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  1. Updated above! Boff123, the Hulk arm should go out in the mail today, thanks!
  2. I have: Despero R-leg from Wonder-Woman Despero R-leg from Artemis Despero L-leg from Ares Despero R-arm from Cyborg Unmasked Deathstroke sealed DCUC2 Firestorm sealed Red Hulk R-arm from Wolverine I need: Foom L-arm/wing from End Hulk Foom upper-torso from Skaar son of Hulk Foom L-leg (from grey/green Hulk?) Foom R-leg (from Absorbing Man?) Also looking for any Metallo series figs. Would trade 1-for-1 UM Deathstroke or Firestorm. PM me here. I've had plenty of good deals with Lartdog, SPC Airborne, General Hawk, mikericem...
  3. Wasn't the Manitou Raven guy in the JLA:Obsidian Age storyline supposed to be Apache Chief? Also, don't forget that beginning with the Atom Smasher series 7 (which includes Flash, Barda, etc.) Mattel will begin shipping the wacky case-packs to retailers, with half of one series and half of another series, along with "All-Star" rereleases of the heavey-hitter Bats/Supes/Wondy/GL/Firestorm characters - which include bases instead of C&C parts (this is being done at the behest of Mattel's "retail partners" in order to "keep a fresh variety of product on the shelves" and increase foot traffic in the toy aisle.) That's all code for "If I thought it was hard to complete a C&C now, wait till 2009!" Keeping in mind the shelf-constancy that the "retail partners" want to establish for the "All Star" type characters, there's really no need to continue to include odd variations of the big 7 in the C&C series' just to keep them on the shelves - these are the ones that WalMart/Target/Mattel are counting on selling to soccer-moms, grandparents, and kiddies with an extra $12(?) So, it's not really a surprise that there's no Supes/Bats in wave 8, since they're going to be in the cases in 2009 anyway
  4. I just picked this up yesterday. Anyone else seen one of these? All I'd seen so far were "bearded" versions. The stamp was the same on the back of both boxes. I'll double-check to be sure it is still factory sealed when I get home. It seems a little too coincidental to be a paint error, since Crankcase originally only had the 'stache.
  5. "Ahhhhhhhhh, my liver!!!!!"
  6. FFF BAF Series 1 (revealed at Toy Fair): 1. Wendigo 2. Absorbing Man 3. FA She-Hulk 4. Hulk: The End Figures yet to be confirmed for FFF BAF Series 2: -Valkyrie -Doc Samson -Bi-Beast -Red King -Skaar: Son of Hulk -King Hulk -McGuinness Hulk -McFarlane Grey Hulk
  7. My money is on the re-branding -if you will- of the Marvel Heroes toy lines. Likely the reason we haven't heard much of anything about ML is because Hasbro is holding-out for NYCC. We have yet to see their take on 4" Marvel figures. We know they've got 6" 2-packs planned, as well as the Foom series of Hulk figures. I expect Hasbro to make 4" Marvel figs their bread n butter (see Star Wars/GI Joe/Indy/Hulk Movie lines), while throwing the 6" fans a bone with the Legends 2-packs. I thought it was confirmed that Icons would be giving way to the Unleashed! figures... I think it would be lovely to have a Jesse Falcon-fixed Nemesis wave. I was vomiting in my mouth a little about the horrid articulation for Beast and Tigra - two of Marvel's most nimble. Speaking of Jesse Falcon, did anyone else notice the similarity between the perforated bubble on the IM movie figs and the perfs on the LCBH figures' packaging?
  8. Or, Hasbro could do a "build a weapon" for GI Joe and include a piece of the MASS device in each of 5 cartoon mini-series DVD packs - "collect them all to build your very own MASS device." Oh, wait...
  9. Hah! I'd like to see them available the same way the Fridge and Sgt. Slaughter v1 were done. Collect (or 5?) tickets, send reg. form with S/H, boom! I think having to drop $60 on comic packs just to get Doc is a bit extreme.
  10. EDIT: I added a poll question about "how" folks want to see a Steel Brigade figure released. Somehow, though, it wiped out the 5 votes that had already been cast. SHENANIGANS!
  11. I started this poll to gauge interest for the inclusion of the Steel Brigade in the 25th anniversary line of Joes. I wanted to first, gauge collector interest in the character and second, get a feel for how folks think the figure should be released. So, since everyone on the internet has at least 7 opinions, make two of yours heard here and now!
  12. Why not Shockwave? Were folks satisfied enough with his Alternator incarnation that they wouldn't be interested in a G1 redux? I would think a space-aged laser-gun with lights and sounds that transforms into an evil robot would be a no-brainer for Hasbro.
  13. Upon closer inspection, I will concede to my error. The lettering is clearly stenciled on as part of the design, as opposed to the hand-scribbled notations common on many pre-production pieces. Thanks for setting me straight, gents.
  14. I do not think that these are actual production pieces. I haven't seen this mentioned but, the writing on the right side of the Mark 01 breastplate would indicate that the figure is a prototype. Perhaps a test-shot, etc.
  15. Billy T.


