOHOO for the zombie. I am gonna get me an army of sorts.


    The only figure I feel Neca did better than any other previous McF incarnations was The Crow figure. I never liked Neca's Marv figures even though their basing it on the movie version likeness. McF's Deathrow Marv is visually better than Neca's. Maybe because of the fact that I never liked the look of the movie version Marv.


    Cult Classics 2 looks like crap. And if thats any indication that their future lines will look like the same quality, i wont be to enthusiastic with this line. They had a good start with The Crow and went downhill from there.

  2. Haha..got the same prob with my color Miho. Yes, the standing issues are pretty universal with this figure. Haven't found one board member whose Miho could stand without fail.

    And one of my arrows broke in two also. I luckily didn't lose the other half and super-glued them together.


    I have both Miho's standing up pretty well. It just took some time to play with and find the right positioning for the stand. Both figures have the peg inserted in the front foot facing forward. (half of the front foot is hanging over the edge of the stand). It seems to feel well balanced and not tipping over. Its pretty upright.

    A solution for you, if you have problems, is to simply double stick tape the bottom of the foot to the stand. It will work if your figure seems balanced enough but doesnt feel stable enough to hold it.

  3. Yeah, Suncoast is known to receive the oddest case assortments. Unlike HT thats getting a full case, Suncoast is getting odd numbers. One had 4 B&W Mihos and 5 regular Marvs while the other had one of Marv, Marv w/ Kevin head, Kevin (B&W), and Goldie. Wierd.

  4. Wow, didnt realize how long it takes Canadian retailers to get their stuff. These popped up here in the states over three weeks ago. But only one store so far had them. Two other retailers I frequent for toys expects their shipments either this week or next.

    I really want to see Neca's KB2 next.

  5. yes, I hope Suncoast gets them soon. I already cleaned out my two local HT's and feel raped from their high prices. I want to get extras of the chicks for trading purposes and Suncoast is like a couple bucks cheaper than the rest.

  6. There was one thing weird, I will have to look at series one, to see if it's the same with them or not, but for some reason my Black and White Shellie has color accessories?

    Yeah, I have two Wendys (B&W) and one had a color gun and the other had a b&w gun. I didnt realize that till now. Weird. And both my Shellies have color bottles. I had to email Neca to send me a stand cause the Goldie figure didnt come with one. But all in all, im happy with this line. Now im waiting for Kill Bill series2.

  7. I love how your sig matches mine :) I need to start buying those sin city books. I only have a few issues of A Dame to Kill For.


    Yeah, Im only planning on trying to get Sin City 2 this summer. And the Lotus Angel 2 figs from Spawn 28. And the Alex Smith 49er fig, whenever that comes out.

  8. I guess they have their own specific reasons. Some people just dont like the idea of something made in their likeness, but maybe the reasoning goes much deeper than that. Alls I know is that it sucks but Im sure glad Brittany Murphy, Devon Aoki and Jamie King agreed.

  9. You got some great ideas there IG. I would like to see a different version of Nancy myself so I can stress out again trying to find her in stores. Aww..memories.

    But they are slated for the end of the year. So we got a lot of Sin City to look forward to. The sequels will begin filming back to back at the end of the year as well.

  10. I hope they make a 3rd series. I want Dwight,Senator Roark and Jack Rafferty made.

    there will be a third series. But they will mostly be "redone figures of past favorites" as quoted by Neca in the mag. So maybe we'll see a different Nancy or Gail.

    There will be an exclusive two pack Hartigan vs. Yellow Bastard. These will be an all new sculpt (faces redone). Should be cool and is slated for August, with series 2, just in time for the DVD release.

  11. I found 1 b and w Straight Hair Alba and 1 color straight hair Alba at Tower records. There are 4 versions of her total, so it seems hard to pinpoint which is the most rare out of all of them (since they are all hot and rare anyway right now), but from my experience and from looking on here, it appears that the wind blown hair versions are the most rare.


    Even the dude who rang me up said he could not sale me the colored one I got  since he didnt have it yet lol. He also has the theory that the Michael Clark Duncan figure will be the rarest since he wasnt in the show that long. Hmmm, kinda doubt that, but I said if they slow production of him it will be. Otherwise it will just be Nancy who is rare.


    And I am actualy impressed with the likeness of these....it is better than I thought after seeing many pics.

    When did you find these at your Tower?


    Yeah i pretty much gave up trying to find the straight hair. I had to resort to eBay. I only found the windblown Nancys one time at Suncoast (three of them) and that was it.


    Only Nancy is the rare Sin City figure of Series 1. The Straight hair version is more rare than the Blown hair one and are reselling at a higher rate.


    I see Michael Clarke Duncans character Manute everywhere, warming up the pegs with Yellow Bastard, Hartigan and Marv. I see Gail occasionally here and there but she doesnt come close to the demand of Nancy.


    Look out for Shellie and Goldie being the htf ones of Series 2. A little iffy on Miho. You'll see Kevin warming up pegs like Yellow Bastard.

  12. I assume you're talking about the Zenobia figure being censored by McFarlane and not, say, the bloody wolf guts in the Red Riding Hood figure coming out?

    im not talking about one particular type of figure. Im speaking generally. Are some people more offended by revealing, sexy and scantilly clad figures or gruesome, visually disturbing and violent ones.


    Its just what you lean towards the most. Yes, to some its an impossible choice. There is no right or wrong answer. Its just a poll.

  13. Blood and guts or Boobs and butts?


    I've started this topic over at Spawn and I wanted to read what the TNI folks here think.


    So if you have a choice to censor either one type of figure, which type would it be? I love them both but I think one has more power to be censored over the other. I think a sexy looking figure shouldnt be the victim of paint abuse and seeing a pretty gory figure on the pegs could really disturb some kids out there.

  14. Keep your friends close...but keep your enemies closer...someone smart said that...can't remember who. What a A-Hole. Slap him on the right cheek for me when you see him again...LOL @smilepunch@

    C'mon man, its from the Godfather. The classic of all classics


    I gotta agree with Mr. Detoid. Your right on the money about buying two of the same fig. I do it cause i am a collector. One to open and one to keep nice and mint in its original packaging. Notice how his comments threw him right outta this thread? He'll probably come back now cause I said that. It still wont mean shat.

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