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  1. Ehhhh, I'm not a big fan of this figure.......she looks like she fits in more with the POC/30th anniversary figures more than the 25th/Modern era figures.....I was hoping for more of an RAH/Roughnecks version than the VvV one.
  2. Hey, did your Baroness have her glasses on in the package? I haven't gotten a chance to open my sets yet and she doesn't have her glasses on? I was wondering if they are packed in the box with the other weapons?
  3. Yeah, all this stuff is from his pages and twitter feed. The movie is almost 70% done and we have yet to see one picture from this thing............show us the team already!!! Or at least Snake-Eyes new look or something....
  4. I was hoping it would be somewhere on the east coast again......when was the last time it was out East?? I don't think I'm ever going to attend one of these unless I'm within driving distance. (6-8 hours)
  5. Bizarre....?? In this day and age of figure/action figure subscription/online toy buying......you would think people would be at ease about ordering figures online. I'm just like "Okay"
  6. I really wish they would show us SOMETHING to get us hyped or disappointed........either way I'd be happy..... @smilepunch@
  7. I feel the same way about the pricing, but am really leaning on going with it. As for the seven pack, well that is boxed and there's going to be 5000 sets. these figures will be carded and I doubt there will be anywhere near 5000 of each figure produced. Hell I figure once we see Jinx and Cover Girl we'll get a lot of people whining about how they want those figures (CG has always been a fan favorite). I see what you're saying but I'm never really too heartbroken when it comes to GI Joe convention exclusives (same thing here with subscription figures)......I simply think they are ridiculously expensive. They are cool......I'm not going to hate on the sets themselves . I really wanted the IG set they had a couple years back......but not for 350 bucks. Thats why I want to know a price.....so I can either write them off entirely and be good....or start wanting my figures in the mail. #US1# There's a line I have with spending for stuff.......not to say I'm a cheapskate.....I'm not at all.....its just the principle sometimes. Would I pay 25 dollars for that Grunt/Topside/Klaw/Nano-bat if I saw any of them at a Con.....No
  8. I really wish they would release the pricing for these things........I know we have the rumored 20-25 a figure with a subscription. (Which is still ridiculous IMO) But with half the list released now I would like to know if I realistically want to get these price wise. If they say 25$ a figure I can stop caring.......if its less I would be on the fence about it. Even without the subscription fee 25 bucks a Joe figure is a lot.....considering MOTUC figures are that price. Plus BBTS is giving me a 7 pack of figures I've wanted forever (Dreadnoks) for 50 bucks.........
  9. So is this "Wave 4" of the 30th/Renegades series.........I only ask because BBTS has a "Renegades Wave 3" assortment for pre-order that has this assortment...... 1x Techno Viper (Renegades) 1x Cobra Trooper (Renegades) 1x Ripcord (Renegades) 1x Scarlett (Renegades) 1x Storm Shadow (Renegades) 1x Tunnel Rat (Renegades) So is the Airtight/Law/Sci-fi case really "Wave 4".......I'm confused. Or is this going to be a later wave.....like a 3.5 wave with Scarlett and Techno Viper re-freshes??
  10. I'll be picking this up........I don't really remember much from this series. I'm kinda excited to see what its about......I've seen some stuff on youtube....but other than that nothing much else. From a completist standpoint I need it for the collection. "Got to get tough!! YO JOE!!!
  11. Who's the 7th in the Marauders set?? Falcon? If so that was an awesome opportunity to give people another shot at Sarge.....
  12. I'm all over these for obvious reasons.......but I'm a pretty big Slaughters Marauders fan (Including Sarge himself) I'm equally excited for both these sets.
  13. Well these are premiering tomorrow at the NYCC........anybody care to speculate as to what we possibly could be getting?
  14. I was the same way.......I've been waiting for these to show up at Ross/Marshalls/TJ's FOREVER!! I finally caved and ordered them today; which means they will probably show up in stores in like a month. My luck @grumpy@ .......but I'm thinking they would have shown up already if they were going too. Those sets have been out almost 2 years now I think?? I don't even know any other online stores that still have them in stock?
  15. I've been keeping an eye on these for a while now at BBTS (Bigbadtoystore)........they were on sale for 59 dollars and now you can get both sets for 49 bucks. I think it was 58 dollars and some change with shipping for both sets. Just a heads up for anybody that still hasn't picked up either of these sets. Still around 30 dollars a set for 14 figures......pretty good deal IMO.
