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  1. I'm just hoping I can find one of these things. The only store that carries Joe's near me anymore is Target and TRU. TRU is usually totally lame......the 34.99 price doesn't scare me. Its the fact that I might not be able to find one. @grumpy@
  2. I'm all about accessories........accessories are part of what made the original RAH so cool. Its what made the Joes and their specific craft so unique. Can you imagine Snake-Eyes without his trademark uzi and sword. (Or Timber for that matter) Most of the time when I was little when I was picking out Joes the accessories MATTERED. "Well this guy has a machete and a boogie board looking thing........and this guy comes with a cool looking face mask, shield, gun and a backpack that has a grapnel gun!!!" (Muskrat/Alley Viper) if you see what I mean. Yeah, there are a lot of accessories with some of the POC figures but I thought that was one of the cooler things in the line. When I first picked up Wave 1 Snow Job I looked at the fig and was like "okay" but then when I saw all the gear this guy had I was stoked. "All geared up!" Joes are the best.
  3. I really think they are going to have to announce the whole slate.....I'm not gonna subscribe only to get 1 or 2 really cool figures and 10 assorted Dukes/Destros/Stormys/CCs...etc.
  4. I see what you're saying but is it really any different comparing the original 13 to any of the figures from 85-86? I'm not being specific but I think you see where I'm going with this. I wanted to put Low-Light in with my 25th figures....I took him out eventually not because I thought he stuck out.....its because I'm really dedicated to lines in my display. (POC with POC, 25th with 25th etc.) But the figures always gradually look better as time goes on.....I don't think its that big a deal. Even some of the later 25th figures look better than the ones from the boxsets.
  5. So the big question I have is......Will I have to be a member of the collector club to have a chance to purchase these figures? Meaning......will I have to shell out 40 bucks just to have a "chance" to get these figures? At least with Matty there isn't a charge to shop at their store. I would feel a little better if it was through hasbrotoyshop.com......I know we don't have all the info......but the club isn't going to be doing this for the sake of the fan. They will be getting something out of this.
  6. I don't need 2 of each of these figures.......if it was 1 each of all the figures I would be in. It would probably make me buy the figures in the wave I don't even want. I only want the Steel Brigade, Hawk, and the Jungle BAT. But I would pick up all of them to be done with the hunt.
  7. Saw this over at Joblo.com.......which is a movie news sight I frequent. I don't know how I feel about it. I mean they could be adding Duke to a "Bravo" team of sorts since the team in the first movie was referred to team "Alpha" but who knows. Channing Tatum was probably the worst of all the actors in the first, I liked Rachel Nichols as Scarlett. Kinda bummed..... Also whats up with the villain? No CC...... @grumpy@ (In one form or another) http://www.joblo.com/most-of-the-gi-joe-cast-loses-the-battle-to-return-for-the-sequel
  8. I want that Steel Brigade figure.....I still remember filling out the original form for the mail-away in the 80's. Only I named my Steel Brigade member "Lionheart." #US1# Up until this point we really haven't had a Steel Brigade figure mass released at retail...(Other than that TRU set back in 2005, which I missed out on) I like the Hawk figure but not AS Hawk. Why couldn't they make him just a random new guy........he will be for me. Cobra Troopers are always cool.........and the BAT is just too crazy not to pick up.
  9. I could really give a crap about the Zarana.......if I get her I get her. I'm not gonna lose sleep about it........But other than that there are some really good looking figures that we have coming down the line. Techno Viper- Looks absolutely FANTASTIC!!! His face plate even looks like it did on the card art of the original. Crazy Legs- Looks great as well.....could easily fit into my 25th display and not even notice a difference. Steel Brigade- Very excited to get my hands on one of these......I was always a fan of that figure and head sculpt. The SKYSTRIKER!!!! nuff said...... There is a lot of cool stuff coming in the next year....I'm hyped. There is some really cool shout outs to RAH era fans in this line. I'm liking them all.
  10. It's pretty nuts that at this point we still haven't gotten Pythona in some form or another..........
  11. Its even funnier because of the "Danger Zone" song from "Top Gun"........Val Kilmer was Iceman in "Top Gun". (and Batman in Batman Forever)......this video is unreal.
