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  1. Why hasn't Mattel make this figure totally assembled like the other figures--- i had some bad experience with their "Build-a-Figure" and again make the figures with BAD joints-- well, this is one figure i'm gonna think second thoughts on
  2. Ok---- a couple of years ago you made this very same Millenium Falcon with sound effects and 2 exclusive figures with HAN SOLO & CHEWBACCA for just a small while at retail for the whopping price of $150.00--- Now you bring it back and added a NEW vintage style box and want $250.00 but make it an exclusive to only TOYS R US--- why the sudden increase of $100.00??? Seriously!!! inquiring people like to know? @grumpy@ @grumpy@ @grumpy@
  3. OH MY GOD!!! if there's ever any doubt that HASBRO'S ever Damping your collection style--- it would be NOW!!! everytime we see the greatest FIGURES from either the OTC (Original Trilogy Collection) or EXTENDED UNIVERSE or the CLONE WARS IT HAS TO BE A EXCLUSIVE!!! i was never able to get the SAVAGE OPRESS figure with the ARMOR because it was short packed and SUPER HARD TO FIND!! Technically, i had no problems finding various figures from the Cartoon show--- HASBRO said; that they would make the short pack figures more abundent--- They HAVE'NT!!! HASBRO Said; they will make fewer exclusives-- THEY HAVE'NT!!! it's getting to the point that Hasbro does seem to CARE!!---so why worry, probably won't ever see this exclusive anyway Let's have a look at this piece shall we--- well let's see, you get the NIGHTSISTER Leader-- Lady Talsin--- it says "NIGHTSISTER" Not her Name and she comes with a LIGHTSABER!!! Joy!! HELLO HASBRO!!! she never had one on the SHOW!!! Darth Maul looks good but at least he should come with the Spider Body too since it's in a boxset--why stop here HASBRO!!! and SAVAGE OPRESS in Armor yay!!! well i hope this teaches you the basics kiddies!!! save you Pennies!!!--- you might want to ask mommy if you can wheel and deal on ebay to get this exclusive--- good luck!!!
  4. The SDCC MOTUC item will be Queen Marlena. She will come with a sword, staff, Cringer (articulated at the head and tail) as well as an alternate head, space tunic with bubble helmet, riffle, gun belt and pistol to transform her from the Queen back into Captain Glen (or the other way around!) She will be packed out as Queen Marlena at SDCC and as Captain Glenn on Mattycollector.com after the show. Both versions will have all the parts for both figures but each will have a bio unique to the pack out. The Queen Marlena & Cringer is a NEW added bonus-- I've been collecting the MOTUC for well over a year now and i've gotten some from Friends, but Mostly through Ebay... I would Like to get the Queen just to get CRINGER-- I haven't picked Up KING RANDOR yet but i do have ORKO with PRINCE ADAM, on which I got him from a GREAT DEALER at the COMIC CON-- My Goal is to Get The INDIANA JONES BOXED SET, 2 ZARANAS & Possibly get The Queen Marlena if i'm able from my Dealer Friend, I may have to pay a little more but i would Rather get one then hear the Famous words "We're all sold out " or "The LINE is sealed off to all PROFESSIONALS, STAFF & PRESS!!!
  5. You're exactly Right My friend, Rollo. The Kilowog will probably be available in the Upcoming line of the GREEN LANTERN, and you can most likely get him anywhere so he's a complete PASS for me, The Voltron--again a PASS, because the Cartoon is pretty much dead and that thing is just another paperweight-- Swamp Thing will likely go what so many latex FIGURES have gone through throughout the YEARS-- The Yoda, The Talking INDIANA JONES Doll, The LOTR troll, The Sen. Kelly from X-MEN, The list goes on NOT to mention That MATTEL will play their Games again with Collectors Since 6 years Mattel has NEVER shown complete interest in the Collector's Market-- I'm a Professional and I go to the Comic Con every year and have been doing so for 15+Years the Only thing i got from Mattel was the LOBO, I'm not a Horder or a scalper trying to make a fast buck on EBAY. I'm a COLLECTOR and I only want 2 Figures, One to keep in Package, The other to Open and desplay. sure, they made GREAT FIGURES from Both MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS & DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS but the THINGS they had to pull to screw you from Getting Their Products, from The WONDER TWINS to The ORKO some collectors were able to get their Prize goodie with NO troubles some not so fortunate-- If you're like me and many others try befriending a Dealer you may have to pay about $10.00 more but you least won't have to put up with the Hassle. I wish all of you LUCK on getting The SDCC Exclusives.
