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  1. thanks, Joe! As you can see, the one on the left had a ripped label on the top. its on the outter clam shell.
  2. ok, the story goes like this: the vader cases were found at TARGET @ 8AM. 3 cases were left on the floor. Some other collectors dove through the first 2 cases and when Double Down came by at 8:15, there was one case left unopened. he took one and bought it. he went back for more and there were more collectors in the 3rd box so he took what he could. AVOID THE CARLE PLACE TARGET.
  3. I sent it to JoeRhyno@SBCglobal.net thanks for the assist!
  4. I'd like to see where that law is... They're basically not worth the police's time do to their masses. Mostly the police work on shutting down the plants MAKING the DVDs then those slobs selling them. No, its not worth thier time (or the tax payers) Imagine being in the NYPD and walking into a stationhouse and telling your captain you just arrested someone for selling a $5 bootleg dvd. The captain would rip you a new ***hole! there just some things that the cops dont waste thier time with. I remember way back in 89 when I used patrol the streets in the guardian angels and when I saw people smoking weed, and cops standing a few feet away and I wondered why the cops didnt do anything, I was told smoking a joint was not a serious offense nor a world wide problem.
  5. Considering retail stores will always exist and some of us enjoy working their and wish to move up, I for one would not enjoy losing my job. Hence I watch my release dates in my apartment like a hawk. I've already told fans with DCPI numbers that we won't pull the toys from the back yet to angry fits. Even if you tell them you're a fan, most don't give a damn. I'm not losing my job over my hobby or to make quick cash. Not to mention finding a job that pays well AND gives you benefits/retirement opitions is hard to come by these days. I resent the knock, and I'm sure others who enjoy their jobs in retail do as well. Im sorry if I offended you but retail is not for me. Ive done it and I really enjoy being my own boss. I dont follow orders well.
  6. how about the booteggers on the streets of ny with movies that havent even gotten released? do you know that bootleggers in ny cant get arrested unless they have a certain amount of dvds? (I think it was like $2000 worth)
  7. The licensing aggreement with LFL, Hasbro and reatilers covers that. Under terms of the contract, retailers can be fined $$$ or have new product shipment delayed. This is why DVD and CD sales before the street date are pretty rare at major chains. for some reason, I find it pretty hard for WALMART to pay Hasbro a "fine". Afterall, WALMART is the one selling the product and HASBRO would be kicking themselves in the ass by trying to fine them. That goes the same for TARGET & TRU. Imagine if they were threatend with a fine by Hasbro. They can easily turn around and say "we dont want to pay your fine and if you cut our supplies, so be it." I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Im probally wrong, but no one cares!
  8. Some people don't give a crap about any of that. The people that lose their jobs or companies that get sued would certainly give a crap about it. No. I mean those that are in a huff to buy these, don't really care what effect it may have. who cares? the item was put on the floor. if its on the floor and someone wants it badly enough, they will go through any means necessary to get it. a company gets sued for putting out the toys? Looks like there is going to be a billion lawsuits because everyone has put thier stuff out except for TOYS R US.
  9. not for nothing, I wouldnt be too upset if I lost my job at WALMART, TARGET or TRU. They would actually be doing me a favor!
  10. no need to apoligize. there were other collectors there also, grabbing as much as they could. we just happened to get there before they were all gone. anyway, there are plenty of targets left on long island to go to, just dont go to the one that was hit! i have the pic scanned but I am unable to post it. I lack knowledge in this field!
  11. I didn't think toy scalping had started back in '98....maybe more like when the first prequel hit that it became big? toy scalping has been around for a long, long time!
  12. as for limits, he had no problem buying more than one.
  13. ok, I just got my 2 vaders from Paul (aka DOUBLE DOWN) & they look amazing. One, however, has a ripped sticker on the top. The Vader is from a previos one, but I am unsure of which one because they all look the same! the pain deco differs from figure to figure. one vader I have has less "fire" on his right leg than the right. pics are coming!
  14. The licensing aggreement with LFL, Hasbro and reatilers covers that. Under terms of the contract, retailers can be fined $$$ or have new product shipment delayed. This is why DVD and CD sales before the street date are pretty rare at major chains. for some reason, I find it pretty hard for WALMART to pay Hasbro a "fine". Afterall, WALMART is the one selling the product and HASBRO would be kicking themselves in the ass by trying to fine them. That goes the same for TARGET & TRU. Imagine if they were threatend with a fine by Hasbro. They can easily turn around and say "we dont want to pay your fine and if you cut our supplies, so be it." i think hasbro and lucas would hurt alot more in the long run. frankly, if theyre out on the streets before the date, let them.
  15. spelling shouldnt be an issue, it was a "typo" and I couldnt correct it. I had just woken up and I was too excited as I typed away.......... Paul picked up "6" of them. He is giving me 2 later this evening. I will try to post it up with my digi cam!
  16. Well, not me but my good friend, Paul stopped at TARGET this morning and found the TARGET EXCLUSIVE LAVA DARTH VADER!!!!!!!!! It's $12.99 and they rang up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on a sadder note, he was at walmart and they had collections 1 and 2 but refused to sell them him because it said "not for sale" and the cashier said they were being recalled due to small choking pieces. AS IF! DAM, I SPELT "SCORED" WRONG!
