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  1. Alright, found out what I needed. Thanks.
  2. Guess what? I know this isn't the Voltron board. Guess what? There is no Voltron board. I alredy ask this in the Anime board and no one answered (figures, all they care about is Pokemon or DBZ). I'm hoping some TF fan here also likes Voltron and can answer my question. Anyway, I've noticed the Voltron DVDs started coming out. Vol. 1 has two versions, a tin case and a regular version. You would think, this being the internet, I should have no problem finding the answer but so far I haven't been able to. Both, store sites and the Voltron sites don't have an answer. All I want to know is: what is the difference between both sets besides the tin case and price? Any difference in bonus content etc...? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm not sure where else to ask this. I know Voltron is anime but it seems many anime fans don't know much about the old stuff and pretty much only care about anime from the last 10 years or so. Anyway, I've noticed the Voltron dvd vol.1 came out. There are two versions, a tin case version and a regular version. I was wondering what the difference was besides the tin case. Any differences in the extra content? You'd figure on the internet, I'd be able to find this info out pretty easily. I've searched several sites, including stores that sell the dvds and the actual Voltron sites as well and I can't find a definitive answer.
  4. I think I overexplained this a few times. I'm not going to do it again.
  5. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say. The whole point of the theatrical release of ANH not having the episode title is just that: that's how it looked when it was released. If you want to see the episode title so badly, go watch those various dvd and vhs releases you mentioned. Again, I'm not sure what you're trying to say about the ESB Hoth battle. The bonus discs are theatrical releases, the way you saw it as a kid. You should be happy but it seems like you're complaining about something. Personally, I prefer the 2004 releases with all the technical fixes. I do not want to see through cockpits or matte lines. I don't want to see ugly orange blobs under landspeeders. I don't want to see a giant puppet Sly Snoodles and I don't want to see Monkey Face, I mean, Emperor Palpatine from ESB. I've seen them my whole life, on all those VHS releases. I hope Lucas keeps on making little changes here and there, as long as they're logical. I think we all agree the Greedo/Han thing was stupid, but the technical fixes are perfectly fine by me...as long as Luke's lightsaber is blue again.
  6. That's how my Walmart is. They have about 20 Major Bren Derlins and General Rieekans keeping those pegs warm for the Winter. They did get some Greatest Battles in but they didn't last long. I'm just picture a dozen Wave 6 and 7 cases in the back gathering dust.
  7. KingJohnny


    Nice paint job, but I think U-3PO's colour is closer to gold than silver. It's not quite as silver as TC-14 but not quite as gold as C-3PO either. It seems like a faded gold.
  8. So essentially what I'm hearing here is "HA HA! I scammed Walmart with their own policies." Just watch what you say to store employees. Practically admitting that you're going to screw them over whether they like it or not can get you into a lot of trouble. All he had to do was notify the associates behind the customer service counter what you had said to him...and that would have put an end to the whole scenerio real quick. Whether YOU look at it this way or not, stores view it as attempted fraud, and that can potentially lead to legal troubles. Not a lecture, just a word of warning from someone who works as a TRU manager. Ok, I still don't see how I'm scamming Walmart. I wanted some figures on sale. It's MY MONEY. I do not have to buy them, but I WANTED them. I WANTED them for the price that was on clearance at a different store. If I can't get them for the clearance price, I DO NOT WANT THEM. Since I AM ABLE TO RETURN THEM AT ANY STORE, I did nothing wrong. I could have simply drove all the way back to the other Walmart and STILL GOT MY MONEY BACK. There were two associates there. Either one of them could have refused my request for a refund. SINCE THEY ACCEPT RETURNS AT ANY STORE, I walked away with my 20 bucks back. I also could've just asked for the figures back and went to the register and RE-BOUGHT THEM FOR 5 BUCKS EACH. As you can see from my brother (JoeRhyno)'s post, he did re-buy them. I GOT WHAT I WANTED FOR THE PRICE I WANTED. Again, if I was scamming them, then I would've been refused a refund but somehow tricked the associate into giving me either the figures for what I wanted or giving me my money back, or worse, doubling my money somehow. Since the return was accepted, I did nothing wrong. They could have refused me. The associate was visibly upset because he realised the flaw in their policy, not because he felt I was scamming them OR ELSE HE