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  1. "Joe's Night Out" Every episode of G.I. Joe had hilariously outlandish stories. But this episode probably more so than any other. While I was still trying to get my head around the fact that the Joes went out clubbin' in full military issue, all the sudden the nightclub turns out to be a rocket and gets blasted into space. Wetsuit had a spacesuit made out of grabage bags, and Leatherneck apparently went to a Night Club so that he could play video games. It was just pure over the top ridiculousness at its most fun.
  2. I've been waiting for a new Dusty forever, and I could not be happier with the way he turned out. The new mask is a really cool take on the character. I wish the alternate unmasked head had cloth on the helmet, but I will probably be keeping the masked version on anyway.
  3. I have to agree with that. I third it. I don't really feel like Cobra Commander needs an origin story anyway. There's just something more threatening about the mystery.
  4. I don't think a reboot is necessary, but some MAJOR changes need to be made. 1. STEVEN SOMMERS REPLACED BY SOMEONE WHO CAN ACTUALLY DIRECT. 2. Better dialogue. 3. Acting up to par with what I have personally seen these actors capable of in other projects. (Probably a problem that will be solved by change number 1). 4. Better special effects. 5. Baroness as a full fledged baddie. 6. Better definitions of the organizations, G.I. Joe and Cobra. 7. Cobra Commander sounding more like he does in the cartoon. As for the new Joes I want to see added to the roster: Flint, Beachhead, Lady Jay, Shipwreck, Doc.
  5. absolutely not. Heavy Duty's name is Lamont Morris. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is a heavy ordinance trooper. I have no clue what the movie did to him, but I heard he is like a tech guy or something now.. and a leader of some kind... but in the REAL GiJoe universe, he is a scrub. Breaker's real name is Alvin Kibbey, not Shabaz Barak Hussein Ali Obama.. or whatever the frick they named him for the movie. He is from Gatlinburg, Tennessee... which means he would be a southern country dude, not a middle-eastern guy. And Ripcord is a white guy, that was of little importance in the Joe Universe... I just don't get why they didn't make new characters. If they wanted them to be so different, then what is the point of keeping the names? Its a lose, lose situation. If they had taken Ripcord, Heavy Duty, and Breaker, and given them new code names, there would be a sizable amount of fans who would complain that in a movie called G.I. Joe, half the cast were unestablished characters. They probably figured the lesser loss would be to go with name recognition, and the people who would complain about the changes to the characters. I tend to agree with that opinion. At least they took those three obscure Joes, that have never had that much characterization, that many causal fans probably never heard of before. Its not as if they made Roadblock British, Wild Bill black, and Beachhead Moroccan. Heavy Duty was my favorite thing about the movie, one of the few things I even liked.
  6. I have to say, these lines are about equal in my eyes. Each has their pros and cons. The movie figures: -More realist look, including some great face sculpt likenesses to the actors. -Better articulation. -More original. 25th Anniversary: -Classic uniforms. -More cartoony look that fits in with the cartoon and comics. -Better plastic. Both lines have a decent amount of good accessories, both lines have about equal paint jobs. Based on personal preference, 25th was a more nostalgic and fun for most collectors. But from an objective viewpoint both lines are equally good. Besides, 25th Anniversary line has been out for a couple of years now, it's no longer the 25th Anniversary, almost all the important stuff has been made, the line ran its course more or less. Hasbro is trying something else and it seems to be working. ROC products are selling really well from what I've seen.
  7. I really don't think his review was that bad. The Ripcord/Duke mix up wasn't even on his site review, maybe it was corrected, maybe it was an editorial typo, maybe it was never there in the first place. I dunno. And can anyone really blame him for being confused anyway, I wouldn't have known the name of a single character in that movie if I hadn't been a g.i. joe fan following movie news on it for three months. And why, if it is called the Rise of Cobra, is the villain MARS? Reviewers always give spoilers in their reviews, so that explains the thing about Destro, but how could anyone spoil anything in a movie that is so rotten to begin with. Hell maybe his review that makes it sound like he's on cocaine was an homage to the style of the movie, that was equally confusing and stupid. Ebert did make one huge mistake though...He said this piece of garbage was better than Transformers: Rise of the Fallen, which for all its faults is nowhere near the crapfest that G.I. Joe was.
  8. -PP/Civilian Storm Shadow -PP/Civilian Breaker -PP/Civilian Heavy Duty -PP/Civilian Scarlett -PP/Civilian Ripcord -Desert Camo Rex -Reactive Impact Armor Breaker -Sgt. Stone that looks like Brendan Fraser (I assume it was a licensing issue, since it was only a cameo appearance he probably didn't have to agree to having is likeness on any merchandise. But still Everyone else for the most part looks like their movie self.)
  9. The Question seems to be winning. I love the Question, but I voted for Catman. The Questiona and Huntress, even Starman are figures that I could actually see them making at some point, poll or no poll. something like this is the only way you will ever see guys as obscure as Catman or Ragman in my opinion.
  10. I saw the single packs at Target today, unfortunatelly no 3-packs. Picked up Proffessor Zoom (where did all this reverse-flash nonsense come from?), and the scale dissapoints me. They are large enough to pass with Star Wars figs, but putting them next to G.I. Joes is pushing it. Next to Toybiz's Superhero Showdown they look pretty pathetic though, in detail and size. I wish these had been a little bigger, and doubt I'll buy anything more except the Flash 3-pack (Because Weather Wizard is a badass) unless the new Marvel 3 3/4 line matches this size. Judging by the sculpts though, I assume the new marvel line will be just like the old showdown line. At $5 for a single figure with no accessories that's too small to work well with other similar lines I just don't think these are worth the price (especially not at TRU where these little things are $7 for some unholy reason). $10 for 3 actually is a pretty good deal, too bad about the size.
  11. Wow, I've been hanging around another board devoted to minimates for awhile, I can't beleive it hasn't been brought up here already. -Anyway the line-up for wave 24: -Spiderman/Shocker -Cosmic SM/Transformation Venom -Back in Black SM/Kraven -Tarantula variant I'll be happy to get a shocker aswell. And it's also nice to have a second shot at a black suit spider-man, but overall I think this wave is a real letdown, there is no way we needed three more spider-men and another venom. But alot of people seem happy about these so to each their own.
  12. Yeah, I noticed a little talk about the size, but not to the degree that I felt it when I put my two Batmans next to each other. The main thing I want to know about the rest are the plastics, especially on the Dark Knight Batman, do they use that same rubbery stuff?
  13. I wasn't planning on getting any of this series, but after seeing how good the movie was i couldn't resist. Went to Walmart the only one they had was the Batman Begins Bats. I got him, and I've got to say I'm surprised there haven't been more complaints about this series. I can't speak for the whole series, but this Batman is obnoxiously small, putting Batman Begings next to my DCSH Bats there must be an inch difference; the plastic feels really cheap and flimsy, even showing some scrapes, and they sell for at walmart for $12. Do the rest have these problems? I'll probably get the Scarecrow anyway, and try to get Joker anyway, but I had been planning on getting the whole line beforehand.
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