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  1. Sure it is..However, a brianwashed society does look to these "awards" as a way to enable their un-dying support for Obama. The people in Detroit were waiting for him to walk upon the water, heal the sick and give them money the other day. Others are waiting for him to apologize to our enemies on behalf of us EVIL Americans. We can honor the other news like Nasa's projects. However, we CAN NOT ignore the danger that Obama is bringing to this nation. What the world sees as his "peace movement", is actually the raping of America and our values and foundation.
  2. Oh, Jay C...We HAVE to get tied up in the titles of Liberal or Conservative because under this administration, there is a CLEAR difference. Let's ask Obama's people what they know about the Constitution....Not what they want to change, but what they KNOW and comprehend. It is as black and white as Obama's parents. Until we form a shade of Grey that protects and nurtures all people under the rights given to AMERICANS under the Constitution, then we need to seperate each side with labels. I in NO WAY want to be associated with the current leftist....A moderate liberal is fine..they understand not only American rights and values, but also the importance of Capitalism.
  3. THANK GOD for FOX NEWS , Rush, Beck, Hannity, Levin....They are not pretending to be anything BUT conservative...However, being conservative means that we truly do get FAIR and HONEST reporting....If you would notice the trend, These people do NOT just make-up stories or ignore stories, they report the truth backed with more proof than the Liberals can stand. The racisim of Obama and his goons, Acorn's criminal activities, Van Jones, and so on.....You can't ignore them because they are RIGHT! You can't stand them because they bring all the truths about the ANTI-American ways of the modern liberal. Hiding taxation and pork in bills that are catering to the un-educated easily swayed masses ( I'm looking at you Detroit and Chicago ) we really don't need to do anything special to run the Libs out of office...we just needthem to be themselves...Their ignorant, racist, un-american ways will do all the work for us because they can't hide their true agenda very well. THANK GOD FOR FOX NEWS!!
  4. REALLY?? You far left crazy ppl even HAVE to think this newest Obama Joke is a sham. Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize...For WHAT? Being at war with Afghanistan and secretly still fighting in Iraq? Causing fear out of over half of his own country who are scared of his agenda? Causing fear in Jewish people due to his Iranian ties? What is so peaceful about Obama? seriously, this is already hurting him credibility wise within the leftist media...Even those idiots won't sail on a sinking ship.
  5. Who truly knows ANYONE who gets turned away for medical treatment? Really, look at our Emergency rooms..the influx of illegals will show you that NOBODY is turned away from Health care. If people wait until they are sick before they try to get some sort of insurance.....that's their fault..You have to take steps to ensure that you have coverage...even Government coverage..If you wait until you are diagnosed, then NO, you won't get ins. Nor should you! Sorry, but no lazy A$$, Non-working, Non-American, deserves ANYTHING above MY family or the families of the WORKING people who fund this country. If these people would stop making themselves victims and stop waiting for the Governemt to be their mother, father, Bank, and Doctor...well, maybe they wouldn't find themselves having to beg for the rest of us to pay. I dare say that NONE of you libs truly know ANYONE who has not been given care when they need it. WITHOUT having to wait until it's too late...which is what will happen to ALL of us under a PUBLIC option. How can you NOT understand this? How is your mind that broken?
  6. You know, Acorn & Van Jones are the begining...In 2010 or 2011, there will be a massive investigation that looks into the ties of these people and groups and Obama....All it takes is the cover-ups like Reid and Pelosi to get voted out and a new generation of truth seekers ( not Lie hiders ) to take office and investigate....Unless a special prosicutor does it first. I am in awe of "black America" and what they think they are OWED. Obama didn't deserve the Presidency because he is HALF black. The racism that the black people are showing in this time is STAGGERING....They are going to hurt their race in ways they are unable to comprehend. When there is a whole generation of hate for minorities in a few years, you can look back to these days and see what caused it. The blacks need to stop feeling empowered by a 1/2 black man being the President and START CARING ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY...as prescribed by our founders! Oh, and the whole deal about George W. cutting his arm off? Yea, he would have cut his own arm off to keep this country safe...ANY person who has thoughts to harm this country SHOULD be TORTURED at the very least! Anyone who thinks otherwise simply does not deserve the freedoms and protection that this country provides!