WOULD'VE GOT A MANAGER AND HAD ME KICKED OUT SINCE I'M SUCH A HUGE CRIMINAL. I didn't know that the clearance sale was exclusive to just one store (as you can see from many other posts, this clearance had varying prices from different stores across the country). I just figured the other store for some reason FORGOT to mark the figures down. How many times have you noticed something not marked down when it should have been, reported it to the clerk, and they re-adjusted the price? It happens all the time at all kinds of stores. It's not fraud. I was in the self-checkout aisle and there were people behind me so I just bought them for the regular price and went to the other store to get them to price match. I UNDERSTAND WHY THEY COULDN'T. At the time, that was not the case and since I could not get them for the price I wanted, I returned them because I am allowed to. It's not fraud. It's not like I stole them and then returned them. I did not scam anyone. It was not my intention. Walmart STILL lost out on 10 bucks because of their policy, not because of me. The smart thing would be for them to price match, even clearance items. Customers are supposed to be number 1. Walmart strives to make them happy and should always make sure that happens. Joey, it's weird that the Luke didn't ring up for 5 bucks because when the guy scanned them, they both rang up for 5 bucks, which proved I was not lying to him (in case he felt I was TRYING TO SCAM HIM).
  9. I didn't say release a case of clones. I'm only saying, quit making the clone/stormtroopers rare. 1 a case is not a good business decision. Make them just as common as the other figures. Again, I didn't say release a case, just release a little more than they are normally doing. Hasbro is not perfect. Look at all the Vaders clogging up the pegs. Vader is very popular now. I would say Vader is the most popular SW character. But, look at all the Vader figures. It seems Hasbro is trying to capitalise on this popularity but it's not really working. Who wants a Vader army?? Army building is very popular right now. Trying to guess they will be popular later when the TV show is on is a little risky. They might as well take advantage of the current trend and milk it. If what you're saying is correct, then Hasbro would be benefitting from the after market on Ebay and at toy shows. Since that's not happening, I have to disagree with you and continue believing what they are doing now, with short packed troopers, is a bad decision. It's catering to the collector. Are you trying to tell me kids don't want the troopers? I don't believe that nonsense. I wanted EVERY figure, even female figures,when I was younger. Aliens, robots, females, guards and of course the heroes. I wanted them all. I don't believe kids are so one dimensional that they only want the heroes.
  10. The stormies/clones are hot because there are army builder collectors, many of which do not want to pay high prices but just want to find enough figures for their armies. It's not a good business decision. Hasbro could make more money if they met the demand, at least. I seriously doubt the pegs would be clogged with stormies/clones if the demand was met. Not all collectors are willing to pay high prices for dozens of figures that are essentially "extras". As a collector, one who doesn't have a lot of money for this hobby and I know there are MANY others out there like me, I would not want to pay more than 6-7 for Star Wars figures, especially if they were for an army. Hasbro does not benefit from scalpers and dealers snatching up the clones just to sell them at shows and Ebay at 2 or 3 times the retail price. Hasbro did not create the army building phenomenon. Fans did. Why would fans abandoned a cool hobby just because they could go to the store at any time if they wanted an extra clone and not be worried about it selling out? From what I've seen, no army building fan has enough clones. If anything, they should release more clone and stormtrooper multi-packs.
  11. The Marvel SW comics were very popular. That's why the series lasted 107 issues. That's why the issues are worth a lot. Back then, before the EU, the stories were what took place in between the movies. I was in second grade when my little girlfriend at the time GAVE me issue 1 of SW. Technically, that was my very first comic book. I don't care for these figures. I'm not looking forward to seeing the Vader 2-pack keeping those pegs warm. For the people who don't like the shading: that's how shading looks in comic books. "Black" shading is blue, this is why Superman's hair looks blue sometimes, not because he's from Krypton. Supes didn't go emo or anything. His hair is jet black. The blue is shading. Chewbacca looks like a sasquatch with that shading. I don't see why Hasbro makes stormtroopers/clones rare. They should know by now that people like to army build. It would be in their best interest to make stormtroopers plentiful. It's not like they're the ones making the big money on the aftermarket on Ebay.
