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  1. LOL I wasn't being funny. I don't know what happened with Fwoosh, and I'd like an answer, please.
  2. Toysniper...wow. Thanks for the input and the pics. I'm inspired and a little intimidated at the same time.
  3. What was the "Fwoosh situation?" I missed that.
  4. This display would be for DC Superheroes/Universe Classics, Movie Masters, and DC Direct, though I have some other sizes as well. I noticed in the thread about action shots that there are a lot of really amazing city models and other environments. Do you guys know if those are purchased or just made from scratch?
  5. I started a similar topic over at The Fwoosh. I've finally decided to build a Batcave display for my Batman collection. Can you cats suggest parts/materials/ingredients to use? And even better, if you have pics of yours, please post 'em. GL
  6. MasterJailer: You're basically saying that two wrongs make a right. You don't like snipers, I don't either. I've had that happen to me in my sales too. Who hasn't? So you're going to go and ruin someone else's sale to get back at someone else? Pretty immature, irresponsible, and yes, even immoral. Speaking of which, don't you care even a little bit about the fact that a purchase on eBay is a legally binding contract? If you did something like this to me, there's no way I'd let you out of it. I'd report you to eBay if you pulled out and then I'd be well within my rights to take legal action against you until you paid. I'm hoping someone will do this to you so you can learn a hard lesson: don't be a douchebag. You wouldn't like this done to you, why do it to other people? GL
  7. To the 33 (at current) people who have read this post, Have any of you gone to the link and read the material? If so what did you think? Hey clonekiller, Thank you for linking to this! I have been looking for a summary of the storylines in the novels for years now. I'd post in forums and ask for summaries, but no one would give 'em. This is great, as it sums up a lot of the stuff going on between NEM and the new movie. This was a brilliant move on Paramount's part. That said, I think they could've made these a series of comic mini-series or even novels to bridge the Nemesis-Star Trek gap. Nevertheless, enjoyable reading and it's getting me more excited for the new flick! And I love the fact that A) Data is back and Picard is now an ambassador. That should've happened after the sixth season of TNG, IMO. GL
  8. Hey amazingdm, I'm glad you went with the Akubra. I've had mine since July, but haven't been wearing it much since it's been so damn hot down here in southern Louisiana. Now that we're getting some colder weather, I've been wearing my Fed IV to school. My students immediately recognize it as "an Indiana Jones hat." I'm surprised you had some trouble with the bash. I took the hat out of the box, put it on my head, made a center dent with the edge of my hand, and then gently pinched the front. I gave it a slightly tighter pinch after shaping the front of the brim down, and it's been just right ever since. The only problem I have is that I think I should've ordered one size smaller...and I can't find that sizing foam! It's a beautiful hat, and though a little costly, I love it. I'm planning on buying another brown and also a gray down the line. Lots of folks have complimented me at work, and I really think we men of today should bring back classy hats like these. Ball caps are great for working outside or going to sporting events, but I just don't feel right without my fedora. GL
  9. I'll be voting for The Question, mainly because I want a good base for a Spirit action figure. And it would easy to make a Question...just use a Clark Kent body with a new head/fedora and an overcoat... GL
  10. Wow...what a lackluster site. And where's The Dark Knight stuff? Would've been nice to have some of those figs there to buy through the site... Another shining example of Mattel's commitment to its fans... GL
  11. Yet again, Mattel really pisses me off. Two months ago, The Superman Homepage reported from the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL that Mattel was going to be making an announcement at SDCC about the future of the MM line. It was hinted that this would involve the Chris Reeve Superman films, and folks there were told that there would either be images or prototypes at the con. SDCC came and went and there's nothing, just "we might dabble in the Superman films." WTF, Mattel? It's almost as if they don't want people to continue being interested in this line... GL
  12. Ain't that the truth. I still haven't seen all of Waves 1 and 2 down here in southern LA. It's very frustrating...damn scalpers. GL
  13. Good. That's within my budget. He's already going for eighty bucks on eBay, which is just ridiculous... GL
  14. See Remy's gallery of RB Prime here: http://tformers.com/Movie-Robo-Vision-Opti.../7627/news.html
  15. Are we looking at the forty buck range? More? Less? Anyone have him yet? Care to give a review? GL
  16. I'm also curious how this slipped past everyone's attention. My suspicion is that it will be a store exclusive, similar to the Kal El Superman Returns figure TRU got last year. If it is 5" (which I strongely believe it is), I'm thinking the only change MIGHT be a chrome/shiny grey with black, rather than the greys seen on the regular figure Nope, I had the figure in hand and inspected a few to find the one with the best pait app. Sadly, they were all pretty bad. Gray webs instead of silver like on the SM2 Toy Biz Spidey, and white eyes and spider. The only silver is on the package, which I think the spent more on than the figure. If this line is really 5 inches, I'm not going to be collecting it as I previously thought I would. GL
  17. I too have worked in retail, and have, more often than not, seen people who were either inept, stupid, or just plain delinquent when it came to their very easy work. They wanted everything for nothing and thought that checking items into the back of the store or putting them on shelves equated divinity or royalty. And I should also qualify that this WM I'm talking about is notorious for its ****** selection, rude and often non-existent customer service, and a general slack-jawed idiocy amongst the staff. I don't mean to criticize everyone working in retail, as I did myself for years.
