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  1. Native Rhode Islander here, as well as a Pawtucket firefighter. Swing by headquarters tonight and say hi, we'll show you the trucks. Besides, that's way more exciting than hanging out with Sienna Miller, right?
  2. Do you plan on going to see G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra when it opens in theatres on August 7, 2009 at least one time? Simply make a post in this thread with one of three answers: - Yes - No - Undecided That's YES
  3. Grabbed the bridge set at Target as well. I have to agree that the vinyl mat is a little lack luster, but the rest of the set is much better than I had hoped. I love the console/Captains chair section, and the view screen insert is durable. Also, looking at the reviews, I was extremely skeptical about the figures. Once in hand, however, they are a lot more fun than I thought they would be: the good outweighs the bad. They remind me of DC Infinite Heroes, the sum is greater than the parts.
  4. First and foremost I want to apologize. You interpreted my comments as aggressive and "militant", and that couldn't be further from the truth. I simply wished to point out the other side of the coin. I believe the JJ Abrams movie will revive a dead franchise, that is one mans opinion. Second, you never completely answered the question I posed. I understand Kirk states he is from Iowa, but wouldn't the episode "The Conscience of Kings" contradict said statement? As I stated, Kirk would have been no older than 15 when the events of the episode occured. Also, as I stated, the small details escape me. I am eagerly awaiting your response.
  5. As you state, Kirk "grew up" in Iowa. However, after recalling differently I did a little digging and found THIS. In the episode, Kirk was one of the survivors of "Kodos the Executioner". At 22 years previous to that date, Kirk would have been no older the 15. I also vaguely recall (and I could be wrong) that Kirk's sister was killed? Is that accurate? So my question is where did Kirk "grow up"? Is this a break in canon or was it explained away? I do apologize, my facts are not spot on. That does show, however, where Star Trek is now. I was a huge Trekker/ie. I remember having my mom take me to my first convention (against her will) when I was 11. I had, and still have, merchandise, books, movies, etc. In spite of all that, I never watched an episode of Enterprise. It didn't excite me. I have lost interest in Star Trek...ME! That, I guess, is the biggest reason I am for the revamp/reboot. I'm excited again. TNG excited. My-wife-better-be-ready-to-wear-Spock-ears-excited.
  6. Ok, here is the bottom line and there is really no getting around it... Yes, Star Trek is basically about the good of humanity. In spite of all our barbaric tendencies, we have evolved as a culture to explore the stars. That is how the show is perceived and how it was written. However... Star Trek was pitched to CBS as a Sci-Fi Western. I will say this again, Star Trek was pitched as a Sci-Fi Western. Roddenberry wanted an exciting shoot-em-up adventure in space. That was the idea. That is what Trek got away from (for many reasons, not the least of which was the 'humanity is great' self righteousness) and that is what Abrams hopes to revive. I understand that many fans invested a lot of time and money in this franchise. They learned the history of the characters, the establishments, the cultures, the languages, etc, etc, etc. To see that thrown away is heartbreaking, but I will pose this question. Is it worse to see a series revamped or to see it disappear into the abyss of pop culture history? Arguments have been mentioned asking if Star Wars, LOTR, and the Matrix should be revamped. Here is my answer to the three 1) Star Wars: Star Wars doesn't need it. It is just as strong a property now as it was in 77. It doesn't need new life or new blood (popularity wise). With all that said, Lucas ignored some established canon when releasing the prequel, in an attempted to make a more exciting story. 2) LOTR: Actually, LOTR started as a book and has seen itself evolve through several forms of media. The latest trilogy to be released was a book accurate interpretation of the story, but not all media interpretations have been. 3) The Matrix: First, the Matrix was a trilogy released in 1999. The original movie hasn't even hit a 10 year anniversary. I'm sure if the series sees continued interest (which i doubt it will) then we could very well see another interpretation of the Matrix story. Another notable revamp (and the biggest in pop-culture canon) was the DC mega-event Crisis on infinite earths which rewrote EVERY DC characters established history, some dating as far back as the 1930's. While not entirely a success, it breathed new life into a struggling company and product. So to conclude, I'm basically trying to say that I am for ANYTHING that keeps Star Trek from disappearing from pop culture and entering the history books. I love the franchise. I want it to continue. If Abrams gives us an exciting movie, one that really gives us that "OMG Star Trek is back" feeling that we haven't felt in 20 years, how could anyone be against it?
