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  1. I know I new to this thread but I've been trying to keep up with all of the posts as they are added and I agree with a lot of what has been said. I think that it would be a good idea to read the trade first before you see the movie. I've had too many experiences where I watch the movie and then read the book and when I'm done with the book or even while I'm still reading the book (depending on the length) I find that I sometimes get things switch around between what happened in the movie and what happened in the book. This does not happen to me nearly as much if I read the book first. You may be able to completely separate this and not have a problem but that is what works best for me. Also, it seems that there is a specific part toward the end of the movie that has been changed to make the movie seem more realistic in accordance with the times. I won't go into more detail because I don't want to spoil the trade or the movie for you, but as far as I know this is the most significant change that has been made between the trade and the movie. I also agree that reading the trade in today’s political climate will make the book seem less intense than reading it when it was first published in 1986. So much has changed from the cold war era to fear of a terrorist attach type climate we live in now. The problem I had was that I was only nine when the book came out and I was reading comics at the time but I didn't really grasp everything that Alan Moore had written in this series. As I go back a reread in as I get older the concepts get better and better every time I read it. So as long as you understand the cold war climate you will still have a great appreciation of the book but it won't be like reading it for the first time right after it was written.
  2. If we're going to use Thanos with the new powers that he was given by Death then shouldn't we also use the Darkseid who has control of the anti-life equation? If that's the case then Darkseid wins easily.
  3. Thanks to everyone!!!!!!!!!! Gotta say I'm glad to be here. Me and a friend were almost in a car accident driving to Memphis TN when the car did a few 360's of the road while it was raining. Luckily were both came out OK.
  4. The DC Direct Infinie Crisis Mongul will fit in scale wise better then the DC Superheroes line. Mongul is supposed to be bigger that Superman.
  5. Please count me in for one. I've checked all the stores in my area and no luck yet. But this weekend I'm going to a different town to look and if I find one (plus any extras) I'll let everyone know. Also, I'm not interested in the variant so if I find a variant I'll ship that out to someone who needs it.
  6. The wrestlers will be there all day Sunday but I'm not sure when Awesome Kong will be arriving. Roy Thomas will be there all day Sunday and he has a panel at 2:00 PM on Sunday too.
  7. This may be old news but I just found a link to this site that has pictures of Nite Owl and Rorschach figures based on the movie costumes. http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20191746,00.html The link was on the DC Comic home site.
  8. Could someone please post the link to where the pic's are located. I can't see the pic's on the boards at my work computer. Thanks
  9. Just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. Most of you may not even be close enough to come to the show but I still wanted to post this because the guy who runs the show is a good friend of mine. On April 27 & 28 the Cape Comic Con will be back in Cape Girardeau Missouri. The show is run my Ken Murphy, the owener of one of the local comic book shows in Cape, Marvels and Legends. This is the 3rd Annual event for the Cape Comic Con. For the weekend there will be a costume contest, vendors, writers, and artists. There will also me gaming. The gaming will consist of: Heroclix Warhammer 400000 Magic Living Grey Hawk] Star Wars Minis Yu-Gi-Oh The link for the show is at: http://www.capecomiccon.com/ The website has a full list of guest and writers and vendors that will be in attendance this year. Just wanted to let everyone know.
  10. A $5.00 price hike seems like a lot but if the majority of the figures are larger scale and we have a BAF Foom of 22 to 25 in. I will probably buy them. If Foom turns out to be no bigger than Onslaught I'll have to pass on these series. I can't help but think that this $5.00 price increase will be a tool for Hasbro to see what kind of a realistic price increase they can put on the rest of the ML figures based on the response to these two Hulk lines.
  11. Just picked up the Previews Exclusive Ultimate Wolverine in the blue uniform. I like it a lot better than the regular. Also, I just got back from Nashville where I found Black Knight, Marvel Girl, Bucky, and another Hydra Soldier. And, a buddy of mine called me last friday from a Wal-Mart near where he lives and he found me an Astonishing Cyclops and another Hydra Soldier. That finishes this run of Marvel Legends for what I want. I passed on the X3 Colossus.
  12. I went with Ultron. I'd like to see a new bigger Dragon Man because the old one from Toybiz is too small (and I never got one) but I'd like to see Ultron first. This would be another major villian to add to my Avengers Villians group.
  13. Glad to see Jean Grey (Jim Lee) got number 1. Also glad to see that Stryfe made it into the top 10 for the villians.
  14. Here's what I'd like to see: 1. Jean Grey (Jim Lee version) 2. Thunderstrike 3. Multiple Man (X-Factor Trenchcoat) 4. Cyclops (Jim Lee version) 5. Terrax 6. AoA Morph 7. Ultron (Perez) 8. Ares 9. Professor X (in hover chair) 10. U. S. Agent BAF Strong Guy
  15. Here's what I'd like to see: Thunderbolts - the original team Citizen V Songbird Fixer Atlas Moonstone Mach 1 The Wrecking Crew Bulldozer Thunderball Piledriver Wrecker The Four Horsemen – the original group Archangel War Famine Pestilence Apocalypse Classic X-FACTOR Cyclops Iceman Beast Jean Grey Angel or even Archangel Generation X Jubliee Synch Skin Husk M Artie & Leech The Heralds of Galactus Terrax Nova Firelord Airwalker Stardust Tyrant and The Imperial Guard Gladiator Oracle Starbolt Titan Manta
  16. Here's what I'd like to see in order of what I want: 1. Multiple Man 2. Hellfire Club minions (but with these I'd also like to see a Shaw figure) 3. A.I.M. Agents A close runner up to the A.I.M. Agents would be S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents
  17. I'm throwing these in now because I forgot about this category when I first voted. If I'm too late just forget about this post and just take the suggestions from my first post. Alternate Universes Blink (AoA) Morph (AoA) Hulk (2099) Spider-Girl (MC2) J2 (MC2)
  18. Love the idea of this as a figure. Of course I'd be happy if they just gave us a new Ultron figure in the classic scuplt. But I really like the idea of the Conquest version of Ultron as a fig.
