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  1. Hey thoughtcrime! I saw your screen-name and immediately thought "Queensryche", but that would be "Mindcrime", wouldn't it? (lol) Anyway, welcome! Your words really resonate with me my friend. In the last year-and-a-half or so, I've been relentlessly hunting down Gentle Giant mini-busts, statues, and Code 3 ships. At times I've wondered what I've gotten myself into, and I have also wondered, like you imply, why I need all of these static statues and mini-busts that no one but me would know how rare and expensive they are. I really, REALLY enjoy them, and it's satisfying just for me to know I have them and can enjoy them. But I'll admit to wondering who I'm trying to impress with them, myself or other people. And I find myself missing the "fun" stuff, the toys that I can pose and appreciate, the stuff that reconnects me to my inner child that just wants to come home from school and shut the door to my room and get lost in my little world filled with G.I. Joes, Star Wars toys, and Transformers fighting Decepticons. Ah...I really do struggle with why I collect what I do sometimes and what I really want. I've sold and bought back then re-sold stuff so many times I'm almost embarrassed to say. *sigh* Heh, my knowledge of Queenryche is limited to Silent Lucidity, so you got me there lol. You and I are in the exact same boat my friend. I am glad my words ring true with you. I too collect the big three: SW, TF and Joe. I might as well mail Hasbro a check every month. I am far from completist, and still feel I have too much. I dont want to end up like that fat guy on Youtube who owns every Transformer ever made, and tells people that he is the biggest fan and that this is why he is better then them. EPIC FAIL. Toy collecting can be an addiction the same as drugs, booze, food, gambling or women. Collecting responsibly takes true discipline but has its rewards, as I feel it is more challenging. Anyone can just buy up everything. Building a truly nice collection free of crap and clutter...thats something else. And something I admit I am still working toward.
  2. Hi, long time lurker but I feel I had to comment... I am not married or in a relationship, by my own choice. That said, I agree with your wife. There are limits to everything. Once a family comes along this stuff must take a backseat, if not before. Once it stop being fun, ya gotta pull back, and since you're getting an honest talk from your wife about it, the onus is now on you to accept the truth in what she says and do whats right. I recommend just asking yourself what you really need to own to reflect your interest in the series. Certainly $1500 models and other high end, fragile, static displays aren't as much fun, and thus aren't necessary. High end things only impress other collectors, who will likely never see your stuff in person, so why bother spending all that? I personally stick to a handful of 3 3/4" figures and ships and thats it. A smaller collection is much more enjoyable then a sprawling ungodly mess IMO.
  3. Wow its nice to see Joe finally get a Q&A. Phooey on the Star Wars crowd having all the fun! 1) Will Hasbro create any more new characters for this line? Spy Troops and Valor/Venom gave us a lot of new ones like Scalpel, Hard Drive and several new troops, I'd love to see more. 2) Have you ever considered bringing the Adventure Team concept to 3-3/4", with existing RAH characters? 3) Any chance of the rest of the canned designs for Robot Rebellion ever seeing the light of day? 4) Do you have agressive advertising plans to give this new line the push it deserves? 5) Any chance of older repaints being used to pad the line until more new 25th figures can be made? I loves me some six-packs and comic packs! 6) How about some more $2 repaints for Dollar General and Family Dollar? You can use my name.
  4. I could handle it as a different Starscream if it was executed better. Giant gun hands, bad proportions, bad colors and tiny feet aren't helping. The jet mode is crap with all that underjunk. Plus you can see his head in the back. There is just no saving this poor design. Energon Screamer pulled off what a proper update should look like.
  5. I got two sets, one from BBTS and another from TRU. I'd get more but I don't want to sit and mod any more of them. I dont mind fixing the waist but I tried fixing the heads and now they all flop around. Very annoying. I dont like the Ambush rifle but thats what Marauder John is for. 12 of these troops is plenty for me, probably too much. And what would I do with 18 or 24?
  6. I did give up all new sculpt Joes. They just didn't do anything for me, especially since I simply can't mix them with the classics and consider them a whole new line unto themselves. My love is for the style I had as a kid. I don't think any of the new sculpt or 25th stuff are bad toys, they just aren't the part of Joe that I have any interest in. I'm in the process of selling off my remaining new sculpt stuff. The market for them is pretty soft so I've still got a lot of '02/'03 figures left. My plan is to be rid of them all by the end of the year. I can certainly see why you'd want to focus on one style, and I'm sure the space freed up helped a lot too. I'm the other way: I cherry pick the best of both sides. I like a lot of the Valor/Venom figures, but I skip figures with long legs & no torso. By the same token, I love vintage figures but I'd never chase down figures like Claymore or Armadillo or giraffe-pants Leatherneck. What's your stance on ARAH-style released after 1994? Do your figures have to be 'truly' vintage, or do you accept modern repaints? Comic pack figures with new heads? Club exclusives?
  7. I just want Luke and the Snowtrooper, maybe Han and Leia. Bosk and IG88 they can keep. I don't care about the coins at all, but at least its a better mail in then the uber lame Georgetrooper, which I also passed on.
  8. My first was either Breaker or Zap, both straight arm. I don't remember the circumstances of me getting them. They are the earliest surviving figures from my childhood, followed by Hawk w/MMS and the foamboard playset with CC, Soldier & Officer. It disintegrated pretty fast. For some reason my parents also got me the GIJoe walkie-talkies, despite the fact that I was an only child and had no one else nearby to play with them. AFter that Joes took a backseat to Transformers & Gobots, but I returned to Joe in 86-87, only to leave again shortly after. But now I am here to stay. =)
  9. Another great profile. I really liked this figure as a kid. He just looked so different on the pegs, he was cool despite being absurd. I have yet to track down a new one. The one in the lab coat was a fantastic update. Speaking of, did you stop collecting new sculpts Mike? I seem to remember you profiled quite a few of them in the past. Did you sell them all or something?
  10. MP Megs looks to be my favorite, followed by Transmetal and Transmetal 2. Worst is movie.
  11. I would welcome more redesigned figures from late-era G1 such as Hardhead, Misfire, etc but I can absolutely do without the Headmaster gimmick. I see no need for it. Targetmasters are cool but not if it takes away from the main figure. As for what Classics I want, we are in dire need of more Diaclone car remakes like Jazz, Prowl, Wheeljack, Hound, the vans, etc. On the 'Con side, I really want to see Blitzwing, the Insecticons, and the Battlechargers (without the flippy gimmick obviously).
  12. You should be able to pick up one of themany other releases of these molds and just repaint them True I could, but I don't like paint rubs, I'd rather a full playable figure these days and not worry about scratching it. I plan to add Universe Bonecrusher & Scavenger to this combiner for a more G1 look, even if I have to hold them on with twist ties
  13. I hope not. He's a copout repaint, yes, but I think he looks pretty good in the new deco and I was planning to kitbash a more traditional looking Devastator using this as a base.
  14. It's nice to find a forum where the collective opinion mirrors the correct one, mine. @firedevil@ I love the jet mode, but there is no excuse for that bot mode. Like you all said, Energon Starscream did the same altmode with a new transform and produced a robot mode which, while different, still evoked what the character was supposed to look like. There is no way I can picture Latta's voice coming out of this trainwreck. Starscream & Megatron are a wash, so I'm just hoping they don't eff up Jazz too severely.
  15. She does nothing for me. I'm also tired of the cliche 'super intelligent hot chick' type of role. If the humans do get toys made, I hope they're Joe compatible, but I know I'm dreaming.
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