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  1. Why release Wolvie in a costume he's never even appeared in...
  2. I'm pretty sure it's been said that Hulk's return will be next years big summer event. He won't be involved in Civil War whatsoever, infact the original idea of sending Hulk away was so he couldn't take part, as he's too powerfull and would easily tip the scale. I can't wait till he returns though, maybe he will lead an army back to earth and wage war on the people who wronged him. Namor was super pissed he wasn't included in the decision, and how wrong it was, so maybe Atlantis will ally theirselves with Hulk. It wasn't just Iron Man's doing. Richards, Stark, Strange, Xavier, Blackbolt.. you're screwed.
  3. I llike the art, and Frank kicking Rhino's behind is pretty cool. I wouldn't care if he did kill him to be honest, what has Rhino done that's ever integral to a story, or important at all? he's just the strong guy who runs into things.
  4. That poster is lovley. I'm guessing the ones released at comicon will be villain teasers though.
  5. No one cares, you attention craving person.
  6. It's pretty cool for a fan made trailer. But how it could actually fool anyone into believing it's legit is hillarious.
  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Never thought I'd say this but.. retcon retcon retcon! don't get me wrong it'll be interesting for a while, but all the crap they've done to Spidey in such a little time.. they've totally bastardised him.
  8. God himself came to my church last week and said he loves homosexuals just as much as the rest of his children. Of course this confused me as I'm not even sure whether to believe in god, what with being agnostic and all. Man, that was a wacky ole day. And I'm not really sure about this, but wouldn't collecting action figures (especially those who are very passionate about it) kind of fall under the whole worshiping false idols thing? I dunno.
  9. Sarth Joe, you better drop the core Civil War title too, as the Young Avengers will feature in the coming issues. Speaking of Brokeback Mountain, that was a really good movie. I watched it on a plane, and I must admit I was quite choked up.
  10. Homosexuality doesn't offend me one bit, I think they're both cool characters, can't wait to get my hands on the YA boxset. I don't see why gay people shouldn't have heroes that they can relate with too. But it's not like they're still not relatable to those of a hetero sexual prefferance either, as their sexuality is not all that's there to the characters. I disagree with people who preach their religious beliefs on such subjects, and I personally just view it as someone trying to disguise or condone their bigotry.. but hey, that's me. Go YA...
  11. I can understand them going in a new direction style wise and story wise, but a start over is so not needed. I want Bana back god dammit.
  12. Maybe they mean Spidey, what with the black suit bringing out the darker side to his personality and what not. I dunno, but if it's someone else it better just be a small cameo or something, as it'll get too crowded. Bruce Campbell as Mysterio!
  13. I liked Halle in X3, I thought she really shined. Pheifer as Dazler, too old. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Colossus, are you friggin' kidding? that's ridiuclous, surely after Batman and Robin you'd see that is a bad idea.. hell, HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A RUSSIAN ACCENT. The casting for the movies is fine as it is.
  14. Jean coming back again would be ridiculous. It's hard enough to swallow in the comics, let alone in the movies. It'd just make her death in X3 redundant. Sorry to put it so blunt but it's a very good thing you won't be writing the script.
