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  1. Seriously. :angry: I really don't like HOT-TOYS because their figures are over priced (WAY OVERPRICED) @grumpy@ and the are increibly brittle, I know that these are "KITS" but to make these out of poorly qualify materials and have a hefty price tag??? they LOOK very well done but better material, better Quality, better price then you got a sale!!! Sorry I'm gonna pass on these, I'm a HUGE R.E. Fan but i'll stick with Sideshow and their $60.00 dollar range and budget!!
  2. Has anyone seen the NEW 25th Zartan??? here's the TOPIC http://www.toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=9&itemid=11981 Now that most of the G.I.JOE's collector's box sets and single cards are all the NEW JOES and there original Glory, but ZARTAN has a new LOOK which looks really bad, why can't they make the MASTER OF DIGUISE like the ORGINAL with the color changing skin the termal chest plates and knee bads and the swamp skier... but why did HASBRO made this version.... The Comic three pack was the GREATEST remake....I miss the good ol' days when i treasure the toy that changed my life in figure collecting.
  3. I know for the MOST part about JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED Figures that we, THE COLLECTORS have seen too many DISAPPOINTMENT with this figure line getting the THREE PACKS is like getting a NEW CAR and what most people including my own see FAR too many SUPERMAN'S, BATMAN'S, GREEN LANTERNS ETC in order to get that ONE figure we don't have... NOW we seen the figure LIKE Blue Devil, Volcana, Joker, Hawkman, Big Barda, Doomsday & Star Saphire. occasionally you'll see that special LITTLE accessories on the SINGLE pack, the see through STAND, the Green Lantern, The Triton for AQUAMAN why can't Mattel make a accessories pack. sure it's a BIG LEAP for mattel to make a accessory pack for those loose figures we all have, but don't you think that's a GREAT idea??? let me hear your OPINON?
  4. Well to put it mildly, Mattel is doing a LOT of cool characters like Darkseid, Doomsday Brainiac and Parasite not to mention NEW characters for NEXT year like Firestorm, Gorilla Grodd, Aquaman, Red Tornado & Penquin also DC Direct makes GREAT figures for many years, trouple is they all have a HEFTY price tag at $16.99 and up and the only place you can find these figures at retail are SPENCERS, SUNCOAST and specialality COMIC BOOK STORES... while Mattel has them at a VERY affordable price range at $9.99. which leaves me less desire to buy them at all for DC DIRECT and get them all from MATTEL Of course there's always EBAY... That's my 2 cents...
  5. I LOVE the Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) and the Etrigan, how MUCH does he charge for these??? I would differently Get those two.
  6. Thaey had a HUGE display at the MATTEL BOOTH, I'm surprise you haven't seen the figures they had there there's also a POSTER you cab get that shows all the NEW FIGURES...look at your right when you enter the mattel booth through the tube grating... you can't miss it.
  7. There's ALWAY a Catch with Mattel at these Comic Con Conventions, Be Prepare to wait in line for their annual LOTTERY ticket Crap they pull every year, for five years straight they have been doing this and a lot of FRUSTRATED collector have to pull some strings of LUCK to get a Winning ticket. just want you all to not get disappointed if you don't win one... but keep trying.... if you don't win or get a JLU 3 PACK, this year at the con there's ALWAYS Ebay, but you're gonna have to cough up the Major BUCKS!!!
  8. That`s why i say it`s the best one I`ve seen. The box, the presentation of the bat upside down, the flippin box lights up to simulate an animal cage, the whole concept of "caught at san diego, lucius fox". Love it! There's ALWAY a Catch with Mattel at these Comic Con Conventions, Be Prepare to wait in line for their annual LOTTERY ticket Crap they pull every year, for five years straight they have been doing this and a lot of FRUSTRATED collector have to pull some strings of LUCK to get a Winning ticket. just want you all to not get disappointed if you don't win one... but keep trying.... if you don't win or get a MAN-BAT this year at the con there's ALWAYS Ebay, but you're gonna have to cough up the Major BUCKS!!!
  9. well I have NO LUCK on any of the single packs which make me mad when you get the 3 packs...NO ACCESSORIES!!! and finding these single pack make me want to pull my hair out... That's why I would LOVE to get my hands on BLUE DEVIL
  10. he's mint on card with Brainiac & Oblivion... but the card is NOT mint but that's how i found him at Target, The back is bent inward in the bubble.