  17. First of all, dont tell me to chill out. When people commit fraud that can impact me and others as consumers with potential price increases, poor distribution in the future, not to mention fowl up operations, create discrepancies and hassles for others to figure out and can possibly get innocent people fired your damn sure I'll chime in with my 2 cents and I see no reason anyone here should tell me otherwise. That may be the difference between you and me and our priorities. Seeing someone get toys at these expenses may be all good to you but not me. I dont think I, or anyone else should have to pay more for other peoples deliberate scams. I dont think we should deal with poor distribution and trouble finding the tail end waves of figures later on because the system gets screwed up by these people. I dont think its fair employees have to go through uneccessary work to figure this all out when they could do more good with their time elsewhere. I dont think people should loose jobs over other peoples impatience. Think about other people for once. Think about other collectors and how this can effect them too. Thats what I'm getting at here. Plus how do you think walmart loss prevention will react if they see this forum as an outlet to inform people how to defraud their stores? You think they will just want to join the cyber shopping mall afiliates? Why not tell the ones putting on temper tantrums at the registers ultimately embarrassing themselves to chill out. Tell the liars, cheats and scamers to chill out. They lie and act like they dont know theres a street date, they cheat to circumvent the system and they scam to get what they want. Measures are made to lock out the sales, fraudulant acts are commited to get around them. They have their reasons but that doesnt change the fact that what they are doing is wrong otherwise there would be no need to sneak around the self checkouts and use preview figures as a decoy ringer. I'd hate to see the day when star wars collectors become synonymous with scam artists who see grey areas and oportunities to cheat the system. I've read other methods people are using to get these toys on another board. The general consensus there is its pretty sad and pathetic some people even "think up" these things. here you throw a parade for them. But they will all have justifications for doing what they do. Visit any federal penitentiary and talk to the convicts, I'm sure many can come up with reasons for doing what they did too, doesnt change the fact rules were broken, laws were ignored and they are where they are today for a reason even if they still dont see what they have done. Swapping a figure to ring at the register and swapping a figure and returning it are very similar incidents, both are pulling a switcheroo to get what they want out of it, both are commited under shady circumstances. The people doing it are not exactly shouting out the details of what they are planing. And both do infact affect sales. A swapped figure may become unsellable but an unscanned ep3 figure is seen as unsold too despite being paid for because theres no record of an ep3 figure being sold. As for the "what if" scenerio on april 2nd where cashiers would suposedly quantity key figures, atleast they will be scanning in the proper ep3 skus not preview figures, the propper assortment would still be rung up and it can easily balance out without appearing to be a loss. But if that customer ends up with a return they can run into problems when the figure is not on the receipt but ten of another figure are. Cashiers are not supposed to quantity key different upcs if their system prints them seperately on the receipts, you may be confusing how other stores operate. Walmart scans individual items, stores like target have a unified dcpi # denoting department/item assortment. They can get away with quantity keying certain items because their system wont be currupted. We are talking about walmart here and their system doesnt work that way and their cashiers are trained not to do this. Some may do it as a short cut, some may not even be fully aware of the consequences it has on inventory but their ignorance doesnt make it right and doesnt give anyone carte blanche to do it them selves at the self checkout. Really whats the matter with you? Attacking my point of view telling me to chill out when people are clearly doing something wrong at the self checkout? This kind of thing affected my old job so I know first hand and have every right to take this issue personally. Collectors really know squat when it comes to this unless they worked in the field. Others with similar work experience posted in this very thread and cited similar problems that can happen as a result of tampering with inventory how can you dismiss those with experience and know what they are talking about so easily? And compare it to what? Ringing up soup cans and saying "well that cashier did it..."? Please. Why not compare apples to oranges next. Work as a shipping & recieving specialist some time, dig through months of truck manifests and direct delivery printouts, cross check sales records with physical counts on the floor and warehouses with what electronic inventory says the store should have and be interrogated by loss prevention and asked to go over everything again *just* to investigate one skn discrepency caused by stuff like this. I can assure you, it aint fun. And no, that wasnt my entire job to do, just part of a great many tasks squeezed into a day. You may not give a crap about employees. you may not give a crap about the work they do behind the sceens. But please, do not belittle the work I've done or dismiss my experiences in the industry in favor of "rooting" for someone who goes to such lengths to get past the register with toys a week early and try to make me look like the one with a problem that needs to chill out, I do not appreciate it. I'm not the one commiting fraud. I am not doing anything ilegal. All I'm doing is giving information on the cause and effects of messing with inventory from experience. You can benefit and learn or dismiss and ignore it all you want but problems are being created and they affect a bigger picture then you may realize. I'm posting this because any collector that ever had a difficult time finding something or wondered why distribution is soo poor in their area should take note, this sort of thing can cause those problems all too often. Think about that the next time you want to throw a ticker tape parade for shady activities. you really do take that job seriously?
  18. I was wondering.............. how does Lucas have any right to "fine" anyone? I mean, he's not a cop, judge or part of the government so how does he have the ability to fine stores? lets think about that one.....................seriously. what happens if you dont pay the fine? do you go to stars wars jail?
  19. Ive called the coperate number but it always fell on deaf ears. I gave up on them.
  20. what store?????????????????
  21. Man you need to chill Do you have any friggin idea how many times a cashier has used the same figure to ring all the items I was buying? Or they would just count how many I was buying and type in the amount after on scan? I know I'll print out your post and hand it to them your lucky. Most stores with self check outs usually has someone overlooking all the transactions, usually just a few feet in front of you. but I would have done the same thing. as for the items now showing up in future orders, they can use logic and see that the pegs are empty and re-order. If they wonder where they went, they can simply declare that they were "stolen".
  22. bro, they work at walmart. they get like $5.25 an hour. I laugh at them.
  23. heres a tip: wait until the bid is almost over to bid. someone is always going to try and outbid you! esnipe, baby!
  24. I used to work in an arcade and I got to finish the game.
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