  7. All of you Libs need to read the new ratings for cable news networks Here they are as reported on various news sites FOXNEWS O'REILLY 4,039,000 FOXNEWS HANNITY 3,451,000 FOXNEWS BECK 3,421,000 FOXNEWS GRETA 2,785,000 FOXNEWS BAIER 2,273,000 FOXNEWS SHEP SMITH 2,201,000 MSNBC OLBERMANN 1,395,000 MSNBC MADDOW 1,369,000 CNN KING 1,355,000 CNN COOPER 1,086,000 Do you realize that this is a HUGE influx of viewers since Obama's TRUE "colors" have started showing themselves? Fox actually reports PROVEN news backed up by FACTS...they are NEVER de-bunked....MSNBC and CNN just attack the conservatives in round table talks or ignore the stories all together ( such as ACORN )...This is why FOX is multiple times more respected and counted on in these DANGEROUS times. The Liberal media chases it's tail and focuses on bashing conservative media..while Fox news is actually REPORTING groundbreaking and landscape changing news stories. The Libs can play dumb like nobody's business.. Just read this story about Nancy Pelooser's comments about Acorn's defunding that HAPPENED on HER WATCH!! http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/pelosi_clueless_about_cash_cut_off_ZHSkPZ2Mbhr5phoqht5GHN Wow, You Libs must be SOOOOO Proud!!
  8. Excellent.....on this I agree with you. Great points. There is a thing called democratic socialism and it could work very well. I to belive that hardworking people should not have to struggle and fear for their jobs. Let's not fool ourselves guys. The rich aren't going to stop being rich nor stop being the people in charge (or the people in charge of the supposed people in charge), even if we go to "democratic socialism." Even if we had a full-fledged revolution (not something I'm advocating, just saying) ultimately we'd just be trading one group of rich people with all the power for another. Those who have the gold make the rules, no matter what system of government or economy you claim to have. Unless/until we get a Star Trek style world where money is no longer an object, that's the way it'll always be in the end. None of that, however, prevents the US from doing a whole hell of a lot better for itself and its' people. It's one of the most amazing feats of misdirection I've ever seen that the wealthy elite manages to convince the middle and lower classes (through their control of the media) that it's -them- that will suffer if/when the government doesn't do its' level best to make sure that the rich keep getting richer (or at least just stay rich). "Your business is too big to fail!" indeed. America has been so locked into our "We're the capitalist land of opportunity so clearly anyone that doesn't have a job or is poor or can't afford health care or got stuck in a bad mortgage is lazy or stupid and not trying hard enough and doesn't deserve any of MY hard earned money to help them!" mentality that we don't even realize the wealthy are bleeding the middle class dry harder than ever before (looked at the prices in the stores lately?). Personally, I think I'd rather give my money to someone that doesn't have much/any than someone that's already got hundreds of millions...but maybe that's just me. No, what you fail to understand is that the programs ONL work if the "middle class" is taxed at MUCH higher rates. Do you honestly believe that these programs can be funded by a slight increase in taxes for the top 2% of income earners? REALLY? HONESTLY? you do? WOW!! You need to re-think that...It's simple....DO THE MATH!!
