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  1. Yeah, I noticed it was a little ghostownish around here.
  2. So, I used to post here regularly about 5 years ago. Then, due to the recession and other assorted upheavals, I was unable to continue collecting figures and stuff, and following the news of cool stuff I was no longer able to afford just seemed like twisting a knife. But, I recently got a new job that pays well enough I can begin indulging again. I primarily collected Marvel Legends, MotU Classics, DC Classics, and Lego, but I dabbled in anything else that looked cool like various movie figures and stuff. The problem now is, I've been out of the loop for so long I don't know what I've missed and I could totally use your help in catching up. Anyway, it's good to be back.
  3. Avengers 2 will be "Cap's Kooky Quartet" with Cap, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver!! (I'm kidding). Once Edgar Wright gets off his duff and makes AntMan, I'd like to see Ultron and Vision in the sequel(with Thanos still pulling strings) and then have Thanos as the big bad in A3. Also, as much as I love Cap, IM, Thor, etc and all the storytelling possibilities sequels can afford, I want to see the Marvel U expand. Give us Namor, and Black Panther, and WonderMan, and Captain MarVell. Give us Deathlok! Luke Cage! Iron Fist!
  4. If Fox and Sony were smart, they'd jump on the bandwagon and start working more closely with Marvel/Disney to unify the Marvel Movieverse. Then EVERYBODY makes a buttload more money with each film. Then when they do big crossover films like AvsX they can defray the costs by splitting it between two studios. Sadly, all Studio heads are big idiots with bigger egos and would have all of NOTHING, than 50% of ALL the money, ever.
  5. I love reading nitwits comments on other forums. One guy was saying the purple guy at the end was Kang.
  6. Finally saw it today. I literally-not figuratively, not metaphorically-LITERALLY cried tears of joy at The Avengers. Tears. of. JOY. :-D The reason it was Chitauri and not Skrulls is because Skrulls were part of the FF deal with Fox, so Disney can't use them. Hulk kicking Loki's ass got the biggest laugh. I too didn't hear what Hulk said at the end because everyone was LOLing, but I'm pretty sure he said "Puny God." "He's adopted." got the second biggest laugh. Cap saying "Hulk? Smash." was probably my favorite scene in the film. At no point was I thinking about Superman or any other DC character during the film, and I sincerely doubt the director was either when making it. Why would you crib from inferior material? Concerning certain people's opinions about the film, I remember that they thought Green Lantern was good, and at that point, in my universe, your credibility on what is good and what isn't drops to ZERO. I am super excited for them to expand the Universe with sequels to Thor, Cap, Iron Man, and add stuff like Ant-Man and other heroes into the mix before coming back for a sequel. I would even be happy with Thanos being the behind the scenes villain for a second film before being the big bad in Avengers III.
  7. FCBD is the 1st Saturday in May!

  8. Ironically, since Schism, Wolverine's new school has been attacked umpteen times and his students have been put in constant danger, whereas Cyclops' Utopia island fortress hasn't been attacked hardly at all.
  9. I'm not on Facebook OR Twitter.
  10. Warren has had the ability to heal people for awhile now. It's his 'second mutation'. Not saying whether it's dumb or not, just saying its not a new concept. The idea had been around for about a decade.
  11. They hold up better as Tim Burton films, than they do as Batman films. Mask of the Phantasm is an awesome film though. You make me want to rewatch it.
  12. I read Hunger Games on Friday afternoon. And saw the movie yesterday. Both were decent. The film was 90% faithful to the book. There were some minor changes, but as far as adaptations go, it was pretty faithful.
  13. I just saw the trailer for Assassin's Creed III and squeeeeed! like a little girl in a Hello Kitty store.
  14. Ugh. Don't sully the Legends thread with crappy 3 3/4 Universe talk.
  15. I think Mattel is probably ticked at WB/DC. They were like "Marvel put out THREE awesome comic movies last year, and you morons pooped out one of the top five crappiest movies of ALL TIME. Our faith in your product is...diminished to say the least. We kinda wish we'd gone after the Marvel License in hindsight. Oh, and the retailers didn't order anything after NYToyFair"
  16. WM got a case of Wave1 in, so I got Steve Rogers and Stealth IM to finish off my Terrax. Still want/need regular IM and Thor from Wave1 and Masque, TBall, BigTime Spidey, Daken, and Drax from Wave 2.
  17. No it's true. Iron Man, Reed Richards, Peter Parker, and T'Challa are all über geniuses and can whip up something to defeat him. T'Challa could probably defeat him WITHOUT whipping something up. That dude is a Pimp, yo. He's like Batman x100. Ghost Rider is magic. Easy win. Havoc overcharges him like All Star Superman. Silver Surfer has the Power Cosmic. Pffft. No contest there. Captain America would just give him a stern look and embarrass him into giving up. I mean, who wants to let down Captain America? Hawkeye. Kryptonite arrow. Nuff said. Done. And Done.
  18. Be prepared to wait in line. I believe the mathematical equation is 4 hours of line waiting for every 10 minutes of enjoyment. That goes for buying toys or waiting to get into a panel. So, wanting to go to a certain panel (like the Mattel Toy Panel or a Marvel Comic panel) means you'll have to sacrifice doing anything else that day since you have to get in line first thing in the morning because the room only holds 500 people and there are 120,000+ people at the convention. And if you want to go to Hall H where they show all the sneak previews and trailers, you have to camp out at 4:00AM and then spend ALL DAY in Hall H. Because if you leave, you'll never get back in. Then there's the fun of traversing the main floor where people are packed so tight and only about 10% of them know what 'to shower' means. Have a good time.
  19. Excalibur w Nightcrawler, Shadowcat(in her blue togs), Capt. Britain, Rachel(in her Hound uniform) and Meggan(in her original gold outfit) Runaways Boxset would be sweet. Future Foundation w Reed, Sue, Ben in their FF uniforms, a White Doctor Doom, and little Val and Franklin figs. Power Pack with Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie. You could do running changes to the box for everytime they swapped powers.
  20. Yeah, but those are all Marvel characters. Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, Havoc, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Silver Surfer, Captain America, and Spidey could all easily whip Superman also, so in context you're argument doesn't mean anything. @lol@
  21. When I picked up my comics today(none of them DC), I noticed the DC books debuted their new Pharmaceutical Company Logo this week. Fug.
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