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  1. Yeah, it looked pretty nasty too. It was clearly shown on RAW when she did it. She was in obvious pain.....Divas looked like they wanted to attack when it happened but paused.....I knew something was up.
  2. Still no Beret......lame....he's just some guy without that Beret IMO
  3. Have we gotten any type of confirmation that these will definitely be available in the states? Pretty sure they will be but still?
  4. I don't really see the need for the Renegades set? I mean it's gives people a chance to snag Stormy again but other than that I'll wait to see it when it hits Marshall's and TJ's. Interested in the Retaliation set though, would like to see the figures, the one Wal-Mart by me has 12 empty pegs waiting for movie figures.....can't wait!!
  5. I'm pretty excited for these figures........what I'm not excited for is the hunt for these things. I rarely go into Dollar General and Family Dollar stores.......until I find them I'm going to be tempted to stop at every one I see. Theres a ton of those stores around......should be easy to find once they are out...but still. I don't care about the accessories that much....just because I have 2 huge bins full of extra weapons to outfit these guys.
  6. Thats just how like they like to milk dvd releases nowadays. I've been dealing with this with the Batman: Brave and Bold releases. Or Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Yeah, that too.....DC's Young Justice sets are pulling the same crap....like someone stated earlier I would pay 25-30 bucks to have the whole run, it's even worse with Renegades, a show that probably isn't going to start up again, part of it is the wait too, we'll probably have to wait 4-6 months for the "Season 1 part 2.5 to the third power" release
  7. Super pissed it's not the whole run, for a collection standpoint and just because, I would pay to have them all together in one set.......awful.
  8. I don't know why people get so upset about this.........(not talking about you DragonRider....just people in general). I've seen some pretty good PG-13 action movies. I'm sure it will be PG-13 with live action characters dying or getting killed on screen....even in the trailer we see Stormy slicing/stabbing people so I'm confident it will be PG-13 but it probably isn't a final rating ruling anyway.......who knows?
  9. The one GI Joe vehicle I hate to display are the jets......they are an awesome part of the GI Joe toyline but I never know how to display the things?? They take up a ton of room on the shelf and honestly most of the time I either keep them MIB or don't display them at all. I've seen other Joe collections where people have them hanging......I've tried to do this myself with fishing line and its not working.....just wondering if anyone else out there hangs them and how do you go about doing it? Any help would be appreciated......
  10. I don't think they went cheap.....I think they went safe..........ROC was a huge hit to the GI Joe brands "confidence" when it came to retailers. I mean there are still ROC figures stinkin up Marshalls/TJ Maxx's almost 3 years later.....that is also the reason GI Joe all but disappeared from toy aisles after. They went all in when it came to ROC and lost big time. They figure with a smaller offering they can always go bigger.......but right off the bat they need a small concentrated line. I think its fine......plus with Avengers, Spider-Man, and Batman movies coming out all around the same time the space in the toy aisles for lines that "didn't do too well the last time a movie came out" is probably small.
  11. I want that Jinx.......hopefully she will be made in greater numbers because of the fact she's a "movie" figure. Every Joe fan is going to want her because she's a 25th/Modern update to Jinx..... Come July hopefully the "bad luck lady" will be mine
  12. I hope it's not either.. Rap crap usually dumbs down a movie... or I should say, you usually only hear rap in dumb movies. I actually can't recall rap music being on the soundtrack of any high quality films... anybody want to help me out? I don't even want to open this Pandora's box of a flame war waiting to happen. @smilepunch@ .........I for one am a big fan of movies that have original scores in them.......as in a orchestra or some other type of original music in it. But for scenes like this one I'm fine with it......I'm assuming its just used in this scene...they are listening to some tunes while going back to base or into battle. I'm fine with it......it wouldn't bother me if it was Metallica either....its a movie. (Maybe Rascal Flatts would piss me off @loll@ ). I don't remember ever hearing anyone complain because Arnold and the commandos from "Predator" were listening to "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard when they were entering the jungle by Huey's either. But as someone that is a Jay-Z fan.........I'm puzzled by the use of THIS song....yeah the words have meaning in this context but the song is one of his obscure ones....not a hit by any means....so they aren't casting a wide net so to speak with using that song. Its not like that song is going to catch peoples attention that are watching the Super Bowl at a party over the noise of people talking or anything. Its puzzling to someone that is a big Joe fan and Jay-Z/hip-hop fan.........so you're guess is as good as mine?? When I first saw it I was like "Wha?" that music was an awful pick........ But you could say that about any genre of films.......also the White Stripes cover that was in the first trailer was a Hip-Hop/Rap styled Re-mix..........by The Glitch Mob
  13. I'm a huge Jay-Z fan......but I have to admit the music does not go with what we are seeing on screen. That song is from 2004 too, it's not recent by any means. There are at least 10 other Jay-Z songs that are much more upbeat than that one, but it's the song that Roadblock was quoting.
  14. I would pick up all of them.......the only one I'm not too hot on is the Tatum/Duke......just looks very plain to me. I feel like the Road-Rock figure will have some kick-ass accessories which will make up for the figure overall. I tell ya what.......I own a total of 7 ROC figures and most of them I got from Marshalls/TJ Maxx..........I want all 9 of these already....and hope to pick them up when they are released. I'm liking what I'm seeing already.
