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  1. Yeah, like the first time Claremont, Bendis or some other rock-star writer gets a bee in their bonnet Tony won't throw together a suit of "Quantum Leap Armor." If Tony does, I hope he leaps into one of those cross-dressing situations. They always cracked me up as a kid. Doesn't the X-men universe already have like ALL of the non-traditionally sexually oriented hero characters anyway? I forgot to include Daken earlier (he was revealed as bisexual, right?). It's about time they put a transgendered mutant character at front and center. Or reveal that Mystique was a man originally, which is what I always thought was true anyway.
  2. Please don't make Spiderman an Avenger. We need about 3 solo Spiderman movies where he is broke, socially outcast, and beat-up before he is high profile enough to be an Avenger. The same applies to Daredevil, and presumably the other heroes appearing in the Defenders series.
  3. I think just about everyone in the theatre thought it was pretty funny. I enjoyed it even more because the little girl sitting behind me laughed at everything. This girl was maybe 4 or 5 years old, and with her father. Everytime anyone in the theatre made a chuckle, this girl laughed too, even though she clearly didn't understand the reference. It was hilarious. Also, she asked her dad for a Scarlett Witch toy when the movie was over. Boy will she be disappointed. I understand how the size of the team and scope of the plot could seem a little unfocused. I particularly liked it, since the Avengers comics were always something distant to me (first Avengers named comic I recall reading was the Disassembled story), and featured a large cast I knew little about. While I get the history now, being introduced to concepts that are amalgamations of other Avengers stories and characters (Ultimate, West Coast, New Avengers) all at once is new and fun, so I like this film a little more than the first one. Probably because the first film didn't really suprise me in any way- it was basically what I wrote in my head before they announced the film was happening. I hope Batroc comes back for Civil War, hopefully with a Brigade!
  4. Yes, we should care. Not having any characters who look like them is sure to alienate little girls. How are you detrimentally affected by them pointing out a lack of female superheroes? And if you aren't detrimentally affected, why do you so vehemently reject their (Whedon and Ruffalo's) views on female characters? Just because you are content with the status quo doesn't mean everyone who is discontent is somehow unjustified in their reasoning. PS.. ad hominem attacks on Mark Ruffalo don't make him any less accurate in his comments. The movie was good, probably better than the first. Some plot developments didn't make much sense to me (why wasn't Falcon helping with evacuation), but all in all I enjoyed the movie and the twists and references to the comics. Also, the Barton's barn scene reminded me of the Ninja Turtles film as well, which was cool.
  5. I don't mind that Iceman might be gay, since he could have been gay the whole time and just not admitted it/revealed it/came out/whatever(the older one, I mean). You never know. What I don't approve of is how Bendis handled the reveal. And yes, All-New X-men is ridiculous. As far as I know, gay Marvel superheroes are Northstar, that one guy who was on Cyclops' most recent X-men team, Shatterstar, Rictor, and now Iceman. I don't know of any others, and those are probably the most popular ones.
  6. Wow, that's news to me. From all the reviews I've seen, people were saying the QC is better for that wave than it was for last years legends. I have noticed more and more figures with incorrect parts assembly than in previous years though (reversed calves or two of the same extremity).
  7. I find nothing wrong with the Batgirl cover, or even the Spider-woman cover. Comic books are art intended to get a (storytelling) point across. How an artist does that is their own decision. If I don't like it, I don't have to buy it. Sometimes people are completely justified in their opinion to be offended by certain things that comic books do, but this certainly is not one of those times. These days, the input of comic fans more often that not seems to neuter creativity and direction taken in stories. I liked the internet a whole lot more before twitter.
  8. While I have read some things on the fwoosh forum, I haven't ever signed up because some people seem like jerks there. Same with the wrestling figure forum.
  9. http://www.gohastings.com/mobileProduct/TRENDS/Batman-Blu-ray-with-Action-Figure/sku/295714925.uts?utm_source=cert&utm_medium=int&utm_campaign=cert I bought my figure from here and it appears they still have some (at least, on my phone it does)
  10. Thanks for the replies and advice guys. Good to hear your DD wasn't wonky armed too Solo, at least the problem isn't endemic. Sorry to hear about your Keaton Batman yojoebro. Is it the blu-ray one or the NES version? Because there are plenty of the NES ones at my local TRU last time I checked, if you need one. What happened to your Witch mako? And why is it the one per case figures that seem to have these types of problems? I have an update, for any of you who may have a similar problem. After looking at online reviews and reading Solo's post, I figured my figure was just a defect. So I tried to get a replacement through Amazon, which meant I had to call customer service. I don't usual have good experiences with customer service, so I was less than thrilled. Amazon surprised me a lot though. Once I explained that my item was defective, the service representative issued me a refund equal to the cost of buying the figure from the cheapest Amazon fulfillment retailer, which cost $43 and some change. Additionally, she also waived a next day shipping charge of $3.99, so I can expect my replacement by tomorrow night. This was much more than I expected from Amazon, since technically this defective figure isn't their fault (the box was also destroyed, but that's another story lol). I can't guarantee that Amazon will do this for everyone else who receives a defective figure, but I suggest at least trying if one of you reading find yourselves in this predicament. I am a prime member who purchased with Amazon account credit, so that may have weighed into their decision to appease the customer. Either way, I look forward to my new favorite figure arriving tomorrow. SIDE NOTE: I also had a purchased a defective Hall of Fame Stone Cold figure from Target on Monday. Left hand peg was broken out of package. Maybe I've had a toy hex placed on me..
