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  1. Looks like they dropped the HD feature. Sucks that the first set is buggared up like that. These are overpriced but I love having this series in the remasterd format. They did such a great job keeping things looking good. They didn't go overboard ala Star Wars Special edition, just nice little enhancements that blend right in.
  2. I agree on the Raiders figures but if you ask me both of the Crystal Skull Indys have spot on liknesses for such tiny figures.
  3. Why are people not understanding the logic behind the size of these things is beyond me. They are not supposed to be in scale with GI Joes for cryin' out loud they are made in the same fashion as Star Wars. Is the connection between Indiana Jones and Star Wars THAT unapparent? With that in mind they are exactly the size they should be. Sorry, I'm just sick of people asking why they are the size they are. It makes perfect sense to me.
  4. Guess I don't have to post pics now! I'll try and do the Regula 1 Kirk and Saavik later. I love these figures but still think that the likeness on Kirk is strange. The rest are all spot on though.
  5. I bought them at Forbidden Planet Union Square... I haven't had time to open em yet once I do i'll post some pics. Spock and Uhura look great!
  6. I'll get pics up soon. Love the figures just as I loved the first and SDCC waves. I think these figures are great. Saavik is the least best likeness and she's hard to find ala Q. I was lucky to score one.
  7. Are you crazy? its byt far the WORST Batman film poster. Ooooh a flaming logo on a superhero movie. Like I havn't seen that before. No creativity whatsoever.
  8. I love the Batman, one of the best yet! I like the GL and Superman too but there are better versions of the same guys out there that look too similar to these ones. At least the Batman has some unique elememnts. He looks like the latest JL Batman but improved all around, I like the cape over the shoulders and I also like the fact he's holding it. I also like level of detail in the head and cape and how he's a deep navy blue instead of a fruity Adam West blue. This is one I might not even repaint to black.
  9. yeah but look at this... It makes it look like complete and utter garbage http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=vie...800&start=0
  10. They look decent enough for me to buy for sure. I still wish a company like NECA who does realistic figures would do figures from the Dark kingt or Begins. These better be 6 inches (part of that mega line or whatever) and not have bunch of crappy action features.
  11. I realy hope those aren't the 6 inch collectors line figures. Ugh. What the hell? 4HM you can do so much better than this. Hopefuly they'll look better in person. And what is with Batman's cape?? Its horrible. Speaking of horrible theres the ew Dark Knight batsuit. this isn't mattels fault but it doesn't make me like this figure anymore thats for sure.
  12. Exactly. THIS is the way Joker should be and no other way in order for people to take him seriously. I mean I love Nicholson as an actor and love Tim Burtan, but Joker dancing around to prince with a boom box and putting on a float parade with a giant rubber duck does nothing to make the guy seem like a sadistic serial killer terrorist that not only should be taken seriously but is worthy of being "the dark knight's" arch enemy (don't even get me started on Robin). In Jokers classical interpretation, I think he's a lame arch enemy. But there aere a few stories or moments that make him worthy of that, such as killing Jason Todd etc. There is the odd story involving Joker that I love, they are few and far between, Arkham Asylum is one of them, the movies joker seems to fit right in with that. I like the psychotic laugh, thats cool with me, the odd wise crack is cool with me but the minute Joker takes out a Boom Box and starts dancing to Bat Dance I'm out of the theater.
  13. Got em. FANTASTIC! PERFECT! Matches the greatness of the Riker/Worf and Picsard/Troi wave. Seems the blunder that was the Geordi wave is behind us now because these are stellar. Nice matte finish on the plastic, great sculpts, original acessories. No complaints. Didn't get the other Dax though, Forbidden Planet NY didn't have any left I guess. Just glad I got the last Odo.
  14. Can;t wait. I have to say I think Leger is doing a good job with Joker but e is not to be commended as much as Nolan and the producers, for going with a way cooler version of the Joker. The scarred face and really screwed up face paint is amazing. But he still has his purple and green hair. Its just an amazing look. Its believable. SO glad they didn't make him overly comical and goofy with a simple painted face. I hope he's serious, scary and actually seems worthy of being an arch villain of someone as iconic as Batman (who looks terrible in this movie, it only downfall so far... He looks like a power ranger). Joker should not be funny. Unless he's funny delivering lines in a sadistic way. Kind of like Al Swerigan from Deadwood. Ruthless SOB but throws in the odd line that makes you laugh your ass off. I don't want to see this guy runing around pulling pranks on batman or spraying laughing gas on people. No thank you. Make me take Joker seriously please.
