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  1. http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a158/ibps/S4010088.jpg[/img]Real simple to use the animated skinny troopers as females in the regular line. The second pic is for comparing standard troops.The Grim Reaper is just me using up the last of my aod fodder. The scythe is a sword from Prince Caspien line on top of a spear handle from aod.Let me know what you think, ok?
  2. He was made with Wolverine Origins Deadpool upper combined with a 25th GIJoe Firefly lower. Pouches & straps from misc Joe (SnakeEyes)
  3. He was made from 3 indy figures, an ash head from aod & a waist joint from a speeder bike potf Luke. The weapons are all interchangable & were made from GI Joe parts coupled with ST Overkill's hand attachment cuffs.
  4. NICE! This custom (& the tech team, itself) looks phenomenal! Hacker looks perfect. What is the parts recipe you used on him? I totally dig the removable gear. The thing with such gear (whether it is for a custom or for the 25th style) is: If it seems too much for a given mission, some of it can be REMOVED. Really, really cool work.
  5. I am a wicked big fan boy when it comes to Snake Eyes. I like what you've done with this custom alot. Really clever way of showing off the tattoo. I am unsure if I am alone in thinking Snake Eyes is just a mass of muscle & scar tissue under his clothes, but if it were my custom, I'd probably add a few scars to the visible forearms. Have you considered dremeling out the pistols on his thighs? It's a delicate operation, but if successful, would throw this figure into the top rankings of any Snake Eyes customs I've ever seen for sure.
  6. Congratulations To Every single customizer who entered! It was alot of fun creating the custom team & equally as fun learning that I had guessed wrong when I tried to match up each & every one of the other customizers & their submissions. Sincere thanks to Joerhyno for having pulled this contest off so very well. I look forward to the next round! ~greg/ibps
  7. Man, if the contest was for single best figure, I would have handed you the prize hands down. Fast draw looked good in the contest pics, but seein' him with the removable helmet just really throws the custom onto a different level. Really really cool. Aren't those viper arms? I like Darts legs with the major barrage torso, it looks much better than the ones he originally came with. The paint work on both of them is really crisp & the colors were well done. For some reason, Grunt's head looks fine as Fastdraw, but Barrage still looks too much like Barrage to me, for him to be Deepcover... At any rate, I am real glad to see you jump back into joe customizing, I've been a fan of your work since I first saw that desert Snake Eyes you did a long while back. I hope you made top three ~greg/ibps
  8. Okay, I've weighed the entries most carefully. What it came down to was which entry would I like to have in my own collection, or more accurately, which of these am I most likely to duplicate. My vote: Night Creepers You talented so & so..
  9. Wow & Oh my Goodness! & so on. What an excellent array of custom troops. I would be honored to offer my two cents on each of these submissions: Night Creepers. They look fantastic. Perfect parts mixing & excellent (yet subtle) modifications. Really really impressive (as usual). The one nitpick is that all three have the exact same skin tone. Humans grouped together typically don't. Code Red. Parts matching looks neat & I liked the backstory. The worn paint of the original pieces could have used touch ups. Frontal assault unit. The Dusty lookalike on the extreme left is my favorite of the group. I liked the other figures as well & think some close up shots would have allowed for better judging. Jungle Strike. Fastdraw is AWESOME; one of the very best uses of the JvsC Blowtorch body. Deep Cover looks like Major Barrage wearing different pants. The Cure. Looks like you spent more time on the accessories than on the paint applications. The uniform black on every member is a little boring...Low Light could use another coat on his sleeve. It is also difficult to see what those close up inserts are on both Low Light & Lone Star. Elite Taipan Force. The uniform colors are really outstanding. I really like diamondback's usage of the Swanson head & vest. Pretty cool sculpting on the hair of both Zandar & Ghostbear, although Zandar's looks too kinky... a Cobra symbol on Boomslang's beret would have put him over the top. Serpentor's Assassins. Plague's little skull decorations look great. Decapitator's shoulder armor looks way too big. I LOVED the backstory. I liked it so much I read it a second time out loud. D.E.F. Lockdown would make a perfect army builder. Nice usage of Leia's head, though Mayday's lower legs look a little too manly..I don't know how Bulletproof's holster's are staying up without any visible straps.. S.E.A.L.s The boat picture could pass for real life. That Sam Fisher head looks AWESOME coupled with the microman body. An excellent team & you get kudos for using a different medium for the base figures. Where's yer backstory? Advanced Recon/ Tactical Element. The coolest accessories of all entries & excellent parts matching. I think a few paint highlights would have went a long way on these. The helmet visors look too flat. A glossy coat would have made them look ALOT cooler. A really sincere thanks to Joerhyno, for hosting this contest & for trying to keep it fair & fun for everyone involved.. I'm leaning toward voting for either Elite Taipan Force, Night Creepers, Navy S.E.A.L.s or CURE.. For Everyone who submitted, Congratulations on some really well executed customs. Either affliction can be overcome.