  15. You'd be nuts to think there'd be no spider-man 1 and 2 Umm excuse me, the Spider-Man film was in development hell for nearly eighteen years, it was annoucned in 1986 for god's sake, but then X-Men came along, was a success and there you have it. Though I guess that was an entire coincedence.. right? X3 certainly had substance. Just because it HAD great action and fun did NOT mean it lacked substance. I said to some extent. There was hardly any charcter development apart from Wolverine, Jean and Storm, instead they relied on relationships built within the last two movies and slightly expanded on them. You keep coming back to "why isn't it like the comic", but I don't hear you whining about the to be fank bastardisation of Cyclops, the fact they just tossed Rogue aside, the introduction of the totally wrong Psylocke only to kill her off pointlessly at the end. Were they made for 80 year olds? How dare they give the franchise to someone who doesn't love X-Men let alone never even read a freakin comic of it. Brett Ratner has admitted several times hehasn't read the comics, though he did watch the cartoon. why does it have to be believable or plausible? We read the comic book.. Yes but they are very different medias, it's very hard to translate comic books to film without it seeming camp. If the movie isn't plausable it's hard to get attached to, hard to relate to this characters. even halle berry bitched about bryan singer Halle Berry and Bryan Singer didn't get on due to unknown reasons. Though with how vocal she's been on how she wanted a bigger role, I suspect that's why, not the reasons you're listing. it's like we can't give them colorful costumes cuz it'd be unbelievable but a guy who shoots red stuff out of his eyes or a human-toad (hell I can't think of anyone else that had a used power in that movie) was completely believable. The thing is that Spider-Man, Batman and Superman have such iconic looks that it is acceptable. The general public recognise them for it. The X-Men doesn't need that. If the exact costumes were translated to the screen it'd be funny for all the wrong reasons. Woverine, this samurai indestructable badass hero wearing yellow spandex with blue underpants over the top just isn't going to work. I'm sorry that all you wanted from the X-Men films were forgetable summer popcorn movies like F4, but those of us who wanted something deeper, something more meaningfull, well I guess we're the lucky ones. Sorry but the whole issue with living in a world where you have no choice but feel like an outcast, this world of such hard prejucdice, yet you can make a choice to stand up and fight if it need be IN ADDITION to great action scenes is way more interesting than "omg that guy can control metal, he's doing something bad let's go kick his ass!". In closing you can't change it, so get over it.
  16. The first two X-Men movies had something that F4and X3 (to some extent) greatly lacked... substance. They were just all about snazzy effects, where's the first two X-Men movies had some real depth to them. After the atrocity that was Batman and Robin, no studio would go near super hero movies, then Brian Singer come along with his vision of the X-Men and changed that. He brought this unbelievable world to the screen, yet made it somehow believable and plausable at the same time... oh and he had infact done his research. The way he juggled so many characters' storylines at the same time was great, unlike X3 where some people were introduced for the sake of being introduced and nothing more. I mean the way Colossus, Angel and Rogue were advertised sugested they'd be major players in the supporting cast, where's they were pretty much cameos. If it wasn't for Singer there'd be no Spider-Man 1 and 2, no Batman Begins, no Hulk... no Fantastic 4. I liked X-Men 3 by the way, I just don't agree with what you're saying is all.
  17. Who cares how much it makes, we're going to see it, all that matters is if we like the film.
  18. Haha, I think I read that on fwoosh. Oh and Only God will judge me (lol), the only thing I'm hiding behind is common sense and logic. As Maxim pointed out you're infact the one backing up your argument with "lol ma frend red on a wbsite".
  19. It's okay, he failed terribly at showing any wit whatsoever. And I won't be wrong. Asda will only be getting probably a case per store, if that. There's no way they'd make an exclusive Cap just for those. He'd go for crazy amounts on ebay. But yeah, we'll see chum...p.
  20. Okay, I bet you they won't swap Britain for America. Infact, I bet you a Captain Britain figure they won't do so
  21. Jesus Christ, they're not swapping Cap Britain for Cap America. Do you realise how stupid that sounds?
  22. The pic is even real guys, it's just been photoshopped :| Though that's what the black suit will look like, just not as cheap.
  23. why would you have to "admit" it like that? i don't get this whole sense a lotta people had about ratner taking over "oh it's gonna suck" as opposed to when bryan singer did the first two piles of crap? they were boring.. this one has action and is gonna be like a comic book.. and will be true to the comic book singer wasnt even a fan of x-men he's just a bandwagoner with no interest in the source Wow, you're a complete fool. The first two movies ruled! And calling Singer a band waggoner is just ludicrous. Without his vision of the X-Men there'd be no Spider-Man series, there'd be no Batman Begins. It was his vision that made studio execs and audiences alike realise that the super hero genre can actually be taken seriously, after the atrocities that were Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Oh yes, just like Ang Lee and Hulk, curse Singer just because he took the fan base seriously and didn't feed them filler crap like the Fantastic Four. I realise the majority of the fans are happy with Singer's work on the previous X-Men films, I just had to address this stupid post.
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