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  1. Excellent news & DB you noticed they`ve improved the articulation joints too,have a Joe type of look to them. As i`ve got all the others bar the HT Queen,I`ll be getting these bad boys. Ja Steel Bonnet
  2. Slaughter must have really wacked both sides of his head at the same time during training Nice figure. HAHAHA Maybe with hands on either cheek he`s doing a Cabbage Patch doll impression??? HAHAHAHA ja Steel Bonnet
  3. NP mate. I mearly am surprised at what`s been levied at me for whatever reasons. I`m truely blown away by this. ja Steel Bonnet
  4. It`s very annoying that`s what it is when muli accounts are used to bump the price Alas not used only by toy sellers. I stop all bidding when you get several low Numbered Bidders involved. Moreso when you get that email after auction. The Winner,2nd winner etc have declined you can have it at£..... Yea Right. ja Steel Bonnet
  5. Well I`d just like to ask questions to Aly here. Firstly, Apart from the crit i pointed out on Falcon & another custom on camo (Anyone who knows me,knows camo is one of those things i pick up on).I`ve NEVER ATTACKED you publicly or Privately So unless your having a MAJOR issue with someone & have ME Confused I`d be carefull there. Oh Sorry I also asked on the Budo "Why use the Crappy Chunky Hasbro Sword & scabbard,instead of sculpting some yourself" Whatever the issues where on JC I CAN HONESTLY SAY I SAID NOTHING to ANYONE. Come to think of it I ACTUALLY DIDN`T READ ANY of the POST/POSTS Involved with you being BANNED from JC ( I heard on the grape vine long after it all happened,so Sorry mate Wasn`t Involved in that or any other). So Please don`t try & use me as someone who has an AXE to GRIND. I made some comments & also within my post paid compliment too. As for this timing of GTG`s Opening. Well first off HOW THE HELL does a crit affect GTG? David know`s I`ve nothing BUT support for the store. That`s been expressed god knows how many times in public & private. So Unless your trying to switch innocent comments into a BADLY PLACED PR STUNT for you & GTG,I`m TRUELY Lost on this one. So unless you TRUELY Live in a Self deluded world where you ARE king & are randomly picking names to have Arguments with,I`d take a break & rethink what your saying. I`ve NEVER Pm`d,emailed you before to my recollection. As X has pointed out IF i have a beef I say it,I`m like that on the puter & In life. So I`m rather confused on WHY a simple crit of this Green Beret (Which is why I checked it out BTW) has turned into this FULL BLOWN I`m Attacking you situation. I don`t know you apart from reputation. So I`m rather bewildered. As for this APPARENTLY Affecting GTG,How ON EARTH did you come up with that???? Oh Yea I have that much sway People will of course follow me,THINK NOT on that Aly. I`m NOT a deluded sort. So Unless your trying to turn some simple crit`s into a BADLY Organised PR stunt for GTG & yourself I`m truely LOST on that angle you have used. Hadn`t realised pointing out things really ruffled your feathers. More to the point WHO the HELL have you got me MIXED up with???? Ja Steel Bonnet
  6. Aly, I`ve NEVER Told ANYONE to make a custom as I would. I`m not that sort.Plus also why would I?? Pointing out the beret & the flash (sorry you post title say`s GREEN BERET so I`d have thought a Little ref work would have been done for your OWN Nations SFG,It`s CALLED Respect). So cause I`ve mentioned on 2 of your customs the camo patterns (never mind the other customs i`ve commented on that were purely full of praise then shall we),I`m singled out as Having it in for you. That it? An opinion not to your liking means aggression from you?? Haven`t we seen this before somewhere else? Now for my Apparent 3 paragraphs of negatives. Sorry looked at them & there`s ONLY the first paragraph that has negs. The 2nd paragraph say`s HOW you got the cast Vested torso by using a ADD ON vest & gluing it to a torso,No neg there. It`s called FACT. 3rd paragraph compares your`s to Hasbro`s v1 Falcon.That`s all. 4th Paragraph is a compliment on you writting your little essay. Maybe Actually reading the WHOLE post would help there instead of stuck on a couple of neg points that ARE my views. As for my being very vocal on peoples customs well that`s a true I do like to comment on peoples work.Also this has helped make MANY friends too via sharing ideas in emails & pms. Hadn`t realised I was classed as attacking ppls customs. Memory serves I`m usually full of respect for there work (on all boards i goto). Though well your known for your deluded self gratification arn`t you. Must be hard having someone comment on it with Other than praise. Hell you started to take a strop purely with the vest issue which WAS politley mentioned by a few here before my post. Ja Steel Bonnet