  6. Ugh is completely RIGHT ANOTHER SNAKE EYES & STORM SHADOW??? Duke, I can believe!!! but c'mon HASBRO, make Baroness!! Make LADY JAYE!!! make Scarlett!!! make ROADBLOCK!! GUNG HO!! ZARANA!! ZANDAR!! SERPENTOR, HAWK, FLINT, BIG BOA!!! i was happy that you made ZARTAN, but made him corny as hell!!! the 25th Ann. were the GREATEST COMEBACK... you gave that all up when you did these Stupid R.O.C. crap!! and why are you making them only 3-4 figures per WAVE??? enough of the Snake Eyes's & Storm Shadow's PLEASE make some female characters!!!
  7. My favorite episode would be "COUNTDOWN FOR ZARTAN" Considered that ZARTAN and his Siblings are my all time FAVORITE characters.... When ZARTAN was capture and hold into a cell and Cobra was about to Blow up the very same Building with Important Leaders, and Gung Ho set his watch ahead of time on which the Bomb would explode... ZARTAN gave up and cried and told the JOES where the BOMBS was... That was a Great episode
  8. THIS IS ##$%$#ED!!! although the FIGURES they're producing are INCREDIBLE, it seems that MATTEL is constantly writing to the puplic about their screw-ups!!! more and more they write to the press about various figure issues and nothing has been solved. every since they put up this MATTY.COM website... they seem to relish in the action figure community's misory and laughing to the collector and FANS. it's getting more and more harder to find that special figure either it's the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, GHOSTBUSTERS OR THE DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS. they speak highly of their products and give little or no reguards other then to fill their wallets. after their fiasco with the Wondertwins at this year's 2009 COMIC CON. now they're raising their prices to $15.00 per figure reguardless if you ever find the figure. You know that every time MATTEL does a really awsome figure.. it goes for a pretty penny and straight to the Matty website... if it's a COMIC CON exclusive good luck on getting one there... i only saw the one wave of DCUC and that was the KALIBAK wave... i'll never get the JOKER wave or the KILOWOG wave so i'm giving up on mattel's products... and probably go with HASBRO'S Marvel because in ever store i see more then enough to start a collection there. Good luck to all of you in getting these waves.
  9. To be completely HONEST with you guys MATTEL has screwed the FANS for well over the time the SDCC has admitted them to the SHOW... from the 2002 HE-MAN'S to the DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS... Nothing really changed for the good of Mattel. they make more then enough money from their own LICENCE products like BARBIE & HOTWHEELS. sure, we can screw the COLLECTOR'S Market by allowing to bring so many GLEEKS and WONDERTWINS to the CON and tell Hundreds of collectors that there "SOLD OUT" of GLEEKS and say that there's an extra box of GLEEKS figure on the last day... They eat this up just for Laughs to see the reaction of the collector's face when they shout SOLD OUT!!! heck, even on PREVIEW NIGHT did you guys noticed the paper on the ROPES saying "4 day MEMBERS only" no exibitors, press or PROFESSIONALS!!!... even when you walk up the line and ask a fellow collector to buy you 1 WONDERTWINS and 1 GHOSTBUSTERS if you give him/her the money they refuse and write on there list 6 of each figures... it made me so nausous to see these yahoos only for their own greed to say that they're getting them for their KIDS/FRIENDS only for them to throw them on ebay to get and extra $50.00. HASBRO is feeling the pinch of their failure of the MARVEL legends line as they are losing the battle for these figures...they're making smaller G.I.JOE size hero figures because NO-ONE is really buying the LEGENDS anymore... for $15.00 each i can see why... and already the smaller Marvel Figures are $8.00 and they all becoming PEGWARMERS!!! NOW MATTEL wants in on the Fray...they want their wave 9, 10 and 11 to increase the price... my hopes and DREAMS with MATTEL lost it's flare 20 years ago...I would LOVE to continue my collection of DCUC but once it reaches it $15.00 mark I'm done for good.
