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  1. Yeah I would be glad to trade them to you for something...... I don't need them.
  2. I have enough of him......but you guys are gonna be mad at me. I went into wal-mart earlier today and found the sand vipers. I already had the rest of wave 6 I got that about a week ago. But I picked up three of them....then I went back like 2 hours later when I got out of class.....and they had re-stocked the Joes for some reason........Tons of wave 6......like over filling the pegs...they even had some stacked on the shelf beneath it. It was unreal....so I picked up another sand viper. Unreal
  3. I picked up some sand vipers earlier today....enjoy I know Overkill is the BATS commmander but his re-paint looks cool with the sand vipers I stuck the shipwreck spy gear cape on CC just for the heck of it. This Snow Serpent went down the wrong hallway I think the sand vipers are durn cool, but they got short changed in the accessories department...I didn't stick the vest on any of them cause why would i want to cover up such a cool figure.
  4. No, but they did a while ago......they had a mix of wave 3-4 left. They were only 5.99.
  5. Went to the KB outlet yesterday to find the brawler and destros dominator. They were only 10 bucks a peice so I decided to pick them both up.....I should have left the dominator, what a waste of plastic. The brawler isn't that bad....I passed on them when they first came out. If anybody still wants them check KB.
  6. While they are good re-paints IMO, I just like the original versions better. The original dart is cool as hell, I think he's one of the best Joes we've gotten yet. I like the purple mindbender because thats the original colors, and I don't really want another re-paint. Oh yeah the Dart vs. CLAWS 2 pack is anything but rare around my parts. I just came from TRU today where there was like 10 of him in the 9.99 value packs.
  7. Quick kick and Barbecue....for the same reasons as DarthJoe and Tom...they were the first 2 Joes I got that I can remember. My grandmother got them for me, and I was very close to her. I remember getting them and thinking Barbecue was soooooo cool looking. Thats why I'm always defending BBQ, cause he has a special place in my heart :cry: ................
  8. I was watching MOTU yesterday and they had a new GI Joe commercial...now this may be old news but it was pretty cool. Had all the wave 6 stuff. I caught it like halfway through....showed shipwreck in disguise as CC, and the skysweeper.....roadblock was in it too. Was cool but like all the others left me wanting a new cartoon.
  9. I thought the issue was pretty cool IMO...yeah you guys may be right about the serpentor thing. Oh and covergirl was hot.
  10. Obviously.....I just think thats terrible...hasbro should get its crap together..but.....oh well nevermind
  11. I want to know what the blue blazes is going on with this sand viper pack!!!! :-? I found wave 6 on monday at wal-mart and the woman in the toy department saw me pick up a bunch of them....(I got everybody necessary, except for the dart/mindbender pack) she said "boy we just put those out" I guess she saw me snatch them up...the pegs were full and there was no sand viper. I'm pretty sure I got there first. I'm not doubting anybody...I'm just asking WTF????
  12. Yeah I ordered 100 from yojoe.com a while ago...I like those better than the ones that come with the figures. There is a slight difference in them.
  13. Whats the release date on the python patrol??? I thought i read sometime in April....maybe I was dreaming though @*-
  14. The turtles are still pretty fresh in the minds of people and parents IMO, while my parents and grandparents can vaguely remember the he-man, and GI Joe characters they know all the turtles and their origins and stuff.So that could have something to do with it.....I also think that the turtles cartoon is on the best saturday morning channel...while MOTU gets exposure on cartoon network thats still cable, everybody gets FOX.
  15. Nothing here except for the ringneck is really calling me......that swamp viper looks like some CORPS reject. Oh yeah and why are they trying to pass a beachhead re-paint off as another character....is rampage his name??? Its something like that..... @*- Hey Darthjoe.....You're right about the vehicles....we're getting jipped on vehicles. :evil:
  16. I don't think we will see serpentor for a while honestly......and I would rather have a battle helmet CC than a serpentor. I also can think of a million other guys that i would rather get b-4 a JvC serpentor. I have a original air chariot and all, I am curious to see if they would change him though.
  17. I actually found wave 6 today at a wal-mart in another town. It looked like they were freshly stocked.....no sand viper....everybody else...no sand viper. I just want to apoligize to THE THING, sorry man. But you are very lucky duck..... I'm jealous
  18. No i'm not saying that the crappiness of your picture is bad...it helps show that you may be telling the truth. Thats all...some people get promo pics and say that they are their own thats all i was trying to say. I'm not trying to call you a liar....but we all heard these were being pushed back.
  19. Now it is possible that maybe a couple sand viper 2 packs sneaked out early....but I don't know what to think about this. Your picture is crappy but that just enhances the notion that you may actually have one. The crappiness of it shakes any idea that its a promo pic IMO. But still it would help if you opened it and posed it with some other Joes. I'm not telling you what to do but that would help your case here. ....but IF you are making this up you should be ashamed and thats not cool man.
  20. Yeah man I know, I paid 20 bucks for a mint complete BAT. I was pretty mad about it but I wanted one so I had to shell out the 20 for it, and if you're looking to find a MOC one for cheaper than 50 bucks you must be dreamin. :lol: especially on ebay
  21. I was in the KB toy outlet today and I was lookin over the wave 1.5 two packs. I picked up one with 2 moray packs in it just cause I had some extra cash and.....actually I don't know why I bought the darn thing but back to my topic.........I was wondering where wave 1 of JvC fit in 5-10 years from now...will it be the failed wave without the o-ring, i know they flooded the market so I don't think there will be any collector value. I'm being serious here, we all know wave 1 sucked hard.....except for CC and frostbite. (at least in my book) But how will this be seen a couple years from now??
  22. The 89 alley viper hands down , I thought he was the coolest looking bad-guy when I was little. I remember when I first got him, I would always set up senarios with my new Joes....like introducing them in a new episode of the cartoon. I remember I had the alley viper infiltrate the joes base as part of a test to show CC their worthyness. i probably had him take out a couple 3rd teir guys like lifticket or somebody.....but yeah 89 alley viper all the way.
  23. I want this wave soooooooo bad. :evil: , I got wave 5 waaaaayyyyyy back in december of last year. I need new Joes and I need that roadblock, I pre-ordered mine from BBTS and its still gonna be 2 weeks b-4 they get them in plus another week for them to mail them to me. If I see them in the store I'm just gonna pick them up, and either cancel my order or trade or sell them to someone here.
  24. Well yeah I said "when I was little I thought he was cool"
  25. Hey man wrestlings still pretty cool every once and a while. But when I was little I thought Sgt. Slaughter was the coolest thing since sliced bread. He was a "real" life Joe......I loved wrestling and Gi Joe growing up so it was a great combo. I also said my prayers and took my vitamins too. I was a little hulkamaniac.
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