  18. Do you ever stop to listen to how arrogant and pompous YOU sound? Until you do, kindly shut your mouth. The fact is, the people who stock the shelves haven't the common sense to READ A PACKAGE. They're idiots, which is why they're doing what they do. Though one would think they could at least use SOME basic skills, like reading. On the limited edition Spidey: It appeared that the figure was five inches and was packaged in a silver and black box with "limited edition" stamped on in silver. They were the only SM3 action figures on the shelves. GL
  19. I went to WM earlier tonight and per my usual custom, checked the action figure aisle. Lo and behold, there were some Spidey 3 toys out. Some deformed stuffed dolls and then...HOLY SHITAKE! A Symbiote Spidey...super-poseable...in a "limited edition" package... I grabbed one and went to buy it... ...and was told it wasn't available for purchase. As sure as you're reading this, I thought about (and still am thinking about) shoplifting the toy. I mean, why would the morons who stock the shelves put out figures eight days early? It makes no sense. Has anyone else run into these? From the pics I've seen, they're regular costume Spideys painted black with a suction cup web accessory. GL
  20. Has Mattel made one of these yet? Both in the regular size and the 12 inchers? If not, does anyone know if they plan on it? GL
  21. This morning, I was driving to my LCS (local comic shop) when I began thinking about how I missed out on that wonderful 12-inch Batman Mattel made years ago, the one that was essentially a giant version of Zipline Batman. I then wondered if Mattel was ever going to do the same for Superman, and vowed that if this indeed happened, I would buy it. I was walking through the action figure aisle at the local TRU while my wife and daughter were in the baby section. The Spidey Origins and JLU stuff caught my eye, as well as the House of El Two Pack and the Jor-El Hologram figure. I was about to leave the aisle to meet my wife with a black costume Spidey in tow when I saw it: an unfamiliar box with the \S/ on it. I picked it up and audibly said: "O my God." Thankfully, no one was around. It was a twelve-inch Superman action figure, virtually the same figure from DCSH Series 2. I check TNI, Michael Crawford's Review of the Week, and various other boards and sites about action figures two or three times a day. I had ZERO idea this figure was even being planned, much yet already made. And there he was. Despite the steep price of thirty greenbacks, I bought the figure. My digital camera is on the fritz, so in lieu of pics, I'll just give you a mental image. Imagine the first DCSH Superman action figure from Series 2, the one that's so damned fantastic, blown up to twelve inches in height with extra detail like fabric wrinkles. Then remove some of the articulation and you'll have this figure. It's very much like what Mattel did with the Batman figure from years back. Anyway, I wanted to share this with some fellow toy fans. Did anyone know about this or have you seen these out there? GL
  22. Has Diamond produced a Captain Sikso in his 24th century uniform (First Contact)? I know about the "Trials and Tribble-ations" one, but I can't find any info on Sisko figures beyond that one. And has anyone read anything about a Defiant? GL
  23. Does anyone know? And what's the line-up for the first wave? And the date of the second wave? I want that Superman with the Daily Planet, dammit! GL
  24. Steel, Have you tried http://www.trekpulse.com? They have screencaps from all the movies and all of TNG, with a few caps from the other series. Also, I'd love to see your custom Trek Joes. Can you show us some here or do you have a website? GL
  25. It's no mystery. It is indeed the Enterprise-A. GL
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