  12. So yesterday I ordered all of Wave 4 from HTS.......and I picked up Recondo as well. Just one of those times where you somehow don't pick a figure up. I remember thinking he would be a peg warmer. "I'll get him later" is what I was thinking. Anyway, I got a shipping e-mail from HTS today saying my figures shipped.......only they didn't. Just Recondo did......the rest of the figures will ship at or around the 31st of January. I'm not mad about that but they could have just bundled them all together....I didn't get a separate shipping charge....its not a big deal...just weird. Why not just wait to ship them all together?
  13. Wow, did you hit the nail on the head...the Best of 80's packs are scarce on the internet right now. I've seen them on ebay go for around 60 bucks; thats the lowest I've seen.......that was about a month ago. But they are showing up less and less.
  14. Am I the only one that likes that Jungle BAT? I mean yeah......the BATS are kinda like a bull in a china shop (Like why do they need camo?)........but I want that figure.
  15. Apparently, this is like an alternate JoeVerse.........this storyline actually made it into USAtodays life section. They cover comic story lines regularly.........supposedly that CC that gets the bullet in the dome is not the 80's CC that we all know and love.(That CC is apparently still around in one of their other titles.) He's been gone a long time in this story line; CC is more a title than an actual character in this JoeVerse.......Here's the article. http://www.usatoday.com/life/comics/2011-01-20-CobraCivilWar_N.htm
  16. I'm missing the whole "Best of the 80's" set.......having Alpine and CC would have been cool and all; but as a fan I just wanted a complete MASS Device. I thought that was one of the coolest things about these sets. I searched high and low for that set.......I've only ever set my eyes on it once. It was at WizardWorld Philly and some scalper wanted 100 bucks for it. (To make it even worse it still had the $15.00 Ross price tag on it) He wouldn't even bargain for the thing.......and he still had it at the end of the weekend.
  17. Seriously, anyone else still really irked at the fact that they have an unfinished Mass Device sitting around. Its just sitting in my Joe junk pile.....(with a bunch of other incomplete vehicles and broken Joes.) They are even hard to come by on ebay these days. I know I'm beating a dead horse but its just something that really "Grinds My Gears" if you know what I mean. Just my little nerd rant for the month........anyone else??
  18. Yeah, its still kinda lame when you go to the store and have no reason to go to the toy aisle you know.........My fiancee is always like "You going to toys?" and its kinda disappointing when I say "Na, I got everything right now." The hunt is always a little fun. Breaks are cool as long as they aren't too long. I think the last time I bought a Joe was September???
  19. To be honest I really haven't paid any attention to this incarnation of Joe......I saw it was on TV the other night and watched like 5 minutes of it and was good. As for this being the end of GI Joe........I doubt it. A lot of these replies sound a lot like the arguments that were made about 4-5 years back.....just take out "Renegades" and put in "Sigma 6" and it will be the same thing. The GI Joe we know and love will always be around in one form or another........there will be plenty of goods for us to spend our hard earned money on. As long as they keep the POC figures coming....I'll be happy.
  20. It's good to hear that POC is going to be hanging around......I'm just wondering how someone would know how you are getting a black HISS and not a brown one? Isn't the HISS on the box art black? Even for the brown HISS tanks? I could be wrong.....
  21. No one really mentioned that this was taken from the second story arc from the Superman/Batman comic from like 2004 I think. The art was done by Micheal Turner and was awesome. The first arc was Public Enemies....which was equally good. I thought it was great.....the action was unreal.
  22. "Time to make the donuts." he looks like the Dunkin Donuts guy. Lame face......
  23. How much you wanna bet that they are eyeing Michelle Rodriguez for the movie version. Or that its coming down the line. More Joes changing backgrounds and such. Its not just changing white characters to minorities that makes me say "Really!?" I'd be equally pissed if they made Roadblock a white head-banger.....(Just like that TERRIBLE "Michelangeo" Beachhead from Spytroops")Put Jinx in there or something.....or even the female Dial-tone.
  24. Meh, I'm not really worried about this line and cartoon....I've still to this day never even seen an episode of "Sigma 6." (I picked up a couple figures just to have that era represented in my Joe "museum", but thats as far as I went with it) It does look pretty bad from the couple of stills I have seen though. Not really liking he premise either....I'm going to wait until I see the figures before I pass total judgement on this imagining of Joe. The only thing that is bothering me is that POC will be put on hold for this line to hit the pegs. Other than that this will just be a way for me to put funds towards my RAH collection. I'll be saving money when this comes out......
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