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  1. Sienna Miller confirmed on Sydney radio tonight that the stars of the upcoming "G.I.Joe Rise of the Cobra" have signed for TWO (yes two!!) sequels to the film to be released in early August... Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans are all currently in Australia to promote the film... @firedevil@
  2. Hi, yeah i have bought 2. The one pictured and Battista. I do have to warn you though - the feet can be an issue. My Battista could not stand up at all. He was permanently doing ballet so i had to glue them flat. The figure pictured though is awesome!! I have started on a cartoonish head on Battista (which is sucking BTW), but the potential is awesome! They are a bit shorter than the 25th anniversary (don't really go to be honest) and the same size as the original figures. They're about the same height as the 25th anniversary baroness. Not too good for a big muscley man to be dwarfed by the girl!! That being said, the one i have that works (the one pictured) is amazing!! Go for it. The others look a bit crappy. The new ones at Toy Fair 08 kind of lost me i have to say!! Hopefully the final ones will be better. Perfect for a Big Boa conversion! I think the Microman hands could be very easily substituted for the ones included. One is in a fist, the other flat. Does anyone know of some clothes i could get to put on them?
  3. Internationally the perspective of CC is different to the US one from my experience. Many countries, inc. Australia, didn't get the cartoon so our perspective is always the comics or the filecards. The UK would be interesting, because they had the cartoon (Action Force) and also the comic where things were decidedly different. The CC (and his predecessor) in Action Force is hardcore!! Kicking arse and taking names. Wonder people in other countries thought? Personally i think the cartoon universe sucks!! Marvel and to a much lesser extent DD (the first stuff was good - recently it's been naff!!) have done a much better job representing good and evil, complex personalities, sub-plots and any form of character development in a "real world" environment! Mind you, that being said, if you grew up without the cartoon or the comic you had to make it all up and it was a lot more fun. Hell Snake Eyes was a bad guy when i used to play with them back in '83.
  4. So with this Sideshow announcement form Superbowl, does it not look like this GIJoe movie might at least start during the Vietnam War? The uniforms are primarily from that era, and visually it would have to be said, that it evokes a feeling of that war. Do you think there could either be a "time-bending" sub-plot to the movie? Soldiers from different eras? Or do you think it's a straight "start in the Vietnam War and then flash froward to now". They'd be pretty old for elite soldiers though. Anyway - just thoughts... As long as Cobra kicks arse, i don't care!!!!
  5. That CC is cool! Have you got some pics or a recipe!!! Great work!!! I noticed the Coils arms - what else?? The head is very nice... Oh and the Viper is very nice too!! More pics??
  6. Yeah i have to say i wasn't that thrilled with the last few waves, but this has really brought it all back. Hopefully we'll start to see more figs of this calibre soon!! Here's hoping Hasbro doesn't cancel the wave!! Oh and VH... i thought i was being subtle! Apparently i wasn't. Good to have you on board after all the verbal sparing!! @smilepunch@ I hope these pictures show people the possiblities. Oh and Joe - i didn't see the Hit and Run till you mentioned it. Good call!! With a bit of tinkering you could have a Footloose too... simple head swap even. Can't wait to make my own Eel... Now all i need is an Australian importer so i can get the case. @bounce@
  7. I've noticed a few of the old school critics of Sigma Six turning their opinion around in recent times - and i think this will certainly help change many many other people's opinions too: http://gijoeclub.com/previews.cfm These look fantastic. An Alpine-esque guy, and two great looking military figures! Actual guns - AK-74 and MP5 by the look of it. Three GREAT looking figures!! After the recent Recondo and other more military figures, maybe Hasbro have finally worked out what to do with Sigma Six. I really can't wait for these 3!!
  8. Not too sure if this has been a topic before, but i recently bought a Chief Torpedo off eBay and i have to say it's one of my favourite figures. Chief Torpedo from YoJoe.com I'd never seen it before, but loved the look of it - but now i have it, i'm absolutely smitten!! Are there any underrated figures not often mentioned or glossed over that you really love? Maybe something simple like Viper V5 or Fast Blast Viper V2. Something quite simple, maybe not glamorous but is in your Top 10 figures? Not a chance for the glory hounds to post their obscure figures (don't we get enough of that?) just a fun topic to highlight the sometimes overlooked... May be a naff topic - but thought it might be fun.
  9. Anyone else worried about this: http://www.hisstank.com/forum/attachment.p...mp;d=1180916763 Apparently Snake Eyes is "infantry" and Gung Ho is "Recondo"??? Hello?!!!! Some one in Hasbro miss this typo?? Figs look cool though!!
  10. That looks great!!! Haven't been too impressed with the colours on the others so far - but this looks like a mighty improvement. Well done - can't wait to see more!!
  11. That trooper helmet is cool!! Anyone ordered from this guy before? Are they reliable and quality?!! http://cgi.ebay.com/GI-Joe-Cobra-Trooper-W...1QQcmdZViewItem It looks awesome - but to be sent to me in Oz, it will be quite pricey. Thus the caution...
