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  1. I just got all of the new deluxes for Generations and movie line and they all rock! Exciting and yet kinda scary to think of all the impending wallet damage that's about to be inflicted from now til years end and beyond.
  2. Wow! I overdosed on plastic crack this week. It's been a long time coming too! I got Generations Thrust and Drift for openers on Friday. Later in the day on a hot tip I ran to another TRU and added the new deluxe BB and Ironhide along with first 3 PCC 2 packs. Throw in a Legends Ravage as a little kicker. That's not bad right there. But THEN.... I made a nice order to TRU.com and will have within a few days Leader Starscream, Seaspray, PCC Aerialbots, and Jetblade. Talk about some serious DAMAGE!
  3. Actually you kinda got that wrong. They're decepticons, they're supposed to be deceptive. You wouldn't think a rescue vehicle would be a decepticon actually makes it the perfect choice for an alt mode to take.
  4. Monopolies will always be evil. But what is every bit as evil is big business in general. Take big retail chains for instance. Sure, they provide lots of jobs. That basically feed you just enough to keep you working, but not enough to keep you from being hungry. While the number of jobs in retail may be high, the ability to make an adequate living in just about any economical climate is extremely low. You're only chance of making is having others around to help pick up slack paying bills. Being able to sustain just yourself, never mind a family is pretty much impossible if you hope t
  5. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy the work when I'm allowed to do the jobs I can be the most productive in. One of the biggest gaffes they have is not using the right people in the right ways. A lot of their problems could easily be solved if they simply opened up their thinking more to some of the things that people have tried time and again to tell them. It's counterproductive for them to have me running pallets for 2 hours. Anyone can run pallets, not everyone can push the freight like I can. Most aren't even close to being close. But again, they use me in the wrong ways. When I try
  6. This is happening in all areas of retail, I suspect. Numbers are down across the nation due to the economy. People are spending less, thus businesses aren't making as much, and hours are getting cut to make up for that loss of profit, which causes people to have less money in their pocket, which makes them buy less...it's a vicious cycle. I wouldn't take it personal. If you're so unhappy, why not look for work elsewhere? I know it's tough finding jobs out there right now though. One thing you're gonna find is as the job market gets tougher, employers are gonna expect more of you
  7. Not to be a dick, but from a management standpoint, this is a little excessive. You realize that when you call in, or don't show up for work, management has the wonderful job of having to bother other people on their day off to cover your shift for you? Which in turn makes the employees who have to work for you unhappy. Which in turn causes a lack of moral, and other employees thinking they can do the same thing. And you know what happens when all of your employees decide that they're gonna call in 6 times in 4 months because one person got away with it? A TON of missed shifts. I w
  8. Well see here's where it gets funny. Typically the times to wrap up flow vary between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. depending on truck size. Well, what he was so pissed off about the other night was that the team didn't finish the floor, it was that they didn't finish it until after 5:00, when the time to meet was probably like 8:00. They spend 2 seconds at huddle saying great unload, then spend 20 minutes telling us all about what we should be doing better. Not enough we're over an hour ahead of those times every night, and they're pointless ranting in huddle costs us an additional 10-20+ minutes every
  9. I work electronics now, that is after running all the pallets from the truck out to the floor. Some days it can be close finishing on time and sometimes I run a little over. This douchebag has gotten on my case from day 1 because supposedly the little computer fantasy time says I should always be done in 2 hours! Let's see...regular freight, repacks, putting on 1000 different security devices, movies, music, books, pulling the batches, pushing the batches, and doing all the backstock plus anything the daytime might leave. 2-3 hours? yeah, right! On my last review I got an "ineffective"
  10. Funny I noticed these figures, about a 3 3/4 scale last night that would probably fit in real nice with G.I. Joe figs. Nothing fancy, a military figure with a basic weapon and looked to be just as good quality. I would think pretty cool if you collect those figs. $1.99 each. If I bought G.I. Joe figs, I'd probably be all over them. They also had some larger sets but I didn't get to look much at those or their price. Transformers has seen a lot of unofficial figs and add on sets. I've gotten a few things so far and they're fantastic! If a company did these on a larger scale for a ch
  11. Well I guess it's appropriate, after all, cattle get branded every day. That's all we are to them, just cattle. Last night takes the cake. I've been doing retail for over 22 years, and I've NEVER seen or heard of a boss acting like this to an entire crew. After break we have our huddle. Well, apparently things didn't go so well Sunday night, I don't know I wasn't there. Neither were half the people who were there last night. So huddle starts and the ETL goes frickin berserk screaming at the entire crew over how unacceptable the previous night was and giving us the whole "don't like, there
  12. Anyone watching Olympic hockey? GO TEAM USA!!! @usa@
  13. I kinda think they feel that the more executive chumps there are, the more opportunity (Targets favorite word) to point fingers and say it's that persons fault! Meanwhile cancer is allowed to spread throughout the corporate ranks until the whole stinking thing comes crashing down. I saw K-Mart nearly super size themselves right out of existence. I don't know when, but I feel it's going to be inevitable with Target. They've simply lost all sense of reason in just about every way I know. Just to clarify, I don't believe retail workers need to make a fortune doing what they do. I happ
  14. Well for breakfast I find a good toasted omelet sandwich usually does the trick. Quick, easy, and good. Just prepare your eggs in the way you like for an omelet, don't fold it over when cooking it, leave it flat like one big pancake. Make 2 pieces of toast, butter them, then simply lay a piece of toast over the omelet and use a knife or the edge of the spatula to cut the omelet to fit the toast, place a piece of cheese on top of the omelet for a final touch. Then put it on the toast, you can also take the cut out bits and put them on top before topping with the other piece of toast (and an
  15. Actually I helped train 2 POG team leads and I even spent some time helping to train 2 new ETL's who trained in our store and knew even less than the half ##$%$#ed cart guy who works at our store. What's even more funny about this is that I'm not even considered one of the "team trainers" and that's yet another joke. I'm sure there is still the "well you must have done something" people reading through, thinking we're just a couple of people who have/had work and attitude problems with the job or something. Well, not quite true. Just for the record, I work in a Super Target that in the 4
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