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  1. Oh... My... Goddesss... Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure Preview Now I need to save every nickel in order to cash the US$399 when the product hit the shelves. I NEED that statue (...and a moment to be alone with her)
  2. I have to admit I'd rather prefer to get each movie sold separately in the usual Blu-Ray+DVD combo with their ORIGINAL POSTER ARTWORK on the slipcovers.
  3. Indeed. Airtight was one of my first joes and I still think is a pretty cool figure. I wanted him to be released along with the 25th anniversary series
  4. I second that! I'd also love to see a Helen Slater's Supergirl figure from HT. The movie sucks bad, but she was pretty good in that role.
  5. Looks pretty good to me, and love the detail for a 3,3/4 figure. Can't hardly wait to see the rest of the bunch.
  6. Me too. Since we do already know Warner owns the rights for EVERY DC character, anybody could think it could be quite easy to lead them to the big screen, but somehow, they have managed to screw it up over the years. (Fortunately, that Pitof's "Catwoman" movie has been wiped out from our memories, but they missed a really cool chance to expand Batman's universe at the movies). I've been wondering myself what's wrong... perhaps some execs think about a superhero flick titled "Green Lantern" or "Green Arrow" sounds too silly to audiences (at these days?), but in the meanwhile, some other guys with guts took the risk with a character named "Silver Surfer", attached to a just plain bad movie like "Fantastic Four" indeed is, and now, they' ve just opening a new market for another major motion picture for such a classic comic character in the works. I'm a bit pessimistic about the future of DC at movies because even if they start right now to fix their mess, It will take years of trial and error to establish a "DC universe". Nolan's Batman movies are a huge landmark for the genre, but what works for Batman doesn't fit to another iconic DC characters. How do you insert an interplanetary plot involving alien Green Lantern corps into a realistic-driven drama about a crimefighter dressed as a bat? Warner should reboot Superman, and make it in the way to start a whole series of superhero movies linked to each other. Now that's would be really cool, but it won't happen before the next 10 years... Well. I enjoy Marvel movies a lot, too. Far better than a consolation prize, these guys have made some genuinely entertaining flicks.
  7. Well. This may be slightly off-topic, but... could anybody tell me how these DCD figures fit to each other in size? Thanks in advance!
  8. Not bad. I have no doubt this new Flash figure will be the highlight... but, what the heck are these DCD guys waiting for to put another Red Tornado figure on the shelves?? (And Wonder Woman based on Terry Dodson's artwork remains as the best WW figure ever done by DCD. Ed Benes unique taste to do female characters definitely deserved a better work)
  9. ...And Saving Private Ryan Captain America version Anyway, I think we'll hardly see an "Avengers" flick. After Nick Fury's cameo at the end of "Tony Stark:The Movie", what I can actually foresee is a lot of brief appearances of the characters involved with the Avengers project in upcoming Marvel movies. An example: Tony Stark and Fury will probably appear in "The Incredible Hulk" talking about the project... later, perhaps Bruce Banner and Stark will be at Thor's flick... even later, Fury and Stark again (or Thor and Banner) will do the same with Ant-man or Captain America. And so then, several years in the future, we will probably have an "Avengers movie" (well, sort of) by joining all the small parts. (P.S. - And I'd love to see Olga Kurylenko as Black Widow)
  10. Looks great. Now, if these guys at DCD decide to make another Watchmen line of action figures more faithfully based in the characters as seen in the comic series, that would be really awesome...
  11. I find it rather disappointing. I'd liked to see classic Blue Beetle, Dr. Fate or Mr. Miracle. Instead, we have some lame figures and another (ANOTHER!) Batman figure.
  12. 100% agreed with these words. Superman and Green Lantern look OK. Perhaps I'll go for them, but... why ANOTHER line focused in Supes and Bats? I mean, I'd love to see new figures of characters like Red Tornado, Dr. Fate, Ted Kord's Blue Beetle, etc. Last year we had the first Animal Man action figure ever, the very first 6,5" Booster Gold and the best Shazam in years. It's too much to ask for more stuff like that?
  13. The figures look a bit old fashioned, but It's an interesting move anyway, although I'm not gonna start a whole new collection at this time. I'll stick to my 6-inches-and-something figures from DCD.
