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  1. They better be on sale when wave 4 comes out, thats all I gotta say. :evil:
  2. Whats up guys? Today I went into the K-mart by me and low and behold I found the mythical 3-packs. But I found them in the last toy aisle next to foam animal puzzels???? They were like in the clearance isle, so next time you go to K-mart check every aisle. They were only 8.99 I thought they were gonna be like 9.99. I picked up sure-fire and cobra slice only because that was the last 2 pack I needed, and I got a extra viper. Whoo-Hoo, other than that I wouldn't be that excited. :lol:
  3. In my perfect world...........Jim Lee would be drawing the Joes, just picture him drawing a snake-eyes and stormy battle..........if only....... :cry: , in my opinion he also draws women pretty damn good too. Lady Jaye Scarlett................
  4. Yeah but c'mon, does it really matter if somebody reloads :lol:
  5. Yeah I was really confused about that too, but I think at the beginning of the scorpion king he was defending his people in war, or he was conqering. Either way I think he was forced into taking the army of annubis.
  6. Anybody in here seen Hard Boiled with chow-yun fat, holy crap the hospital battle at the end of the movie is unreal, it puts all to shame. Oh yeah its about 30 minutes long, and the bullets never stop flying.
  7. Just wondering if anybody else picked this game up, I think its unreal. Except I wish there was more monsters, its a great game thats fun to play. You get to destroy cities and beat the tar out of king gidrah and a bunch of other monstars. Its sweet
  8. Yeah I do miss the artwork on the packages, it was sweet, but at the same time I do like the 2 packs, but at the same time it feels like hasbro isn't making enough, like when i picked up wave 3 I had 5 packs and it seemed like I was missing something, not aware I have 10 Joes in my hand. I was really surprised to find out the prices of joes when I was younger, were they really 2.69 or under 3 bucks, I was young and my parents bought them all for me, I didn't care how much they were at the time, I just wanted Joes.
  9. They are 2 different lines, they should have 2 different logos. Plain and simple.
  10. Yeah I never thought about that, why didn't they name it??? Well i guess its just another reason showing hasbros complete half-azzness :roll:
  11. I finally made myself buy the Night attack chopper this afternoon and well.........I wasn't dissapointed, I was a little mad though but not because of the chopper because i had to stand all my cobra's back up in there display stances after blasting them with the 10 missles that the thing fires out!!!! Its pretty cool, worth gettin, if you want to pay the 30 bucks, which I didn't....if you got a friend in the military tell them to get it for you from the exchange its only 20 bucks there.
  12. I'm having problems remembering which came first, I don't remember getting Duke but I remember having him, when I was little. However I do remember Barbecue and Quick-kick very good. Barbecue is still somewhat of my favorite just cause i remember him and quick kick the most.
  13. ugggghhhhhhh!!!!!! Why are they doing this??? Why,why,why???? I don't understand it, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I wish they would stop trying to trick us, like they're making something new, at least MOTU embraces there toy line roots and doesn't try to change things too much. I know they flirt with it but c'mon!!!! i mean are we all just guinea pigs???
  14. It all depends, my first experience with funskool joes was a good one, I got a funskool Barbecue and loved it. But then I ordered a funskool quick kick and croc master and they sucked hard, croc master had terrible paint apps, and quick kick was so stiff I was afraid to move him cause i didn't want to break him. But since then i haven't bought another funskool Joe, but other people on this forum have them, thats just my experience.
  15. I would definitly be a Joe, I'd give cobra da bizness
  16. Good Point Viper Hunter, yeah I'm 21 years old so I was somewhat of ARAH's target audience(at least I think I was). I was into a lot of stuff but Joes and MOTU were the big 2 for me, but now that I'm older I'm Joe 100%. Its weird but my parents and grandparents bought me all my toys when I was young, and knew some of the characters. I think my mom even gets a something out of me buying Joes again and watching me open them up, maybe she gets flashbacks or something, to when I was younger. Who knows, but I was shocked when she was like "boy cobra commander hasn't changed much?" If Joes are around when I have kids you can bet they'll have them.
  17. hahahahahaha I figured it had some different name, and was an eco-warriors vehicle, hey my parents didn't know the difference, I liked it when I was a kid. i guess that just proves the point that I'm older now and definitly wouldn't buy that if that came out now.