  12. That movie sent me out in the hall several times during my Speech class in 8th grade. My friend and I talked about the movie daily, quoting all the best lines and we couldn't stop giggling. One time, my friend had to stand up and do a speech and he saw I was hiding my head behind the person in front of me because if we looked at each other, we would start cracking up. Since he knew this, he started cracking up anyway, which got me cracking up because I knew why he was cracking up. Out in the hall we went! That was a good year. By the way, I failed that year and had to go to summer school to make it up.
  13. Ok, I understand, they were on clearance and not "on sale". The point is, because of the flaw in their matching price policy, they lost out on 10 bucks. Maybe they should match a clearance price of another Walmart, at least. If anything, they should not have let me return an item that was on clearance in their store but not another Walmart. Why did the other store not have them marked down? Maybe they were selling enough to justify keeping them there. Maybe an idiot manager? I doubt it. Except for the Lukes, Biker Scouts and maybe some Tusken Raiders, the Hans and Greedos basically became peg warmers. The Tuskens vary at different stores. I've seen most stores have at least one. The one that did have 5 dollar figures had one.
  14. Why should they be obligated to price-match with stores in their own chain? Price-matching with competing stores makes sense because it attracts customers FROM those competing chains, but not with sister stores a short distance away. Essentially, by trying to do this you were attempting fraud--and that is likely why the clerk refused the price-matching transaction, but accepted the refund. Then what's the point of accepting returns from another store? My point is that they lost out on 10 bucks because they would not match the price AND accepted the return, giving me my 21 bucks back and having to put two more figures up on the shelves. Granted, those two figures might sell but only at 5 bucks each. I was not attempting fraud. I was only taking advantage of a sale. Nothing wrong with that. Forget that this is about figures. What if I bought a microwave at one WM for 60 bucks but another WM had it for 30? I could ask for a pricematch and if they refuse, I could return it, get my 60 bucks back and then go and buy one off the shelf for 30 bucks, essentially getting what I wanted in the first place except now there's extra hassle. They lose out on 30 bucks. It's not going to kill them to pricematch their own stores. Besides, isn't their number one priority to make the customer happy? Just the other day, I was listening in on the WM bosses holding an employee meeting. I was waiting for them to finish using the layaway area and had no other choice to just listen in. All I heard was "customer number 1 this" and "always take care of the customer first" that. If I'm allowed to return for a refund, I don't call it fraud. If there's a flaw in their return policy, I don't call it fraud. The solution to this problem is to accept pricematching from another Walmart. A Walmart, or any store, can't possibly expect customers going into their stores must live nearby. Almost every town has a Walmart now. It's unrealistic to expect customers not to venture into other towns. Walmarts should accept all customers no matter what town they came from. They should also pricematch their own store. Why is it suddenly unfair of me to try and buy something, action figure or not, for the sale price? I wasn't even buying these Vintage figures until they went on sale. I was WAITING for this kind of sale. If I, the valued customer, can not get the product at the price I want...I do not buy. They were not willing to pricematch and I got a refund. They lost 10 bucks and gained two more items that they are trying to get rid of (hence the half-off sale). I did nothing wrong. The important question is...was this Walmart in the same town? I work at a Walmart, WM will NOT pricematch a store that is not in the same service area (generally, more than 20 minute drive is outside their service area). Why? Because I think the idea is that the stores are tailored to its area, and if another store is not in your immediate area, then it isn't "intended" for you to shop in. But if it is in the same town, hell if I know It was not the same town. It was about 15 miles away. If this particular Walmart is tailored to that particular area, then as far as Vintage figures go, all stores are the same because they're having a hard time "moving" this product. I figured all Walmarts were having this sale. I was not running around to a bunch of Walmarts trying to snatch up Vintage figures and take them back to the 1st Walmart for pricematching, which would be futile since I'm not really getting any money back and actually burning money away on gas. I simply thought that this was a nationwide sale and when I noticed they were not on sale at one Walmart, I figured I could get them pricematched at another. I was wrong and they lost 10 bucks.