  14. I'm looking forward to Poison Ivy too, however, by looking at the picture there's something about her head... and, of course, all that hair will make the neck joint useless as often happens with DCD female figs. @hmmm@ I also like the iconic Two-Face and I'd loved to see another "classic" Joker instead of that one (I mean, with dark purple trenchcoat and hat)
  15. Administrator Note: Please refrain from posting movie news as fact untill an official source actually confirms said rumors . An offical source would be GIJoe.com or GIJoeclub.com in the case of the GIJoe movie For the case of this board ENI which is in touch with both Paramount and Hasbro to confirm or deny said rumors is an exeptable link. There are a million sites all posting all kinds of rumors and such. Some turn out to be true many do not, so we ask for the sake of keeping whats fact frim fiction that you abide by this rule on these boards. Thanks, Jay
  16. Rachel Nichols (from Alias and The Amityville Horror) is up for the role of Scarlett in the G.I.Joe movie by Stephen Sommers. Also joining to Sienna Miller and Ray Park, Korean star Byeong-Heon Lee has been casted as Storm Shadow aka Tommy S. Arashikage, Snake-Eye's brother and rival. Some images: As blonde in her early modelling days and a promo from Alias And a recent pic of redheaded Rachel (And now we understand why...) ---- You can read the full story at here So well, while is not exactly what I had in mind, I like this casting. I Think.
  17. Bought Shazam today. This one is a nice figure, although the face and hair look a bit bulky in comparison to the highly detailed work in most of recent DCD figures. The packaging has some old fashioned taste which, somehow, reminds me to the Super-Powers collection. Soon I'll go back to the store for Mary Marvel, a great surprise since the figure looks WAY better than the promotional pictures. P.S. Added another pic with the loose figure.
  18. I picked up WW today, too. And... holy heck, I think this Wonder Woman is one of the most beautiful female figures ever made by DCD (and the colorful packaging contributes to this appreciation); the sculp is almost flawless. Specially at her face, carefully detailed with a very nice feminine looking. The whole "sexy" pose, however, it's slightly out of balance so the display base is actually needed at times. Now, on the not-so-cheerful comment. She is tall. And I mean, taller than most of my DC characters shelf. She's taller than my Supes, than Batman (Hush) and I don't need to mention what happens with Green Lantern, Flash or IC Firestorm... I'd love to get a WW figure so beautifully done like this to fit among the rest of the figures, but what the hell. It's too much to ask. WW & WW The Brave and the bold... Actually, I liked very much the older WW from JLA series (2003), despite the rather simplistic sculpt and pale skin tone. Without a doubt this new figure comes as a major improvement, but DC direct has to pay more attention to the scale next time.
  19. Man, she can rotate her head... the neck joint actually works! And fits decently among the other figures in scale. Now I'm convinced. I'm gonna buy this one too.
  20. The DCDirect online catalog says the figure is 6.625 inches tall, that's slightly taller than the previous JLA Wonder Woman released in 2003.
  21. "Experience the wonder"?... Well, I do actually WONDER if the hard plastic hair will make the neck articulation useless as often happens to most DCD female characters with long hair. Besides that, is quite a nice sculpted figure, thanks for the images. I'd love to add this one to my shelf.
  22. I'll go for Star Sapphire and Sinestro. These both figures are the big deal at this series.
  23. (From www.superherotimes.com ) Teresa Palmer, a relatively unknown actress who has appeared in Wolf Creek, The Grudge 2, and December Boys, has landed the much-coveted role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League movie. She's an odd choice for the iconic hero given her build and age, but Warner Bros. and director George Miller seem to be aiming this at a teenage crowd, as seen with the casting of Tyrese Gibson as John Stewart, a.k.a The Green Lantern. ----- Not my personal favorite among the several (good) candidates for this role, but... well, take her to some months of training, working out, dark hair.... Huh, Ok. Not bad at all. I'm looking forward to see the results.
  24. Does anybody know exactly when Shazam's family will come out to the shelves?
  25. The sculpt is awesome, specially that menacing look at his face, but... actually, I would rather prefer a more iconic version of the Joker wearing the long violet coat and the same hat, pretty much like Nicholson's from the first Bat-flick. Batman looks cool, but the one from Hush series remains at the top among my favorites.
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