  16. I actually just sold almost all my SOTA figures....I only have 5 left.(Used the money for a "Best of the 80's" set that I paid $119.00 bucks for on ebay) I picked up almost all of them back in the day........but are the Street Fighter figures a part of the GI Joe universe? As a completist do you need to have them in your collection? I'm just throwing it out there......sometimes I want to pick some of them up you know. Wondering what others are thinking? Also those SOTA figures fetch a decent amount on ebay......almost all of the ones I sold went for close to 40-50 bucks opened and complete. I kinda "traded" them for the 80's set.
  17. Recently I've been going back and have been picking up some of the later 90's subsets. I just finished off the Eco-Warriors (except for the Toxo Zombie, he's a pain in my a$$) and I always see the Street Fighter figures on ebay. Some going for a lot more than I would have expected. Street Fighter is one of my favorite video games as well. I just can't bring myself to buy any of these things......even when I was younger I thought they were stupid looking. Anybody have them in their collection? Or are they just forgotten about? I forget about them all the time.....
  18. You know I was talking with my buddy the other day about how bizarre the world of toy collecting is.......toy runs, shotty distribution, ebay, exclusives, etc. It's a mess and pretty stressful sometimes.....which it shouldn't be its a hobby and should help you relieve stress in a way. But yeah, one Wal-mart within 50 miles of me has Joes on the pegs......and I didn't even see them it was my friend who told me he saw them finally out. I just ordered them from BBTS.....haven't ordered anything from them since the "Spytroops" era. Its just easier.....yeah I had to pay 10 bucks shipping.....but with gas the way it is now I was more than happy to pay the extra 10 bucks. Even if the figures are a dollar more a piece its still cheaper than wasting a day driving to 4-5 Wal-Marts only to see a ton of TF's/Thor's/Iron Men 2's/GL's/Pirates figures (which clog the pegs EVERYWHERE!) clogging up the aisle's. Plus forget TRU.....that place is like playing the lottery every time I run in there. I really though HTS was going to cure all this when it first came about......but that place is as dry as a desert.....they still have ROC stuff in stock. AWFUL!!!
  19. What kind of Dorito's did you get? Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? @smilepunch@
  20. As cool as it would be to own one.....I probably wouldn't just because of the size of the thing. I have no room for the stuff I have now. As it is the MCC and Terrordrome are both sitting in my attic right now.... @grumpy@
  21. I think the figures are rumored to be around 25 dollars a piece.....and if they are 2 a month...thats 50 bucks a month. Unless its one figure a month?? I need to read the article again....
  22. Right now I can't justify paying 50 bucks for Quarrel and a NANO-BAT........no way would I ever do that. But if they were like "The January figures are Big Lob and Pythona"....and "February is Cobra Mortal and Mutt as Cobra Trooper" it would be easier for me to open my wallet. I'm just throwing names out there.......no one specific. They don't have to be AWESOME figures every month but its gonna take something more than the first 2 figures they showed for that price. They're nuts to not release the list......I think they are doing it on purpose (if they don't release it) because they aren't confident in the line-up they have.
  23. This is what I was fearing, I knew the Joe Club was going to mark this way up. I also had a feeling that you would have to be a paying member to get the subscription. I'm definitly not doing it if they don't release what figures they have lined up. Honestly, if they don't reveal who is coming down the line I have a feeling they themselves are not too excited to show everyone what they will be getting. I think they're hesitant to release the names of all 12 figures because they know people won't get the subscription once they see the line-up of craptastic re-paints they probably have coming. Instead they will play it up......"Don't miss out on these great exclusive figures!" type thing. Playing on our fear as collectors that we "can't miss out" and will fork over the money for figures we "kinda want".
  24. I have a Terrordrome thats been sitting in an attic for about 5 years or so now, I previously didn't have any room to display it. Well as you can imagine it needs some TLC. Heavy dust and attic grime are on it pretty good. I was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas on how to tackle this thing. What works well with this type of thing?
  25. I thought this was a really cool article about the US Military's K-9 forces and how they are starting to equip them with all types of equipment....... even ways for them to paratroop in with soldiers. When I was younger collecting Joes I always liked when figures came with animal counterparts. I know some people think they were stupid....but this shows how they are being used in real world military situations. I really want that POC Law and Order now....... http://www.uni-watch.com/2011/08/07/dogs-in-uniform/
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