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  1. Spirit, Tiger Force Flint, Hiss Tank Driver, and atlas...... Cobra Viper. Let the army building begin. Also as a note the GIJOE 25th figures go active on the 24th of January at all Wal-Marts. That means that stores that do not have them will begin carrying them and also they will be replenishable. Orders will be able to be placed. I placed an order for my store for 5 cases. They will not ship until the active date though. Just wanted to let everyone know again about the latest update. Thanks.
  2. These are all 25th Anniv. figures, single on card, and sold for $4.88 at Wal-Mart. They are all part of a new update that are cross referenced with the single packs that are out now!!!! And if this was old news, I apologize for bringing it up but I am not sure I am the only one who hadn't heard about this lineup.
  3. geez your fast ALY, I was just playing with giving the UPC's first. As I was typing the rest you already replied. Hope your as excited as I am about the new figures.
  4. On a serious note I did a little snooping and did find these in our system: They are in the order that I presented the UPCs: FLASH, SNOW JOB, BLADE DESTRO, ROCK AND ROLL, WILD BILL, MAJOR BLUDD, TORPEDO, ARMOR COBRA COMMANDER, CRIMSON GUARD, SNAKE EYES BLACK, AND COBRA AIRTROOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. So as usual I have some more information for us. I have another wave or two of figures to share with you and I even have their UPCs. Without further ado I present...... UPCs: 65356928934, 65356928932, 65356928936, 65356929252, 65356929255, 65356929254, 65356929253, 65356929251, 65356928931, 65356928935, and 65356930414. Well there you have it. I can't wait for these.
  6. Here is the complete listing of every 25th figure found in Wal-Marts system and the figures UPC. GIJ 25TH ANNEVSRY 653569258176 GIJ STORM SHADOW 65356925177 GIJ COBRA OFFICER 65356925179 GIJ FLINT 65356925181 GIJ ZARTAN 65356927464 GIJ STALKER 65356927466 GIJ BUZZER 65356925982 GIJ FIREFLY 65356927468 GIJ COBRA TROOP 65356925980 GIJ SNAKE EYES/WOLF 65356925178 GIJ COBRA COMMANDER 65356925180 GIJ RED NINJA 65356927467 GIJ BEACHHEAD 65356925983 GIJ SERPENTOR 65356925979 GIJ SHIPWRECK 65356927465 GIJ LADY JAYE 65356925981 ALSO THERE ARE TWO MORE 5 PACKS THAT ARE CROSS REFERENCED WITH THE FIRST TWO: GIJ ANNVSRY KEY DRV 65356922815 GIJ ANSRY COBRA PC 65356926758 Not alot of surprises here I know but I don't think that the Red Ninja had been confirmed quite yet. Also I wonder what the Cobra PC five pack is describing exactly. Sounds like we are getting a Joe Key Driver five pack to maybe go along with future vehicles that may not include figures???? That would be great as it could keep the price of them down slightly. On other news, my Wal-Mart has still not gotten any single packs or five packs in. So all I have Joe wise is to watch the system for updates everyday. @grumpy@
  7. I think the legs look quite a bit like Baroness as well. The 'coil' armor on the legs and thighs is too much like her original mold. Does anybody else wondering why Rock and Roll looks more like a Hobbit than a retired Joe. Something about him looks sooo darn hobbitish.
  8. Just wanted to let everyone know that the five packs have been downloaded to our system from home office. There are four seperate UPC's. Here is what I found out: Cost is $17.63 and retail is $24.88 UPCs are as follows: 65356922815 65356926247 65356926757 65356926758 The one line descriptions are: GIJ ANNVSRY KEY DRV GIJ ANVSRY COBRA PK GIJ ANVSRY JOE PK GIJ ANNVSRY COBRA PC All are the same price point and usually the items arrive within two weeks after the new download for all new items. The bad news is that there are no single packs in the system. Case assortment appears to be a case of three with two Joe and one Cobra. I am really wondering what "KEY DRV" and "COBRA PC" are. I can not get any more information but it could be the single packs case assortment. However, even if its only five per case the math doesn't equal out ($4.88 x 5 = 24.40) so I don't think they are the single pack cases. As soon as I find out more I will let you all know.