  15. So I have to admit......I'd never really known much about the DIC GI Joe cartoon. I always remembered the opening theme song and some of the character designs from when I was little; but other than that I couldn't remember one storyline or memorable thing about the series. I don't know if it just wasn't aired where I was when I was little but compared to my memory about the Sunbow Joe cartoons its not even close. I was pretty excited to pick up the new DVD because its something thats somewhat entirely new to me. Its weird because I have a whole room in my house devoted to this property and this is an era of the brand that is kinda unknown to me (animation story/continuity wise.) I've come to realize that my whole base of GI Joe was hard Sunbow following...with some comics here and there. Around the time that DIC took over I'm sure I was starting to hit the full Ninja Turtle wave that was crashing hard on every kid that was 11-12 yrs old at the time. I know I was still getting GI Joe stuff around this time because I remember getting the "Septic Tank" and some of the "Eco-Warriors", "Ninja Force" and "Marauders" figures for my birthday and Christmas. Version 1. Alley Viper is still one of my all-time favorite figures......but I never had this cartoon growing up. Its funny to me.........some observations from the first 10 eps. or so. 1. "Operation Dragonfire" is not as good as I thought it would be......granted I'm an adult watching a cartoon but I can suspend my "grown-upness" to an extent when watching cartoons......its no where near as good as "Revenge of Cobra" or "The Mass Device" or "Arise, Serpentor, Arise" 2. I've seen people comment about the voice acting before and I didn't think much of it......but its pretty bad. 3. I know the cartoons were somewhat 30 minute toy commercials.....but it seemed like the hid it better in the Sunbow series.....I really feel like I'm watching a toy commercial with the DIC series. 4. Who knew Gnawgahyde was featured so much!!! This guy is in every episode it seems!!! 5. The "new" Joes are okay.......surprised only Slaughter, Lady Jaye, and Hawk were the only Joes to return for what seems like a regular basis so far?
  16. Yeah, I shipped my 30th Anniversary waves 3-4 POL right before Christmas when the sets got pushed back. I've spent over 300 bucks at BBTS in the last 2 months all on Joe-goodness.........money Wal-Mart or Target could have had if they carried the darn things.
  17. Yeah, I can't help you either. A couple years ago I gave all the ones i had to my fiancé's nephew (my future nephew).....he's 7 and loves and wants to play with my Joe display everytime he comes over to visit. The Sigma 6 figures became "very special" Joes just for him to play with. I really had no desire to keep them but they usually stood up without a problem.
  18. I'm inclined to believe him.........he was one of the first "Indy" superstars from what I know. I'd never seen a ROH or independent show but I knew who CM Punk was before he got to the WWE. I'm assuming Daniel Bryan and him have connections from ROH. I don't think Ryder was in ROH but I'm sure Punk saw some potential there. We have no idea what goes on backstage with politics and what not. I know from watching the Bret/Shawn dvd and hearing what those 2 had to say about them getting a "chance" to show they had something to bring to the table was a rare thing. (They were too small, not a big enough name, can't carry a show, etc) Hopefully the CM Punk "character" is doing some thing backstage to keep things fresh just like he's doing in the ring and on the mic.
  19. Yeah, lame that they got pushed back. I went ahead and shipped my Wave 3-4 yesterday too. I'm still saving overall but it would have been nice to ship them all together. I don't get it. JayC and some other toy websites got their's awhile back it seems. I know producing 5-10 sets is different than however many they made total but still?
  20. I know, I can't wait for my box of GI Joe goodness.........its gonna be over 20 some figures I get to open at the same time!! #US1#
  21. 2011 was the year I went back online for my GI Joe shopping..........I learned my lesson with POC Wave 5. I still have never even SEEN the Jungle BAT, Hawk, or the CC from what wave with my own eyes. I have 4 Wal-Marts within a half hour from where I live and none of them carry Joes. I have to drive about an hour away for the nearest Wal-Mart that carries Joes in my area.(Same thing for a Target) It just doesn't pay to drive that far and spend the gas money for a Joe run anymore. I haven't missed out on any waves since I've started going back online for my figures. The last time I ordered figures online was around the time "Spytroops" came out. Other than that I think it was a great year for GI Joe........I'll still hoping we get the Dreadnoks and Marauders 7 packs before the end of the year......but I thought it was awesome that Hasbro released the rest of the Nok's like that. Growing up I was also a big Steel Brigade fan......cause it was me!! (My codename was Lionheart....in my Joeverse @loll@ ) I was super-excited to get him in the store and he didn't disappoint. Also nice to see Lifeline, Airtight, and Low-Light get some updated love. I'm super excited to see whats coming down the line for "Retaliation".......I can't wait to get my hands on those figures.....if POC is any indicator the figures and accessories should be great.
  22. Agreed. Wonder if they're going to leave Destro out of this one as well? Christopher Eccleston was a lousy one. How Gerard Butler was never cast as Destro I'll never know..........he can also be somewhat physical looking when he wants to be as well.......and he just happens to be Scottish!!!
  23. I know it says late December for the estimated arrival time but I was hoping we might see the Dreadnoks and Marauders 7 packs from BBTS by Christmas. I'm pretty sure thats not going to happen........the other thing that has me wanting them is the fact that I have the last 2 waves of POC/30th anniversary just sitting in my "Pile of Loot" waiting to be shipped with my 7 packs whenever they come in. Anyone else chomping at the bit to get their hands on these?
  24. Yeah, thats what I meant........ I don't get it man........I'm not saying this is the greatest thing in the history of GI Joe but I think this trailer is a pretty damn good preview of things to come for GI Joe in a cinematic sense. I don't remember this much hatred for Snake-Eyes look in ROC......I know people were upset about the lips but I don't remember this much negativity towards Snake-Eyes not being in Commando gear for ROC. I know, I was reading some other forums and peoples opinions were all over the place........I was like "What trailer were they watching?"
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