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  1. I agree. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Sue's attitude much so far. I've never gotten into the comic, so I only have an impression of Sue through a few comic issues and the other FF media and incarnations, but I don't think she really acts like a spoiled 14 year old like she did in the show. She was an annoying whiny brat, and why was she always holding Reed responsible for everything that happened? "What...about...my...BROTHER!!!???" Argh, shut UP! Could she have mentioned her "baby brother" more in one episode? I hated her. Her character seems to only serve as comic relief for 6 year olds who think overreaction and yelling is funny. I thought the story was pretty weak and that it didn't make a good intro episode for the series. I'm fine not getting an origin story, but trial storylines tend to be boring, and a trial for someone destroying a few robots? Eh... I also hate anime-style animation. The only thing I did like was Ben. He seemed to be done right. So far, I'd rather sit through the 90's version of the toon. What a disappointment...
  2. Thanks for the pics. He does look a little better stripped down some. Hmm... that's an idea for the extra ultron I have lying around because I was too lazy to return him... Nice product placement shot... #party#
  3. Hmm...I think I gotta go with Phasing Vision. Ionic Wonderman was the runner-up. But I also have to give honorable mention to the following as ranking pretty high for me... I really like them just because they're cool, more so than I thought they'd be, even though the characters are not in my group of favorites: Series 11 Logan (blue jeans) Series 12 Maskless Wolverine Blonde Black Widow (great head sculpt)
  4. Hmm... Guess I'll have to either tape it and FF through it with the DVR, or just watch it the next day on the internet.
  5. I have the blue apocalypse, and now i'm wishing I had the black one. But there's no way I'm buying all those figures again just to build the black version...unless I just happen to find all the variants. Then maybe... You could always hang on to all of them for a while and not open them until you give yourself time to find all the black pieces. Even if it's just a month, it might be worth it if you really want the black version. I think I would have held out, had I known there'd be a black version eventually. I think the official position on the x-23 variant is that everyone just disagrees about which is the variant based on their own experiences and what they've seen in stores and online. @fight@ @PContest@ @duel@@
  6. Don't forget the forthcoming House of M boxset version, and wasn't there also another variant from ML1 where he had the classic pointy helmet?
  7. I didn't know any were closing, but I drove over 30 minutes to get to the one suncoast anywhere near me and they were going out of business. So was the sam goody in the same mall. I had a $8 voucher that expires monday, so I looked forever and finally found challenge of the superfriends vol 2. On sale, plus $8 off, $14 bucks... awseome. Suncoast, the time we spent together was so short, but thanks for the memory.
  8. I'd take that Iron Man off your hands if you still have him. I could do with a Human Torch, too. PM me if you still got 'em and wanna sell them to me. Also, I'm assuming that'd be like $3.50 for two? Sorry, I don't have a Hulk to trade...but I do have an extra bishop in case that falls through for you somehow.
  9. petrie

    X3 figures

    I got Storm, cause I like her in white, like she was on the 90's 'toon. I also picked up ninja wolverine, cause I think he looks cool in the outfit. I passed on the rest. Thought about getting Gambit, but I like the one I have from the box set, so I'm good with that one.
  10. Cool, I'm glad to see these are finally out. I'm so tempted to get a set, but I can't justify it. I liked Voltron and watched it when I was a kid, but it wasn't my absolute favorite. Still, it is tempting...
  11. petrie