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows the UPC numbers for the JoE and Cobra 5 pack? I need them so I can check shipping times at my Wal-Mart. I will post back as soon as I find out any info with the UPCs.
  10. Did some more research last night. I only added Flint to our system to come up with this price but all the single carded figures will of course be the same. Here is the breakdown: Cost of the figures are $3.76 Here at Wal-Mart we have a thing called Home Office Markdowns, these occur on many items and USUALLY but not always on large feature quantity items. The actual retail for these are $5.97 and that will be the price for Target stores and etc. The Home office markdown takes it to $4.88 I would at a minimum expect these to be sent in special for an endcap and with three or four facings on the sidecounter. I can not get an exact date but I am in conversations with some of our buyers to see when I can expect these to start shipping and when they become an item that I can manually order.
  11. Your low price leader, Wal-Mart. I also tried to place an order but the item pulled up as not replenishable. As soon as it does though I am ordering at least an endcap of them.
  12. This may be old news but I just entered a UPC from one of the pics online and updated my system. The price of the new 25th anniversary figures is $4.88 retail per single card. Not bad at all for the quality of figure your getting, IMO.
  13. Finally someone who is not blind by some unjust hatred for Wal-Mart. I agree with Viper....also to add to the "others" category like Meijers, Does everyone here know that Target is a French owned company? hhhmmm, the real reason they do not support veterans nor allow the bell ringers during Christmas. But just like Meijers.....everyone is great and its just soo sad they must compete with the evil monster named WAL-MART. By the way, anyone here know why it is named Wal-Mart? I'm sure many don't care but it is kinda cool. If you wondering I will post it later.
  14. You all do realize that just because Wal-Mart is soo big does not mean that its the devil or anything. K-mart had over 100 stores to every 1 Wal-Mart store during the first ten years of Wal-Mart. The reason K-Mart failed was because they ignored a population ("rural" communities) Wal-Mart is a mom and pop store that was managed so great that it has become the size it is today. Did Sam Walton , the founder of Wal-Mart tuck tail and run when he looked at all the K-Mart stores he was competing with? No he managed and cut expenses so he could compete. Don't give me the little poor mom and pop store routine, because the founder of Wal-Mart had more competition than other retailers do that face Wal-Mart now. As for Wal-Marts main competitor, since no one here seems educated on the facts of retail, they seem to only share a hate of Wal-Mart, it is WalGreens. 7 Walgreens are built to every 1 Wal-Mart. Because they are smaller they are being able to draw shoppers and compete with Wal-Mart so well that they may very well take the lead some day in the retail business. Yes Walgreens, not everyones life evolves around the best store to get toys. I do agree that help sucks at some Wal-Marts but if you came to my Wal-Mart I can assure you that my associates do provide that extra effort in the toy department. All the new toy aisles have to be set by this Wednesday too. So if they are empty then check them out on that day. And you can always simply ask for an manager to help you. Our main focus is on you, the customer. Ask them for certain figures and they will find out if it is in stock. I just went and got some of the new DC Superhero figures for a customer today and I also ordered and extra 3 cases of Sigma Six so I can put them out on an end cap and kill the nasty Corps figures that sell so darn well.
  15. I am an assistant manager for Wal-Mart. The "shady" practices are not shady at all. It is standard retail business. As for all this negative attitude towards Wal-Mart, it has simply done what all businesses set out to do, become the best that they can be. How was this done? By finding good deals and simply passing them onto the customer. Back when all the retailers opened up, (all in the same year) the standard for KMart and Targets was to add near 30% to what it cost them. What did Wal-Mart do? It simply added 2 to 5 % to the cost. Other businesses are screwing you with the prices they charged and are charging still. Wal-Mart simply does what it always has and adds a certain low percentage to what it costs us to get. This is a savings to the customer and I am always baffled at how an individual finds Wal-Mart wrong for doing so. Be mad at the other businesses for charging so much more over the actual cost of the product.