  19. I went with the Masters of Evil. I like the Brotherhood idea but I worry that if this wins all well see from this is a boxset full of repackaged figures we already have (Mystique, Pyro, Sabertooth, Magneto, Juggernaut, etc...) If we get a Masters of Evil we should see some new figures out of the set. If the Masters don't win I'd like to see the Horsemen get made. A new version of Archangel WITHOUT the rocket pack on his back would be great.
  20. I can get the ML two packs with Cable / Marvel Girl and Cannonball / Domino. I need the HML Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Black Knight, and I'd like a few more Hydra soldiers. I also need the FFML Invisible Woman, Thing, and I'd like to have the Variant Doom is anyone is willing to trade for it.
  21. Flight stands weren’t included in all the Toy Biz figures either. I for one am glad that figures no longer have a large hole in their backs. Comics were going away anyway, Jesse Falcon already said that numerous times even before the license went to Hasbro. As for the large scale BAFs, those have been gone since Onslaught. Both Onslaught and Mojo are even severly under-scale. At least with Hasbro's BAF they're still in scale with the regular figure line. But then I guess the rose-colored glasses for the Toy Biz days cloud most people's vision for what they're getting now. It's the websites that pick the questions. Hasbro has nothing to do with that. They just answer what is sent to them. So it's pretty lame to blame them. But no big surprise given the mentality of most Toy Biz fanboys. As Hasbro already answered a couple of those. Boxsets will return in '08. No plan for more 2-Packs at the moment but it's not out of the question. As for Flight Bases, I hope they don't return. The bases themselves were fragile, and I hate the holes. What do you want BAF figures out of scale? A massive out of scale figure, just for the sake of doing one? Both Toy Biz and DCUC aren't making Sentinel sized BAFs. It's just not possible to do so now. With the cost of plastic and the possible choices for larger figures with name recognition are limited, what you're getting is a larger bonus figure for collecting the whole wave. One that wouldn't fit on a card well, or wouldn't sell well otherwise. Annihilus, Blob, Brood Queen, Ronan, Holocaust. I'm not asking for a flight base with every figure produced. I'm just saying that with Toy Biz we go the flight bases and large scale BAF's in the same line. Also, the comics may have been on there way out (not that I was that crazy about the reprint comics to begin with) but dropping the comic cuts expense. The overall point to this that you seem to be missing is that there have been many extra's that have been cut and Hasbro is still complaining about the cost. As for the Mojo and the Onslaught, yes they were under scale in relation to the other ML figures but at least these were two BAF's that it was unrealistic to package as a single figure. If they can put Danger in a package with her wings seperate Annihilus could have been put in a single package. Same with Ronan. I haven't seen the full sculpt of the Holocaust yet but I would guess this one is the same way. You know what. I am a Toy Biz fanboy. And proud of it. Toy Biz wasn't perfect but neither is Hasbro. And yes, I and everyone else who’s ever posted a question for Hasbro on one of the Q & A threads know that the website picks the questions but you need to ask yourself, based on what. If you think for one minute that there isn't discussion between the individuals who run the site and the Hasbro reps as to which questions will and won't be answered you need to take off the rose colored glasses you see your world through. Hasbro like any major corporation is not going to but out any more controversial answers to questions than they have to. They'll do everything that they can to avoid alienating they're customer base, and that include ignoring questions that they can clearly read on message boards that they have already stated that they pay attention to. If they have answered the question that boxsets will return in 2008 I retract the question. I did not know that. And I believe the answer to the two pack question was "No comment at this time" which means they're waiting on the sales returns from Wal-Mart to see if it's worth continuing. Just saying this would have been a perfectly understandable answer. I don't expect any corporation to continue with a product that's not making them money. If you don't like the flight bases that's fine. Your are welcome to your opinion and I understand that it adds to the overall appearance of the figure to not have a hole in the back of the sculpt. What I'm saying is that removing these and the background stands (which were not with all figures) reduced the overall production cost. Also, I'm not asking for BAF's that are out of scale just to have BAF's. I'm asking for a return of the large scale BAF's. If you want to claim that it's not possible should that call for an end to the Icons line all together. And if you want to talk about name recognition you might not want to talk about Ronan, Brood Queen, or Holocaust. These are recognizable to the Marvel comic book readers but not even close for the general public. So lets talk about the average Marvel comic book fan and the typical ML collector. I think they would recognize Stature, Bill Foster Goliath, or what about the Mole Man's Monster. That's just a few examples of a few that would be recognizable to the typical ML collector. And Fing Fang Foom may be rumored in the two Hulk waves but it's not confirmed. So if they do package the Hulk figures with a large scale BAF of Foom that would just about kill your argument.
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