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  1. I've always kinda felt that "peg warmers" happen because of the "regular people/kids" not buying stuff. I know as a collector...at least speaking for myself, if I see a whole new wave sitting on the pegs I pretty much pick up everything. Now if there is 2 CC's in the case I'm only going to buy 1.....because thats all I need.
  2. Also I don't understand Hasbro when it comes to showing GI Joe "concept" stuff......I don't know of any other line that shows "what if" figures....its kinda like flaunting a "what could have been" to the fans. I never understood why they show us this awesome stuff that they know isn't going to get produced?? Why even tease us?
  3. Ummmmm.....has no one noticed in that 3rd picture....the concept art of the Cobra La Royal Guard and what looks like a Snake CC accessory???!!!
  4. Yeah, other than that its a cool figure......I agree though something is just "off" with that helmet??
  5. I know.....I was always a big IG fan......even when I was little. I loved Destros faction......prices are beyond ridiculous for these though....it seems to get worse every year.
  6. To be honest I didn't even know that other address existed.....adctalk.com is all I've ever really known....
  7. I rarely buy Marvel Legends now too. ML died when Toybiz lost the license. Hasbro's just aren't even close. BUT, I do really like the smaller Marvel Universe line. They go with GiJoes great! Believe me I've been tempted!! But I've managed to fight it off, but when I see the range of characters they put out in the smaller line sometimes I wish I had picked some up.
  8. Yeah, nowadays as a collector I'm strictly Joe.....I still read Marvel and DC books but action figure wise I'm strictly a Joe collector anymore. After the Toy Biz ML's I stopped picking up comic figures for the most part, but back then the Marvel forum was pretty good from what I remember.
  9. I too was upset with the shift from ADC to TNI, especially with the Marvelous News shift, the Marvel Forum got all out of wack when they did that. The Marvel forum got too specific and you're topics sometimes got lost or never read.
  10. Back in 2002 when JvC and the 200X Motu line were released I really started getting into buying and collecting toys, essentially buying back my childhood. As bad as JvC was its what got me back collecting Joes. I always read comics and collected comic themed lines (I was 21 in 2002, still in college) and to be honest I got most of my news from ToyFare magazine at the time. Then I googled "GI Joe" one night and stumbled upon "American Dream Comics" and it's message board. I started posting and reading everyone's comments and I was quickly educated from just reading people's comments. But it was different here, it seemed like we had out own little group of people, it wasn't too big and you never really got flamed too bad, if at all, for any question no matter how "newb" it was. 10 years later I check ADC/TNI on a daily basis, that ESPN, and USAToday, it's a habit. I don't post as much but I still check the site and forums on a daily basis.
  11. I was never really a big Orton fan to begin with, but once I read about him deserting the Marines TWICE, I was kinda a hater on him, I just kinda got the quitter vibe from him. I'm not surprised to be hearing about his attitude towards his suspension, it goes with his history.
  12. Also Battleship not performing well proved that people go to the Transformers movies to see Optimus Prime and the Autobots.......its not just mindless action that gets people in the seats. Plus at my theater the night Avengers opened up at midnight the 2D showing sold out before the 3D showings.....they had the 2D showing in 1 theater.....3D showing was in 2 theaters.....I know this because I was standing in line and they made us shift to another theater in house for some reason....
  13. No VH, you're not out of touch.....its because the masses are uneducated.......I saw Avatar in 3D.....after reading online how it was shot using 3D cameras, and James Cameron wanted to change the movie going experience.....honestly I was impressed with Avatars 3D....it was something I had never really seen before or experienced in a movie theater. Then I read how many studios were just converting their films to 3D.....which was a quick and easy way to capitalize on the success of Avatar......only the 3D wasn't even close to what you experienced with Avatar.....I think Alice in Wonderland was the next movie I saw in 3D.....I gave it a chance and it was terrible.....not worth the extra money....... The last 3D film I saw in the theater was Transformers:Dark of the Moon.......and honestly it gave me and my wife a headache.......after that I was done. That was the last movie I saw in 3D and hopefully will be the last until Avatar 2 comes out (James Cameron is legit, and knows what he's doing) I saw Avengers 4 times and all of them were 2D showings......its just not worth it. After Avatar all the 3D converted films were riding on Avatars glory with the 3D experience.......nowadays people go to 3D just to go to it.....I've seen theaters that don't even give you the option of the 2D version......I think people go to see it in 3D because they automatically assume its going to be better.......Avengers didn't make extra money because it was in 3D......it made money because people wanted to see it. I really think they overestimate 3D's power with box office drawing power.......
  14. There were 6.97 tags at the Wal-Mart where I got mine at too, but they rang up 8.97. I didn't fight it, ( I knew the prices were for the older Renegades stuff) I agree with the ROC figures being better quality, but the movie was crap, and there was a TON of product put on the shelves. It seems to be the other way around, good movie.....crap expensive figures. I mean maybe it just caught up with me, back in 2007 I became exclusively a Joe collector. Dropped Marvel/DC/Star Wars stuff from my collecting, didn't pick up anything new......I can't believe how much ML's and DCUC are, even those are crazy 15-20 bucks?? Nuts man.....it's not that I can't afford them.....I just choose not too. I mean DC Direct stuff used to be a lot at 15 bucks a pop, now thats the norm.....
  15. Don't get me wrong......I'm excited for Retaliation, I think the movie looks awesome. Part of my collecting habits is to collect everything that comes out from a completist standpoint. We need to have the whole wave.....that "gotta catch em' all" philosophy. It's usually not that big a deal, but the other day something about these figures just didn't click. I was like "Hold up" you're not tricking me this time Hasbro......I guess you gotta draw the line somewhere.