  16. Thanks for the link over to the auctions. The Infantry packs are simply the top eleven bidders get a pack. So if you place a bid for the $35 then the next ten people can also place a bid for the same amount. That way everyone gets a pack for 35. I was thinking it would be easier this way but I guess maybe I should have put out eleven different auctions. This is the way these auctions work right? I have never put up a auction with multiples like this one.
  17. I am a very frequent observer of the boards but I don't post much. Anyway I am selling the last of my collection. The last stuff is mostly Cobra army builders so I know some of you might want to check the auctions out. I won't post all the auction links, if your interested just search by my seller id: bblbkbgb
  18. I am Loss Prevention at WAL-MART and according to the policies I follow, the individual that you "apprehended" very well could sue TRU for a number of things. A few things you have to ask yourself before making a "stop" with a shoplifter is did they have a chance to already pay for the merchandise. You never saw him take merchandise and not pay for it, technically. I would negate that element because of the situation, like you did but you never ever approach an individual inside the store. He has done nothing wrong yet. (most state law in based on concealment of merchandise= retail theft) but he could still get off without charges because he did not leave the store past the last point of sale. Before everyone jumps me for taking the bad guys side, I have watched individuals conceal merchandise, high dollar items, only to have them sneak up to the register and pay for them all. Usually this type of behavior occurs around christmas, other people in the store that they know and dont want them to see what the individual is buying them as a gift. Still it has turned into alot of wasted hours on my part watching individuals do this only to have them pay. Just something to consider before you all run out and try to catch shoplifters. Concealment of merchandise does not mean they are going to steal the item. Just be careful that you don't lose your jobs by wrongfully accusing someone. And when and if you do stop them outside, simply ask for any merchandise back that wasn't paid for. Don't ever imply they forgot to pay or that they have stolen it. Just my 2 cents, because catching shoplifters is what I do everyday, or try to at least.
  19. OHHHH!!!!! I see in my excitment from just getting home from work and checking the hasbro site that this is way old news and I am way behind (about three hours) Sorry and please go ahead and delete this mods.
  20. and I just placed an order for a case, one each of the comic packs, and the black hummer.....get there now and order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so much better than driving all over and trying to find them in the store.
  21. Some cheap prices with little time left on the auctions. Check out the other items as well. A good find but if this doesn't belong then please move this topic. Chrome Destro Bust Command baroness Bust Scarlett Undercover bust Crimson strike bust Vypra Figure TRU 1998 Techno Viper complete
  22. Tom, I was stationed there from 96 to 98. Its a great duty station in my opinion. I had great tiems there. Air Assault! They love to run there too. I was an 11B with the 3rd Battalion 502n. We ran a minimum of four mile each morning. I don't miss those days anymore. Back to toys: The TRU there was great back in the day and i was able to get plenty of TRU Viper three packs as well as all the TRU exclusive figures and vechicles that were realeased back then. If you have any questions let me know.
  23. Not sure of the official name but as far as JOE fans are concerned it has got to be an original colored Ratttler....what is that kind of tank bomber plane called? That would go as a new vehicle that would work later on as a military issued vehicle for there own line....that would be sweet.
  24. I thought these were a somewhat rare find. Please someone must have access to the six packs that wants a few vehicles. I also have a jungle strike if you don't want one of the quickstrikes.
  25. I would love to be able to trade someone the two quickstrikes for both the Tomax and the Xamot 6 packs. I will pay shipping on the quickstrikes and you on the figures. It should all equal out to retail price for all items. If this sounds fair please let me know if your interested. Thanks!!!
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