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  1. You know I will be there. Just like the good old days.
  2. I thought I read it some where
  3. Primenybt

    Super Glue

    I Have a night force tunnelrat back pack. That someone glued the flashlights into. How do I get them out?
  4. When my parents start saying stuff like this I just say to them, "I could be spending my my on drugs." Once I say that they leave me alone. And believe me alot of my old friends from high school and college are on drugs. But as for a job, I work as a manager of a Supermarket and I'm 26. I would like to think for 26 years old I'm doing well.
  5. Primenybt


    Royal I bought one of the first ones you made.
  6. Primenybt


    Yeah I'd love to see the NYC vipers shirt. I'd buy one in a heart beat. But please atleast make one thats a xxl. Us tall people need clothes that fit.
  7. Very cool Royal!!! So now we know where they all went to
  8. Primenybt

    CT Joeshow

    Here is the info http://www.kozinsmotorpool.com/ctjoeshow/feb06show.htm
  9. Yeah I'm just about out now. I think it's time to think about moving.
  10. Well I figured I would show of my collection. I am only showing my vehicles. I don't keep my figures on display, but I plan on setting them up so I can take pics. enjoy
  11. Yep I will free it from its plastic prison
  12. Ok there has to be something wrong with some people. I just got another package in the mail today. This time it was shipped in a garbage bag box. Everything arrived ok, but yet again the box was crushed. I paid $8.50 for shipping the box, but yet that tag on the boxes say 5.75 I would assume this in canadian dollars (it came from canada). So I guess I paid for this guys garbage bags and his newspaper for his house. Some people need to have a little more common sense here is the auction http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1
  13. Well I'm a manager at a retail store. So I guess you are calling me a moron. But I'll let it drop We will be having a Wal-mart opening in the next month or so less then a mile from my store. As a manger in retail store I get to see all the data that comes in as far as what a new Wal-mart will do to my store. They will be highering part time people starting a $12 an hour, with little or no benfits. The store where I work is a union store. My store can only offer 8 an hour, but the difference is all of my employees (including part-time) get full eye, dental, and RX drugs. The full timers get full medical coverage without having to pay into it. The part-timers get some medical coverage. Plus vacation time. The probelm with this is the kids we need to work at the store would rather get paid $12 an hour and have the extra cash then have benfits. So this means walmart corners the job market in my area. Now to kill our sales they will sell a gallon of milk at dollar less then we will or can. So what does that do? That will get customers into there store instead of ours. Thats all it takes, all they have to do is get them in the door. Why would they go to a grocery store when they can go to this huge store and get everthing they want at a lower price. Those customers will go there because no matter what there prices will always beat ours. My company as a whole has closed 3 stores in the last year because a Wal-mart was built close to it. I guess you are not a moron so you don't work in sales. So do me a favor when you work in sales and have seen what a Wal-mart can do to a business. Then you can speak on the subject.
  14. In any business when a company sells something to a store: i.e. Hasbro selling its product to KB Toys. Hasbro sells it's items to KB Toys at a set price. For instance: let say a case of Joe figures cost 10 dollars, with 10 figures in the case. (this is KB Toys' cost). KB Toys has the option to sell it for as much profit as they want, lets say 5 dollars per fig or as little profit as they want, let say 2 dollars a fig or they can even sell it for a negitive profit 99 cents a fig. But no matter what KB Toys sells it for there cost per case stays the same. So when KB Toys decides to put an item on clearence KB Toys is losing the profit not hasbro. There are of course exceptions to this. Hasbro could say to KB Toys "We want you to clear this product out to make room for new product" Hasbro will cut a check to KB toys to off set some of the loss, but not all. It is still KB Toys choice to put the item on sale and at what price. BTW Wal-Mart does purposly put smaller business (not just mom & pop stores any smaller business) out business. Look how they cornered the market on toys. Basicly what they do is divert funds from other stores or departments with a stores in order to lower there prices on certain sections. That is what I was saying about negitive profit. Wal-Mart will lose money on certain items in order to get rid of compention. And they off set the loss buy raising price in another section or another store. And yes Wal-Mart could have single handedly taken Joes out of the store. Because if the largest toy seller in the U.S. won't back a toy line or won't sell it. Then what would be the sense of keeping it in any store if it isn't going to get maximum exposure. There is so much more to say about how evil Wal-Mart is. Don't get me wrong what Wal-mart does is mostly legal and I would bet that every other business wished they could do what Wal-mart can do.
  15. In the Poptart box I bought 6 of the motorized backpacks. When I got the box it arrived in a bag that the post office had put it in because the box had been so badly crushed. Everything that was in it was ok but the box was totaly destroyed.
  16. I don't know what I going to do yet. I just can't stand it. It's like the person went out, bought a box of cookies, ate it, then mailed my stuff. And I didn't even get a cookie out of it. It's not like these items were cheap either. I guess just seeing the condition of the box really irks me.
  17. Ok about a year ago I got a box in the mail with some joe accessories in it. The problem with the box was that it was a POPTART box!!!!!! I think it was berry burst or something like that. Now just to today I get a box it the mail with parts to the dreadnok stinger. The moron who shipped it packed it in a macaroon cookie box. The box was crushed, has chocolate stains in it!!, and the worst part is the items were falling out of the box. Thank god every thing was in there. I already sent him a very strongly worded e-mail. The best part is he already left me postive feedback. So if I don't get the answers I want he will be getting 2 negitives. Sorry but I just had to vent
  18. Sorry you didn't sell to much at the show. But yeah the prices of army builders were great. I got: 3 loose crimson guards with perfect symobols for $8 each 8 mint loose vipers $8 each 3 secto vipers with helemts $4 each ferret $10 blue hiss $15 rip-it $5 gold head steelbrigade with gun and patch $20 a bunch of loose figs for a $1 each 2 complete python vipers $10 each 1 complete viper $10 TF skystriker $20 A bunch of accessories to complete some of my figs I also bought the maurder shadow guard accessories. And as a door prize I won a venom chamber and a mail-in storm shadow. I think thats it
  19. I have one and bill has 2 for them (one of each varient). I got mine in a lot for $25. The next time I see you I will bring it.
  20. The Race Car driver and the police officer were not endorsed by hasbro either. But I would wager dollars to donuts that if either of those 2 came up on ebay they would go for over $200. A guy at the Con had the race car diver in his case for $300. So for a figure that was not endorsed buy Hasbro it sure went up in price.
  21. Thank you all for you congrats on my engagement(sp) I had a great time at the Con. The SoCal noks are some of the best out there. Great guys to hang out with. It was great to meet so many people. Hey Gilty don't feel bad I got stuck on the runway at JFK for 2 hours sitting in the plan. They said the control tower had a power outage.
  22. Primenybt

    Con Photos

    Well I'm at the con right now. I am very disappointed (sp). Do I really need another hydrofoil? 1.I have the Orignal 2. I have the Night Ray 3. I have the tiger force 4. The TRU exclusive 5. Now this con one. I'm going to buy it. I just wish it was the Condor.
  23. for example: The crimsom hiis tank, The 3 blue subs, The dreadnok motorcycle. These were all extras for anyone who attended. They didn't sell these they were just a special gift for anyone who attended.
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