  11. I ordered the new Spiderman infinite series Daredevil over a month ago from Amazon using a gift card I saved from Christmas. I was super excited for the package this morning, since Daredevil is probably my favorite Marvel character besides Cyclops, and definitely my most anticipated legends figure since the relaunch. When I got it out the package, everything looked fine in terms of paint, the joints were all free moving, and I was super pumped that I had my new favorite action figure in hand. That is, until I noticed a glaring error.. His left upper arm is the same as his right, AND it's attached backwards! So not only would I have to do some figure surgery (which I am not at all comfortable with) to get the arm to swing the correct way from the elbow, but even After I do that, the tricep would still be on the inside of the arm because it's a right arm portion. Gawd dangit! He looks like a freak. This figure certainly can't be the centerpiece of my display... What should I do guys? Amazon doesn't have anymore for the price I originally paid for sale, so I can't order another one. I made a point to watch Amazon for this figure way in advance because I didn't want to pay scalpers for the only figure I wanted from the set. Has anyone else had this problem before, or do you have a similar issue with your DD figure?
  12. While Mattel has never made Conner Hawke and Aztek in their DCUC line, they did made a Blue and Grey Batman, as well as a Kyle Rayner. There were around 3 or 4 modern versions of it - the battle damaged version with the round bat logo that came with Azrael, the round logo one that came out in the Superpowers line, and the non-round bat logo in wave 1 of the DC Superheroes line (someone had already mentioned this above). I forgot about the blue and grey one that was in wave 3 of the DCSH line - the one that looked if it was inspired by the art of Jim Lee (this one might have been the one someone had mentioned already). Mattel also released two versions of Kyle Rayner, one in a Green Lantern sub line and another version (as a Blue Lantern) in a two pack with a Sinestro Corps. Hal Jordon My favorite Kyle Raynor is still the first DC Direct release which has him in his original 90s look. If you don't mind the 9 poa, it's a great figure that I don't plan on replacing any time soon. That's the daunting thing about this Icons line. I'm just looking at all I have, that I'm pretty happy with as it is. I just don't want to start the process of replacing them. While I forgot about the DC Superheroes wave 3 Batman (who had a pinhead and was pretty hard to find at retail), the other two mentioned are definitely not modern. Also, I meant the real Kyle Rayner costume that yojoebro mentioned, not the post Geoff Johns modern costume, which I pretend doesn't exist because Johns ruined Green Lantern comics with his retro regurgitation and revisionist history comic arcs. Rainbow lanterns... @hmmm@
  13. Haha probably. These look like the DC Legends we have been wanted DC Direct to make all along. While the Mattel figures filled that void, they were a little out of scale with the legends, and the DCUC figures themselves sometimes left you wanting for more (especially the head sculpts). Hopefully, this new line is ever so slightly smaller than the DCUC figures for a truer six inch scale. However, even if it is DCUC scale, there is no denying that most of these versions look better than their DCUC counterparts. Furthermore, we never got that modern blue and grey Batman, which is what I'm most excited about. While most of these are redos of existing characters, the possibility exists for characters that Mattel never got around to being made in this new line(Conner Hawke, Kyle Rayner, Aztek, etc). Since these aren't at mass retail like Mattel's offerings, the character selection may not be constricted in the same way it was for the DC Universe line. The only thing that upsets me about this news is that I was trying to cut back on figures. But between this line, the torrent of new Marvel Legends, Mezco's Mortal Kombat and 1:12 lines, NECA, and Funko's recently acquired licenses (Fallout and Skyrim!!), I might be spending more than ever.
  14. Actually joebro, that reminds me- we really do need a movie Falcon figure, and a comic update would be nice too. Also, good picks with Graviton and Count Nefaria, KEWOOSKI. With so much Avengers love lately, these two longtime Avengers villain should each get a figure. The new Agent Coulson figure got me thinking about a "men in suits" 3-pack: Xavier in hover chair, Matt Murdock, attorney at law (in grey suit), and billionaire industrialist Tony Stark in a dark suit. I'd throw my money at that.