  9. 20k? You are a FOOL! Do you honestly expect ANYONE to not realize that the DC Mall and overflow streets to the capitol were FULL..European papers reported it first..there were 1.5-2 MILLION people that were in DC....Unlike the fabricated "million man march". Seriously JayC...You need to wake up quick before you do something really stupid like support these CRIMNALS and SOCIALIST even further. Why you insist on holding you hand out for Government love is beyond me. Oh, and Fox news...yea! It happens to be the one who has drawn the MOST DAMAGING lines to Obeanie coming from Acorn and Van Jones..Not to mention Wright, and the OTHER racist & Anti-American leaders that are pulling his strings. The beauty of Obama is that we don't have to be racist to see how dangerous and UN-AMERICAN he is...All we need to do is listen to know his policy dreams. The people that are supporting Obeanie simply because he is black...well, THAT is racism...pure and simple! To either be against or in support of a person based on race is 100% RACISM....You and your IGNORANT progressives fail to understand that. You fail to realize that the shift in this country is inspiring patriots to stand up and DEFEND this country. Anyone who argues against Capitalism is nothing more than a LAZY B@stard!!!! If you weren't, you would realize that in a Capitalist system, the fairness of pay for HARD WORK is a way that equality is assured. Obviously, you need to be re-educated. All of this Racism talk by the Libs is DESTROYING Obama...Almost ensuring that he will NOT be-re-elected. People are getting sick of fighting FOR the liberties that this country are founded on and being attacked for it. You Libs have NEVER understood this....that's why you keep losing the actual battles that matter to you. Your party can't hide the truth these days. You are ALL exposed and you are too stupid to realize it.
  10. One of the things that is clear to me about the American view of the Canadian healthcare system, is that they got a lot of it wrong. We do NOT have free healthcare across the country, we have a heavily subsidized policy that permits some provinces to offer full coverage for most medical needs, and some provinces that require paid premiums. BC is a good example. In BC, its MANDATORY that all persons living in the province sign onto healthcare, whereupon they are assessed for the level of "premiums" they will have to pay(based on income), if any. This technically makes this a tax, but with one little known exemption: anyone can opt out of the coverage. It means you have to find the forms, fill them out and let the Government body know about it. It also has to be approved by them and they can DENY you the option to opt out. Why or how, I don't know. If you do opt out and are successful in doing so, you are literally cut free from the system--if you get ill and require medical aid, you are billed at whatever rates the government rationalizes for your care. Of course, that means its expensive. You CANNOT opt out and then utilize solely private coverage to insure against your medical needs, but you can to supplement them. Figure that one out... The government also negative-bills residents for this coverage-which means you have to let them know if you do not want it. A decade ago, there was a big stink about some private cable companies that negative-billed, and the BC government deemed it to be illegal. That's a double standard. The premiums you pay into, that you are required to pay into based on your last years income, can be a couple thousand dollars every six months. Now that IS better than paying $100,000+ for medical treatment, but its also coverage that you are required to pay into, even if you never use the service. But......... The government, unfortunately, has a say into your treatment. Oh yes. If it costs too much.....they will tell you that the cost is not covered. Meanwhile, they will fly patients to OTHER COUNTRIES to have treatments for ailments that the coverage MUST treat. My own late sister, while being treated for AIDS, was handed a bill for specific medication that amounted to $10,000 per DOSE. She required 20 doses per month of this stuff. Obviously it just about flattened my parents, and it took some pointed phone calls to certain advocates and prominent people to get the medical coverage people to reverse that cost. One of the most prominent people in the AIDS field, at the time, actually threatened to take the story public, in order to get the bureaucracy reversed. The consequence of this kind of system is that, while it is subsidized by tax dollars, and paid into by residents with premiums.........its