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    X2 is probably still my favorite comic book movie. There is something about that movie that still holds up to this day. I was totally let down by X-Men Last Stand and the Wolverine movies were never up to the same standards either. X-Men First Class renewed my faith that the X-Men movies could still be good and I'm looking forward to X-Men DOFP.
  2. Of the characters listed, I'm all for Death Adder (I would say most of the Serpent Society would make great toys), High Evolutionary, Odin, Mockingbird and any of the characters from the new Guardians of the Galaxy including Mantis and an updated Adam Warlock. My thoughts would be: Kang (We got one through the FF line, but who really got that one?) Kid Loki Quasar Stingray (A personal favorite) Dr. Strange (new costume)
  3. I love how people have to sit and point out all the "illogical" things in a Superman man. It's Superman! Sit back, enjoy the show and stop over thinking everything!
  4. That's better then any figure they've put out for the Superman movie. I'd buy that.
  5. Just as ugly as the Batman one. I like collecting me some GL toys, but I'll pass on this one.
  6. Just one? Jeeezzz you make life difficult. I'm probably thinking my Marvel Select Thanos. He's not only my favorite character, but he does rank right up there with my favorite toys. If it was a matter of size (as to what I can carry in my bag), I'd go for my Marvel Universe Thanos, the one from the Warlock two-pack.
  7. Of the bad ones I've watched, I'd say Batman & Robin is right there at the top. I've never been able to bring myself to watch Superman Returns or Green Lantern again, but I'd happily watch those over Batman and Robin any day. Superman III and IV are garbage too. Since the Nolan Batman movies, I've never really brought myself to watch the Burton or Schumacher Batman movies again. I know movies like Catwoman, Steel and Supergirl are always at the top of worst of lists, but I've never even bothered to watch them. I won't also start with the bad cartoon movies they've been putting out since the cancellation of JLU.
  8. I have a much higher faith that Marvel can pull off a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, then I do about DC having a profitable Superman movie.
  9. I never really got into The Batman or The Brave and The Bold and I tried watching Green Lantern and was planning on getting into Young Justice, but now in the end I'm happy that I didn't get into any of them. Considering that they make these cartoon and don't have any faith in them, I've pretty much given up trying to get into decent cartoons now a days. The moment something doesn't look quite right, they get their panties in a twist and cancel it. I've still never gotten over them canceling Justice League Unlimited. Probably never will.
  10. Currently I read: Avengers Secret Avengers New Avengers Avengers Assemble Mighty Thor Daredevil Thunderbolts Dark Avengers Captain America Nova Guardians of the Galaxy Fantastic Four FF Avenging Spider-Man Hawkeye Uncanny Avengers Cable & X-Force A+X Fury Max Young Avengers Hawkeye, Fury Max, New Avengers and Secret Avengers are probably my favorite reads. I've been enjoying Cable & X-Force too. Have to thank DC for doing their miserable New 52 because I dropped so much from them that I've pretty much doubled up on Marvel.
  11. I grew up in a small town and I started buying comics at a convenience store near my Grandma's house. I eventually found that there was a used book store downtown called "Mike's Book Store" that had a comic store in the back. An older couple ran the book store out front and a guy named Mike ran the comic store in the back. Surprisingly, the store was not named after Mike from the comic shop and nether of the people out front were named Mike. I believe they bought it from the previous owner, whose name was Mike. Eventually, Mike (the one in the backroom) took his comic shop out of the book store and opened his own store called "Mike's Myths". He had a fairly small store located upstairs, just down the street from the book store. He was about the only place in town that sold comics, so he pretty much had the entire market for the area. Eventually, he rented out the larger location a couple of spots over and ran out of there for a long time. Finally he moved a few more blocks over and was a street front store. I bought pretty much all my stuff from him for a long time before eventually going to college. When I returned between schools years, Mike had closed up and I went back down to the original Mike's Book Store and found that Mike had gone out of business and that they were carrying most of the comics stuff in town now. I got to know the older couple that ran the place pretty well. After college I had moved away, but I went back in the store one day when I was home to find that the older gentleman had passed on. His wife was still there and she was the one that told me he had passed. Their son was now running the store and to the best of my knowledge is still running it. I have gone in a couple of times, but I don't find that they carry as much for comics as in the older days and what they do carry I can get easily in Toronto. I always remember Mike because as nice a guy as he was, he was possibly a little crazy. I remember the older couple a lot too because the older gentleman would often tell my stories from back in the 50's and 60's about the area and also about his time working as a prison guard. Really nice people and I was sorry to hear that they had passed. Still to this day, I don't know whatever happened to Mike.
  12. Unfortunately, Fox has the rights to those characters all tied up. I'm all for an Adam Warlock appearance. His history with Thanos only makes sense that they would bring him in. They could certainly work in a cameo at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy.