  11. I have a Vigilante but he was from the Oblivion/Brainiac/Vigilante 3 pack... if you have the Joker, i be willing to trade??
  12. Yeah seeing that one BLUE DEVIL on ebay made me sick to my STOMACH selling for that much, and the figure just hit the STORES...I'm 43 and I still collect figures but I'm NOT A SCALPER... if I have the Money to buy extra figures when i see one i usually do a trade to get NEEDED figures or get 1 loose and one packaged. The Gorilla Grodd http://www.toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=10&itemid=11215 is the TRUE one i really want... I wish you can just walk in to a STORE and see the figures everywhere like the GOOD ol' DAYS not withh all the REPAINTED crap like Star Wars... and I wish Mattel QUICK making multiple SUPERMAN'S, BATMAN'S and WONDER WOMAN'S why pay extra money to get the multiple 3-6 packs to get that ONE FIGURE and get 2 Batman's or Superman's. Anyhoo I wish you all the best of Luck on collected these figures and DOWN with Figure Scalpers!!
  13. Here you go Bro, i hope this helps. good luck on catching up. http://toynewsi.com/index.php?itemid=10687
  14. Oh I remember That Cartoon, "Firestorm" and CYBORG made their DEBUT and it wasn't BAD at all... I really LOVE FIRESTORM in that cartoon and I was hoping to see him in the JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED cartoon too but no, the cartoon showed alot of darkness and serious to the characters especially BATMAN and SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN was the main attraction to DARKSEID, KALIBAK and DESAAD were main Bad guys... The list goes on... The SUPER POWERS COLLECTION were the BEST TOYS of that TIME to date and I used to have EVERY one except CYBORG alas my collection went through the tedious deals with FRIENDS in trades and pressents but I manage to keep a few... Those were the GREAT old days... THUNDERCATS, G.I.JOE, TRANSFORMERS, HE-MAN, STAR WARS and SUPER POWERS!!!
  15. You live in San Diego?? so do I... samll world
  16. Well I did see the Lime Green Lex Luthor, Superman & batman(for the MILLIONITH Time) here is my list of needed Figures 1. Etrigan 2. Vixen 3. Darkseid 4. Hawkgirl (without the mask) 5. Parasite 6. Ultra Humanite 7. Justice Lords Green lantern, Martian Manhunter & Flash 8. Phasing Martian Manhunter 9. Booster Gold 10. Volcana
  17. I just scored BIG at my Local TARGET and got 3 three-packs of the JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED figures 1, Big Barda, Deadshot & Martain Manhunter 2, Odsidion, Gigilante & Brainiac and Sand, Star Saphire & Superman what i see on EBAY completely blew me away and was one of MY ALL TIME FAVORITE Heroes "BLUE DEVIL" http://cgi.ebay.com/JUSTICE-LEAGUE-UNLIMIT...1QQcmdZViewItem $46.00??? OUCH!! well, that's mainly the cost of the BIDDERS that are bidding on him, any way I would like to share some news from you guys on your success and wants on this forum of these figures... I also heard NEWS that mattel is making a JOKER 3 pack and a GORILLA GRODD 6 pack also whoever's attending the COMIC CON in San Diego, make sure you pick up the HAWKGIRL 3 pack but why is Mattel Still lashing out these figures even though the CARTOON is Dead and BURIED. but HEY if there selling well who am i to argue RIGHT?
  18. That would be GREAT anyway these figures are getting INCREDIBLY hard to find these days... and i think their DAYS are numbered because they are NOT selling, even though the Cartoon has been cancelled, i would LOVE a set that will help in collecting these then finding in the stores, mattel is that way... they did that with the HEMAN figures a ways back. well i hope the best winner win!!! GOOD LUCK!!
  19. The LATEST TOY FARE MAGAZINE have the latest pics for these figures... so check out the book. also this site had some DECENT pics but NOT VERY good, that was during the TOY FAIR back in FEBUARY.
  20. Yeah I still HAVE my Street Fighters well most of them and the old RESAURUS (REST IN PEACE) i saw the ZANGIEF at last year's Comic Con and the FIGURE i hope will still look the Same here's a photo...