    I just read that, too. Awesome, I can't wait to see the next two waves of Nightmare Before Christmas. But some quick math tells me that means I'm going to have to spend at least 100 bucks on those later in the year... ugh. I'm looking forward to the MOTU wave 3 stactions, too. Sorceress, finally!!!
  12. I've managed to get a total of 3 witches, and all three have the shorter waist piece. One of them came without a trading card, and she has the worst face of all three. So...that doesn't support the theory, I guess.
  13. I spotted these at walmart yesterday. I don't know if anyone has mentioned that before, but walmart now carries them. They're only a few cents cheaper there, like 7 cents or something. They also have Disney Princess zizzlingers.
  14. I've only seen black suited ones. I found 8 the other day at walmart, but there was not another ML12 fig in sight except for Maestro (of course...). Weird. That's fine, I prefer the black one; the purple one is jacked.
  15. I've managed to avoid these so far, but I may have to get one for the cap myself. It'd be nice to end up with Hawkeye and Iron Man, too...and a little Thanos... hm.
  16. Cool. Pm me when you know, if you wanna set something up.
  17. If you decide you don't want that Iron Man, i'd be all about trading. Especially if you wanted to throw human torch in with him. For trade, I have daredevil, bishop, and iceman right now. Thanks for the offer. I'd totally be up for it, but I stopped by Target on the way home and bought two more packs. I ended up with another stupid daredevil/bishop/iceman pack, but I also scored a storm/rogue/captain america pack. Best. 3-Pack. Ever. If I end up with another mystique, I'll keep you in mind though. Or if you find an Iron Man and want to trade for Mystique, I'd be up for that. Meanwhile, if anyone else wants to trade 3-for-3 or something, I'd consider trading daredevil/bishop/iceman for anyone I don't have. So far, I have Daredevil, Bishop, Iceman, Captain America, Storm, Rogue, Spiderman, Mystique, Sentinel, Venom. Was that plus three dupes worth 25 bucks plus tax? Prolly not, but whatever... I have a Cap, and that's what matters.
  18. Nice cap collection. I have one, too, but I only have about 12 caps in it right now. I think... maybe one or two more than that, I forget. I'm looking for a cap myself. You can see an old pic of it here. It's almost a year old though... Since then, I've added the 88 cent walmart one, the megamorph, the mini fig from the megamorph, the SHS fig, the figure factory one, a little sucker stick thing with him on the tip, and a few more. I haven't been collecting them long, just over a year, but it's already starting to get crowded and need moved... Eventually I'll get the famous covers one, too. Other than Cap, the only other "display" i have for a character is Iron Man. I have one. I've picked up three packs. I got Sentinel and Venom in one pack, then SpiderMan and Mystique, then Iceman, Daredevil and Bishop. I'll be picking up more cause I want to end up with Cap and Iron Man before I'm done with this line. I shudder to think how much it'll cost me, cause I think 5 bucks a pack is a little steep for these things, especially if you only get 2 figures per pack. Sure, the fizz and dissolving paper is kinda cool the first time, but unless you're like 8, it loses its excitement after the first couple o' times. And yes, I know these are aimed at children, but dammit I want that little Cap for my display!
  19. Please let the spiderwoman variant be Julia Carpenter and please let it be easy for me to find at least one without selling off a limb. I need her for my west coast avengers roster. I preordered a case of these cause I can't wait to have moon knight, wasp, and quicksilver. If I were to get a variant case, that would make it all the better...
  20. I saw these the other day. I want that Peter Pan, but they're a little high-priced. I'll get him if I can find him for 6 or 7 bucks, but not 10.
  21. Those disney ones really are pretty great. I saw them all the other day and passed, but I went back and picked up a white queen for a friend for christmas. When I bought her, they didn't have any aslans left. I need to get one of those aslans at some point. For now, I guess i'll make do with the happy meal narnia toys.
  22. I saw that the other day at target. Thought about picking it up just for the little cap, but he was the only one I wanted in the pack so I passed it up. Plus I'm not really big into the gaming, so I'll probably continue to pass... Let us know how it is if you get it though. Looks interesting.
  23. Just when I'd about given up hope since series 2 is out, I FINALLY found a cap today! I went to a TRU and they had seriously around 100 figure factory series one figures. Seriously, like 100. I counted. And in all 100 (or so), there was one single solitary cap. They had just about every mystery figure possible, but not all of them. So I bought cap and put him together and he is now in my captain america display with the other 11.
  24. This is kinda hard for me, but being a WCA kinda guy, it's a little easier. Iron Man (probably SC version) Hawkeye Vision Scarlet Witch Wonder Man War Machine Moon Knight Wasp For now, I guess the reservist Human Torch and short-timer Thing will have to take Wasp's and Moon Knight's places. But if they come out with a julia carpenter spider-woman, Wasp is outta there because she's not so much WCA as she is Avengers, to me. I'd also consider throwing Quicksilver in there, too, but not Cap cause he has his own display and is not very WCA-ish. Even though human torch was in WCA about as long as Wasp, I think I'd rather have her in there than him because the torch is so FF-ish.
  25. I couldn't get the fist off of my Thanos either until I heated it with some warm water. Then it was easy. The paint job on mine is good, too. Well, one of them. One has a gloss to it and too much red around the eyes, the other is not glossy and barely has any red around the eyes. He looks great and is one of my favorite figures out of my entire collection. My only gripe is that when he wears the infinity gauntlet, you cannot put him in many cool poses where you can actually see the jewels on his hand. That was horrible planning... The only one I can get away with is having his arm down to his side, but that doesn't make much sense given the open pose of the hand.
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