still not enough. The thing to keep in mind, that Canadians are more heavily taxed at all levels than Americans are( in fact, Canada is #2 behind Britain for its level of Taxation, amongst the Western nations), so yes, Americans might pay more in taxes, but that is probably over-due. Hospitals are businesses, that is the plain truth. They can only go so far with the money they have. Many Canadian hospitals have medical staff that can only work so many hours, and no additional staff can be hired because their is no funding. Likewise the same circumstance applies to equipment, but equipment that IS present can only be used for part of the day or week--due to staffing. There is insufficient budgets most of the time to allow important medical gear to be used around the clock, despite it being in good service. The money for it to be used, just is not there. Forcing ALL residents to utilize the same system compromises the care that system provides. I personally advocate a two-tier system, that allows for continued subsidized coverage and pay-ins for those unable to afford expensive care, but also a pay-as-you-go tier of healthcare, for those that can afford it. It will provide more revenue for staff, and equipment, AND modernization of the system, and will shift some of the burden of costs away from the public trough. But, believe it or not, such sensible thinking is scorned by our politicians, who take this perverse pride in shoring up a 40 years old-single tier system that cannot adequate care for Canadians as is. Yes, it is Universal, and it is in some places "free".......but its lousy healthcare in many places. Waiting lists, can be years long. YEARS. The provincial government in BC, and other provinces take pains to gloss over the fact that patients have died waiting for treatment they could have gotten in a two tiered system. Hospitals up here routinely have undergone "code events"--days or weeks whereupon they had a specific number of cases in house and could not take more. Patients would be turned away, regardless of their condition. Ever wonder what a serious accident or disaster would spell for our system? In an event with hundreds of wounded casualties, ANY individual province would be unable to handle the triage and follow-up care. At the current levels of our system, across the country, there is simple not enough resources to handle such an event. An Earthquake in Vancouver, a terrorist attack in Toronto, and the systems there would become overwhelmed and collapse. And yet, this is what we pay for. So what does this mean for the USA? Well, if your folks were smart, they WOULD aim for universal care, but in a 2-tiered system. If you cannot afford the care, you get coverage. If you can afford the care, you can pay as you go. It means if you need care, you can get it, and be met with a bill that you CAN afford at discharge. I don't know if that is the current plan in mind, but to my mind, based on my experience. You truly stated it best. This is what America needs to hear because the swell of masses that Swarm to America already will not stop now ( since there is no enforcement against it being offered ). America still has the best healthcare system for several reasons. For one, Doctors enjoy their work, People still dream of being a Doctor and doing things to help patients WHILE getting rich. Now, the Progressives want to take all that away..The dream, the desire, and the money. The shortage of medical personel will be staggering. If this bill passes, you will see these "would be" Doctors now working in private fields..using their minds in a way that won't be Government run. There is no reason for any of this outside of our "leader's" Socialist views and mindset....He wants to bring the poor community masses up to the level of the middle class at least by taking from the rich and middle class....Otherwise known as the WORKING PEOPLE. Did people in Canada see the Poor Communitys in New Orleans? If you did, you saw the WORST OF THE WORST in America...The LAZY worthless trash that leeches off of any program that fills their outstretched hand. These are the No-lifes that will be sucking our system dry....Abusing the Healthcare system in a way that will gridlock it for the people that are actually in need. It's pathetic....I wish we would just give Obama and his supporters Mexico and let the Canadians join the REAL America. Canadians have suffered enough with the Health program they have now. Obama can take Mexico and make it the Muslimesq Socialist nation that we wants to create. We don't need Mexico, Obama, or the trash that is having HOPE and wanting CHANGE.