  15. This is a real nice set. Nice to see rthat Jusrtice is continuing pst its lull of re-used molds and armored characters. Batgirl i really nice although she looks a little frumpy. Supergirl is nice face wise and the sculpt is great but that costume design... Sometimes Ross needs to get his head checked with his designs. She looks like she came off a 90's Susan Summers home workout videotape. Toyman is really cool looking. Very different. Capitan Cold is simply AMAZING!
  16. Also I'd much rather go into my comic store, on the day I KNOW it will be there (provided it wans't delayed and I forgot to check the net) pay the 15 bucks than to pay inflated prices for Mattel product and shipping on top of that, from Ebay because it the only place where you can find their figures. That's an argument that DCD has won period. Even if you prefer more articulated figures. I don't think theres any justification in the cost point. I used to think it was just Canada's problem but I live in New York City now and its worse here for those things. Mattel sucks. Their figures are getting better though. But still not a good as DCD anyway (my opinion).
  17. "ruined" is your opinion Mate. There are those who care much more about the way the figure looks, Part of why most of the old DCD Wonder Womans looked so mannish, (Not that shes not supposed to be a little mannish) is that she was standing straight up. The first JLA one was horrible, stick physique, no curves or dynamic stance. These figures are so cool looking. FINALLY a good WW (the Ross one was good for a Ross figure and the last JLA with the cape was better than I thought it would be but this is the definitive version). I'm sure this will be one of my favorite DCD figures and I can't wait until I go home and get it.
  18. I like this batman figure a lot. More than the Hush version or sure. Still not sure that I love it. The only thing that kind of bugs me is his shoulders, they're a little too big and stick out a little too far. I tried to paint him black and the paint does not stick to his cape at all which is a bit of a let down. However if i do not touch it at all then its alright heh.
  19. And thats another thing, ordering them is no good because the only way you can get the good figures for a decent price is if you preorder set which usally always has a repaint and and a crappy batman no one wants. If you just want a clayface or something from Bi Bd Toy store or wherever, you have to a) see it before they sell out and pay at least 5 dollars more than the average figure for it. I can;t think of a single other line that I resort to ebay so often for. This is why i become irate when the DCD bashers say that DCD is overpriced. IF they prefer more articulation, thats a valid argument but at least with DCD I can go in on a a specific date provided they did not delay the wave and walk out with my toys. And when i buy a set my guy gives me a deal anyway. MY life is way too busy to waste time driving to Walmart and walking away with nothing all of the time.
  20. I've bought only two of the figures I have in store. Every other one was ordered of ebay. It consistently remains the only wave i order from ebay. Even comic shops don't carry it. Its just another reason to hate Mattel. People #$#@# about DCD being expensive and DCSH being more affordabke. Yeah right. with ebay inflation and shipping sometimes it cots me double what a CD would. Canada is horrible for getting these figures. They've got nothing new since wave 2. Now i live in New york and it is no better. Ive seen the clayfce wave, and i've seen it refreshed both times there were a huge amount of Bruce wayne but no clayface in sight
  21. This thing made me laugh lit loud when I saw it I feel like putting it in the thread where people are saying that the Batman and Son Joker's head looks stupid.
  22. The long cape ad all red is not weird. Its Robin. He needs all the help he can get at looking cooler. The small yellow cape inside i a bit strange but I've thought so ever since i saw the pics of his new costume in the comic. He should ditch the yellow alltogether Other than fanboy nerds hanging on to it because it reminds them of the 70s/80s (the same reason they do with Batman's blue) there is no need for it or the green. There are no yellow and green Robins or Blue bats that I've ever seen. And while were at it almost every superhero needs to ditch the trunks over the tights Its ot the 60's anymore. they don't work as a device to seperate the torso from the legs on account of the colorists. DC should take a look a what Marvel did with the Ultimate Avengers. They still look and feel like superheroes but ther costumes look cool and make sense.
  23. Judging by the way the figures look probably not very good The laziness and lack of care in the sculpts is probably reflective o that.
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