  10. OK, ok. so i made a mistake and a typo!! so sue me!!
  11. You know BRO, i feel the same way exactly... after all those displays they had at the Mattel booth and those beautiful prototype figures you see there are all mostly going to their damn website and the chances on getting those??? well let me putting in bold words GOOD LUCK!!!
  12. THIS is complete CRAP!!! I was among the many collectors at the SDCC and i was booted off the line on "PREVIEW NIGHT" for being a "PROFESSIONALS" Mattel had slips of PAPER of the wall and on the ropes saying "for 4 day members only" no Staff, No Press and NO PROFESSIONALS!!!" seing that Mattel also had me going in circles for about an hour looking for the line... (which they were pointing in different directions on where the GHOSTBUSTERS and WONDERTWINS line was) on Thursday MORNING they told me they were completely SOLD out!!! And what's worst how could they NOT make gleek part of the Wondertwins after the SHOW??? i mean he was always there with them? i don't know guys like HASBRO this line is coming to an uprupt end and very soon... I love and TREASURE my DCUC and JLU but how can you TREASURE something you can't get??? So what's Mattel going to do about it?? your guess is as good as mine... NOTHING!!! will Mattel care for it's Consumers??? possibly NOT... there you go
  13. 1. What item(s) have you bought or tried to buy from Mattel/MattyCollector.com? I got the justice League 3 pack Hawkgirl/Green Lantern/The Ray and LOBO but they were at the SAN DIEGO COMIC CONVENTION 2. Are you in the United States or a International customer San Diego, California, so that would make me UNITED STATES, lol. 3. What overall grade do you give Mattel/Mattycollector.com in regards to your experience with them; A, B, C, D or F. I'm gonna considered with A, with due respect i usually go see MATTYCOLLECTOR at the COMIC CON because of lack of availibility to these figures are posted on their website... meaning most of the Figures i would like to get are usually SOLD OUT!!!
  14. I'm sorry but these figures here are Carbage!!! the head sculpts are way too big for the porportions of the body and the cost really lost my interest... i still have my playmates 12" line and they are way better in quality and craftmanship... I'm totally passing on these!!!
  15. $1500.00 Can you share on HOW and WHERE you got these prototypes???
  16. Roadblock WoW!!! the ROADBLOCK looks awsome... you used Bishop from the Marvel Legends line huh?? VERY VERY NICE!!!
  17. The dumbest thing i can remember was i bought a G.I.JOE HOVERCRAFT filled it with about 20 G.I.Joes and took it to the beach near the ocean pier, tied some fishing line to the front and let it go off shore... little that i know the WAVES were swelling up and the TIDE was coming in.... of course, the WAVES smashed into the HOVERCRAFT and sunk it to the bottom 1+ Hovercraft= $64.00 + 20+ G.I.Joes with Accessories= $4.99 each=$99.08=$164.07 lost... explanning all those figures being lost to my MOTHER??? "PRICELESS" @smilepunch@
  18. ain't gonna happen, Wecome to reality PAL this is probably NOT gonna happen because the FIGURE line will most likely DIE before they make this accessory
  19. Well, G.I.JOE is the same age as me... having all the figures brings back some FOND memories when the came out in the 60's with KUNG FU grip and fuzzed hair and Beards... I was around when the Little G.I.Joe 3 3/4 figures came out i can say that G.I.JOE has made a very lucretive wave of figures over the years and it's still going strong... That's what G.I.Joe means to me
  20. Well, G.I.JOE is the same age as me... having all the figures brings back some FOND memories when the came out in the 60's with KUNG FU grip and fuzzed hair and Beards... I was around when the Little G.I.Joe 3 3/4 figures came out i can say that G.I.JOE has made a very lucretive wave of figures over the years and it's still going strong... That's what G.I.Joe means to me
  21. See??? HASBRO you are so freakin' DUMB!!! instead of pleasing the fans and Collectors by making this FINAL wave and be done with it altogether but instead you leave us with the "TEMPLE" wave very few distribute figures and a sour taste in our mouth... hope you're PROUD Hasbro.
