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  1. Sure it is..However, a brianwashed society does look to these "awards" as a way to enable their un-dying support for Obama. The people in Detroit were waiting for him to walk upon the water, heal the sick and give them money the other day. Others are waiting for him to apologize to our enemies on behalf of us EVIL Americans. We can honor the other news like Nasa's projects. However, we CAN NOT ignore the danger that Obama is bringing to this nation. What the world sees as his "peace movement", is actually the raping of America and our values and foundation.
  2. Oh, Jay C...We HAVE to get tied up in the titles of Liberal or Conservative because under this administration, there is a CLEAR difference. Let's ask Obama's people what they know about the Constitution....Not what they want to change, but what they KNOW and comprehend. It is as black and white as Obama's parents. Until we form a shade of Grey that protects and nurtures all people under the rights given to AMERICANS under the Constitution, then we need to seperate each side with labels. I in NO WAY want to be associated with the current leftist....A moderate liberal is fine..they und
  3. THANK GOD for FOX NEWS , Rush, Beck, Hannity, Levin....They are not pretending to be anything BUT conservative...However, being conservative means that we truly do get FAIR and HONEST reporting....If you would notice the trend, These people do NOT just make-up stories or ignore stories, they report the truth backed with more proof than the Liberals can stand. The racisim of Obama and his goons, Acorn's criminal activities, Van Jones, and so on.....You can't ignore them because they are RIGHT! You can't stand them because they bring all the truths about the ANTI-American ways of the modern
  4. REALLY?? You far left crazy ppl even HAVE to think this newest Obama Joke is a sham. Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize...For WHAT? Being at war with Afghanistan and secretly still fighting in Iraq? Causing fear out of over half of his own country who are scared of his agenda? Causing fear in Jewish people due to his Iranian ties? What is so peaceful about Obama? seriously, this is already hurting him credibility wise within the leftist media...Even those idiots won't sail on a sinking ship.
  5. Who truly knows ANYONE who gets turned away for medical treatment? Really, look at our Emergency rooms..the influx of illegals will show you that NOBODY is turned away from Health care. If people wait until they are sick before they try to get some sort of insurance.....that's their fault..You have to take steps to ensure that you have coverage...even Government coverage..If you wait until you are diagnosed, then NO, you won't get ins. Nor should you! Sorry, but no lazy A$$, Non-working, Non-American, deserves ANYTHING above MY family or the families of the WORKING people who fund thi
  6. You know, Acorn & Van Jones are the begining...In 2010 or 2011, there will be a massive investigation that looks into the ties of these people and groups and Obama....All it takes is the cover-ups like Reid and Pelosi to get voted out and a new generation of truth seekers ( not Lie hiders ) to take office and investigate....Unless a special prosicutor does it first. I am in awe of "black America" and what they think they are OWED. Obama didn't deserve the Presidency because he is HALF black. The racism that the black people are showing in this time is STAGGERING....They are going to h
  7. All of you Libs need to read the new ratings for cable news networks Here they are as reported on various news sites FOXNEWS O'REILLY 4,039,000 FOXNEWS HANNITY 3,451,000 FOXNEWS BECK 3,421,000 FOXNEWS GRETA 2,785,000 FOXNEWS BAIER 2,273,000 FOXNEWS SHEP SMITH 2,201,000 MSNBC OLBERMANN 1,395,000 MSNBC MADDOW 1,369,000 CNN KING 1,355,000 CNN COOPER 1,086,000 Do you realize that this is a HUGE influx of viewers since Obama's TRUE "colors" have started showing themselves? Fox actually reports PROVEN news backed up by FACTS...they are NEVER de-bunked....MSNBC and CNN just attack
  8. Excellent.....on this I agree with you. Great points. There is a thing called democratic socialism and it could work very well. I to belive that hardworking people should not have to struggle and fear for their jobs. Let's not fool ourselves guys. The rich aren't going to stop being rich nor stop being the people in charge (or the people in charge of the supposed people in charge), even if we go to "democratic socialism." Even if we had a full-fledged revolution (not something I'm advocating, just saying) ultimately we'd just be trading one group of rich people with all the power for an
  9. 20k? You are a FOOL! Do you honestly expect ANYONE to not realize that the DC Mall and overflow streets to the capitol were FULL..European papers reported it first..there were 1.5-2 MILLION people that were in DC....Unlike the fabricated "million man march". Seriously JayC...You need to wake up quick before you do something really stupid like support these CRIMNALS and SOCIALIST even further. Why you insist on holding you hand out for Government love is beyond me. Oh, and Fox news...yea! It happens to be the one who has drawn the MOST DAMAGING lines to Obeanie coming from Acorn
  10. One of the things that is clear to me about the American view of the Canadian healthcare system, is that they got a lot of it wrong. We do NOT have free healthcare across the country, we have a heavily subsidized policy that permits some provinces to offer full coverage for most medical needs, and some provinces that require paid premiums. BC is a good example. In BC, its MANDATORY that all persons living in the province sign onto healthcare, whereupon they are assessed for the level of "premiums" they will have to pay(based on income), if any. This technically makes this a tax, but with o
  11. You litterally do not care about a program that will tax YOUR CHILDREN and mine to death? Not to mention us..Or a system which is so un-fair and lopsided that it will honestly Kill people based on Committee rule? You honestly have no idea what you are arguing about..You just blindly follow Obama for some weird brainwashed reason. Thanks for serving..However, I would rather you truly care about America and understand it as a country before you strap on a uniform to fight for our freedoms. Obviously, you don't even care to understand the liberty that needs protecting. Oh, and I think
  12. Living in a Liberal world? Dude...Do you have the ability to read? If so, READ THE BILL! In NO WAY are illegals restricted from receiving care...Did you get that? THEY ARE NOT RESTRICTED!! If you can't comprehend the Bill, then read the Bi-partisan reports that have been released which WARN that this bill WILL cover Illegals.....STOP your blind ignorance! As the Commerce committee stated in their report to Congress ( PLEASE READ THIS CLOSE ) "Under H.R. 3200, a 'Health Insurance Exchange' would begin operation in 2013 and would offer private plans alongside a public option…H.R.
  13. Here's a couple instances where the Democrats rudely interrupted Bush during a couple of his State of the Union addresses: WIB: Hypocrites: Bush Boo'd and called liar at 2005 SOTU Hardly the same thing. What Joe Wilson did is definitely a first (and I hope last). He disrespected the president and the entire US Congress when he called Obama a liar and for that he must go. No one on their right mind... no one with the least bit moral would back up that kind of action/attitude. A proof of this is that right after Joe Wilson attacked the president his opponent, Rob Miller, raised mo
  14. Lol!!! First credit the REAL person who wrote this (as it has been pointed out it WASN'T Bill Cosby). Second like everything else check the facts behind it.....you did more damage to your credibility than I EVER could by posting that farce and crediting someone who didn't even author it. You are pretty stupid to think that I care if Cosby or Jack the ripper said this..This is how it should be..I should have known it wouldn't be a Liberal Black person though. It's funny that you would pick on that part of what I said instead of everything else...Hmmmm, I guess it just proves how R
  15. Looking back aat all the information we have about Obama's past, I guess it's fairly obvious that he needs to PROVE that he is NOT a socialist and a racist..Too bad that he refuses to do that.
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