  10. From figure parts to paint apps to back story...Joe's going to post all entries & then we vote for which one we like best. Top three vote getter's are the official winners.
  11. Wow, that was great! I'm a big fan of Overkill & it was alot of fun to see how you played him in your joeverse. I checked out some of your other comics as well. Kudos for having the stones to kill off both Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow. Good reading all around. Off to read Viper's Tale, ~greg/ibps
  12. Done. I can't wait to see what we came up with..
  13. I've got the whole line so far, except the Obi-wan & the Lava Miner. This is my first Super Battle Droid, so I don't know if this is news, but his articulation is also really good. The elbows have both the up & down movement plus 360 rotation. Since the flames come off, he would work well as an army builder. I was convinced that the Mace had no hip articulation until I tried to cusomize him & cut off his skirt. I have since reattached it with four slits 90% of the way up. I just cut along the center of both front & back & both sides along the molded seams. Although I would rather have figure stands than the coins, this entire line seems like a complete winner as far as the figures go.
  14. We just got them in this past week, here on the north east coast (Cape Cod, Massachusetts). It's gonna be an expensively fun year. @stormtrooper@@stormtrooper@@stormtrooper@@stormtrooper@@stormtrooper@ Time for another round of Army Buildin' !
  15. Two boxes of TAC figures & two boxes of Vader with the album have hit TRU on the far north east coast (Cape Cod, Massachusetts). They should be hittin' everywhere over the next week or so..
  16. Definately the best Mace Windu figure yet, though I'm still gonna have to dice him up for a custom made up from several of his other incarnations. He is almost as good as the Obi Wan. He's got no hip articulation at all, which throws the whole figure off for me. Plus his hands are a little bit wonky. His right hand has a huge grip & his left has a teeny little one. I am about to break him apart right now, as a matter of fact. 'Gonna use the Mace from the council scene's hips/thighs, The battle packs head & hands & the TAC for the rest. I'll let ya'll know if it turns out viable.
  17. Good Stuff! That was a fun read. Inspires me to get off my duff & make an actual dio-story happen with my people. The only critique I can offer is to make sure to spell check the words before final print. Story aside, what I am really digging are the custom figures. Those look great! I am a big fan of both lbc & self styled customs. Looking forward to the next installment, ~ibps
  18. Well...Even though I really wanted to incorporate as many crossovers as humanly possible into a 7 man team (including a go-bot & a spongebob character), I suppose I can limit myself to the parameters of this somewhat restrictive contest. #US1# Yo Joe & so forth. Kidding aside, I'm in, I'M IN!!. Thanks for hosting this Joe, I'm lookin' forward to seein' what we all come up with.
  19. those poor dudes that made the a.a. figures could have made sooo much more $$ if only..