  22. I wasn't very happy with MARVEL TOYS aka TOYBIZ when i got the complete set of WAVE 2 most of these figures were badly sculpted and the JOINTS were horrible STARMAN and MARV completely BROKE, i mean the arm of Marv and the left leg of STARMAN SNAPPED off but that wasn't the real problem after the bad experience with the bad figures i was assempling MONKEYMAN... his legs snapped in great and his left arm went on without incident... but the RIGHT ARM would not go on... i tried many attempts but to no avail NOTHING, my hand was raw with pain and the joint on the arm was damaged I was devistated and I threw the arm away... i was SO MAD @grumpy@ i hate these BAF's because putting them together was always a CHORE... GORILLA GRODD, METAMORPHO MONKEYMAN and i will NOT go there with the MARVEL LEGENDS... I left MONKEYMAN on display having O'Brian covering his right arm... and three months went by...I went to WAL-MART to get some NEW 25th G.I.Joes and they had some figures left over from WAVE 2 and wave 1 so i saw one MARVEL LEGENDARY HEROES STRYKER 6" FIGURE on sale for $4.99 and so i grabbed it... i was sceptic at first knowing that this would bring some flashback to what had happened 3 months ago so i decided to have the arm lying down next to MONKEYMAN for another month because i don't want to damage this arm. so finally i got the right erge to pick the arm up and the rest of Monkeyman and TRY AGAIN without another thought the arm SNAPPED in and it wasn't much of an effort... i was finally HAPPY with the completion of MONKEYMAN...but i will be very warry on getting anymore BAF figures.
  23. Yeah, i missed that one and i was so MAD that i couldn't find these two anywhere after that... I did see them quite a lot for $40.00 don't know bout' you guys but that GUY was smoking CRACK!! i've seen Gambit pop up in a BOXSET but I want just ROGUE... i'm hoping tht HASBRO will redo her and i will get her then Yeah, the ebay on these things is redonculous. I think it's because there is a very small window for each wave in stores and then they are gone and the next wave is coming out. It gets worse when there are pegwarmers like Weapon X/Mystique and Wolvie/Psylocke because the store's computer says they have 20 onhand but they're all of the same figures. So when they order a new case, you pretty much get one shot to find a full set of the new figures.
  24. For the LONGEST time i despise these figures as the price made me nose up on them, at $8.88 at Walmart and $8.77 at Target they were a BIT expensive as of the STAR WARS & G.I.JOES have increased as well... all my friends picked up 1or 2 along the way and told me how well made these are... give or take i was working on the DCUC infinite line.... managed to pick Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Flash, Catwoman, Hush, Starfire. Raven, Atom & Killer Croc... I couldn't find any more DC's but did pick up a Spidey. He was pretty cool and the Articulation was well done and the FURY FILES was a nice add-on... i later picked up black Panther, Iron-Man (Stealth), all the Wolverines, Dead Pool & Gambit. i did some TRADES with my good friend and Got HULK, THING, DareDevil, Bullseye, Human Torch, Sabretooth & Wolverine on a Motor bike... I adore these figures and hope to get the Namor & Red Skull at this year's San Diego's COMIC CON. I like to get extras to make some customs like Mister Fantastic, Wolverine without the Mask and a few others. these are GREAT to make customs using G.I.Joes and Star Wars parts I can't agree with the PRICE for these figures being close to $9.00 but they are a nice addition to your STAR WARS & G.I.JOE collection.
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