  16. I think I've finally hit the wall.........I finally found the Retaliation figures yesterday at Wal-Mart. I was excited to finally find them in the wild.......I snagged everyone and was ready to walk out of the aisle. Then I looked at them a second time........its like Cutter or Doc walked around the corner and told me "Wait a sec, look at the lack of accessories on these guys......plus these figures are going to be everywhere...maybe even TJ Maxx or Marshalls in 6 months!!" I said "Now I know!!" and "Knowing is half the battle!!!" These figures are extremely lame........I went from having 6 figures in my hands...to 4. I bought the Cobra Trooper, Joe Trooper, CC, and the Red Ninja. I looked at Roadblock and all he came with was that stupid oversized Rocket Launcher thing......that was IT!!!! Not worth 9 bucks....then I looked at Storm Shadow.....don't even know for sure if thats how he's going to end up looking in the movie.....he became a pass too. I ended up opening the Joe Trooper.......overall he's a cool figure....I like him and he comes armed to the teeth.....looks good all geared up. I opened the Cobra Trooper too.......primarily just for the cool parachute.......which is going to end up on one of my 25/Modern Cobra Officers at some point........The other 2 figures, CC and Red Ninja are going back to Wal-Mart at some point. I just can't justify the 9 bucks for these things on principle alone. I would rather take that 9 bucks and pay for a vintage figure on ebay......or put it towards that. I mean it seems up until now GI Joe has been relatively "cheaper" than other lines at the store these days....but they've now caught up. I don't know.....I had a GI Joe "Grinds my gears" moment today in the toy section......... Disclaimer: I am fully aware they are kids toys....and meant for kids but we have gotten some really awesome stuff in the past year with the GI Joe brand......but these Retaliation figures blow hard for 8.97........would I pay the same for the say......recently released Techno-Viper...yeah, probably.......but they aren't getting my money for this stuff.
  17. Super excited for her......I snagged both the Zarana's off of HTS last year........the only SDCC figure I wasn't able to get was Sarge....had to get him on ebay a couple months after. I hope it will work out the same way this year.......I'm wondering what the numbers will be for her? Does anyone think the run will be higher due to the movie being out?
  18. Gotta go with........ 1. 25th Anniversary Version 1..........all around awesome figure. When I first saw the pics I instantly said "Thats the coolest GI Joe figure I've ever seen. Granted this was 2008?? I think he was the first 25th figure that was shown too?? 2. Storm Shadow V. 2........The "good guy" version of Stormy.......I always thought he was awesome.....that "urban" camo he had helped make him awesome when I was little. Plus, he jumped sides many a time in my Joeverse wars in the backyard.... 3. Renegades........great figure overall. Got him from BBTS with the whole wave......it was even better cause I didn't have to look for him. Also he has his vintage head on....not that "bangs out" crap
  19. I totally forgot about the GI Joe/Danger Girl cross-over.........I'm all about it when it comes out in a trade form. The cover to issue 2 looks great!!
  20. I'm wondering what the card will look like? I'm going to be disappointed if its a "Retaliation" cardback......it won't fit in with all the previous exclusives. I wants one though........
  21. I'm in Delaware and I found them over the weekend.....went into 2 DG's the second one had them. Took all 6 off the pegs.......
  22. I've been on a roll lately when it comes to finding Joes.......just one a whole RAH Tiger Force set on ebay for 65 bucks......which is pretty good considering it was a lot of 9 figures....all complete except for Skystriker. Pretty happy for myself there!! There is this "toy" store like 10 minutes from where I live. I drive by the thing everyday......the front of the store says they carry and sell old, used toys. The skeptic in me always told myself...."There's no way there are Joes in there, not worth my 5 minutes to stop" Well I happened to drive by the store in the other direction last week....and the whole side of the building was covered in homemade signs with the Transformers/GI Joe/Tonka/etc logos on them......they were pretty old looking signs but my interest was peaked. I happened to stop in when they were open this past weekend and turns out the place is a VINTAGE TOY STORE!!! There was a ton of stuff......the guy had a whole section devoted to Joes alone!!! Granted, I had mostly everything there but it was still cool to see.(ROC, JvC, Spytroops loose figures, random RAH stuff, 25th figures) Up by the register he had some glass cases and had some bins with complete and in-complete RAH figures. He has a lot of early stuff.......turned out I left with an 82' Flash, Stalker and Hawk, and the Mail Away hooded CC from 84....all for good prices too. The Flash is in GREAT condition....couldn't believe how nice he is. I'll be going back the next couple weekends......... @firedevil@ Anybody else had any good finds or hunts lately?? It seems like the forum has been pretty quiet lately.......
  23. I have a ton of Dollar Generals and Family Dollars by me.........however that does not always mean these will be easy to find. If these are around 4.99 I'll pick up every one of them.
  24. I really want to hear Cobra Commanders voice too.......
  25. I'm surprised there haven't been too many responses for this!! I think the movie looks great.......granted there are some things to rant about but overall the footage just keeps getting better and better!!! Plus, I read somewhere that there is going to be a 10 minute silent (no words spoken) ninja battle scene in the movie that is a homage to the Silent Issue!!! Awesome!!! Cobra Special Forces...... @firedevil@ Jon Chu tweeted the other night about Flints beret too........told a fan to be patient.....so maybe he'll wear it at some point after all
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