  7. Just a little clarification on price. The 6-pack will be priced at $34.95. The Superman multi pack is actually 8 figures (Superman, Atom, Shazam, Lex Luthor Battle Armor, and 4 troopers. Here is the $50 item
  8. Nice! Thanks for the heads up. Some are complaining that this actually RUINS the line for them. It just goes to show you it's impossible to please everyone. I think it's a pretty sound move. Those that enjoy the DCIH as is get a VERY solid lineup of characters. Those that think the articulation stinks, DCIH may be for you in 2009.
  9. Just picked up the series 1 3-packs and here is the verdict... I LOVE em'. Would a little more articulation make these better? Sure. A ball jointed neck and a cut crotch would be amazing but these have an irresistible 'playability' to them. I sat there (my wife looking on in disgust) "posing" these things for hours.
  10. @stupid@ hahah touched a nerve there. don't take it personal otherwise boards are not for ya..hee. Nah, just having a little fun. @loll@
  11. Great post! I agree that these were probably rushed to retail, which explains the poor paint job. I also agree that price point was probably a big part of the developement and marketing of this line. Thanks for the post man!
  12. No, your right. I definitely agree that TRU is way overpriced. No arguing that!
  13. Wow, there is an awful lot of hate for this line. Price point, size, paint apps, and articulation seem to be the biggest qualms. Let's look at each point 1) Price point: If I remember right GI Joe sold for $4 in the late 80's. Star Wars, which in many cases has less articulation than these figures, sell for $8 a piece and had a history of charging more for extra articulation (although this is slowly losing favor). Plastic is a petroleum product. Petroleum is a derivative of oil, oil is hitting record high prices. Lets not forget the shipping costs, costs to keep the machines running, paying your people (from line workers to developers to CEO's), Licensing rights, and actually making a profit (which is the goal of any business). $5 is NOT a bad price for these or any other action figure. Some argue that you could get DCUC for a mere $3 more. That is a 40% increase in price point. If you feel that its a better buy because YOU like the figure better, that's your prerogative. Mathematically, however, the price is almost right in line with the size. There is a 40% difference in size and a 38% difference in price. If you look at the price of the 3-packs, there is a 43% increase in price between the 2. 2) Size: Some argue that these aren't in scale with GI Joe. They are right. However GI Joe's new figures tend to be almost 4" tall as opposed to the 3 3/4 of old. Mattel didn't set the scale to GI Joe, they set it 3 3/4. Again, if YOU prefer a 4" scale, no one can fault you for that. But let's remember that it is NOT Mattel's fault. Mattel is not Hasbro, they do not make GI Joe. 3) Paint Application: I can't argue for Mattel on this. If you put out a product, it should be QA before it leaves the line. Gripe away! 4) Articulation: As you can see by my avatar, I'm a big Joe fan. I believe articulation is a big selling point for any line and Joe proved that you could squeeze just as much articulation into a 3 3/4 as you could into any size figure. Takara took it one step further, those figures are ridiculous. Maybe it's because I grew up in the Mid 80's, but I am willing to give superhero figures a little slack when it comes to articulation. Mattel could have given us more, many have said a ball jointed head and cut t-crotch would have made a world of difference. I agree it would have made these WAY more attractive, but price would have gone up, and people are already whining about that now. I guess my biggest irk is that people think these are overpriced. The proof, as they say, is in the numbers. If you don't like these figures, that's fine. This is America, like what you want buy what you want. Lets just try not to get so negative about these. Constructive criticsism is one thing, saying "'d drop $3 on these... If they had a burger & fries & drink that came with them!!!" (although pretty funny) doesn't help anything. If you want a good 3 3/4 DC line, tell them like an adult what your looking for. Otherwise, this just becomes a whiny complaint thread that will never get the attention of Mattel. Thanks and sorry for the diatribe.
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