  18. The wal-mart closet to me finally re-stocked there Joes the other day and guess what they re-stocked them with...........thats right you guessed it, WAVE 1. Not that I care I got waves 2 and 3 already from my target but still they must have been sitting in the back for a year now. Thats all my wal-marts have around me is wave 1, while k-marts and targets are on wave 3.
  19. I was wondering if somebody could help me out here, when I was young I had a HISS tank that was red and yellow and had a water gun on the turret evidently, I remembered it vaguely, cause i was a young cluck when i had it, so i went to many Joe sites to see if it was listed and it isn't, then I went to ebay and found somebody in canada selling 2 of them complete(I forgot about the water gun until I saw the pics on ebay) if this some sort of knock-off or what? Whats going on here???
  20. Dang, all I want is joes that hold their weapons and can stand in a pose, thats it. I'm kinda sick of all the re-paints too, they could at least put a neo-viper or cobra viper in there so we can build our armies somewhat easily. The only cool re-paint so far in my opinion is the wave 3 zartan. But other than that I'm 100% behind JvC.
  21. I don't want the line cancelled, as you've seen in my topic subject, I've liked the JvC waves and still do, I love the updating of the characters (minus Destro) but my argument is about quality. You can't say that it would drive up the price either cause when the RAH re-issues came out you could still find them at wal-mart for no more than $8.99. Thats not a huge price hike. I'm just mad that i can't have my beachhead stand on his own cause his left leg curves inside so bad. They also need to be able to hold their weapons, its ridiculous.
  22. Yeah man, thank god i'm not the only one!! I mean the figure designs are great but somethings gotta improve. Yes, Phanstar the joes do need butts,even though i feel weird saying it. Yoink- yeah beachheads left leg isn't straight its curved, and its its..........uggghhhhhh, yeah blowtorch does have problems with holding his stuff but you can actually work around him, so its not a total waste, like having him hold his helmet or something like that. I'm really mad about my snake-eyes though, that figure is great the black one better have improved wrists.
  23. Allright guys I'm a little salty right now.........I picked up all of wave 3 yesterday, and this is what I have.......a bow-legged beach-head that won't stand, a flint that can't hold his weapons and can't stand up right cause his legs are too loose (hips), a Dr Mindbender who can't hold either of his revolvers, which would be pretty kick ass if he could, oh yeah he can't stand either, and a baroness who looks like crap, with red hair no doubt. Then today i go back into my local target and somehow find a snake-eyes and the new repaints. Well my snake-eyes is unbelievable, and while i trying to straighten him into a regular stance after opening the packaging, everything was all good until I got to his hands.............his right one would not turn, you all know how they put wrist articulation into the new snake-eyes, well then I try to somewhat force it and what happens.......my new snakes hand is now holding on by a tendon if you get my drift. Oh yeah and they're made with pretty cheap bendable plastic. I hate to say it but my funskool barbecue is made better than these things. The only savior to this wave is snow-serpent and blowtorch, 2 beautiful figures which have none of the above problems. Somethings gotta give!!!!!!!!!! (oh yeah I also have another cobra commander!!!!, for some reason) HEY HASBRO!!!!! WE DON'T WANT NEW CHARACTERS JUST KEEP RE-PAINTING THE SAME ONES OR DON'T EVEN RE-PAINT THEM JUST SLAP A O-RING ON AND KEEP GETTING OFF EASY!!!!!! (for those who don't know the above comment is entirely sarcastic)
  24. Allright guys......sorry if I sound like a tool, I knew it looked familiar. If it came out originally in 1992 I would have no clue cause thats when I was somewhat growing out of Joes and I kinda lost interest in the line for a couple of years. Well actually I only came back to them thanks to Joe v. Cobra. Yeah the Flint did look terrible, but in the last couple months I have rebuilt my Joe collection extensivly and expensively. :-? But its all good.
  25. I went into one of the TRU by me yesterday and was a little surprised to find a new Joe v. cobra, joe headquarters. Did hasbro sneak this out, cause I've never heard or seen anything about this. It was priced at 59.99 and the box art didn't have any of the new joes on it, the joes that were doing battle on it were the reissue 2000 RAH joes. Whats up wit that? Oh yeah it also comes with a special edition Flint. Anybody know anything about this???
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