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  1. RyuHayabusa knows whats up in the football world!

  2. should it be allowed to be built there? Yes. Should it be built there? No.
  3. T3T what are you doing posting something on topic? We don't do that kind of thing around here!
  4. I was with the satire MK until you said house. You know you wouldn't let them near your ghetto. Black people can't afford houses. You know that!
  5. 1. I am not worried about you biting, you produced a statement and I responded. The defense of "if I am wrong prove it" wasn't towards you, it in a response to VH. I can see that you side with his views and now your lumping yourself into his responses and he into yours. This won't work out, you'll fall in line just like the Captain and others.......so sad, another willing pawn. First off I was responding to you and VH chimed in trying to undermine me without providing any facts whatsoever. Then you respond to my response to him which makes totally no sense, but I can see how this is going and I don't want to be apart of it. Oh don't worry. I would have responded to anyone the same way, no matter who they are. I don't "fall in line" with anyone here. But I can see my response could make you feel that way. Not the intent. But I do really hate that response, no matter to gives it. Edit: somehow Iossed your first couple of words there. Maybe you should respond to VH in red, everyone else in black. Haha. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
  6. Maybe I was a little outta line saying they were unemployed. I guess just low income would have covered it. My bad.
  7. Haha. Not for long, just for a day or so. But around here it would be a rotating ban. Haha.
  8. That's the kind of people these were Dragon. And it's not like my wife just overheard them talking to one another, they were complaining TO her about how it wasn't as much as before. One even had the nerve to say " if my kid wasn't here, your salary wouldn't get paid" ( which is stupid in and of itself because these individuals don't pay for their kids to be in the school). These types of people ate the ones that need NO more help from the government.
  9. JayC just make me a mod. I will go ahead and ban everyone in here haha!
  10. Wait wait wait. So now evidently Pelosi is calling for an investigation into the backers behind the opposition to the mosque, stating there is a coordinated effort behind the opposition. Wow just wow. Everything has to be a conspiracy to these guys (politicians) Edit: doh didn't see MastaJailers post up there. Carry on.
  11. I would look everything up, but since I am currently using my iPhone safari browser to look at the site, I will refrain to doing any research until our Internet gets fixed. But hey, you could do research and show me where I'm wrong. I won't bite. I just really hate the " oh yeah if I'm wrong, prove it!" defense. I think it should apply to me first since it was my points you were rebuttling. Haha
  12. Just curious SP. How do the "rich" not pay their fair share in taxes? Only reason I ask is because where my wife worked, which was a school for underprivileged kids ( ages 3-5), the parents would not work, be on welfare/Medicare/every other govt program. ie no income, and yet these parents were getting back 6-8,000 dollars come tax time for rebates. AND complaining they didn't get as much as last year? ( did iention the school pays for dental and medical for the children at the beginning of the school year) How does that work. My wife and I both work, make about 80,000 a year, and are lucky to break even. Just curious.
  13. Haha all this talking/discussion/arguing and I actually forgot there was a poll to begin with. Oops!
  14. Wow what surprise. Same individuals. Same pissing match. Could we atleast turn this thing into like a television season. Take a break for a little bit so you guys can hire some different writers for your material? While I enjoy reading the 5-6 threads that you have all turned into the same basic topic, you ways repeat what was said in another thread. If our going to keep doing this, at least make it enjoyable for others haha.
  15. Agreed. People around here just like to see how big they can get their cyber dicks. Responding to Dragon
  16. In a stupid attempt to get this topic back on some sort of track, Sen. Harry Reid has come out against the building of the mosk at that location. Maybe the first smart thing Reid has spoken up against. Good job!
  17. Yes a feeble attempt to lighten up the mood in this dark void of a topic, but I guess you like it in here, right?
  18. Side with Orion because he knows what he's talking about. add 2 more numbers to my name there friend. Haha. Peaugh did the same thing........Conspiracy against me!!!!!!!!!!! @hmmm@
  19. Oh I do have an opinion on it. And it is basically a mixture of the 2, I merely made the statement to show that while its ok to disagree, you can do it in ways that is not acting like a 5 year old just got their favorite toy taken away.
  20. I don't fully agree with Orion, but I don't fully agree with h3llfish either..........what to do........ @cry@
  21. Oh, I had forgotten about Government Motors. Yeah, totally to blame for that as well. I honestly had no problem with him extending the unemployment benefits, though I do think 99 weeks is a bit excessive.
  22. Nice use of the reset button Dragon. To me, the only thing Obama has really tried to push forward is Obamacare, which he has to take full ownership of. Other than that, and it is a good strategy, if it works, use it. Maxine Waters is doing it as well. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/08/13/rep-waters-violated-house-rules/?test=latestnews (Yeah I know, FoxNews, but I couldn't find anything on it from CNN or MSNBC by searching 'Maxine Waters'....hmm...conspiracy theorists Go!)
  23. Most of us have always been "just trying to discuss the issues" even back when it was still the General Discussion forum, and before the stalkers, bed wetters and trolls came along and made a vow to disrupt every topic started by Wheeljack and responded to by myself. You just keep discussing the issues as you see fit and don't worry about the sideshow. That's going to go on regardless, just as soon as I make my grand entrance into it, even if it's about the weather. Unlike the others (well SP to be specific) I'm not expecting you to add anything at all to the happy horsesh@# that goes on, regarding the "old issues/rivalries etc.." I know well enough you're a better man than that and respect you for it, so you won't get the whiny, obligatory "why don't you say anything about....?" post outta me. your the only one who deviated from the topic. you have the balls to insult people and then call them trolls stalkers and wetters. go get a life instead of playing ms mom all day hahahaha I went back through and read this thread from the beginning, and I can not argue with this statement. VH did hurl the first small personal stone at SP (though I wouldn't have considered it personal, I can see how someone would have), then MK threw one back at VH. Then SP TRIED to stop the madness, but it was all down hill from there. Also, some folks really need to chill the F down......about everything. I know it won't happen, but it never hurts to ask, right? Ironically you missed the HUGE stone Uncle Jessie threw at Black people...that's what started this whole thing...and now Huntress is crying about trolls and stalkers and whatnot.....oh and he posted the traditional clip art....I appreciate your insight but you might want to read again...Uncle Jessie's statement is what derailed the topic (maybe it was because he couldn't think of anything better he could do as prez besides "lower taxes." SMH at you VH. My bad, I was looking at what started the first argument in this thread, not the 2nd or 3rd. I was only talking about the first personal attack that was dished out, which was from VH to SP on the 2nd page (atleast 2nd page using my settings).
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