  13. I think some characters are just cameos. Robert Redford is supposed to be taking Nick Fury's "role". Neither Fury or Hill are supposed starring roles. Sitwell is just a minor role at best. Peggy Carter is a flashback. This is actually the first I've heard that the Black Widow was involved with this movie. I don't know how big a role Armin Zola will have either, though I do see him being the reason for the Winter Solider.
  14. I picked up all 6 figures today. Hyperion, Protector, Red She-Hulk, Archangel, Ultimate Cap and Wolverine. I'm very happy with all the figures, but of the bunch I would say that Hyperion is at the bottom. I'm not going to sit and say "cheap plastic" or "bad paint job", but I am unhappy with his cape attachments. Doesn't matter how I angle it, the "buttons" will not stay down and makes him look funny. That's the main complaint I have with him. It is a good thing for the line (at least at a major retail level) that they are producing really well made Wolverine and Cap figures. I like these ones a lot and if they continue making them this good, then that will keep places like Walmart and TRU ordering them. The Archangel is a probably one of the best action figures I've ever bought. Love the detail, love the paint job and sculpt, love the wings! Still trying to figure out who or what Hit Monkey is supposed to be though.
  15. I'm really surprised to hear that too considering it happened back in December. For the amount of time I spend on this site and the fact that almost all of my friends are into comics, I would have thought I'd have heard about it by now. Here's hoping as well for a speedy recovery. From the sounds of it, things are going well for him.
  16. Gay sci-fi author asks DC for ‘balance,’ offers to write Superman In an open letter, award-winning science fiction author David Gerrold has asked DC Comics for balance — and a job. In response to the publisher hiring Ender’s Game author and gay-marriage opponent Orson Scott Card to contribute to its Adventures of Superman anthology, Gerrold suggests DC hire an “openly gay writer,” which he happens to be. Gerrold writes: Dear DC Comics Editors, I see that you have hired a writer for Superman who has written strongly of his opposition to equal rights for LGBT people. And I see that there is an online petition protesting that move. Perhaps you could balance that decision by hiring an openly gay writer to draft a Superman story for a future issue. I hereby volunteer. I have been a fan of Superman since Bud Collyer played him on the radio. (Before TV was invented.) I can remember Brainiac’s first appearance, and Bizarro too. And I cried when George Reeves died. I do have some small credential as a writer of science fiction and fantasy. I have published a few books and written a few teleplays. (You can look me up on the internet.) I have also written some mangas, and I wrote two issues of the Babylon 5 comic you published ten years ago. I have some very good ideas that I think would work well for the series. I’d like the opportunity to write for you the very best Superman story ever. Sincerely yours, David Gerrold “The Trouble With Tribbles” Land Of The Lost Twilight Zone The Martian Child (and a whole bunch of other stuff)
  17. I picked up my figures today. I've very pleased with all of them. I bit disappointed that I have to wait till the fall to complete my Iron Monger though. I remember seeing the classic Iron Man and thinking he looked a lot like the original Iron Man that ToyBiz put out in Marvel Legends I, but he's a very awesome figure.
  18. I sense a thread closing soon, so I'll just say that he hasn't done anything wrong yet and as screwed up as DC is, they aren't going to do a homophobic storyline and risk a media backlash. They may want to publicity, but not that kind of publicity, particularly with Superman.
  19. I like that Black Adam figure and the Baz GL figure too. If they are like $50 or more, I'll be passing though.
  20. As a long time Avengers fan, every time I watch the Hulk take down that giant alien and then the camera circles around the Avengers, I get misty eyed. It's my entire childhood wrapped up in that moment as the Avengers come together. I'm the exact same when the Autobots arrive on Earth in Transformers.
  21. Last I heard Daisy Johnson was still SHIELD command and Maria Hill was second in command, though Hill does more of the day-to-day running.
  22. You can read the MAX version in Nick Fury MAX (which is an awesome book by the way). I have no doubt that white Nick Fury will be back someday. There's too much history there and they're just riding high on the success of the movies.
  23. It's Jabba's palace! Good lord, people take things in life far too seriously sometimes. Besides, Lucas has pretty much insulted every cultural race with some character from his movies, it was only fair to take a poke at the Muslims.
  24. Retail in downtown Toronto for years, I've met David Arquette, Tim Daly, Michael Clarke Duncan (he was HUGE) and Richard Grieco. I just missed out on meeting Kevin Smith one time, which would have been my biggest geek moment ever. My manager also told me that Celine Dion came into our store while we were super busy. She was surrounded by her bodyguards. The Incredible Hulk was filmed right outside my old store, but surprisingly I never saw anyone famous.
  25. Just like the Mr. Freeze, I would be all over the Poison Ivy figure IF it wasn't $60 to $80. Greedy DC.
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