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  1. Saw the MEG trailer this morning. Granted, it may be my repressed aquaphobia talking, but it scared the $#!+ outta me. No way I'll ever go see it, but as a fan of the book, I hope it does well... and can shake the unavoidable association with SyFy's GODAWFUL Mega Shark series.

  2. So that was Last Jedi? Say what you will, it makes me a lot more forgiving of the two Ewok TV movies and the Christmas Special.

  3. A "Last Starfighter" remake? Well, that's another of the five movies on my "Movies So Good Congress Should Rule Them Exempt from Crap Remakes" list shot to #3!!.

  4. Just caught an english dub of the live action Space Battleship Yamoto movie on Funimation. Man, in a world of James Gunn, SJW Star Wars, and (I won't call it Star Trek): Discovery; its nice to know SOMEONE can still do a movie right.

  5. And now I see the true tragedy of TRUs passing. TRU.com has shut down for purchases... and I still had 5 bucks in rewards I had yet to cash in. Thanks for the sour persimmons cousin.

  6. Making a conscious decision to skip the TRU liquidation sale for now. It just seems a little to much like picking up your stuff after a break-up. You want the stuff, and you want a chance to say goodbye, you just can't bring yourself to shut that door.

    1. Devilbat


      Yes...we went yesterday evening. It was about as depressing as I expected. But there was this big banner that said "30% OFF SALE!!!", then when you go in, it's only certain items...most things are just 10% off regular price. They still had quite a bit of merchandise left, not really much of anything I was truly interested in...Transformers and Star Wars were pretty sparse, but they still had quite a alot of Marvel stuff left, and they still had some DC Multiverse figur...

  7. It's been really interesting reading all the articles and watching the sad, sad "Goodbye TRU" vidioes the last couple of days. It's like attending a funeral for an A-Hole.Everyone knows what a nozzle the guy was, but out of respect for the departed they gloss over all the bad stuff for the eulogy.

  8. No Mr. Fantastic yet, but I did spot a Captain Nomad, Iron Man, and Songbird at one of my local Walgreens. After two months, and combing a three city area, that brings the total number of new Marvel Legends figures I've found at brick-'n-mortar to five. That's five single figures out of the three waves in release right now.

  9. Everyones talking about the affect TRU closing will have on the "Big Dogs" like Hasbro and Mattel, but now I'm wondering about the second stringers like Neca and Funko.

  10. I knew it was a bad sign when the first place I headed on last nights toy hunting excursion was Arbys for some quicjk dinner... and they were out of Roast Beef. God I live in a crap town. To bad it's the capitol city of the state.

  11. Netflix... Rob Liefeld... superhero cinematic univers. The sheer level to which that is messed up is infathomable.

  12. To all those finding the Mr Fantastics, the Deadpool Waves, and the Infinity War stuff congratulations. Apparently you don't live in a state where none of the brick'nmortars have stocked jack-sh..uh..anything since before Christmas.

    1. yojoebro82


      I have not found any of the above but: Patience, amazon, and patience. I can't remember the last ML that wasn't available with those three things.


    2. mako


      As long as I can have it at a decent price. I've paid my last Amascalper mark-up. There's just to much hitting this year.

    3. Belmont13


      Black Panther wave is the most recent in my hometown. I'm assuming that I'll start seeing the Infinity War stuff this Saturday since I believed that's the street date for the movie toys. I'm not really rushing I still haven't finished Sandman. Warlock, Man Thing and those were from last year. At this point in my life adult expenses like bills and whatnot are consuming the toy budget.

  13. Interesting. Just a few weeks after releasing a jet that transforms into a robot panther, a vehicle for a spandex clad, animal themed super-hero in their Black Panther kiddie line Hasbro scores the master toy license for Power Rangers. Coincidence? You decide.

    1. yojoebro82


      And now everyone is thinking "Power Rangers Legends".

    2. mako


      Works for me. Just as long as any such line features face-printed "unmasked" alternate heads... at least for Valerie Vernon and Cerina Vincent. Yummy.

  14. Part of me wonders why NECA would WANT to acquire Chia Pet and The Clapper. Then again, they can't make toys for $#!+. maybe they think they'll fare better with nic-nacs and outdated yuppie gadgets.

  15. Well here we are, the eve of Toyfair Weekend. Everyone and their brother seems to have a want list or a prediction. Me? I'm easy. Give me an MCU Quake and a Comic Squirrel Girl and we can call it a day.

  16. Assuming the multiverse concept is true, do you think there's a universe where TV/movie writers AREN"T doing the multiverse stories to death?

    1. yojoebro82


      It's the ultimate McGuffin and I don't think we'll ever see an end to its use. Particularly handy for comic writers/editors who want to ignore the work of past creators or who just want to fix their own screw ups.

  17. Come on Sony, you gotta do better than that! Moody vo over a collection of generic action scenes that could've been from any sci-fi/horror/action movie from the last 10 years? Not only are you doing a Spider-Man movie WITHOUT Spider-Man, your lead character is one you already screwed up on FAMOUSLY in Spidey 3. You need your A-game to overcome those obstacles. Never mind an audience that WANTS you to fail so Disney can swoop in and take over.

  18. Let's all take a moment to give thanks for YouTube, without which we would be forced to actually sit through the Superbowl to catch the commercials.

  19. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Star Trek: Discovery for the TMNT Universe.

  20. Taxes are filed. Now just wait the three weeks for my return to be deposited... and daddy's gonna go shoppin'!

    1. yojoebro82


      I haven't received a return since filing with my wife. When I was single I got something back every year....


  21. Typical. M.A.S.K. and Rom the Space Knight have apparently been pulled from the the release schedule and are no longer part of Hasbro's "Hasbro Cinematic Universe" plans. Great. The one property I was most looking forward to, and the coolest sounding property get cut. Still, if what IDWs been doing is any indicator of what they'd be like, its for the best.

    1. yojoebro82


      I would have thought the better indicator to be Hasbro's existing GI Joe, Battleship, and Transformers 1-6 movies.

    2. mako


      I was kinda counting on a lot of rebooting (or re-rebooting in Joe's case).

  22. Amazon is cancelling Jean Claude Van Damme's sitcom. Came as a serious shock to me. If you can't sell a series featuring an aging B-movie action star playing an aging super-spy pretending to be an aging B-movie action star, then I just don't know what the public wants anymore...

  23. Tom Holland may appear as Spider-Man in Venom? Man, you know its a slow day when even the rumor mill is in reruns.

  24. Is there anything prettier than waking up to see the first snowfall of the year?

  25. New rumor is a Black Widow solo-pic may be happening. I got news for 'em, it already has. "Red Sparrow" starrinbg Jen Lawrence. Can you still call it a mockbuster if its a big-budget studio picture?

    1. yojoebro82


      It's such a shot-for-shot Black Widow story, it's hard to believe Marvel/Disney can't sue. But I'm no copyright expert.

    2. mako


      Strictly speaking, to prove infringement a judge would have to be able to isolate a certain number of "points of similarity" in both IPs. granting that, said judge could swear out an injunction against the Red Sparrow studio, Disney and the studio could settle out of court (most common outcome), or the judge could rule that infringement IS present, but not worth pursuing (it happened when Fox sued Marvel over the Mutant X TV series back in the day).

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