  15. I don't mind the reboot at all, so far. Even if it is different from what we are accustomed too, it might still be good. For all we know, this movies' version of the Fantastic Four could be an alternate reality version. Even if it isn't, those of you who hate the movie can pretend it is an alternate universe anyway.
  16. According to various recent news, most of my wants are being made. However, I could think of a few more I'd really like to see as legends: Moon Knight (using parts of the Nova body and the Bucky body) Nightcrawler (an update) Havok (from Uncanny Avengers) Wonder Man (see above, especially if Grim Reaper is coming) More villains, especially females Cable (to complement the awesome Stryfe we got) and finally, the legends figure I've always wanted but doubt will ever be made- Xman. But most importantly, I hope tey never again use the 45 degree hips on figures. The Winter Soldier, Agent Venom, and Ultimate Captain America figures would all be perfect if not for that one detail.
  17. I have multiple almost complete BAFs that need finishing. If anyone has these parts and is willing to trade, please let me know; Sentinel right leg (from Sinister) Galactus lower torso (from Nightcrawler) Red Hulk right leg (from Silver Savage) Mandroid head Green Goblin arm (from Electro) Any help would be much appreciated, especially in regards to the Red Hulk or Sentinel. I have the Iron Mongers left leg, the Brood Queen head (and some legs I think), and some DC Universe parts I can't recall (Trigons leg and Desperos torso/head/gun for sure)
  18. Whoops, looks like I missed one- Hawkeye is available as well.
  19. I feel your pain bro. I don't even like Iron Man, yet I have bought four legends figures of him in the last few years, and will be buying that upcoming figure to make Thanos. So the Sentry and Thor from new wave are available on Amazon for slightly over retail (21.99 with free shipping), for those interested.
  20. What sale? I was about to buy a complete Red Skull and the mandroid head from ebay to finish the BAF, but if they are "buy one, get one" I may just stop in at Target..
  21. I have the same Doomsday in my limited, Superman theme characters display, bro. While I would have liked the larger Doomsday, its only because I don't possess any larger Superman villains except Darkseid. I agree though, the DC Superheroes Doomsday is perfectly fine for me. Triumph- I forgot about those 30 dollar repaints/should be accessories they are releasing soon. It's so sad that we couldn't even get a new head for Superman after all this time. And that my Wally West I waited forever for has 2 different sized legs. And that they never made a proper Kyle Rayner, or ever made a Conner Hawke, or even fixed that lanky suit body that they reused all the time.
  22. Yeah I also am utterly confused how the "powers that be" changed their mind after seeing the mock-up. Did they just summarily dismiss the notion of producing the more fan demanded version of the character due to the higher tooling costs (even after the subscription failed to go through)? And if some corporate big-wigs can ultimately make the determination regardless of expressed fan desire and previously stated reasons for not producing the figure just because they were impressed by a pre-production sample (but more likely based on marginal benefit and potential profit projections), then why even have that stupid subscription thermometer? The Four Horsemen could just produce cool figures to the best of their ability and somehow "wow" the "powers" into agreeing to production.. And shame on all of you who are allowing Mattel to "fool you twice" in regards to their products. It's actually more like a dozen times at this point that Mattel has been less than forthcoming with the fans/collectors. I don't see how Hasbro's ML swaps are anything like the kind of price gouging stunts that Mattel has pulled with their recent lines. Needless to say, I won't be purchasing Doomsday, despite my desire to own the character, unless those Chinese sellers on ebay make him available. Mattel gets none of my money.
  23. There were a lot of these on sale from vendors at the Baltimore Comic-con this weekend. They were all being sold at a dramatic mark-up. I didn't know we had so many scalper toyshops in the nearby area. Off-topic: Did anyone else go to the Baltimore comic-con? This was my first con, and it was pretty fun. I got to attend a panel from the Miracleman creative team (minus Gary Leech, Nail Gaiman, and of course Alan Moore), picked up collected editions of Valiant books for super cheap at the Valiant booth, and got to meet one of my favorite artist of all time (Tom Raney) and peruse his original Stormwatch and Mutant X covers. Barry Kitson signed something for me. Also, Jerry Lawler was there, but I didn't get a chance to talk to him, because someone asked to interview him right before I walked over (I hope their file got corrupted).
  24. They handled the pre-orders better than TRU has ever handled any pre-orders... At least in my experience. Maybe they'll be a better toy store than drug store! I agree, the whole Walgreens experience has been the least stressful toy buying instance I can recall in a long time. By contrast, my local Toys'r'us just got Winter Soldier legends within the last 2 weeks.
  25. Finally found a black widow (and so I was compelled to buy both her and the Winter Soldier). Kinda want to finish the mandroid now...
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