  12. For Australian readers - i found a fair heap of them in Sydney. At least 4 of the Galactic marines and a few Airborne Troopers. (The Galactic marine's helmet comes off BTW!!!) Anyway... maybe our case assortment is different from yours but i've seen them around. Maybe i got lucky...?!!
  13. Anyone notice they f*#ked up on the "Cobra Trooper" package art? They put the Cobra Officer's head on it - little crest and all!! Ooooops... We're off to a good start!!! Still will give them the benefit of the doubt - the Snake Eyes kicks arse!!
  14. Another absolutely excellent story!! Seriously - they have to be the best out there. The customs are great, the stories easy to follow, really well posed and actually interesting. Well done again.
  15. Oh hey - dude!!! I LOVE S6... that's why i'm dissappointed in these initial offerings. I mean when the paint apps are done then maybe they'lll look better. But the heads on Inferno and Lockdown SUCK!!!! Full stop. I'm also concerned how these will look next to the other figures. They don't seem to even match!! Come on - Sigma Six are awesome figures, and i've defended them loudly and proudly, but the ones i've mentioned above really do let the team down. And worst of all they prove the critics right!!
  16. Of all the legs they could have chosen - they chose THOSE??!!! Oh please! Here's a thought - how about using Coils arms? Much better - matches the chest even. Hey why not got he whole hog and use Coils legs too? Just thoughts... Copperhead is a dude - this figure (at this point) certainly isn't!
  17. NASTY!!!! I mean obviously not all the paint apps have been done, but all their legs are WRONG! Too long!!! And it looks like the articulation in the arms has been limited, especially on Inferno. Oh Lockdown... you suck!! Iron Grenadier obviously has a lot more to him and could be very cool! Is it me - or do they look like COPS figures?!! They're supposed to be military! GungHo/ Footloose and Zartan are cool though!
  18. Very VERY cool!! There's that Marvel Showdown articulation i was predicting in the previous thread. Dammit - i should have put money on it!!! Can't wait for the rest. Like the rest of the Showdown figures, the legs look a bit wonky - but can't wait to see in person!!!
  19. Have to agree with xhairs here! I think we're pretty much guaranteed: The origanl line up + Serpentor, Duke, Zartan, Destro, Baroness, BAT, some kind of Viper (maybe Tele-Viper) Firefly, Tunnel rat as a homage to Larry Hama possibly... And possibly for cross service representation: Shipwreck (or some naval dude) Ace (or some pilot-y guy) Snow Job Dusty Personally i think Scrap Iron is unlikely because of the DTC version. Scarlet might be lucky because she was in the original line up and the Baroness because... well she's the Baroness. But apart from that, no girls! Don't know, just the obvious extras that come to mind. I do think they will do like they did with the original run and swap torsos and legs (maybe heads) to get the original line up. That would be cool!! And HOPEFULLY just in green! No fancy crappy camo or badly done desert cam!! No camo, except for Stalker - he's the man, and Dusty if he makes the cut!!
  20. Totally excited!! BUT By more articulation - they don't mean using the very crap Marvel Showdown figures bodies do they? That line has been cancelled, and i'm sure they'd like to relaunch America's very own rip-off of the Takara Microman body with GIJoe characters. It had possibilties - but really suffered from bad plastic, overly long limbs etc. Anyone think this might be a possibility?? I for one am very excited about this 25th Anniversay turn of event. new figs in new super-articulated molds - just a little wary of Hasbro! @hmmm@
  21. Excellent work!!! Thank you so much for all the fantastic work! Definitely a resource to inspire and admire...
  22. Good post man! I agree!! Personally i prefer the idea of GIJoe that is portrayed in the opening of the movie. "Armies of the night, evil taking flight..." is what Cobra is meant to be!!! As opposed to camp guys who can't shoot straight who come up with ludicrous inventions "to conquer the world"! Just blow stuff up!!! Crimson Guardsmen spearheading the attack and taking out cameras, BATs ripped to shreds, Trouble Bubbles careening out of control (Imperial Biker Scout-style). The fact things blow up and potentially people are killed is a lot more realistic. Cobra has goals and their followers are willing to die for it! The opening to me was more like the comic - all the better frankly! The Joes and Cobra carry guns - at least in the intro they actually use them!
  23. Okay, check this out... Hasbro Australia won't bring the Joe Comic Packs (or any Joes for that matter) here - BUT yesterday at TRU i noticed they had all the new Star Wars ones! Come on - why can't we have Joe Comic Packs if Star Wars Comic Packs are here?? Who's running that damn company anyway? And on that... when are Hasbrotoyshop.com going to post internationally. If you post that question to customer service it gets redirected to Hasbro Aust, but they don't reply!! So what is the point??!! @grumpy@ Oh Hasbro you suck more than you could possibly know!! I would more than happily tell you where to can stick your Nerf!
  24. ... the old debate - "Action Figure" vs "Toy". Transformers = Toy GI Joe (all incarnations) = Action Figure. With Transformers, as much as they have their place, the cartoon was WAY cooler than the toys... With GI Joe, the action figures were definitely cooler than the cartoon!
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