  15. SHouldn't you have asked at the store you brought them at though to price match rather than going to a dif WM?.. I was in the self-checkout line and there were about 3 people behind me so I just bought them and planned on going to the 1st Walmart. you should have just asked for them back and gone to a register and bought them I didn't think I was allowed to walk away with them, after he threw them into a cart anyway. He seemed very pissed, realising the flaw with their no-pricematching-with-other-Walmarts policy. You want to know why, cause they were entirely 2 different figures.........studip A$$ Walmart list every individual figure with their own barcode....which is why they wouldn't do that...... now if you got the same 2 figures at both, then they would've matched. I'm not sure if that really mattered because he scanned them both and they both rang up 5 bucks. He saw that I wasn't lying. He mumbled something under his breath about "we're not supposed to do this blah blah blah" but gave me the refund anyway.
  16. They must like losing out on money. I went to a Walmart today that had the Vintage figs on sale for 5 bucks each. I picked up a Tusken Raider and the Han. I went to another Walmart and the figures were not on sale. I picked up an X-Wing Luke and Greedo. (I needed all 4 figures since I was not willing to pay 10 bucks a pop.). Anyway, I took the Luke and Greedo back to the first Walmart so they would match the price and I could get 10 bucks back. No can do. What the heck? They could match prices with Target, Best Buy, TRU etc...but not another Walmart? So, I told the guy, "fine, I'll just return them right here for a refund since I can get a refund at any Walmart." He was visibly pissed but oh well, that's their fault, not mine. I was tempted to ask if I could go ahead and buy them for 5 bucks each since they were now available again to purchase but I didn't want to be a pain in the ass since there was a big line of people behind me. So, I asked my brother, JoeRhyno, to keep an eye out for them in case they put them back up on the shelves and snatch them up for 5 bucks. Either way, they lost out on 10 bucks and are now stuck with 2 more figures that they've been trying to sell for months.
  17. I'm thinking the newer pilot is the variant. I went to a few TRUs today and all had the older pilot.
  18. Joey, I want the shuttle if you ever see one. You already have one so if you see one, IT'S MINE! K-Diggity can find his own.
  19. I remember him being a spy now. I think that gold droid that comes with the Sandcrawler is the one I'm talking about that says "demon" to the Jawas coming in. Maybe he is gold in the movie and the lighting makes him look silver but the old one was silver.
  20. They ever give this guy a name? It seems like every protocol droid has a name so far but I don't recall this poor sap getting a name or figure, yet. Also, did the silver "death star droid" in the Sandcrawler ever get a figure? I know they made a proper black DS Droid that was a SW Insider exclusive but did the more memorable silver version that says "Demon...demon" to the Jawas ever get remade into a figure?
  21. I got mine at Walmart also. 14.88 each. I passed on the bonus comics. I already have the Dark Horse reprints. Nice to know they were full sized graphic novels, though. What are the covers like? Are they the same as the picture on the front? I hope not. I was hoping for new covers. Heck, I'd like Dark Horse to just create new comic adaptions for the movies. It's about time for an update. By the way, that "Jabba" was put in because of course they didn't know what Jabba was going to look like so they just picked one of the real aliens walking around Mos Eisley and decided to use his image as Jabba. You can see that alien a couple of times in the movie.
  22. The new LotR discs were 17.99 this week at Best Buy and only 19.99 regular price. The original box sets were 30 bucks, I think. As for the alleged 6-disc box set of both SW trilogies next year: I have a feeling we won't be seeing the original untouched versions that are coming out next week included. This might (don't hold your breath) be the last time we ever see the untouched versions released.
  23. But aren't the THX versions good enough? They were digitally remastered. I'm talking about the very last time the OT was released before the Special Editions came out. They were digitally remastered. I believe these were the versions many fans wanted released on DVD. There's no need to clean up anything...they're already clean.
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