  7. Happy Birthday Killi Hope you have a great time with the SoCal Noks Ja Steel Bonnet
  8. Nice & I have several dislikes (Wrong Style to wearing the Beret,What unit is that Flash?,vest,Why skip out on decent camo painting & swival wrists) though you say your aim is to capture a HASBRO release style (Why I`d never know as All of Hasbro`s figures need work). The vest though isn`t sculpted it`s an ADD ON vest glued & then just recasted. So I`m lost on the difference there between Sculpted vests to Add ON vests.As said This vest WAS An ADD ON. It`s a Nice figure Just not a Green Beret IMHO. Even Hasbro`s v1 Falcon looked More accurate (correct beret style,Tigerstripe camo,webbing could have been better,Scrim scarf was a nice touch by them though). Also nice to hear your drafting a piece on HOW TO make comments,though rather funny when you barely make any anyway (from what I`ve seen you do Look My Stuff,like it or else. Though barely have any words of wisdom,crit to anyone`s elses work). Ja Steel Bonnet
  9. Outstanding work mate & it`s spot on. Showed my wife & she thought it was Michael Douglas,now I see that too since hearing that so maybe a BLACK RAIN custom as well Ja Steel Bonnet
  10. Great Work John. Looks great & nice to see a team mate with him Maybe you can work these guys into your Zombie universe??? LOL Gives S.T.A.R.S. some added men in the field with experiance Also 4 for 4 Way to Go mate I`m with Joe on Goldberg heads being a Must too,also The Ultimate Warrior (though you knew that ),Love to see The Big BossMan (again you knew that too ). Oh the martial artist wrestler Black is it? That would make for some interesting customs as well As too NASH Outstanding work mate Ja Steel Bonnet
  11. Thank`s mate Appreciate that ja Steel Bonnet
  12. It`s GREAT to see these finally coming out Shame though they only made 3 of them so far though I bet series 2 will have the rest I really like what I see though & the articulation actually looks better than the AVP (series 1 & 2) & Batman begins snap Fix figures or is that just me? I`m looking forward to getting plenty of marines to customize Maybe this will justifie making the APC & Dropshop now Ja Steel Bonnet
  13. Hey EvilGenius, You picked yours up in the UK? If so which stores??? & where about in the country? Ja Steel Bonnet
  14. Thank`s Very much guys X, Thank`s mate & yea the photos are big though shows off the work more Especially the accessories & weapons I made Wayne, Thank`s mate & I know what you mean when you duplicate.It was made a little easier due to one being smart & the other ragged looking. Though dremeling off CrossCountries forage hat & sculpting the hair on was fun. The acc`s I`m very happy with & as for the 2 rifles I`m Very happy with how they turned out. The multi barrel gun,the barrels were made from metal tubing. Hope that helps & Look forward to seeing your double barrel shottie Ja Steel Bonnet
  15. Falcon7, thank`s very much mate. I appreciate that Yea a fair bit of work went into these though when the buyer got them it WAS well worth it ja Steel Bonnet
  16. Hey DB You Lucky SOB mate I`ve been after a pair of these for a year now when we first heard they were coming out. Glad to see you have one The German WEASAL tank is a rather cool vehicle itself mate I`ve 3 of those all reworked to look like Actual Modern German Military tanks (1 TOW & 2 20mm Cannon versions). Still would love to get the V-22`s Ja Steel Bonnet