    The custom is pretty good. If you're looking to make Namor "buffer" and use the FO Sabes body, why not just modify a LCBH Conan (availability issues aside)? I'm pretty sure that fig uses the FO Sabes as a base, plus much of it is already flesh-toned.
  16. i have to disagree with you. hasbro seem to be doing very well this year alone with ml shelf space. i mean we've got the FF wave, wave 3, exclusive twin sets, exclusives and that thing they calleds a spidey wave, all in the same month. imagine what that will be like next year. I'm not exactly sure that I understand about what you're specifically disagreeing. It's possible that folks are seeing Brood, Ronan, and Sandman series ML on pegs right next to each other (I sure as heck haven't.) However, at this point, Wal-mart is the only one carrying 2-pack "boxsets." I was suggesting that next year, there will be more room for Hasbro to mass release boxsets, as opposed to releasing them exclusively. Imagine what Hasbro could put in place of the 5" Spidey3/F4 toys and Icons. Not to mention the shelf-space freed-up by the absence of Optimus Prime voice-changer helmets, Cyberstompers, Ultimate Bumblebee, Optimus Prime/Starscream Nerf Blasters, etc. Does that make it clear that Hasbro could make available even more 6" Marvel stuff next year than they are right now? It sounds like we might be saying something similar from two different angles...
  17. Well, we've seen Hasbro testing the waters with the Wal-mart exclusive "boxset" 2-packs. Granted, these aren't quite what we think about when we say "boxset." Since these were exclusives, Hasbro was more willing to offer some more-obscure characters. At this point, I think the only way we'll see sets with the likes of Alpha Flight, Wrecking Crew, T-bolts, Runaways, etc. is if they're exclusives. In contrast, a Civil War boxset would likely get a mass retail release, due in part to the massiveness of the comic-event, but also the opportunity for Hasbro to stuff in an Iron Man, a Spidey, a Cap, and maybe a Ms. Marvel or Falcon - in other words, primarily heavy-hitter/A-list characters. Hasbro is doing pretty good so far, as far as getting out some obscure figs (Stan Lee, Jen Walters, Black Queen, Domino, Cannonball, and Marvel Girl/Jean Grey.) The question becomes, what will be the best means of delivery for obscure/fan-fave/team characters? So far, they've gone the exclusive route. With 2008 being a little leaner for Hasbro licensed properties (no more 30th anniv. SW, no more TF movie, 25th Joes cooling off, no Spidey nor F4 movie stuff), that should leave a little bit of shelf space for the Legends line to expand. Yes, there will be Iron Man & Hulk lines. Icons is going bye-bye. 4" figs are on the way. I still think that Hasbro will have the shelf-space to expand the 6" Legends line with some sort of multi-pack format offering. Whether it goes beyond the current 2-pack format - that will be another story.
  18. Not sure if this will settle the debate or not...
  19. Billy T.

    Caps letter

    Those are fargin' hi-larious! I was almost in tears reading some of those. Seriously though, I think the real letter probably: 1. Confirmed to Stark that the Winter Soldier was in fact a brain-washed Bucky 2. Intimated Roger's belief that there should always be a Cap, and 3. Cap wants Bucky to take up the shield in Cap's place Stark was probably already going to have Widow go after Bucky (to retrieve the shield and track him to foul-up his inevitable attempt on Stark's life.) After reading the letter, I'm thinking that Widow's directive may be more like, "Tell Bucky that he and I need to talk," or rather, "Tell Bucky that Steve wanted he and I to have a talk..."
  20. Let me put it to you like this. When I read the preliminary description provided by cooltoyreview which mentioned that the new Namor would have ball-jointed elbows, knees, and upper-torso (which was later confirmed by SDCC pics), I went straight to eBay and bought an ML2 Namor. I had been holidng off until we got some info about the line. Once I heard about how poorly designed the figure was, I decided I need not wait any longer. I'd get a ML2 version while I can, as I highly anticipate inflation of prices on ML2 Namor once the new one is released, because the new one sucks so powerfully. Having said that, there will likely be some that will settle for the new one because it will be less expensive. However, the ML2 Namor is the superior version IMO (if only for the TB articulation scheme and semi-realistic sculpt), even if the green trunks is the more desired costume. I can roll like that, not being a huge Namor fan. On the same token, I will be picking up a Rachel Grey, because I really dig the character and, she has not been previously released in ML (nor will she likely be again any time soon.)
  21. For me, it was between the AIM & SHIELD agents. I flipped a Post It! notepad and it came up yellow, so I voted for AIM, heh.
  22. Billy T.

    Brood Series

    Overall, I find the Brood Series quite underwhelming. The only real "must have" for me is Rachel, as I'm a big X-fan and she's never been released in ML. I'm an Avengers fan, too (to a somewhat lesser extent) but, I have no connection or interest in the Black Knight figure. Had he been better-articulated, I would probably have gone ahead and picked him up to fill-out the team. I'm on the fence about the HYDRA soldier. It may be hard to see'em on the pegs and not pick up at least one for Cap to smack around. After all, how articulated do they need to be to lie on the ground and look dead? LOL (j/k, as I'm a firm believer in super-articulation) I'd much rather have a Winter Soldier as opposed to classic Bucky. The only other one I'm a little iffy on is AXM Cyke. This is a pretty good look for him and, he's fully articulated (a la the Toybiz "standard.") I don't really care about the BAF this time around so, maybe 3/8 (Rachel, HYDRA goon, & AXM Cyke.) I built Blob but only have 4/8 (She-Hulk, Quicksilver, Yellow Jacket, and Xorn.) I built Annihilus but only have 4/6 (Planet Hulk, Emma, Banshee, and Hercules.)
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