  11. You litterally do not care about a program that will tax YOUR CHILDREN and mine to death? Not to mention us..Or a system which is so un-fair and lopsided that it will honestly Kill people based on Committee rule? You honestly have no idea what you are arguing about..You just blindly follow Obama for some weird brainwashed reason. Thanks for serving..However, I would rather you truly care about America and understand it as a country before you strap on a uniform to fight for our freedoms. Obviously, you don't even care to understand the liberty that needs protecting. Oh, and I think people need to RESEARCH Hitler and his Socialist views..you will be TOTALLY surprised how alike Obama and Hitler's socialist views are. You know, Hitler did a LOT for Socialism BEFORE he killed millions. He was quite loved by socialists for this. don't overlook the truth simply by thinking that in NO WAY could Obama be like Hitler....you will be truly shocked at how true it is. Here I will make it a little easier on you in regards to the economy: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/warner-todd-huston/2009/04/03/nytimes-obamas-economic-ideas-great-just-hitlers-were
  12. Living in a Liberal world? Dude...Do you have the ability to read? If so, READ THE BILL! In NO WAY are illegals restricted from receiving care...Did you get that? THEY ARE NOT RESTRICTED!! If you can't comprehend the Bill, then read the Bi-partisan reports that have been released which WARN that this bill WILL cover Illegals.....STOP your blind ignorance! As the Commerce committee stated in their report to Congress ( PLEASE READ THIS CLOSE ) "Under H.R. 3200, a 'Health Insurance Exchange' would begin operation in 2013 and would offer private plans alongside a public option…H.R. 3200 does not contain any restrictions on noncitzens—whether legally or illegally present, or in the United States temporarily or permanently—participating in the Exchange." CRS also notes that the bill has no provision for requiring those seeking coverage or services to provided proof of citizenship. So, absent some major amendments to the legislation and a credible, concrete enforcement effort in action, looks like the myth on this issue is the one being spread by Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et. al. Hardly the same thing. What Joe Wilson did is definitely a first (and I hope last). He disrespected the president and the entire US Congress when he called Obama a liar and for that he must go. No one on their right mind... no one with the least bit moral would back up that kind of action/attitude. A proof of this is that right after Joe Wilson attacked the president his opponent, Rob Miller, raised more than $100k in donations: [
  13. Here's a couple instances where the Democrats rudely interrupted Bush during a couple of his State of the Union addresses: WIB: Hypocrites: Bush Boo'd and called liar at 2005 SOTU Hardly the same thing. What Joe Wilson did is definitely a first (and I hope last). He disrespected the president and the entire US Congress when he called Obama a liar and for that he must go. No one on their right mind... no one with the least bit moral would back up that kind of action/attitude. A proof of this is that right after Joe Wilson attacked the president his opponent, Rob Miller, raised more than $100k in donations: http://bloggasm.com/joe-wilsons-opponent-raises-11000-on-actblue-within-hours-of-obamas-speech-on People know better then to back off that sort of people. NUFF SAID! I hope republicans enjoy living in a LIBERAL WORLD! WOW!! Your total ignorance really shines through here. Actually, we are enjoying living in a Liberal world now because the Dems are rushing so hard and fast to pass what they can because they KNOW that 2010 is the end of their COMPLETE power. However, even with this absolute "power" they can't move forward as they like because America remains a Middle of the spectrum nation. Not to mention that ALL of these current Liberal senators, congressmen, Czars, and even Obama have screwed up in major ways in the past and it is coming out because they are not careful enough to cover their trails. The 4th ACORN video from the Las Angeles office shows that Acorn is NOT as much of a RACIST problem, as it is a Liberal problem. The Voter Fraud generation is using Acorn to try to pass legislation that has NOTHING to do with housing...You will see and hear what democratic names are mentioned later today when the Video is released. To sum it all up, All Crooks aren't Democrats...But all Democrats are crooks in today's political system..It is ALL coming out. Obama has already began his Lame Duck years. He has no power because he surrounded himself with Criminals, Communists , and Socialists...All of which are UN-AMERICAN!! It's over...He LIED!! It's BLACK AND WHITE in the Bill that he LIED!! It's obvious that he has no idea what the depth of the Bill he requested holds. It will be his downfall.....Americans are a testy bunch and the Van Jones / ACORN scandalls are the begining of the end for this party. You mindless followers are now looking PATHETIC...Not AMERICAN!
  14. Lol!!! First credit the REAL person who wrote this (as it has been pointed out it WASN'T Bill Cosby). Second like everything else check the facts behind it.....you did more damage to your credibility than I EVER could by posting that farce and crediting someone who didn't even author it. You are pretty stupid to think that I care if Cosby or Jack the ripper said this..This is how it should be..I should have known it wouldn't be a Liberal Black person though. It's funny that you would pick on that part of what I said instead of everything else...Hmmmm, I guess it just proves how RIGHT I am about the victim mind-set and racist ways of Obama's black supporters.
  15. Looking back aat all the information we have about Obama's past, I guess it's fairly obvious that he needs to PROVE that he is NOT a socialist and a racist..Too bad that he refuses to do that.
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