  17. Hey all, Well not a new custom as I made this on commission a couple of years back for a Sgt Harper fan from the series. What we have here are 2 actual versions of Sgt Harper,One in full dress & the other the more scruffy portrayed version. All the acc`s & weapons i made & the Sword-bayonet fit`s the Baker rifle & also the leather scabbard. The backpack is Actual Leather i glued to shape & painted Regt ID on. The multi barrel rifle was a bit of a pain to make though overall looks pretty good I sculpted the water bottle then added cloth straps. The parts used to make Sgt Harper are:- HEAD: GI Joe ARAH Cross country.One having a Shako sculpted on too. TORSO: A TEAM Mr T. Sculpted jacket front & buttons. ARMs: A Team Mr T. Waist: GI Joe one with cloth Sash added. Legs I don`t recall. The photos were taken on a flatbead scanner that`s why the acc`s don`t sit well in the pictures. They were taken by the new owner of them. I present SGT HARPER from the TV Series SHARPE. Well there you go something a little different from me even though a commission I`m rather happy with how Both versions turned out Ja Steel bonnet
  18. Thank`s very much though this is 1/18th for 4" & 3 3/4 figures (GI JOE Scale/BBI/XD/Corps etc etc). It`s a Powerteam Elite 1/18th scale Desert patrol vehicle. Ja Steel Bonnet
  19. Very Nice mate & love the "Action" photos thet are sweet Nice work indeed mate ja Steel Bonnet
  20. Thank`s Very much X I do appreciate you commenting both here on CC Glad you really like the DPV too mate Ja Steel Bonnet
  21. Hi All, Here`s a little something i`ve been working on the last week or so. A PTE DPV kitted out. I`ve tried to keep the whole concept realistic too. The Laptop was more inspired from a 1/6th DPV I once saw. Anyway as said a PTE DPV. I added the roof from a BBI DPV & dremeled out the holes in it too (as it should be). I attached a Laptop in the rear compartment section for the gunner to use. The GPS unit on the top is scratch built. The platform it sits on is from the BBI DPV too. The MK19 at the front is BBI & I used it`s tripod mount to secure it. The Rear weapon is a PTE Littlebird Minigun with Double trigger handle added. All 3 have ammo belts made from the same belt which was a PTE littlebird ammo belt. I kept the belt as is for the .50 M2 HMG,the belt for the MK19 I removed the tips off the belt & for the Minigun I removed the brass top too. To round off the firepower TWO roof mounted BBI AT4s. The ammo can for the Minigun is actually a verticle BBI MK19 ammo can. I`ve added a Tow chain at the front & also 3 tied down Jerry cans of fuel. the side baskets have stowed geat (3 sleeping bags tied together,WATER Jerrycan,COMMKIT & on the other side MK19 ammo can,Drivers Backpack). Behind the passengers seat are 2 bags,one has a tent the other supplies. On the frame work are 2 Spare wheels. Also ammo cans for the Minigun & .50cal M2 (That is from the PTE Littlebird btw). The Driver is a Microman with cloth clothing. T-shirt by Robopredator,Jacket is from SW Han Solo,Trousers & Droplet belt order I made. The Head is Chap Mei & the boots are BBI adapted to fit Microman. FRONT REAR INTERIOR (notice painted controls) TOP VIEW Driver & DPV RIGHT SIDE LEFT SIDE UNIT Patch (TASK FORCE OMEGA my own design). Well I hope you like what I`ve done. I`m pretty happy with how it`s turned out. I am working on 2 more crewmen who`ll be "dropping In" soon. Again Both Micromen with Cloth gear. Ja Steel Bonnet
  22. LUCKY BUGGER!!! Well apart from the short length (which No doubt will be longer in X3.5 on DVD ),the rest of the film sounds pretty interesting Looking forward to this being released & catching it. Ja Steel Bonnet
  23. Hey Blaster It` is great Scope`s spreading the Joy of Accurate Military CLOTH figures We`ve lost ONE of our secret weapon on SSHQ though HAHAHAHA Ja Steel Bonnet
  24. hey mate, Welcome to TNI & also What a Way to show your custom work too As you know I`m Truely a BIG fan of 1/18th figures being made like this with cloth uniforms & acc`s. With that I`m truely a BIG fan of YOUR work It`s simplely amazing.It`s spot on Milspec too & that is something I`ve NOT seen before. First time I saw your first SEAL i truely though it was 1/6th. That`s how much of a Great Job you have done ScopeUK. Outstanding Work & Here`s to seeing the rest of the team soon Again Welcome aboard the Good ship TNI ja Steel Bonnet
  25. Nice work X,nice work indeed. Nice to see so much removable kit too The mods to the M4 are sweet too The only thing I don`t like & it`s NOT your fault is the Bloody red googles. You can see him a mile off.He`s going to "make some Sniper`s day" i can tell you Just with your little action photos they stand out SO much in the tall grass. ja Steel Bonnet
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