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  1. IT SUCKS!!! That figure is ugly and ridiculous and i fear the worst for the movie. I was quite pessimistic but now i think there is no doubt: that movie's gonna be utter sh..!!! The death of Gi Joe is uppon us.
  2. Stickers don't look that good. The best thing to do is to use decals, then add Microsale microsol or any other product that can do the same under and on the decal. It gives a "painted on" look to the decal. But you also have to protect the decals before by using varnish on it or the liquid could damage it. I hope it will help you.
  3. Great and impressive work, bravo! Can't wait to see more. I'm plannig to make a cobra communication center on my own with various playmobil parts. Where did you get those nice red radar screens on the consoles? Are those files available on the net or did you create them yourself? Anyway, it's sad Hasbro never gave us something like this. There is definitely a market for that kind of stuff.
  4. Maybe that South America stuff is a simply not true. What about Wraith then?
  5. Sigma sux converted = death of the 3 3/4 line. I won't thank you for that.
  6. I don't know why you guys are so pessimistic. I don't think the Rah line will die since it's clear there is a huge market among collectors. Hasbro could even extend the DTC offer to Europe since the demand is very important here as well. Most collectors stores offer the whole line trough import, only it's twice the price... As for the flag and Real American Hero thing, i see no reason for it not to remain as it is. The packaging in Europe just said "international Heroes" but the US flags remained on the vehicles, and who cares about the S6 line since i doubt it will ever please collectors? And it's success among kids is yet to be demonstrated.
  7. I'd like a tank and a plane for each group. Hiss and Raven Jet for COBRA. M1A1 Abrams and F22 Raptor for the JOES. That would be enough.
  8. The cartoon looks nice. Still not interested at all in the toyline, don't like the size. By the way, when does the series begin?
  9. I don't want to sound like a Green activist but it appears that there are more and more disasters like this nowadays. Maybe it's time to wonder why. All those climatic disorders should make us think about the way we use natural ressources. The southern coast of the US met such disasters before, like in Florida. What if that happens every year? Will the US government declare those costal areas noman's lands? My prayers go to those who died and their families and in general to those who are suffering right now.
  10. I like the ones reporting to Palpatine in the Senate chamber (white & crimson). Looks like those were Royal Guards in battle outfit.
  11. Don't know. EpI against Darth Maul or EpIII between Obi-Wan and Anakin. Don't know which one is fastest. Duels with Dooku were nice as well.
  12. No, it's not the Republic/Imperial symbol. Only looks like. It's the separatist symbol.
  13. ESB ANH/ROTS (Don't know yet.) ROTJ AOTC . . . . . . . . TPM
  14. Humm... i meant rewatch ROTS. Sorry about that.
  15. By the way, it looks like Tarkin is a digital character.
  16. Me!!! As soon as possible. Which will be in a week or two. Right now this is pure madness in France. A ticket ordered every two seconds online!!! Needless to say i was lucky to see it may 16 at 00H01.
  17. I really need to see it a second, third etc...times in order to fully appreciate and watch it with innocent eyes.
  18. I ever wondered why were the movies so short. Probably because it has to please both kids and grown up. I wouldn't mind 4hours movies just like LOTR in order to develop further political plots and characters doubts/feelings/weaknesses. For example, it's clear to me that the Jedi lost because they became too proud of themselves and too confident in their abilities just like Yoda said in EpII. That aspect is important and you can see it trough Windu's attitude towards Anakin. Same for Obi-Wan: he knew for Padmé and the kid(s) but said nothing. All those mistakes led to the final disaster. All this cannot to be made more explicit in a 2h20 movie, that's why many people didn't get it.
  19. Everybody did when Yoda crushed the two Red Royal Guards against the wall. Same when C3PO says "oh Noooo" Lot's of people did cry at the end as well.
  20. The Empire dies with it's emperor; but the war can't be over yet. The rebels destroyed only a few Stardestroyers in ROTJ. It's said that the Imperial Navy has something like 25000 ISD. What's nice in ROTJ are the lines between Palpatine and Luke: "your faith in your friends is yours, etc..."
  21. I think we just expected too much. Most of us dreamt this movie for 20 years. Reality can't compete with dreams.
  22. I saw the movie wednesday at 00h01 and liked it, nothing more. It's far from being as good as the first trilogy so i am a bit disappointed. The dialogue was the main problem; some lines were really lame. Ian Mc Diarmid saves the movie; he is really a different class of actor and had the best lines. It should have been a lot better; George Lucas is good at creating stories and universes but he is not that good at writing scenarios. And as far as politics are concerned, it's perfectly clear that the Bush administration is on target.
  23. Sidious feeds himself from his anger and hatred. That's what make him so powerfull. Nobody borns evil, that does not exist. He made the choice to embrace the darkside because he wants power above all things. The Sith hatred toward the Jedi order is almost as old as the Republic. The Sith were Jedi renegades which were sent into exile because they wanted to learn from the darkside. I imagine their hatred did pass from masters toward apprentices for milleniums.
  24. "Just an observation, not trying to flame at all and please no discussion on this: I just couldn't believe how they were trying to politicize it. Lucas message is for every Republican Democracy. We kinda figured that out long ago. Both Liberals and Conservatives assumed it was meant to attack the Iraq War. I say bull-oney. It was a movie long in the making with a message applied to all. Kinda like Tolkien." Lucas said during the press conference that the movie is about how a democracy transforms itself into a dictatorship with popular support. He took examples from the past: - French people chose Napoleon a few years after the Revolution that freed them from Absolutism because they felt threatened by all the monarchies around them. - German people chose Hitler because they felt humiliated by the Versailles treaty. He also said the same thing could happen in any democracy including the US cause fear leads to wars which lead to a limitation of fundamental freedoms. In theory, what he said is perfectly right; though he never said the US where becoming a dictatorship. He just said the threat exists.
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