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  1. The repacks are lame. Leia is the star of this wave, I'll pick that one up for sure & pass on the rest.
  2. hmm good ideas. Any good sites for sales besides this one?
  3. Both shows suck, but have occasional moments of brilliance. SNL: I liked most of Will Ferrel's skits (esp. Celebrity Jeopardy) until they milked him dry, I also thought the old Goth Talk bits were great. My favorite era was the early 90s when Chris Rock, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Phil hartman, Spade and Farley were all together. MADTV: If I'm in a decent mood, Stephanie Wier as Dot is funny. And Will Sasso as Kenny Rogers is among my all-time favs. When Mike McDonald comes out to play the gay eight year old, I can't change the channel fast enough. I have a hard time getting through an episode since most of it was obviously written by a socially challenged 14 year old. I know, way too much thought into this lol
  4. Hello all, I come seeking advice. I have been putting off this decision for quite a while. I used to be a pretty rabid SW collector. I was a borderline completist up until POTJ when I lost track. I have finally decided to sell the bulk of my collection and keep only a handful of main characters. What is the best way to sell? I prefer not to use eBay because I am not comfortable with giving them my bank and CC info. That, and the majority of my collection is loose figures. I know I likely won't get what I paid for it all, especially for the prequel figures. Should I sell at all, or store them & wait another 10-15 years? Should I sell in small groups, one big lot, etc? Any tips from anyone who's been there would be very much appreciated.
  5. Sabrina's nice to look at & all but she's no Slave Leia. The chick in this post however, brings it & schools yer weak ass. lol.
  6. This is my first visit to the DC forum, just thought I'd throw this out there. I was in TRU earlier and noticed they had a large bin of Batman Begins figures in the aisle, but there was no price sign in the marker. It looked to me like they were prepping for a clearance. I'm not sure what you guys think of the Begins figures but if anyone was holding out on them, keep your eye on TRU. I personally plan to pick up one or two once they hit clearance.
  7. I saw this too, damn shame I caved in & bought the ninja battles 2 weeks ago for $10.
  8. This sounds cool. I guess you have to join the GI Joe club to be able to purchase these? Is that how it works? Pardon my ignorance.
  9. I save them. I have a lot of doubles though.
  10. I agree with most of what was said in this thread, especially about Valor/Venom wave 6. Never saw it once at retail. As for DTC, when do we get a six-pack of '86 Vipers with removable helmets and human legs?
  11. Seconded on the Energon combiners. Great idea badly carried out. Of course I bought them anyway. They are great toys individually. How long will the neo-G1 line last, and about how many original molds will it include? I would love to see all the '84-'85 cast updated properly. Movie & Season 3 characters, not so much, lol.
  12. Make the Ghostbusters. Don't sit on the license, for Gozer's sake make the Ghostbusters.
  13. That kicks ass. Its Boxy Brown in Sig6 form.
  14. I feel the same way as madman & leonardo. I really don't like most of Cybertron, and can't understand why people are heaping such praise on it. I honestly preferred Energon (the Decepticons at least) and most of RID. I made up a list of all known Cybertron figures coming out and I'm only planning on buying about 12, and most of those are basics. Anyway, of the figures I own, here are my ratings: Ransack: 2 I dont understand the love for this POS, thank god he was free. Not only is the design bad, he was assembled incorrectly. Armorhide: 7.5 Nice, but has a pinhead, and shoulda been a deluxe. Brakedown: 6 I like him, but he has flaws, namely the gimpy forearms, wierd looking front end of the vehicle mold, and a dumb weapon. He's an obvious leftover from Beast Machines or even a finished-but-unused Transtech design, so I have him standing with my few Vehicons. Clocker: 5 I was looking forward to this one a lot, and was very disappointed. His paint job looks like a practice custom, his colors are awful, his proportions are bad, he feels flimsy, the sidepipes are too big & his weapon is terrible. I like the car mode, but thats it. Hot Shot: 7 Not great, but not terrible. Best Hot Shot so far, but that means nothing. Kinda big, has a few proportion and kibble problems, but still a cool figure that I am glad to own. Override: 5 This one is a train wreck. I dont know why I bought it, but I can't look away. The mold is bizzare, the colors are awful, the weapon sucks, the gimmick gets in the way, arms are too tiny. I shouldnt like it at all but for some perverse reason I do. Hardtop: 8 My favorite. Keeps it simple, does most things right, despite the lousy colors. I can see why some wouldnt like him, but I do, I dont even mind the colors since I missed out on G2 (was in HS and 'too cool' for toys in those days.) From the rest of the line, I'm really only looking forward to the Vanguard/Cybertron Defense team, and one handful of deluxes & basics. I might get Prime if there is an end-of-line sale. None of them are must haves but will tide me over until Neo-G1 gets here.
  15. I don't even think this figure would do well on its own, w/o the Soundwave homage. The proportions and kibble wreck it for me. Its a nice figure overall, perhaps a bit ambitious, and it suffers in the execution. I'd get it on sale, but I'm at the point where I have to cut back. If it doesn't absolutely knock me flat with awesomeness, it stays on the shelf. Poor SW here doesn't cut it. I think the fans are generally all over this one because its the first decent Soundwave since G1. MW was nice for a brick, the mutant never happened, but they could have done better here.
  16. I'm in the minority but I hate this figure.....Soundwave homage or not, that bot mode looks terrible. Legs are too long & skinny, I dont like how the wings sit, and SW isn't an air vehicle to me. I love the chestbox and Laserbeak, but I will wait and hopefully get a better SW update in the gap line or the movie line.
  17. I wish to hell I could find these. What store had them?
  18. I kinda like them, but feel dirty for doing so. I may get Luke. This line just has Spaceballs written all over it. Price will be the determining factor.
  19. I'm feelin' that, but certain Cybertron figures are a must-buy IMO, like Mudflap. Crap like Leobreaker I can safely skip.
  20. I'm fairly confident we will see a wave 3. DTC is simply a line of customs. They can mix & match and recolor parts until they are blue in the face, and practically keep the line going indefinately.
  21. Sorry that things worked out this way for you Curt. I dont blame you at all for ordering less Wave 2 and foregoing Wave 3 (if there is a wave 3). As a small business owner you have little other alternative. If I were you I wouldnt carry the Sigma crap either.
  22. These all came out great. I'll definately be ordering some. Love the Megatron (which was my suggestion, yay me)
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