  21. here's something i never thought it would happen, I've got 2 Spiderman's one comes with a street sign one without, I thought for a moment that it was a factory defect but there are no peg holes on the base near the brick wall nor a peg hole on spidey's right leg where he fastens on the street sign. is this a chase figure???? or a defect??? if you like pictures please contact me a tarman13@excite.com. I have 2 Human Torch's, 2 Venom (Eddie Brock's face) 2 Thing's.
  22. I have NEVER seen a very good Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) figure in years, Mcfarlane did practually every ALIEN or PREDATOR known to man, but I think you're on the Right track. Mcfarlane, I think you should do a Ripley from all 4 movies with Sigourney Weaver's likeness in a box EVOLUTION set from Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection...not to mention a few more Aliens plus a Ripley in a Power Loader fighting the Alien Queen. here is a wishlist of Mcfarlane hoping to make figures and box sets... Alien; All the cast member from the Nostromo... Dallas, Kane, Ripley, Lambert, Parker, Ash and Bret at the dinner table after Kane was killed from the Alien Chestburster-(Box Set) Aliens 1. Ripley in a Face Hugger Battle with Newt screaming nearby 2. SGT, Apone with Cigar egging the Marines on 3. Vasquaz with Smart gun and accessories. 4. Hudson with Pulse Rifle getting jumped by Aliens (Box Set) 5. Ripley holding Newt and pulse rifle/Flame thrower (from Aliens movie poster) Alien 3 Ripley with shaved head and prison clothes Dillion with glasses and weapon Clemens with suringe and medicine Andrews with leg cast Alien Resurrection Ripley with Alien inner jaw Call with sprayer Ron Pearman's Character and the Guy with the Wheelchair with shot gun well that's what i would love to see propably within a three year period of different wave assortments probably from other assortment of Movie Maniacs....that's what i would love from Mcfarlane 6. Ripley 18 inch figure with Pulse Rifle/Flame Thrower 7. Ripley and Bishop when Queen impales bishop in the chest...
  23. Only $15? I was told $20, & randor was $25 but I hear $20 for him now... weird... & Jase haha, I'd beam you into space for that one if we had transporters SO did we see any JLships yet orr ?!... :S No sign of any new JL ships maybe it was $20...can't remeber but i was pretty sure it was $15.00, $30.00 for both.
  24. I HATE mattel because the killed the MOTU figure line, gave the license to NECA and now they're make stupid MOTU statues #WTF# Mattel was doing Great with these figures THEN they quit making them, put them in what you call "figure LIMBO" goes to the NEXT Comic Con sells SHE-RA's and mentioned that the line is "NOT-DEAD" they even had Stinkor, Clamp Champ Clawfull & HORDAK for their next wave but they decided not to even MAKE or sell these figures in the USA and only sells overseas...found out that they're only making excisting figures with diffrent color paint jobs and then FINALLY kills the figure line. I always hated that company from the day i was born when the did Battlestar Galactica in the 70's, the figures SUCK ROCKS!!! then Flash Gordon SUCK AGAIN!!!! then Clash of the Titans OH MY GOD!!! don't even get me started on that line, the Old He-Man line was great for a while...then they made them once again, this time He-Man was in the Future, That BOMBED then years later they made them again. it was AWLSOME!!!! I liked the cartoon alot and it gave hope to the New line...but NOOOOO they Had to kill the figure line altogether. Now Mattel is doing Batman figures. wasn't it a couble of Years ago the Kenner made Batman figures with all different kinds of Flavor and sizes???? sure, we all seen pop-cycle batman, fire as Hell Batman, outer-space Batman and (our Favorite) stop Making so Many Batmans BATMAN, every where we go even to the Super Market to get food we see Kenner's 3 Million Batman figures...when the line FINALLY died...we were safe from the TOY-Invasion fleet of Batman.... Mattel had to make the Bat-Mania Batman figure once again with ANOTHER Famous array of Flavors. Mattel, had you even considered why Kenner didn't make much Money on BATMAN toys....GET A CLUE!!!! I rest my case. #US1# the most famous of all the Batman figures....."PEG-WARMER BATMAN"
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