  20. Can one be a celebrity & another be some sort of a vechicle? Seriously, if I get this correctly: I'm gonna make me a __insert number here (I'll say 5)__ squad of whomever; joe, cobra, arishikage ninja, what have you. Of the __5__ members, at least 3 will be of established characters who are appropriately aligned with the theme. The other two can be original characters created by the customizer. The question arisen now is: Can the "original" characters be taken from other mediums, i.e. marvel or dc super heroes, or a favorite professional wrestler, or a character from a favorite movie, etc; so long as the customizer justifies the crossover in their description of their squad (or sub group). Personally, I don't care either way. Artistic licence reigns within the given customizer's world of Joe. Then again, I've got smurfs in my joeverse, so I might be biased.
  21. #4 says I with some small amount of gleefilled anticipation. I can't wait to see what we come up with...
  22. Joe, this is a great time for another contest! This time, I'll actually do more than lurk & vote; I'd like to actually throw down some customs for this. Here's my idea: Make a brand new sub-group. Like something as small as Slaughter's Maruders or as big as the Iron Grenadiers. Come up with a small group of these troops (2-5) & explain how it is they fit into your joeverse. Lookin' forward to playing, ~greg/ibps
  23. howdy, all the customs were excellent, & each was worthy of praise. the two that i enjoyed above & beyond the others were the super trooper & that dusty paratrooper. i just really dig a great assortment of accessories, & these two figures come with an overwhelming yet appropriate selection.. i went with the dusty paratrooper (again) because this is the figure (minus the 'chute) i'm gonna copycat first. i want to use the base recipe for at least two of the figures for an SG1 project i'm workin' on. congratulations & best of luck to all involved. i truly enjoyed participatin' at a new board ~ibps
  24. Thanks, once more, for the invite, Alyosha. this seems, indeed, to be an interesting site, & one well worth the continued exploring & participation. the suspicions that have risen over satan's seemingly unmerited success seem, at first & second glance, well founded. of all the solutions offered for the remedy of this perceived unbalance, the one that strikes me as best is for each of us who dared cast a vote, speak herein; say a quick hello & give a brief who i voted for. in fact, many have already done so. although i enjoyed each of these customs, i really liked two of them above & beyond any of the others. Super Trooper & Dusty Paratrooper struck me as a fantastic confirmation of why we still play with toys. we make them better. i thought that the SuperTrooper showed a remarkable example of the exact type of 3 3/4 joe figure this grown old kid wished the official line had the vision to produce.. in the end, i voted for Dusty Paratrooper because i thought this figure did for the 3 3/4 line what the official 12 inchers had been aiming at for many years. it was this seamless transition between official lines that convinced me of my vote. regards to all, ~ibps
  25. Howdy Good Folk o' the forums. #US1# first things first, though not necessarily in that order. i were invited on over here for the purpose of reviewing & subsequent voting by the mighty Alyosha-man himself; i know of him & his works through that aforementioned joecustoms.com. The customs showcased in this contest (round one through five) Rocked! i was very impressed with the workmanship involved with each. before i even read the posting that followed the submitted figures, i knew it should have prolly' been a tight run 'tween the supertrooper & the dusty paratrooper...i was kinda surprised (#WTF#)by the amount of votes that first satan reeled in, i had thought the other was a bit more inspired... at any rate, i meant no offense at casting my vote. i assure you that such underhanded antics as padding a contest conceived in benevolence is the mark of a horribly insecure little poppet. it is also apparently very easy to spot, by folk in the know.. poor little muffin, i think to myself, if he had only told you folk up front that your positive regard was the cookies he desperately craved, we all could have just slapped him a high five & avoided this terrible hallabaloo. the only other thing of value i might add to this post would be concerning the words of Mr. IGC. Hey Mr IGC, with so many adult humans posting custom action figures on the 'net, it does become troublesome to recall all of the places one has found inspiration for the art. speaking strictly for myself, mere parts swapping doesn't usually merit a nod of acknowledgement...however, if you'd like, i'll be happy to pay homage to you in the future..maybe you should publish a list of your pioneered figures in you signature, that way folk like me will be reminded. Ever HelpFull, ~ibps
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